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Author Topic: Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!(Official petition to Facebook)  (Read 6787 times)


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This is to support the action against the facebook insanity.

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Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!(Official petition to Facebook)
Basic InfoType:    Common Interest - Beliefs & Causes
Description:    Recently, Facebook has started 'pulling a myspace' by not allowing people to post profile pictures of babies nursing. The pictures have been reported as 'obscene' and have been removed- their posters warned not to repost or fear being kicked off of Facebook.

We're wondering: what about a baby breastfeeding is obscene? Especially in comparison to MANY other pictures posted all over Facebook that really are obscene.

Facebook, we expect more from you, and we expect you to realize that nursing moms everywhere have a right to show pictures of their babies eating, just like bottle-fed babies have a right to be seen. In an effort to appease the closed-minded, you are only serving to be detrimental to babies, women, and society.

**Facebook, allow breastfeeding pictures, and stop classifying them as obscene!**

"Hey Facebook, amamantar a un bebé no es obsceno! (petición oficial a Facebook)
Recientemente, Facebook ha censurado fotos de bebes que están siendo amamantados. Las fotografías han sido definidas como obscenas y han sido retiradas bajo la amenaza de que si vuelven a colgarse las usuarias serán expulsadas de Facebook.

Nosotras nos preguntamos qué tiene de obsceno el amamantar a un bebé. Especialmente en comparación con MUCHAS OTRAS fotos que hay en Facebook que si que son realmente obscenas.

Facebook esperamos mucho más de ti y esperamos que comprendas que las madres tienen derecho a amamantar a sus bebes en cualquier lugar así como a enseñar las fotos de sus bebés comiendo, de igual manera que se muestran fotos de bebés que criados con biberón. Tu acción va en detrimento de los bebés, las mujeres y la sociedad.

Facebook, ¡permite todas las fotografías de bebés que están siendo amamantados y deja de definirlas como obscenas!

Récemment, Facebook a commencé à censurer des photos de bébés en train de téter, interdisant la publication de telles images sur les profils.
Ces photos étant qualifiées d'obscènes, elles ont été retirées d’autorité, et les auteurs ont été avertis de l'interdiction de publier à nouveau de telles photos sous peine de bannissement de Facebook.

Nous nous posons la question : en quoi un bébé en train de téter est-il obscène ? Particulièrement en comparaison de ce que l'on peut voir comme photographies sur Facebook, qui elles le sont vraiment.

Facebook, nous attendons mieux de votre part, nous exigeons que vous acceptiez que les mamans qui allaitent ont le droit de montrer les photos de leurs bébés en train de téter, tout comme les bébés nourris au biberon.
Dans le but de satisfaire des personnes étroites d'esprit, vous ne faites que desservir l'intérêt des bébés, des femmes et de la société.

** Facebook, acceptez les photos d'allaitement, et cessez de les considérer comme obscènes ! **

“ Hey facebook, allattare un bambino non è osceno!”

Facebook ha recentemente iniziato a censurare le foto di donne che allattano i propri bambini. Sono definite “ oscene” e vengono rimosse con l'avvertimento di non inviare immagini simili pena la cancellazione del profilo.
Ci chiediamo: Cosa c'è di osceno in una mamma che allatta il suo bambino? In particolare considerando le molte foto pubblicate in Facebook che sono veramente oscene.

Facebook ci aspettiamo di più da te e crediamo che un bambino allattato al seno abbia lo stesso diritto di essere visto quanto un bimbo allattato con il biberon. Mentre vi sforzate di non urtare le menti più ristrette proponete un messaggio dannoso per i bambini, le donne e la società.

“ Facebook, consenti le foto di mamme che allattano e non classificarle oscene!”

Recent News

M.I.L.C. EVENT A HUGE SUCCESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On December 27th, 2008 over 11 000 people participated in our first ever M.I.L.C. (Mothers International Lactation Campaign) event.

Participants from around the globe joined our virtual protest of Facebooks discriminatory practice of arbitrarily and randomly removing breastfeeding pictures from member profiles and albums, classifying them as obscene content.

We raised our collective voices in opposition to Facebook by posting a breastfeeding image as our profile picture and changing our status line to: Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!

In addition to our virtual nurse-in, a live nurse-in was held at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto CA. Both events caught the attention of media world wide.

Many members received warnings and had photos removed during and after the event. Some examples of these photos can be found here:

Our movement for equality and fairness continues, and with your support and passion, we will succeed. We are over 100 000 strong, with new members joining by the minute. Keep spreading the word, and inviting your friends.

This is an issue of critical importance not just for nursing mothers and their children, but all of us fighting for gender equality and freedom.

My heartfelt thanks to those of you on the front lines and who shared your words of encouragement and support, for the practical assistance in the planning stages and to the journalists and writers who felt the issue "news worthy".

Our event was a success in many measures... but we still have far to go.

Thank you all

Suggested reading:

1) Breastfeeding: Biocultural Perspectives
- you MUST read this book, absolutely astounding.

2) Fit to Bust by Alison Blenkinsop.
(Proceeds from each book go to support Baby Milk Action).

3) The Politics of Breastfeeding by Gabrielle Palmer
more to come!
01/01/09 100 000 members strong
9/30/07 - 26,000 members!
9/21/07 - 22,000 members
9/20/07 - 21,000 members
9/19/07 - 20,000 members!
9/18/07 - 19,000 members
9/17/07 - 18,000 members
9/16/07 - 17,000 members
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        Samantha wrote at 11:54am
I disagree with Sarahs argument because that's like saying I don't want my friend(yes Kim) not to most the million photos of her son doing the most random things.

        Jillian wrote at 11:54am
Sarah, if you don't care then go away and look at things you do care about......

        Clare wrote at 11:54am
you dont sound like a very nice friend friends and family like to hear about whats going on...perhaps instead of sharing her status updates you should tell her how she drives you mad and how u dont care...

        Richard wrote at 11:54am
your trying to justify forcing nudity onto people who dont want to see it. Like I said, make your own page and put all of your wonderful breastfeeding pictures there. Here's an idea, buy advertisement space on a bus and put a giant photo on there. You will see how many people wouldn't like that either

        Samantha wrote at 11:53am
lol Shana I told you all I wasn't against it. And even though I'm not a mother yet I know I would BF and have pictures but I would not be comfortable posting pictures with my breasts hanging out for the world to see knowing it would make others uncomfortable.

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Why don't they declare it obscene to show babies fed with bottles!?

Yes, that IS an obscenity!

Kinderklinik Gelsenkirchen verstößt gegen die Leitlinien

Der Skandal in Gelsenkirchen
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Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!(Official petition to Facebook)
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2009, 04:13:33 PM »

Kinderklinik Gelsenkirchen verstößt gegen die Leitlinien

Der Skandal in Gelsenkirchen
Hamer-Anhänger in der Kinderklinik
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