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Coretta Scott King dies in Mexican cancer clinic


Quote of Quackwatch newsletter:

Coretta Scott King dies in Mexican cancer clinic.

Coretta Scott King, widow of former civil rights leader Martin Luther  
King, died at Hospital Santa Monica http://www.hospitalsantamonica.com/,  
a shady clinic run by Kurt Donsbach. The facility's Web site falsely  
claims that "with very few exceptions, traditional allopathic treatment  
of cancer today results in no more benefit than in 1950 when records of  
cancer successes were first kept." The Atlanta Journal-Constitution  
reported that Mrs. King had checked into the facility under an assumed  
name and died in her sleep a few days afterward. [Judd B and others.  
Clinic, founder operate outside norm: Holistic health practitioner has  
criminal record, dubious resumé. Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Feb 1,  

The report also stated that Mrs King was in the late stages of ovarian  
cancer and was being "evaluated for possible treatment" before she died.  
Donsbach has "degrees" from several nonaccredited schools and has been  
the target of several criminal and civil prosecutions. [Barrett S. The  
shady activities of Kurt Donsbach. Quackwatch, Feb 1, 2006]  

Many people wonder why the Mexican government permits shady clinics to  
operate. Most observers believe that it welcomes the "tourist" dollars  
and that bribery may also be a factor. The National Council Against  
health Fraud would like the American government to ask the Mexican  
government to stop the exploiting of desperate Americans.


Donsbach wird nach Jahren endlich verurteilt. Aber die Toten bleiben tot.

Marke: 2000


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