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Alarm in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern!
Hochstaplerin gibt sich als Impfärztin aus!

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Warnung vor den lebensgefährlichen Lügen der Hahnemann-Gesellschaft
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Corona-Impfung: Spanien plant zentrales Register für Impfverweigerer
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@homeopathy_inh fällt schon wieder voll auf die Schnauze
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Deutschland ist am Arsch von Europa:
In einem Jahr, im Januar 2022, sind die mit dem Impfen immer noch nicht fertig!
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Die FALSCHE FLAGGE der Querstänker ist aufgeflogen!

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Author Topic: PSA Helps Canadian News Show Expose MLM Scam, "Business in Motion (BIM)"  (Read 2086 times)


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Subject:      News from Pyramid Scheme
Date:      Mon, February 9, 2009 9:08 am

PSA Logo
International Association to Expose, Study and Prevent Pyramid Schemes


Pyramid Scheme Alert
Pyramid Scheme Alert is a non-partisan, non-profit, all-volunteer
consumer education group.
Contact Robert L. FitzPatrick, Pres. at
Website Update - February 2009


PSA Helps Canadian News Show Expose MLM Scam, "Business in Motion (BIM)"
PSA Logo
The award-winning Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) television news show,
dedicated its February 6, 2009 show to a devastating exposé of the Canada-based
multi-level marketing scheme, called "Business in Motion."
PSA President Robert L. FitzPatrick was invited on the show to attend a BIM meeting
in Toronto (undercover, with hidden cameras and microphones) and then to offer an
expert analysis.
See the show (Less than 30 minutes)

Robert L. FitzPatrick with CBC "Marketplace" Anchor, Wendy Mesley
FitzPatrick's conclusion: BIM is a blatant pyramid scam which - by its design -
will inflict losses on 90+% of all consumers who are ensnared. As the show noted,
pyramid schemes are illegal in Canada, yet the founder of the scheme, Alan Kippax,
defended his scheme mostly on the grounds that the Canadian authorities had not
prosecuted him.
Anti-fraud law enforcement has become so lax and incompetent in recent years in
both Canada and the United States that this is now the regular defense of fraudsters,
including Bernard Madoff who ran a $50 billion Ponzi scam on Wall Street. Madoff
 mirrored Kippax when he had defended his scam for years on the  grounds that "I
 can't possibly be doing anything illegal because the government has never prosecuted
BIM, like all multi-level marketing schemes (MLMs), also offers a "product" and
claims that the "sale" of a product automatically makes BIM legal. Camouflaging
the pyramid money through a "product purchase" and then calling the pyramid payments
"commissions" is the preferred disguise for money-laundering in MLM pyramid scams.
Usually the products are absurdly over-priced, not retailed, and are only purchased
by the "salespeople." These purchases actually serve as "tickets" to participate
 in the pay-to-play scam.
BIM fits this model perfectly. Marketplace showed that the product was actually
worthless. It claimed to be a $3,200 "membership" in a travel club that offered
low cost travel packages. However, Marketplace revealed that the same travel packages
offered by BIM were available for far less cost through free travel services on
the Internet.
Marketplace also shockingly revealed that the Canadian Competition Bureau (equivalent
to the FTC in the United States) and the Canadian national police, which are supposed
to protect the pubic from pyramid frauds, not only had done nothing
to stop the scheme but, as filmed on the show, actually arrested the Canadian consumer
activist Dave Thornton for protesting the scam. Thornton's Crime Busters Now
website had previously exposed the Canadian Ponzi scam, Pigeon King,
which collapsed after ruining more than 1,000 family farmers. Canadian authorities
did nothing about that scam either.
The founder of BIM became angry and loud when confronted by Marketplace anchor Wendy
Mesley, claiming that he had "100 experts" that would defend BIM's legitimacy against
PSA President Robert FitzPatrick whom Marketplace had cited as the expert that
BIM is an illegal pyramid scheme.
The show also noted that Kippax had operated a nearly identical scam, called Treasure
Traders International
,which sold overpriced (nearly worthless) emeralds, rather than travel packages.
The government of England had shut it down as an illegal pyramid scheme. Kippax
then closed that scheme in Canada, costing Canadian investors thousands. Now, he
 runs the same scam with only superficial changes and under a new name, and it operates
openly in Canada. BIM is holding recruitment meetings in hotels all over Canada.
 It claims to have over 8,000 "members" and travels in a bus with a large sign on
the front, reading "I Can't Believe Its True!"
See the show
(Less than 30 minutes)

No More Silence: Take Action
PSA Logo
Over the last eight years, Pyramid and Ponzi schemes have grown and spread.
The Internet is now choked with "cash gifting" scams and "matrix
selling" frauds. Pyramid selling scams have multiplied and now boast
that the Recession will bring them more desperate "recruits." The false
promise of income from an "endless chain" recruitment scheme is the
lure of these multi-level marketing scams. Many of the "job" and
"business opportunity" solicitations on the internet are nothing more
than pyramid schemes, flim-flam frauds.
Consumers now have a way
to fight back. A petition for stronger regulation is being gathered on
the Pyramid Scheme Alert Website.
To Read and Sign the Petition, Click Here

Special Reports for Consumers...
The Way It Is: Plain Facts about Multi-level Marketing
The Myth of MLM Income Opportunity
The "Non-Retail" Direct Selling Company
Recognizing the Disguises of Pyramid Schemes
Understanding MLM and Pyramid Schemes, a Radio Interview (MP3)
When MLM Operates as a Consumer Fraud, a Speech to Regulators (MP3)
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Pyramid Scheme Alert
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