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Bonita man accused of dispensing unapproved drugs
By Angelica Martinez
Union-Tribune Staff Writer

Originally published 5:09 p.m. April 9, 2009, updated 7:11 p.m., April 9, 2009

SAN DIEGO — A Bonita man who practiced medicine without a license and was known for founding a Baja California clinic where Coretta Scott King died was arrested Thursday during his Internet radio show, the District Attorney's Office said.

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis said that Kurt Walter Donsbach, 73, “preyed on vulnerable patients who were looking for medical help.”

In a statement, Dumanis said Donsbach falsely identified himself as a chiropractor and a naturopathic doctor in literature and on his Web site, letstalkhealth.com, where he sold what were described as nutritional supplements.

An investigation by the FBI, U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the District Attorney's Office led to Donsbach's arrest Thursday morning in Chula Vista.

The arrest was not related to the alternative health clinic in Rosarito where King, widow of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., died in January 2006. The clinic, which was closed twice by Mexican authorities, said at the time that King's treatment there had not begun.

Dumanis said Donsbach was charged with 11 felonies, including treating patients without a license, misbranding drugs for sale, grand theft, unlawfully dispensing drugs as a cure for cancer and falsely representing a cure for cancer.

He was booked into county jail in lieu of $1.5 million bail and was scheduled to be arraigned Friday afternoon.

If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to six years in state prison.

Dumanis said that Donsbach claimed to offer “alternative,” “natural” and “nutritional” remedies for many conditions, including cancer and arthritis.

She said that Donsbach is not licensed as a physician, chiropractor or naturopathic doctor.

In one case cited by the District Attorney's Office, Donsbach advised a patient to inject herself with “neuropeptides” to treat arthritis. FDA tests revealed that the neuropeptides contained a steroid that was not disclosed.

The patient spent thousands of dollars to inject herself for six years, leading to severe bone-density loss, Dumanis said.

In another case, Donsbach claimed to have treated pancreatic cancer successfully about 60 percent of the time and provided a patient with a supplement that contained a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug not approved by the FDA.

In Europe, marketing of the drug has been suspended because of high rates of liver failure that have led to liver transplants and deaths, Dumanis said.

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Sorry, folks for taking your article, but we waited for this day for years.
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Donsbach, ein ganz mieser Betrüger, kommt mit "dududu" auf Bewährung davon

Bonita Man Who Posed As Doctor Sentenced, Fined
Kurt Donsbach Pleaded Guilty To Posing As Doctor, Providing Unapproved Supplements

POSTED: 8:49 am PDT April 15, 2011
UPDATED: 9:48 pm PDT April 15, 2011

San Diego News

Bonita Man Who Posed As Doctor Sentenced, Fined
Kurt Donsbach Pleaded Guilty To Posing As Doctor, Providing Unapproved

Donsbach ist ein Berufsverbrecher. Einem solch miesen Berufsverbrecher bloß eine Bewährung zu verpassen, ist ungeheuerlich. Man sehe sich nur mal an, welche Welle von Betrügern Donsbach gepusht hat!

February 03, 2006, 02:45:52 AM » Quote of Quackwatch newsletter:

Coretta Scott King dies in Mexican cancer clinic.

Coretta Scott King, widow of former civil rights leader Martin Luther 
King, died at Hospital Santa Monica http://www.hospitalsantamonica.com/, 
a shady clinic run by Kurt Donsbach. The facility's Web site falsely 
claims that "with very few exceptions, traditional allopathic treatment 
of cancer today results in no more benefit than in 1950 when records of 
cancer successes were first kept." The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 
reported that Mrs. King had checked into the facility under an assumed 
name and died in her sleep a few days afterward. [Judd B and others. 
Clinic, founder operate outside norm: Holistic health practitioner has 
criminal record, dubious resumé. Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Feb 1, 

The report also stated that Mrs King was in the late stages of ovarian 
cancer and was being "evaluated for possible treatment" before she died. 
Donsbach has "degrees" from several nonaccredited schools and has been 
the target of several criminal and civil prosecutions. [Barrett S. The 
shady activities of Kurt Donsbach. Quackwatch, Feb 1, 2006] 

Many people wonder why the Mexican government permits shady clinics to 
operate. Most observers believe that it welcomes the "tourist" dollars 
and that bribery may also be a factor. The National Council Against 
health Fraud would like the American government to ask the Mexican 
government to stop the exploiting of desperate Americans.

Suchen mit "Donsbach University", wurde mir gesagt. Schauen wir mal.


Daß Donsbach ein Betrüger ist, ist seit wieviel Jahren international bekannt? Trotzdem schmücken sich die folgenden Herrschaften noch immer mit ihrem "Titel", den Donsbach ihnen gegeben hat.

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David W. Rowland

Educational Advisor
Edison Institute of Nutrition

In 1975, a major health crisis encouraged me to look in a new direction. My fourth bout of pneumonia was nearly fatal. Medical advice did little to help me through a prolonged recovery. During my long days of bed rest, I read everything on the subject of natural healing that I could get my hands on. To my delight, I discovered that my lifelong pattern of respiratory infections was related to an underlying, undiagnosed celiac condition. Dietary modification and nutritional supplements did what no drugs could do. They restored my health completely.

Over the next several years, studying and applying the principles of holistic nutrition became my passion. Since this knowledge is not taught in the standard educational system, I had to study through alternative schools – which also enable one to learn off-campus, at one’s own pace, while still gainfully employed. By 1980, through an intensive program of study offered by Donsbach University School of Nutrition, I eventually earned a PhD degree. Although Dr. Donsbach later became a controversial figure, his school provided the most thorough training in holistic nutrition available at the time; and it was legally authorized by the State of California to grant degrees.

In 1983, my passion became my new career. I left my management job in the business world to do nutritional consulting and nutrition education on a full time basis. Later that year, I was elected President of the Nutritional Consultants Organization of Canada (NCOC) by its founding directors – a position to which I was also re-elected for the next four years. NCOC is an independent, voluntary, non-profit association that registers its professional members, sets standards of practice, provides malpractice insurance, and makes possible fee coverage through private health insurance plans.

Holistic nutrition has transformed my health and my life. The Edison Institute of Nutrition (EIN) is my way of sharing with others the same kind of opportunities that have brought me so much happiness and fulfillment. Its programs provide a range and depth of training not available elsewhere. Whether you seek nutritional knowledge for its own sake, to help family and friends, or to train for a new career, EIN can put those goals within easy reach.

Yours sincerely,

David W. Rowland

David W. Rowland - Curriculum Vitae

Offices Held:    

Publisher, Rowland Publications, 1999 to present.
Educational Director, Edison Institute of Nutrition, 1996 to present.
Publisher, Health Naturally: Canada's Self-Health Care Magazine, 1992-99.
President, Canadian Nutrition Institute, 1983-93.
Publisher/Editor, Nutrition News, 1985-89.
Associate Editor, The Vitamin Supplement, 1985-87.
Director, Nutritional Consultants Organization of Canada, 1983-93.
President, Nutritional Consultants Organization of Canada, 1983-88.


Registered Nutritional Consultant, 1986 to present.
Member, New York Academy of Sciences, 1993-94.

Books Published:

Since 1983, David has written 22 booklets and manuals, some of which have been published in five different languages. Those currently in print include:

Endocrine Harmony: The Mind-Body-Nutrient Connection, 1997. ISBN 1-896651-08-9
Digestion: Inner Pathway to Health, 1996. ISBN 1-896651-05-4
Food Alone is Not Enough, 1996. ISBN 1-896651-04-6
One's Food is Another's Poison, 1996. ISBN 1-896651-06-2
Nature's Medicines: Remedies at your Fingertips, 1995. ISBN 1-896651-00-3
The Nutritional Bypass, 1995. ISBN 1-896651-02-X
Listen to Your Body: It Can Tell You What You Need, 1993. ISBN 1-896651-01-1
How to Give Nutritional Advice Legally, 1992. ISBN1-896651-03-6

All these books are available from Rowland Publications.
Website: www.rowlandpub.ca
E-mail: rowland@vianet.on.ca
Ph. 705-746-1086
Fax 705-746-1412
or Amazon.com

Articles Published:    

Since 1980, David has written over 100 articles that have appeared in such publications
as HealthWise Digest, Alive, Vista, Health Naturally, Nutrition News, The Vitamin Supplement, Outdoor Canada, Natural Life News, and Natural Foods Canada. Titles include:

"Emotional Precursors of Illness" -- "Arteriosclerosis: Tame This Deadly Killer" – "Quack Remedies" – "Question Your Doctor" – "Sugar, Sugar, Everywhere" – "Top 10 Myths about Heart Disease" – "Protein: How Much" – "Know Your Options" – "Lesson of the Body" – "You Are In Charge" – "What Have We Done to Our Food?" – "Good Science, Bad Science" – "Defy the Verdict" – "Cost Benefits of Alternative Therapies" – "Cholesterol Mania" – "Return to Nature" -- "Is Your Cooking Oil Safe?" -- "Know Your Patients’ Rights" – "Milk: Healthy or Hazardous?" – "Are Your Vitamin Deficiencies Showing?" – "Banish Burp and Bloat" – "What Constitutes Proof?" -- "Arrogant Ignorance" -- "The ‘Placebo’ Effect" -- "The Germ is Nothing" -- "Tobacco: Legalized Killer" -- "Safety of ‘Mega’ Vitamins -- "Who are the Real Quacks?" -- "Canada’s Food Guide: Help or Harm?" -- "The Drug You Never Suspected" -- "Nutrients are Not Drugs" -- "Who Needs Food Supplements?" -- "Allergy Alert" -- "Stay Calm, Naturally" -- "A Sparkle in Your Eye" -- "The Undervalued Mineral" -- "Hidden Ingredients in Vitamin & Mineral Tablets."


Edison Institute of Nutrition, 1996 to present:
Design and revise curricula for this international school without walls. Appoint faculty. Set policies. Select textbooks. Create notes, study aids and other course materials. Set examinations.

Canadian Nutrition Institute, 1983-93:
Taught seminars in nutrition to both practitioners and the general public.

Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology, 1984-85:
Taught evening seminars in nutrition to part-time students.

Humber College of Applied Arts & Technology, 1983:
Taught nutrition to students taking a certificate program in Herbalism, in conjunction with the Ontario Herbalists Association.


Nutrition and Health Consultant, 1977-92:
Counseled clients in how to adjust their food and supplement intake to suit their unique health needs. Developed a method that successfully reverses allergies, safely and permanently.


Shiatsu Therapy. Toronto Shiatsu Centre, 1978.
Chartered Herbalist. Dominion Herbal College, 1977.


PhD. Donsbach University School of Nutrition, 1980.
MBA. University of Toronto, 1967
B.Com. University of Toronto, 1966.

  Deborah  Hoffman


    Greater San Diego Area

Übersicht von Deborah Hoffman


        * Accounting Professional bei Aerotek/Volcano Corp
        * Accountant - Temp bei prAna Living
        * Staff Accountant bei Melles Griot

        * Staff Accountant bei HMR Inc
        * Consultant bei Agency
        * Office Manager bei Pat McCauley Enterprises, Inc/Jackpot Painting Contractors
        * Office Manager bei Professional Credit Services, Inc

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        * Palomar College
        * Union University-Donsbach University for Nutrition


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Zusammenfassung von Deborah Hoffman

Corporate Month End responsibilities. General Ledger Maintenance & Account Reconciliation. AR & AP Account Analysis and Reconciliation. Variance Analysis Reports to President and Managers. Bank Reconciliation. Payroll Entries (300+). Submitting Capital Expenditure Authorizaations. Maintaining Construction In Progress Files. Capitalizing completed CIP projects. Filing City License and Unsecured Property Statement.

Restructuring: Finance Management and Compliance; Internal Auditing; GL Reconciliation and Auditing; Banking Wire Transfers; Payment Distributions - Liason to Physicians and Banks for Equipment Purchases; Leasing & Lease-Backs; Interfacing with Software Program Developers in Software Programs:

* MS Word
* MS Excel
* MS Powerpoint
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* Peachtree
* Intuit QuickBooks Premier
* Windows XP

Research Consultant: Patient Consultations, Private Consultations and In-Home Assessments
for Patients exhibiting Chronic Pain and Psychosomatic Stress Disorders resulting in lowered work and relationship productivity.

Internal Auditing for Documentation Compliance and Testing; Inventory Documentation and Control

OTC Manufacturing
Writing FDA Compliant Operations Manual and Product Information Catalogs

Documentation Compliance;FDA Product ComplainceTesting
Inventory Documentation and Control

Donsbach University
(International University for Nutrition Education)

Palomar College, CA
2 years Bookkeeping, Accounting, Business Law
Outstanding Achievement Award: Extended Opportunities, Programs & Services (E.O.P.S.)

Pi Mui

Accounting, Mergers, Acquisitions, Re-Organizations, Contract Reviews, Documentation Compliance and Control
Berufserfahrung von Deborah Hoffman
Accounting Professional
Aerotek/Volcano Corp

Accounting industry

February 2011 – March 2011 (2 months)

Worked under the Accounting Manager and with the Accounts Payable Administrators.

Reviewing and verifying invoices, purchase orders, scheduled payments for accuracy and correct GL codes.

Facilitated 3 day month end close
Accountant - Temp
prAna Living

Privately Held; Apparel & Fashion industry

October 2010 – January 2011 (4 months)

Temp Through Solomon Page Group:
Reconciliation of Corp and Retail Bank Accounts - Mutli Currencies - Money Management Sweep Accounts
Drove Liability account for Gift Cards
Established SOP for Staff Accountant Position from daily tasks to Month End Close
Month End Journal Entries and Electronic File Maintenance
Corporate and Retail Cash REconcliation
Balance Sheet Schedules for Corporate and Retail
Out of State Sales Tax Preparation
Fixed Assets Reconciliation and related depreciation journal entries
Invoice Coding
Special Projects
Trained Customer Service and in-coming Staff Accountant on tasks, bank reconciliation and month end close
Staff Accountant
Melles Griot

Privately Held; 201-500 employees; Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing industry

April 2008 – July 2010 (2 years 4 months)

Maintained and Reconciled Inter-Company Cash Accounts to Corporate Accounts, Bank Reconciliations
Maintained General Ledger, Analysis of Various Accounts, ReClassed charges to correct GLs
Prepared and Entered Accrual and Reversing Journal Entries for Payroll, AR, AP, Prepaid and Accrual Accounts
Maintained General Ledger Asset Accounts, Journal Entries and Reports: Fixed and Intangible Assets
Prepared and Distributed Account Summary and Analysis Reports to President & Managers
Prepared and Submitted CEAs (Fixed and Intangible Assets), Managed Database Status and Capitalized Projects
Filed Business License and Property Tax Statements to San Diego County Authorities
Maintained Documentation of Diode Laser Line Hours Accounting for Month End Documentation and Corporate Review
Prepared and Entered Month End Closing Journal Entries
Maintained Month End Balance Sheet Reconciliations and Financial Reports within GAAP deadlines
Overlapped with Cost Accountant in Sales Summary Reports, Inventory Reason Code Reports, Cost Roll Reports
Maintained Division Budget in BaaN and Spreadsheets; Distributed Budget Variance Reports to Managers
Facilitated Updates with Customer Service, Purchasing and Engineering on Coding and GL Account Applications
Staff Accountant

Accounting industry

September 2007 – January 2008 (5 months)

Conducted Payroll Review and Processing
Entered Payroll and Month End General Journal Entries
Reconciled Bank Accounts
Maintained Accounts Receivable Posting and Invoicing for Peachtree
Served as Backup support for In-House Server and Software Issues
Performed General Ledger Account Reconciliations; Maintained Tow Track Software Office Applications
Conducted Time & Commissions Auditing for Drivers/Operators
Prepared Cost/Wage Assessment Reports for Hourly/Average Pay Values for Drivers
Prepared Monthly Financial Statements; Facilitated Month End and Year End Close
Stock Plan Administration

Accounting industry

January 2007 – September 2007 (9 months)

Organized Office Operations and Procedures for Bookkeeping, Payroll Processing, Personnel, Information Management, Filing Systems, Requisition of Supplies, and other Clerical Services
Processed Payroll; Verified I-9 Documentation
Performed Contract Reviews and Progress Invoicing
Maintained Documentation for Financial Contract Compliance; Distributed and Maintained Lien Releases
Consulted for Office Operations and Procedures in GAAP
Office Manager
Pat McCauley Enterprises, Inc/Jackpot Painting Contractors

Accounting industry

January 2005 – January 2007 (2 years 1 month)

Organized Office Operations and Procedures for Bookkeeping, Payroll Processing, Personnel, Information Management, Filing systems and Requisition of Supplies
Processed Regular and Certified Payroll for Quick Books Pro & ADP
Maintained Regular Data Backup
Reconciled Accounts Payable , Accounts Receivable and Bank Accounts
Purchaser for Wholesale Distribution Line
Maintained General Ledger and Account Reconciliations
Prepared Estimates for Residential, Commercial and Government Customers
Prepared and Distributed Job Cost Variance Reports
Audited Employee Expense Reports
Conducted Contract Reviews for Accounting Compliance, Progress Invoicing and Lien Releases
Prepared Quarterly and Year End Filings; Sales Tax Reports
Office Manager
Professional Credit Services, Inc

Accounting industry

December 2000 – January 2005 (4 years 2 months)

Maintained General Ledger Accounts, Auditing and Reconciliations
Processed Payroll
Reconciled Bank Accounts; Processed Check Runs and Wire Transfers; AR & AP
Conducted Credit and Background Investigation Reports
Verified Loan Package Processing and Funds Distribution
Prepared Financial Reports through Year End

Advanced Software Applications
MS Office 2003 & 2010, Excel (Pivot Tables, V Lookups), BaaN, Quick Books, Sage, Peachtree, Windows 7, Windows XP

Office Applications
Manual and Electronic Fax, Online Invoicing, Scanning, Installing Software Programs, Troubleshooting Software Applications, Ten Key, Data Entry, Correspondence, Bulk mailings, Advertising, Interviewing and Screening Applicants, Internet Research
Ausbildung von Deborah Hoffman
Palomar College
Bookkeeping, Accounting, Business Law

Union University-Donsbach University for Nutrition

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Liz Lipski

Owner, Innovative Healing Inc.

    Asheville, North Carolina Area
    Health, Wellness and Fitness

Liz Lipski's Overview


        * Director of Doctoral Studies at Hawthorn University
        * Executive Director at Access to Health Experts
        * Owner at Innovative Healing Inc.


        * The Union Institute and University
        * Donsbach University
        * Colgate University


    3 people have recommended Liz

    141 connections

        * Portfolio
        * Company Website
        * Company Website

Liz Lipski's Summary

Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN, CHN, is board certified in Clinical Nutrition & Holistic Nutrition, the author of Digestive Wellness, Digestive Wellness for Children, and Leaky Gut Syndrome. She’s the Director of Doctoral Studies at Hawthorn University. Dr. Lipski is on faculty, and on the nutrition advisory board for the Institute for Functional Medicine. She is a special advisor to the Board of Directors for the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. She’s the founder of Access to Health Experts and Innovative Healing. She is in private practice in Asheville, NC and provides telephone and in-person one on one counseling.

Dr. Lipski is the founder of Access to Health Experts, a web-based holistic health membership site, and Innovative Healing, a web site offering the latest information in integrative healthcare. She is nationally known for her expertise in the fields of nutrition, integrative health, and digestive and auto-immune conditions.

She received her doctorate in Clinical Nutrition from the Union Institute in Cincinnati, OH. She is board certified by the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board as a Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) and by the Holistic Nutrition Accreditation Board as Certified in Holistic Nutrition (CHN). Formerly she was the nutrition editor for Pilates Style Magazine, national spokesperson for Dannon's Activia yogurt, consultant on autism and nutrition for Nutricia North America, and member of the Board of Directors for the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, International & American Assciations of Clinical Nutritionists, and the Nutrition for Optimal Health Association.

Liz Lipski is the former co-host of the radio show, “Health Matters.”, and frequently appears on radio, TV and other media. For a current CV go to www.innovativehealing.com

Nutrition, Health, Wellness, Digestion, Auto-immune health, Children's health, Functional medicine, Leaky Gut Syndrome, author.
Liz Lipski's Experience
Director of Doctoral Studies
Hawthorn University

Nonprofit; 1-10 employees; Higher Education industry

2006 – Present (5 years)

Educational Director and Director of Doctoral Studies for programs in holistic nutrition
Executive Director
Access to Health Experts

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Health, Wellness and Fitness industry

2005 – Present (6 years)

Holistic Health membership web site for health conscious consumers and health professionals.
Innovative Healing Inc.

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Health, Wellness and Fitness industry

1995 – Present (16 years)

Holistic health and nutrition, publishing and education.
Liz Lipski's Education
The Union Institute and University
PhD, Clinical Nutrition

1999 – 2001

Donsbach University
MS, Nutrition

1978 – 1979

Colgate University
BA, English

1971 – 1975

Liz Lipski's Additional Information


        * Portfolio
        * Company Website
        * Company Website

Groups and Associations:

    Scientific Council: Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (CCN’s.), Board Member: National Association of Nutrition Professionals, Advisory Board Member: Institute for Functional Medicine Nutrition Project, Member: International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists Member: Clinical Nutrition and Certification Board, Member: North Carolina Integrative Medical Society Member: National Association of Nutrition Professionals

        * efusjon logo

Devra Z. Hill exemplifies the spreading belief that today's patient is tomorrow's physician.

In failing health herself several years ago, she sought help from medical doctors, but none were able to help her. She decided to take matters into her own hands, learning all she could about health and nutrition in order to regain and sustain optimum health.

She earned a Master of Science degree in nutrition from Donsbach University School of Nutrition and a Ph.D in communications from Golden State University.

With knowledge and a daily regime of nutrition and physical exercise plus her inherently cock-eyed optimist attitude she personally restored herself to good health.

Currently, Devra does radio shows around the country talking about Hollywood and health.She does weekly and monthly movie reviews and entertainment news for radio stations across America and can be heard on World-Wide Internet radio from her website: www.devrazhill.com; radio station KHAI with Mary Jane Popp-Off, Sacramento, Calif.

Devra authored the books; "Rejuvenate" "Chopped Liver for the American Spirit" and "The Best of Your Life for the Rest of Your Life." and her latest book What Almost Happened to Hedy Lamarr

Devra is listed in the who's who of American Women, Distinguished Authors in America and Great Britain and in Foremost Women in Communications.

A native of San Francisco she now resides in Beverly Hills, California with husband Irwin Zucker. They have three grown daughters and five grandchildren. For relaxation she likes to walk, golf, bicycle, swim and work in her garden.
Broadcaster     Writer     Reporter
Mary Jane Popp
News/Talk 1520 KVTA
KAHI  Auburn, CA
KSAC, Sacramento
Top of the Hill, Syndicate, Radio
KKZZ radio in Ventura CA



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