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Author Topic: INFAM: "legal threats against a blogging cancer patient"  (Read 1359 times)


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INFAM: "legal threats against a blogging cancer patient"
« on: January 29, 2010, 05:55:36 PM »

Making legal threats against a blogging cancer patient? Stay classy, Shayla McCallum and Dr. Thomas Lodi. Stay classy.

Category: Alternative medicine • Medicine • Quackery
Posted on: January 9, 2010 4:30 PM, by Orac

I've said it before, and I've said it more times than I can remember. Purveyors of unscientific medicine don't have the goods. If they had the goods, then their nostrums wouldn't be called "alternative" medicine anymore; they'd just be medicine. Because they don't have the goods in the form of science and clinical evidence, all that leaves is to attack those who criticize their lack of science and clinical evidence. Most recently, we saw this in the reaction of the British Chiropractic Association, which is suing Simon Singh over the most bogus of reasons, and in the grande dame of the anti-vaccine movement whose star has been eclipsed by that of Jenny McCarthy, Barbara Loe Fisher who, while calling for a "fearless" conversation about vaccines, has been cowering behind the law to try to shut down just such a conversation.

This time around, we have a particularly despicable example. Dr. Thomas Lodi, who on his website An Oasis of Healing bills himself as "Homeopathic Physician, Metabolic Medicine, Internal Medicine, Integrative Oncology, and Certified Nutrition Specialist," has decided that he didn't like a cancer patient by the name of Seanty criticizing his claims about chemotherapy, has sent through his Director of Marketing Shayla McCallum a legal threat demanding that he take down his post or face legal action for defamation.

The stupid, it burns, my precious.

Shayla is utterly clueless. She's cowardly, too, as she apparently asked Seanty not to


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