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Author Topic: Major diploma mill scheme shut down  (Read 76638 times)


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Major diploma mill scheme shut down
« on: February 06, 2010, 11:04:07 AM »

Consumer Health Digest #10-05
February 4, 2010

Consumer Health Digest is a free weekly e-mail newsletter edited by
Stephen Barrett, M.D., with help from William M. London, Ed.D. It
summarizes scientific reports; legislative developments; enforcement
actions; news reports; Web site evaluations; recommended and
nonrecommended books; and other information relevant to consumer
protection and consumer decision-making.


Quackwatch and Dr. Barrett need your help in maintaining and
expanding their activities. If you haven't already done so, please
read and send a contribution.


Lancet retracts Wakefield article.

The Lancet has retracted publication of a 1998 paper in which Dr.
Andrew Wakefield and colleagues suggested that the
measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine might be linked to autism. The
paper didn't declare that cause-and-effect had been demonstrated, but
at the press conference announcing its publication, Wakefield
attacked the triple vaccine; and he has continued to do so ever
since. Subsequent studies have found no connections, but sensational
publicity caused immunization rates in the UK to drop more than 10
percent and have left lingering doubts among parents worldwide. The
Lancet retraction came five days after The British General Medical
Council, which registers doctors in the United Kingdom, reported that
Wakefield had acted dishonestly, irresponsibly, unethically, and
callously in connection with the research project and its subsequent
publication. The paper remains publicly visible, but the online
version displays the word "RETRACTED" in bright red letters on every
page of the PDF version. For further details, see


Major diploma mill scheme shut down.

Eight participants of a massive diploma-mill scheme have been
convicted of conspiracy and wire fraud. Documents in the case
indicate that from 1999 through 2005, Dixie Ellen Randock, Steven
Karl Randock, Sr., their daughter Heidi Kae Lorhan, Roberta Lynn
Markishtum, Kenneth Wade Pearson, Richard John Novak, Blake Alan
Carlson, and Amy Leann Hensley operated an Internet-based diploma
business that sold false and fraudulent academic products. The
government investigation-called "Operation Gold Seal"-concluded that
their business sold 10,815 fake credentials to 9,612 people in 131
countries for a total of $7,369,907. The products included "degrees"
from nonexistent entities, counterfeit high school diplomas,
fabricated college and graduate-level academic transcripts, and
"professorships." One investigator who posed as a retired Syrian
military officer seeking an H1B visa was able to buy "degrees" that,
if not detected, could conceivably help terrorists gain entry into
the United States. Situations have also come to light in which people
who held respectable jobs were discovered to have bogus degrees. Some
may have believed that they were buying legitimate credentials that
reflected knowledge and/or skills they acquired through experience.
Others knew that the credentials were bogus but hoped that they would
enhance their vocational status. The Seattle Spokesman-Review has
published a complete list of buyers that can be searched by category.
The list includes 130 people who are U.S. military personnel and at
least 40 who are educators or U.S. government civilian employees.

The scheme's ringleaders, Steven and Dixie Randock each received a
3-year sentence to be followed by 3 years of court supervision.
Steven was also ordered to forfeit his interest in over $500,000 in
seized cash and various bank accounts, real property, and a 2001
Jaguar XK8. Lorhan, Markishtum, and Pearson also received prison
sentences. Novak, Carlson, and Hensley, who cooperated with
government investigators, were placed on 3 of years probation and
ordered to perform community service. For additional information and
links to relevant court documents, see

Government action to break up the ring was assisted by George Gollin,
Ph.D. a University of Illinois physics professor who has worked
relentlessly against credential fakery for many years. Wired Magazine
has published a glowing account of his work. [Wolman D. Fraud U:
Toppling a bogus-diploma empire. Wired, Dec 21, 2009]

Gollin's Web site contains a wealth of additional information, and he
is writing a book about the problem.

WHNT-TV has investigated how 19 soldiers, defense contractors, and
civilians bought fake diplomas in order to get promotions.,0,5264841.story


Bill to attack diploma mills introduced.

Congressman Tim Bishop (D-NY) has introduced legislation to combat
the diploma mill problem.
The Diploma and Accreditation Integrity Protection Act (HR 4535) would:

**Legally define what it means to be a degree-granting institution

**Legally define what it means to be a legitimate accrediting agency

**Grant additional authority to the FTC to crack down on diploma mills.

The Government Accountability Office has issued three reports on
diploma mills, including one in which it reported that 463 Federal
employees held degrees from diploma mills and other nonaccredited
universities and that that federal agencies had paid more than
$150,000 in tuition payments to diploma mills and other nonaccredited
schools on behalf of federal employees.
In announcing the bill, Bishop indicated that weak laws and
technological advances have enabled the problem to worsen. [Rep.
Bishop introduces bill to stop diploma mills. News release, Jan 28,


Other issues of the Digest are accessible through If you enjoy this
newsletter, please recommend it to your friends.

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Consumer Advocate
Chatham Crossing, Suite 107/208
11312 U.S. 15 501 North
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Telephone: (919) 533-6009

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Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Diploma mill degree recipients

Almost 10,000 people spent $7.3 million buying phony and counterfeit high school and college degrees from a Spokane diploma mill. The complete list of buyers, which the U.S. Department of Justice has refused to release to the public, has been obtained by The Spokesman-Review and published July 28, 2008.

Some names are annotated with an asterisk (*). These individuals didn't necessarily buy degrees, but their names surfaced for various reasons during Operation Gold Seal, sources familiar with the investigation said Tuesday. They said these individuals should not be considered as confirmed degree buyers.

Also see: Diploma mill degree recipients in military, government or education

Find a name:   Show: WA (92) | ID (17) | Full list (9,612)Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Aal, Mostafa A Abdel        Saudi Arabia    MS    St. Lourdes University
Abad, Caye        United States    HS    
Abad, Leonardo        United States    HS    
Abad, Nariman Moradi Sani Mohammad            PhD    Berkeley Professional University
Abadia, Yenifer        United States    HS    
Abare, Jeffrey R.    NY    United States    PhD    
Abass.Kenneh, Sallas        Ghana    HS    
Abate, Jack G.        United States    MA    
Abaza, Ayman    FL    United States    BS    
Abbasi, Ali            PhD    Berkeley Professional University
Abbasi, Mohammad Mahdi            PhD    Berkely Professional University
Abbate, Mary Allene    VA    United States    BA    
Abbott, Catrina M.        United States    HS    
Abbott, Michael D        Great Britain    AA    
Abboud, Mary        United States    HS    
Abd, Rani Bin Mohd Jali        Malaysia        
Abd-Alla, Gamal Hassan        United Arab Emirates    PhD    Concordia College & University
Abdalla, Adil Mahjoub        United Arab Emirates    BA    
Abdelqader, Subhi Zaid N        Jordan    PhD    
Abdikadir, Alham M    ND    United States    HS    
Abdul Karim, Aminudin B            PhD    
Abdul-Aziz, Omilias        Great Britain    BBA    
Abdulhadi, Jamil        United States    DSc    
Abdulrahim, Ahmad K        United Arab Emirates    MS    
Abdunnur, Sharif Labeeb        Lebanon    MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Abdur, Rashid        Canada    BBA    American West University
Abdur-Rauf, Kiani        Pakistan    PhD    
Abel        Tanzania    HS    
Abel, Briana Nicole        United States    HS    
Abel, Thomas Martin    AZ    United States    DSc    
Abernathy, Velinda        United States    HS    
Abiola, Abiola Omolara        Nigeria    BBA    
Abiola, Omolara Risikat        Nigeria    BA    
Abraham, Martine        United States    HS    
Abram, Sharon Jeanette    IL    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Abreo, Gabriel G    NM    United States    BSE    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Abreu, Anneidy        United States    HS    
Abshire, James C.    IN    United States        
Abshire, Jennifer        United States    HS    
Abu Awad, Ziad Thabet        Bahrain    MS    
Abulail, Mahdi    TX    United States        
Abuzaid, Koussai Simos        Greece    AA    
Acevedo, Ismael (Jr.)    NJ    United States        
Acevedo, Jesus A    NY    United States    MA    
Acharya, Kabita        Great Britain    MBA    St. Regis University
Acharya, Ram Mani        Nepal    BA    
Aciego, Ingrid Y        United States    HS    
Acosta, Alexi Rafael    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Acosta, Georgie A.        United States    HS    
Acosta, Kenneth        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Acree, Delores Irene    KY    United States    AA    
Acreman, Wanda Sue    AL    United States        
Acua, Deborah K    AZ    United States    BA    
Ada, Donna        Northern Mariana Islands    HS    
Adair, Janie Sue    TX    United States    HS    JA High School
Adam        United States    HS    
Adam, Babiker Awad        Sudan    DBA    
Adam, Hussain Kamel Mohamed            MA    
Adame, Billie        United States    HS    
Adams, Blake            HS    
Adams, Cara        United States    HS    
Adams, Charles E        United States    BA    
Adams, Denise M        United States        
Adams, George    SC    United States    HS    
Adams, Janet        United States    HS    
Adams, John        United States    HS    
Adams, Kyle Rhett    GA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Adams, Laurie        United States    HS    
Adams, Mark Q    FL    United States    HS    
Adams, Michael    IL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Adams, Reid        United States    MBA    Northwest United University
Adams, Roy Reid    GA    United States    MBA    Northwest United University
Adams, Shaneka Latasha        United States    HS    
Adams_, Mark Alan    TX    United States    HS    
Adb-Alla, Gamal H.        United Arab Emirates        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Adelt, Eloise        Canada    HS    
Adeoba, David Olubodun        Nigeria    PhD    
Adityanarayan, Pande        India    BSE    
Adkins, Melinda *    WA    United States        
Adkins, Ronnie L    GA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Adkins, Willard Bryan    KY    United States    BS    
Adolfo, Ashley Nicole    MD    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Adonis, Enrico James        South Korea    BA    
Adonis, Marhino M        United States    BS    
Adorno, Guilla Marie        United States    HS    
Adrien, Yves        United States        
Advincula, Rupert Sam L.    NJ    United States    BS    Holmes University
Adzeshie, Fred            MA    Valorem University
Afari, Nana Akwasi        Germany    PhDH    
Afoa, Jennifer M.        United States    HS    
Afoa, Mark Anthony    CA    United States        
Afzal, Muhammad        Pakistan    MBA    
Afzal, Sheikh Asad        United States    BBA    
Agamah, John Gbevlo Kwabla        Ghana    MBA    
Aganbegovic, Mirela        United States    HS    
Agbenke, Alorwornu Dickson        Ghana    HS    
Agbo, Daniels Adakole            HS    
Agha, Syed Ijaz        Pakistan    BS    
Aghdam, Rasool Alizadeh        Iran    DSc    
Agnello, Mark        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Agnite, Dallia B.        United States    HS    
Agostinetti, Laurent Pierre        France    BA    
Agosto, Jose Rosario        United States    PhD    
Agosto, Sarah        United States    HS    
Aguayo, Albertico        United States    HS    
Aguilar de Molina, Julia        El Salvador    BA    
Aguirre, Lucy        United States    HS    
Aguirre, Tony    IL    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Agurcia, Yvette        United States    HS    
Agusvetriana, Anggraeni Eko        Indonesia    BA    
Ahad Mericar, Abdul Rashid Mericar Bin            BS    Capital University Of Arts & Technology
Ahad, Abd Allah        BM    PhD    
Ahad, Abdallah        BM    DBA    
Ahba        Thailand    PhD    
Ahmed, Abrar        United Arab Emirates    MBA    
Ahmed, Ahmed Mohamed Ali        Saudi Arabia    MS    Bradford College
Ahmed, Ali K. Al -        Saudi Arabia    BA    
Ahmed, Ehteshamuddin        India    ProfFull    
Ahmed, Hassan Gassour            MA    
Ahmed, I. Fareed            BS    
Ahmed, I.Fareed        India    BS    
Ahmed, Khawaja Abrar        United Arab Emirates    MBA    
Ahmed, Mahmoud        Jordan    BSE    
Ahmed, Mohammed Khamis Ali        Bahrain        
Ahmed, Nasir            BA    University of the Punjab
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ahmed, Radhi, Basil Ebrahim        Bahrain    MS    
Ahmed, Rashed Ahmed        United Arab Emirates    BS    Robertstown University
Ahmed, Rizwan R        Pakistan    PhD    American West University
Ahsan, Iqtadar        Pakistan    Cert    
Aiello, Anthony Michael    CO    United States    BA    
Aina, Rakotoarison Nicky        Madagascar    MA    
Aitch, Hilton    TX    United States        
Aites, Robert T.        United States    HS    
Ajibolade, Folasade    PA    United States    BS    
Akbari, Narges            MS    Berkeley Professional University
Akel, Ayla        United Arab Emirates    BBA    
Akester, Charley Owen        United States    BA    
Akhmedov, Michelle        United States    HS    
Akintoye, Ibukun Paul        United States    HS    
Akiyama, Takako        United States    MA    Hartland University
Akoda, Oluwabunmi    DC    United States    HS    
Akpablie, Geoffrey Kwashie        United States    BBA    
Akram        Saudi Arabia    MA    
Aksah, Mohd Zukri        Malaysia    MBA    
Al Ajmi, Mohammad Masoud Naser            PhD    
Al Ebrahim, Ahmed Mohsen Ali Mohsen        Bahrain    HS    
Al Hazzal, Naser Hazzal Essa            MA    
Al Hosani, Ali A        United Arab Emirates    BA    St. Regis University
Al Mahi, Abdulkadir Al Taher            BA    
Al Mutairi, Saleh Awad            PhD    Robertstown University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Al Otaibi, Abdullah Mohammed F            HS    Branford Academy College Prep HS
Al Qahtani, Ali Mohammed Ahmed            HS    
Al Tuwairqi, Khalid H.        Saudi Arabia    MBA    
Al Zaben, Suliman S            MA    
Al-Alti, Mohammed A. R.        United Arab Emirates    MBA    
Al-Anazi, Hamad Mohammed            BS    St. Regis University
Al-Araimy, Khalfan Ibrahim        Oman    PhDH    
Al-Atni, Fahad K.        Saudi Arabia    BA    
Al-Azzam, Osama M.            MBA    
Al-Bitar, Safwat Abdel        United Arab Emirates    PhD    
Al-Bittar, Rajaa A        United Arab Emirates    MA    
Al-Boog, Nawwaf M. S.        Saudi Arabia    BS    
Al-Deeb, Emad L        Saudi Arabia    BA    
Al-Eraij, Fouad Abdullah            BA    St. Regis University
Al-Ethawy, Fouad Jasem        United Arab Emirates    PhD    
Al-Ghannam, Fahad M    TX    United States        
Al-Hosani, Ali Ahmed S        United Arab Emirates    BA    
Al-Jahdali, Khalid Attyah        Saudi Arabia    BA    
Al-Jasser, Ibrahim A. M.            BA    St. Regis University
Al-Johi, Khalid Omer Saleh        Yemen    BSE    
Al-Karmi, Rami Marwan A.        Jordan    PhD    
Al-Nahas, Ahmed Fayez Ibrahim        Saudi Arabia    BA    
Al-Okroosh, Mohammed Saeed K.        Saudi Arabia    MBA    Brown's International University
Al-Osaimi, Suliman M.S.            BA    Robertstown University
Al-Qahtani, Ghazi Hamood Al-Medla        Saudi Arabia    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Al-Rasheed, Monthar H            BA    St. Regis University
Al-Rowaily, Humedi Suleiman Rakan            BA    St. Regis University
Al-shanqeait, Abdullah M.        Saudi Arabia    BS    Concordia College University
Al-Sulaim, Ziad A.        Saudi Arabia        
Al-Sulaiti, Mohd Yousef    PA    United States    MBA    
Al-Yahya, Waleed Mohamed Ibrahim            BBA    
Al-Zahrani, Safar Ghormallah        Saudi Arabia    BS    
Al-Zaid, Vera Mary Jane        Kuwait    MA    
Al_Majali, Yousef Mamdouh Moh'D        Jordan    PhD    
Alaiwi, Azam Mohammed Nour            MA    St. Regis University
Alam, Md Monirul        Bangladesh    BA    
Alama, Eli Whitney    CA    United States    PhD    
Alarcon, Brenda L.    IL    United States    BBA    
Alattas, Ahmad        Saudi Arabia    DBA    
Alawieh, Ali Hussein        United States    HS    
Albadi, Abdulla Suhail        United Arab Emirates    MAH    
Albadi, Yousef Bin Suhail        United Arab Emirates        
Albalwi, Abdulrhman Afnan        Saudi Arabia    MS    Breyer State University
Albert, Cynthia        British Virgin Islands    HS    
Albert, Dennis E. Ii        United States    BS    
Albert, Kenneth Dale (JR)    IL    United States        
Alboog, Nawwaf M        Saudi Arabia    PhD    
Albright, Jannie B    TN    United States    BA    
Albuquerque, Antonival Lima        Brazil    PhDH    
AlcáZar, Oscar A. Aparicio        Bolivia    MAH    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Aldridge, Mercedes        United States    HS    
Aldridge, Steven J    TX    United States    BA    
Aleman, Javier    GA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Alexander, Anthony Dewayne    VA    United States    MS    
Alexander, Brandi        United States    HS    
Alexander, Channel V.        United States        
Alexander, Christine Mae Victoria        United States    HS    
Alexander, Cornelius        United States    HS    
Alexander, Cynthia    TX    United States        
Alexander, Danielle J    CA    United States    MS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Alexander, Deborah K    WA    United States    BA    Northwest United University, St. Regis University
Alexander, Elizabeth M        Australia    BA    St. Lourdes University
Alexander, Geneva        United States    HS    
Alexander, Marcus    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Alexander, Maria Fe    CA    United States    HS    
Alexander, Nicole        United States    HS    
Alexander, Rex E.        United States    PhD    
Alexander, Ricky Dale    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Alexander, Sandra    IL    United States    HS    
Alexander, Tamara R        United States    HS    
Alexander, Vergerine Dena    APO    US-APO    BA    St. Regis University
Alexander, Virgerine D        United States    BA    
Alfonso, Michael Ryan    TX    United States    BA    
Alghobaini, Mohammed Omar    CA    United States    MS    
Alhamyari, Abdulla F    NY    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Alhezaimi, Fahad A        Saudi Arabia    BA    St. Regis University
Alhidiq, Hanan A.    IL    United States        
Ali, Abdul A        Great Britain    BA    
Ali, Abu H    OH    United States    PhD    
Ali, Al Bagir Mahammed Al Amin        Saudi Arabia    BA    
Ali, Alturki        Kuwait    PhD    InTech University
Ali, Asif        Pakistan    HS    
Ali, Engr.Abdulla        Saudi Arabia    MA    
Ali, Esam El Din Omar            BA    
Ali, Imtiaz                
Ali, K. Ashraf            BS    West Coast Institute
Ali, Kamaruzaman Bin        Malaysia    DSc    
Ali, Quran Elijah    VA    United States    BA    Holmes University
Ali, Sana        Pakistan    HS    
Ali, Soliman Hussein        United Arab Emirates        
Ali, Tareq Mohd                
Ali, Zulfiqar            PhD    
Aliberti, Frank Angelo    NC    United States        
Alibraheem, Abdulmajeed A            BS    
Alic, Adis    NY    United States    BA    
Alicea, Jose Miguel    FL    United States        
Aljasim, Bader Saud        Kuwait        
Aljohi, Khalid O            MS    
Alkahtani, Wael T                
Alkveli, Hhidayet            PhD    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Alla, Adly Attallah Soliman Nasr        Egypt    DSc    
Allabi, Modeste Pie Alphonse        BJ    MBA    
Allahyari, Shahin            BS    Berkeley Professional University
Allan, C. Lee        United States    MS    
Allan, Clark Lee    CT    United States    MS    
Allard, Christine Rene    OR    United States    BS    
Allbee, Teresa        United States    HS    
Allbritton, Heath        United States        
Alldritt, Michael Lee    AL    United States        
Allen 3, Jerry W    TX    United States        
Allen Iii, Jerry W        United States    MS    St. Lourdes Graduate Institute
Allen, Antonio        United States    HS    
Allen, Aris Elizabeth        United States    HS    
Allen, Ashley        United States    MA    
Allen, Charlene A    FL    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Allen, Douglas L.        United States    HS    
Allen, Garrett Thomas    KS    United States        
Allen, Gladstone Anthony        Jamaica    BSE    
Allen, Jalena    TX    United States    HS    
Allen, Jeanninem        United States    HS    
Allen, Jerry W III    TX    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Allen, Linda Louise or Allen, Linda Mauldin    GA    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Allen, Rex Corey    CA    United States        
Allen, Robert P    SC    United States    BS    
Allen, Sherrion        AN    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Allen, Tracy    FL    United States        
Alley, Raymond Steven    GA    United States    PhD    Nova Southeastern University
Allhoff, Glenn P    IN    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Allman, Christopher Wade        Jamaica    BBA    Concordia College & University
Allman, Ronnie L    TX    United States    BA    
Alloni, Stefano M.        Switzerland    PhD    
Allread, James R    WA    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Allred, Leroy    CO    United States    HS    
Allsopp, John Richard        Great Britain    PhD    
Ally        United States    HS    
Almidani, Rashid Said        United Arab Emirates        
Alolor, John A.        Canada    HS    
Alongi, Charles Joseph        Canada    BS    Concordia College & University
Alrashaid, Eyad Abdullah        Kuwait    DBA    
Alridge, Marcus        United States    HS    
Alsayed, Anthony        Canada    PhD    St. Regis University
Alston, Joseph        United States    HS    
Althouse, Bruce W    PA    United States    AA    
Alturki, Ali        Kuwait    PhD    InTech University
Alubankudi, Prince Kassim        Ghana    BA    
Alvarado, Josefina    TX    United States    MS    
Alvarez, Esmeralda            HS    
Alvarez, Georgina        United States        
Alvarez, Jesus F    FL    United States    BS    American West University
Alvarez, Juan    FL    United States    BBA    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Alvarez, Michael        United States    HS    
Alvarez, Nitza        United States    HS    
Alvi, Muhammad Ovais        Pakistan    BA    
Alvord, Ryan Thomas    CA    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Alwathaifi, Azzam M.            PhD    
Alwran, Sherry    NC    United States        
Amado, Ana        United States    HS    
Amador, Richard    TX    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Amaizu, Benjamin        United States        
Amakora, Rymberthus A        Indonesia    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Amanda        United States    HS    
Amanze, Dom Chinenye        Nigeria    PhDH    St. Regis University
Amaris, Carolina        United States    HS    
Amato, Michael John    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Amberman, Dan D.    TX    United States    BS    
Amenhauser, Sandra            HS    Mission High School
Amfo, John            BA    
Amick, Tina        United States    HS    
Amin, Mao Muzamil        Saudi Arabia    HS    
Aminrad, Teymour        Iran    MS    
Amison, Wanderer    GA    United States    PhDH    
Amisone, Lydia        United States    HS    
Amman, Jessye        United States    HS    
Ammons, Jessica        United States        
Amnath, Sonya        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Amoako, James K.        United States    PhD    
Amos, Charity O'Neal            HS    
Amos, Gerald Wayne    LA    United States    MA    
Amos, Mark Christopher        Great Britain    PhDH    
Amos, Norma        Jamaica    MBA    
Amour, Georges                
Amunga, Justus Mully        Kenya    MBA    
Amy, Richard    GA    United States        
An, Kiang Hsiang        Malaysia        
Anagnos, Karen Esther    IL    United States    BBA    
Anagnostopoulos, Panagiotis        Greece    PhD    Robertstown University
Anastasio, Joseph A        United States    BS    St. Regis University
Anbar, Mohammad Salah        Saudi Arabia        
Andel, Betty G    KY    United States    BA    
Anderson, Bart    OH    United States    PhD    
Anderson, Christal        United States        
Anderson, Cindy    AZ    United States    BS    
Anderson, Demetrius    NY    United States    HS    
Anderson, Dorothy S    UT    United States        
Anderson, Jacquelyn G.    CA    United States    BA    
Anderson, Jeremy    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Anderson, Jonpatrick Schuyler    GA    United States    PhD    University Francophone Robert de Sorbon
Anderson, Kent    MI    United States        
Anderson, Kevin        United States    HS    
Anderson, Leslie Rebbeca        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Anderson, Lori A            BA    
Anderson, Maree Grace        Great Britain    MBA    
Anderson, Mark        United States    MA    
Anderson, Michael N    NY    United States    HS    James Monroe High School
Anderson, Millicent Doreen    AZ    United States    BA    
Anderson, Mr. Steven J.        Great Britain    BA    
Anderson, Nina        United States        
Anderson, Philip Robert        Great Britain    PhD    
Anderson, Roger L.    APO    US-APO    BS    
Anderson, Rollie    APO    US-APO    AA    
Anderson, Shawong        United States    HS    
Anderson, Steven John        Great Britain    MS    
Anderson, Willard        United States    HS    
Anderson-Ali, Seretha Renee    KS    United States    BA    Holmes University
Anderson-Hack, Anika Lynette    AZ    United States    BS    
Andino, Mirian        United States    HS    
Andrachuk, Gregory Peter Nicholas        Canada    BA    
Andrada, Maria Lourdes Victoria Decarlos    CA    United States    MA    
Andrade Dias, Antonio Manuel        Portugal    Cert    
Andrades, Daniel S.            DSc    
Andres, Maria San        United States        
Andrews, Danielle S    PA    United States    MA    
Andrews, Kathryn Anne        United States    MA    
Andrews, Lashan    OH    United States    Cert    Cincinnati Technical College
Andrews, Peter J.    CA    United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Andrews, Sander        United States    BA    
Andrews, Tara        United States    HS    
Andrews-Richardson, Mrs. Lois M.        United States    PhDH    
Andrikus, Regulthafus Carl Tuwondai        Indonesia    MBA    Heartland University
Andujo, Robert    TN    United States    HS    
Anello, Lauren    NJ    United States        
Ang, Ian W. H.    KS    United States    HS    
Angeletti, Tiffanie        United States    HS    
Angelo, Kathleen I.    AZ    United States    MA    
Angstman, Bryan L.    MN    United States    MBA    Concordia University
Angus, James        United States    HS    
Aniemeka, Bobby Adimabua        Nigeria    BA    
Ankamah, Cyborg Niiaddo    IL    United States    HS    
Ann        United States    BA    
Ann;Williams, Doris        United States        
Annamalai, Singaravelu        Singapore    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Annan, Joseph Kingsley        Canada    MBA    
Annavic        United States    HS    
Ansar, Shahzad        Pakistan    DBA    
Ansberry, Heather A        United States    HS    
Anthony, Michael K.    KS    United States    BS    Heartland University
Anthony, Sharlene J.        United States    HS    
Anthony, Tsui, Shu Chuen        Hong Kong    PhD    
Anton, Mary L            MBA    
Antongiorgi, Onax F Garcia-        United States    MSW    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Antonick, Angela    FL    United States    HS    
Antonio, Corey F            PhD    
Antouri, Joseph Elias    CA    United States    BS    
Antroilnette        United States        
Antwi, Julius Asare Yaw        Ghana        
Anvar, Noushin        Germany    MBA    
Anzaldua, Leonard Travis    GA    United States    BS    
Aofia, Tolualii L.    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Aparbal, Chetra    FL    United States        
Aponte Rivera, Julissa    PR    United States    BBA    
Aponte, Adrian Sr.        Puerto Rico    HS    
App, William J. Jr.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Appadoo, Samuel        Mauritius    BA    
Appiah, Akwasi Badu-Kaakyire            MBA    St. George University
Appling, Chandra    GA    United States    AA    
Arab, Abbos        Iran    PhD    
Aragon, Gustavo R.        United States    HS    
Aragonez, Lorena    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Araujo, Pedro        United States    HS    
Araujo, Victor        United States    HS    
Arbuckle, Geoffrey    GA    United States    MS    
Arce, Diego        Bolivia    BA    
Arce, Edgar Carlos    CA    United States    MS    St. Regis University
Arceneaux, John D    NC    United States    BS    Breyer State University
Archer, Eric        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Archer, Godfrey E        Great Britain    BS    
Archer, Ronaldo, I    OH    United States    PhD    
Archibald, Lee        United States    BBA    
Archuleta, Daniel    CA    United States    BA    Heartland University
Arias, Cesar    CO    United States        
Arias, Susan Margaret    HI    United States    PhD    
Arif, Mohammad            BS    
Ariyibi, Joseph            PhD    
Arizpe, Ramiro            HS    
Armbruster, Cheryl Lynn    WV    United States    HS    Mission High School
Armendariz, Alicia Ida    TX    United States    BS    
Armendariz, Eduardo    TX    United States    BS    
Armendariz, Veronica    TX    United States    BA    
Armstrong, Chaonaine A            BS    
Armstrong, Julie K            MA    
Armstrong, Kynna A    AZ    United States    BA    Concordia College & University
Armstrong, Timothy Ray Jr.        United States        
Arneberg, Donald, L    IL    United States    BA    
Arnett, Russell Albert    CA    United States    BS    
Arnett, Shawn    OH    United States    HS    
Arno, Elizabeth    NY    United States    HS    
Arnold, Christina        United States    HS    
Arnold, Daniel        United States        
Arnold, Doris J. Crawford    CA    United States    BS    
Arnold, Regina        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Arnold, Robert Moses    NY    United States    PhD    
Arnold-Viall, Laura M    CA    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Arora, Divya        United States    HS    
Arrants, Barney M. Jr    FL    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Arreola, Carmen    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Arriaga Gamboa, Jose Alfredo    AZ    United States    PhDH    
Arriaga, Osmar        United States        
Arroyo, Edgar A        United States    HS    
Arroyo, Richard    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Arsenault, David, J    GA    United States    BS    
Arshad, Muhammad        Pakistan        
Arthur, Jonathan        Canada    Cert    A+ Technical Institute
Artlip, Othniel    CA    United States    HS    
Arzate, Nancy Ofelia        United States    HS    
Asaad, Sam S.    TX    United States    BA    
Asabor, Felix O.    NC    United States    BA    New Manhattan University
Asbell, Dawn        United States    HS    
Asbury, Sharon R.        United States    HS    
Aseno, George Onyango        Kenya    BA    
Asghar, Mouladad Muhammad        United States    HS    
Ash, Kimberly        United States        
Ashford, Camika    NC    United States        
Ashman-East, Shalette A        Jamaica    BA    
Ashraf, Mohammad Waseem        Pakistan    BA    
Ashraf, Tariq M            PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ashton, Thomas M.    GA    United States    PhD    
Ashvinsivaraman, R        India    BS    
Askew, Andrea        United States    HS    
Asl, Hamid Hatami        Iran    BS    
Aslam, Mohammad Naveed        United Arab Emirates    MAH    
Aspeck, Cathleen, M        Canada    BA    Hampton Bay University
Assel, Amberlyn J    MO    United States    HS    High School
Ast, Bernhard        Netherlands    MAH    
Astoria, David G.    TX    United States    BA    
Atchade, Essodina    CA    United States        
Atchekzai, Zober    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Atef, Touraj        Iran    DBA    
Athamin, Ali Ahmed Al        Saudi Arabia    PhDH    
Attar, Raed Mustafa        Saudi Arabia    BA    
Aubel, Anton    AZ    United States        
Aubin, Louis        Canada    BBA    North United University
Aubrecht, Garey D.    WA    United States    MS    
Aubrey, Charles    KY    United States        
Auguste, Michel        United States    HS    
Augustin, Gatemberezi        Rawanda    MA    
Augustin, Sadelin        United States    HS    
Auld, Sandra Jolleen    CO    United States    MBA    
Aultman, James        United States    HS    
Auna, Dean    WI    United States    BA    
Austin, Clint A.    TX    United States    BBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Austin, Janet W.    NC    United States    HS    
Austin, T.D.        United States    BA    
Austin, TD    TX    United States    BA    
Avdibegovic, Samir        Bosnia-Herzegovina    BA    
Ave, Brandi Lee Johnsonidge        United States    BA    
Avery, Samantha    CA    United States    HS    
Avery, Stephen James    FL    United States    HS    
Avery, Tamkea    CA    United States        
Avery, William T.    AL    United States    BA    
Avila, Edward J    CA    United States    MBA    
Avina, Tiffany        United States    HS    
Awan, Irfan        Great Britain    BS    London School of Management Science
Awandekar, Bakulesh Vasantrao        India    BBA    
Awilda        United States    HS    
Awolumate, Oluwafemi Sunday    AL    United States    HS    Trinity
Awwad, Sal A.    NJ    United States    DBA    
Ayala, Joe Jr.    TX    United States    BA    
Ayers, Vanessa Lauren    AZ    United States    HS    Trinity Christian High School
Ayorinde, Akinkugbe J            Cert    
Ayyoub, Halimeh        Australia    BA    
Ayyoub, Hassan Nur        Australia    BS    
Azad, Abul Kalaam        India    Cert    
Azam, Mohammed        United States    HS    
Azeemi, Syed Shamsul Hassan        Pakistan    MS    
Azher, Syed        India    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Azim, Ruksana        India    MS    
Azriel, Sylvia    FL    United States    BA
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Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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Baahbright        Ghana    HS    
Baatjies, Alison Coleen        South Korea        
Babalola, Felix Afolabi        United States    BS    
Babatunde, Alofokhai        Nigeria    PhD    
Babb-Preusser, Holly    AZ    United States    BA    Hartland University
Babbitt, Douglas R.    OK    United States    BBA    Heral Business College
Babdullah, Abdulrahman Mohsin Bamujally        Saudi Arabia    MA    
Babineaux, Gregory J        United States        
Babu, Amit Paul G            BA    
Baca, Gloria        United States        
Bachelder, David    TX    United States    HS    Mission High School
Badawy, Sherif Ahmed Al        Saudi Arabia        
Baden, Deirdre    NC    United States        
Badet, Gerald        United States    HS    
Badi, Yousef Bin Suhail Al        United Arab Emirates    MAH    
Baer, Aaron M.    CA    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Baer, Brany Lee        United States    HS    
Baer-Ryan, Beverly        United States        
Baez, Peter A.        United States    PhD    
Bafgi, Mohammad Dehestani            PhD    Berkeley Professional University
Baggerly, Ryan    IN    United States    HS    
Bagley, Shirley    TX    United States    HS    
Bagwell, Sandra    CA    United States    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Bahadoor, Mr. Vidyaprakash        Great Britain    MBA    St. Regis
Bahling, Ashley M        United States        
Bahlow, Harold E.    TN    United States    PhDH    
Bahri, Dhafer Mohammed Saeed Al        Saudi Arabia    BBA    Capital American University
Baig, Fawad        Pakistan    MS    
Baigi, Ahmad    CA    United States        
Bailey, Ceola        United States    HS    
Bailey, Christopher D.    APO    US-APO    AA    
Bailey, Juanita        United States    HS    
Bailey, Lucy A.        United States    HS    
Bailey, Malcolm William        Great Britain    PhD    
Bailey, Quiana        United States    HS    
Bailey, Tracey        United States    HS    
Bain, David        Australia        
Bair, Robert W    TX    United States    BA    
Baker, Edward Earl    NY    United States    HS    
Baker, Howard I.    OH    United States    MBA    
Baker, Jennifer Nicole    NV    United States    HS    
Baker, Karen A.            PhD    
Baker, Lindsay Rochelle    NV    United States    HS    Mission High School
Baker, Rajaa A.        United Arab Emirates        
Baker, Ronald A    APO    US-APO    MA    
Baker, Troy D    TN    United States    BA    
Baker, Wallace L Jr        United States    HS    
Baker-Scott, Lena LaChelle    VA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Bakka, Elia        India    MAH    
Bala, Micheal        Italy    BS    
Balami, Purna Lal            BA    
Baldwin, Stephen Dennard        United States    HS    
Balentine, Jeffrey A    WA    United States    MBA    
Balicki, William K.    NY    United States    BBA    
Ball, Jeffrey L.    PA    United States    HS    
Ballard, Belinda Louise    FL    United States    BA    
Ballard, Brian Keith        United States    HS    
Ballard, Charles W.    FL    United States    MBA    
Ballard, Richard D.        United States    MBA    
Ballard, Rickquel D.        United States    HS    
Ballaro, Donald P.    CA    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Ballaway, Bobbie Carolyn    GA    United States    HS    Carlin
Balli, Gloria        United States    HS    
Balli, Yvette    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Ballinger, Timothy E.    CA    United States    MS    Northwest United University
Balmer, George E.        Switzerland        
Balsam, Sarah Elizabeth    KS    United States    HS    Mission High School
Balsley, Ashley Nicole        United States    HS    
Balwah, Prince A        Great Britain    Cert    
Bancroft, Robb    OH    United States    HS    
Bancroft, Robert L            HS    
Bancroft-Howson, Simon    NY    United States        
Bandfield, Lee A.    WA    United States    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Bang, Hyun Jung        United States    HS    
Bang, Tu Chien        Taiwan    BBA    Holmes University
Banici, Dan        United States    MBA    
Banse, John    TX    United States    BS    
Bao, William            PhD    
Baran, Rishi    CA    United States        
BaráT, TamáS        United States    PhD    
Barat, Tamas G.    NY    United States    PhD    
Barayambala, Benson N        Tanzania    BSE    
Barbash, Michael V.        Israel    MA    
Barbee, Norman Nathaniel    MD    United States    PhD    
Barber, Suzanne Wesley                
Barberena, Tanya        United States        
Barbieri, Enrico        Italy    BA    New Manhattan University
Barbosa, Jose Roberto Rodrigues        Brazil    HS    
Barcelo, Shannon        United States    HS    
Barden, David, W    MD    United States    BA    
Bardy de Assis, Antonio Angelo    FL    United States    BBA    Concordia University
Bare, Virginia K        United States    AA    
Bargas, Miguelina    NY    United States    HS    
Bari, Armand        Great Britain    HS    
Barker, David E        United States    HS    
Barlow, Mary J        United States    HS    
Barlow, Nicole D.        United States    HS    
Barnes, Emmett E            MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Barnes, Gloria        United States    HS    
Barnes, Jaclynn Michelle    NY    United States    HS    Mission High School
Barnes, Larry Wayne Jr    MD    United States        
Barnett, Alford Orden    SC    United States    BS    
Barnett, Megan        United States    HS    
Barnett-Schuster, Peter Colin        Great Britain    MS    
Barnett-Schuster_, Peter Colin        Great Britain    MA    St. Regis University
Barney, Lukw        United States    HS    
Barnor, Esther        Ghana    HS    
Barnswell, Samantha        United States    HS    
Barr, Jason B            BA    
Barra, Mark Ssteven    NY    United States    BS    
Barranco, Louis E    FL    United States    BS    
Barratt, Mark Raymond        New Zealand    PhD    
Barratt, Shaun Francis        New Zealand    BA    
Barraza, Melanie        United States    HS    
Barrera, Adan        United States    BA    
Barrera, Myrlene    FL    United States    MS    
Barrett, John H    IL    United States    BA    Holmes University
Barrett, Michael Edward    MD    United States    BA    
Barrett, Nikki        United States    HS    
Barrett, Rebecca    AZ    United States    HS    
BarróN Arce, Marcelo L        Bolivia    MA    
Barry, Cecilia    IN    United States    HS    
Barry, Rebecca Lynne    TX    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Barstow, Keven Richard    MD    United States        
Bartchlett, Alan Richard    FL    United States        
Bartes, Kyle        United States    HS    
Barthol, Sarah Williams    TX    United States        
Bartholomew, Michael Ray    MI    United States        
Bartholomew, Richard Lemaul    FL    United States    BBA    
Bartholow, Jason    PA    United States    HS    
Bartie, Allyson        United States    HS    
Bartlett, Partick H    KS    United States        
Bartlett, Patrick H        United States        
Bartlett, Richard Thomas        United States    BA    
Bartman, Donna Lynn    PA    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Bartolini, Vincent William    CA    United States    HS    
Barton, David Ray    CA    United States    PhD    
Barton, Jeffrey Scott. (Sr)    SC    United States    BA    Concordia University
Barton, Trent Ambrose    VA    United States    BS    
Bartuschat, Heidi A.        United States    Cert    
Baruzzo, Paul G        Canada    BA    St. Regis University
Baruzzo_, Paul G        Canada    BA    
Barwise, Patricia Lynne        United States    BBA    
Barzinji, Roshna N    TN    United States        
Bashaw, Michael Alan    AZ    United States    MS    
Basheer, Seeba        India    MBA    
Bashir, Amer Al        Canada    BA    
Basnet, Anjana        Great Britain    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Basnight, Alice L.    VA    United States    BA    
Basnyat, Prabhakar Bahadur        Nepal    MS    St. Regis University
Bass, Rhonda Lynn    TX    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Bass, Stephen    TX    United States    BS    American West University
Bassett, B                
Bastek, Steffen        Germany    MA    
Bastress, John    CA    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Bastress, Richard    CA    United States    BA    
Bateman, Lyn Mervyn        Great Britain    ProfFull    
Bates, Kristin Bernard        United States    HS    
Bates, Richard Douglas    KY    United States    PhD    
Bates, Shelley Joan    ME    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Bathea, Val Vincent    TX    United States    PhD    
Batheja, Nand Kumar V        United Arab Emirates    MBA    
Batiste, Siltwan        United States    HS    
Battersby, Anthony        Ireland        Holmes University
Battle, Donald Earl    GA    United States    PhD    
Battle, Gwen    GA    United States    PhD    
Battle, Shirley Wheeler    MS    United States    AA    
Bauer, John F E    GA    United States    BA    
Baugh, Donna    AL    United States        
Baugh, Evelyn        United States    HS    
Baum, Tina M    OR    United States    HS    
Baumgartner, Michael Raymond    FL    United States    MBA    
Baute Pernalete, Alexis R        Venezuala    MBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Bavazeer, Shaik Abdullah        United Arab Emirates    BBA    Northwest United University
Baxley, Linda        United States    HS    
Bay, Junnie S        United States    AA    
Bayne, Stacie        United States    HS    
Baynes, Sharon H        United States    BA    
Bazile, William Kirk    GA    United States    MA    
Beach, William J    NE    United States    MBA    
Beam, Charles Paul    SC    United States    BS    Clemson University
Beaman, R. Thomas    OK    United States    MS    
Bean, Karen Velma    MA    United States    BS    
Bean, Michael E.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Beard, Lindsey        United States    HS    
Beard, Sherika        United States    HS    
Beard, Tony Dean        United States    BA    
Beasley, Michelle    NC    United States    HS    
Beaston, Michael Allen    AR    United States        
Beatty, Tracey Lee (Sr.)    OH    United States    AA    
Beaubrun, Ali        United States    HS    
Beaulieu, Desiree Lynnette        United States    HS    
Beauregard, Mary E    MA    United States    BBA    
Beavers, Casey        United States    HS    
Becerra, Rev. Robert L.        United States    PhD    
Becerra, Robert L    FL    United States    MA    
Beck, Andrew David Patrick        New Zealand    PhD    
Beck, Nathan        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Beck, Robin Lynn    FL    United States        
Becker Jr., Robert A            BA    
Becker, Keith    FL    United States        
Becker, Linda Gayle        United States        
Beckering, Michelle    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Beckford, Nardia        United States    HS    
Beckwith, Barry        United States    HS    
Beckwith, Rebekah Marie    TN    United States    AA    
Becton, Glendale            BA    
Becton, Milford Glendale Ii        United States    BS    
Bedat, Edward        United States    HS    
Bee, Tan Hock        Malaysia    MA    
Beecham, Jamon    MD    United States    HS    Mission High School
Beekman, Rachel Marie        United States    HS    
Been, Shaveena L            MA    
Beene, Tiffany    Fl    United States    HS    Liberty College Preparatory High School
Beese, Ute Maria                
Beg, Mustabeen Ullah        Pakistan        
Begay, Bonnie A        United States    HS    
Begay, Jason        United States    HS    
Begay, Joseph William    AZ    United States    MA    
Beideman, Gary J    NJ    United States    BS    Branford Academy
Bekteshi, Spresa    WI    United States    HS    
Belanger, Michael R    TX    United States    BA    
Belcher, David K    MI    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Belcher, Michael Joe        United States    HS    
Belcher, Nathan    IN    United States    HS    
Belfleur, Jay    PA    United States        
Belk, Cheryl        United States    MBA    
Bell, Dondrake    MD    United States    BA    
Bell, Flora        United States        
Bell, Frank G (Jr)    APO    US-APO    BA    
Bell, George J    NJ    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Bell, James A. (Jr)    MO    United States    BA    Concordia University
Bell, Keith D    OH    United States        
Bell, Philip Keith    MS    United States    BSE    American West University
Bell, Rosalyn Edwajuana Robyn    GA    United States    BS    Valorem University
Bell, Tabatha Ann        United States    HS    
Bell, Terri L    APO    US-APO    BA    
Bell, Travis Devon    MI    United States    BA    Valorem University
Bellal, Nawal Hussein        Saudi Arabia    MS    James Monroe University
Bellard, Horace R    AL    United States    MS    St. Regis University
Bellido, Karla    MN    United States    HS    
Bellini, Roberto        Italy    PhD    St. Regis University
Bello, Hernando    APO    US-APO    BBA    Concordia College
Belovic, Darko        HR    MS    St. Regis University
Belser, Frank Eugene    CA    United States    MS    St Regis University/Breyer State University
Belsito, Anthony J    OH    United States    BS    St Regis University/Breyer State University
Bembry, Jasper L    GA    United States    BS    Holmes University
Bement, Tim        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Bender, Candace Patricia Ann        United States    HS    
Benedict, Christina Lynn        United States    HS    
Benigni, James F    CA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Benitez, Gustavo A    CA    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Benitz, John Peter Jr.        United States    MSE    
Benjamin, Angelito V    CA    United States    BA    
Benjamin, Meroyi Olafusi        Great Britain    PhD    
Benner, Chad    CA    United States        
Bennett, Alma        United States    HS    
Bennett, Angel Nell        United States    AA    
Bennett, Corey Frederick        United States    HS    
Bennett, Jack    LA    United States    MS    St Regis University/Breyer State University
Bennett, John Diamond    KY    United States        
Benoit, Pierre        Canada    MBA    Holy Acclaim University
Bensinger, Kevin    FL    United States    BBA    
Benson, Wenndie        United States    HS    
Benton, Tammy        United States    HS    
Benward, Toni Ann        United States    HS    
Benya, Brenda        United States    PhDH    
Benz, Jessica Helen        United States    HS    
Beran, Lucy        United States    HS    
Berardinelli, Betty C            HS    
Berendt, John R (III)    CA    United States    BS    Northrop University of Engineering & Science
Berendwski, Janie    VA    United States    HS    
Berger, Edwin J    CO    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Bergin, Liam    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Beristain, Gemma, L    CA    United States    BA    
Berkshire, Ty    IN    United States    HS    Mission High School
Bernal, Arturo    TX    United States    BS    
Bernard, Gaylene        United States        
Bernard-Jay, Cheryl F    TX    United States    BBA    Blackstone University
Berra, Alexander Nicholas    NH    United States        
Berrios, Jose Luis    PR    United States        
Berry, G                
Berry, James Cleveland    TN    United States    MBA    
Berry, Jessica        United States    HS    
Berry, Judy H.    SC    United States    HS    
Berry, Michelle H    FL    United States    BA    
Berry, Randy Loring    SC    United States    PhD    
Berry, Tamara Shondel        United States    BBA    
Bertram, Gloria Armida    FL    United States    MBA    
Bertrand, Feumetio Etienne        United States    PhDH    
Berzukov, Pablo        United States    HS    
Beshara, Selim Fouad        Lebanon    BBA    
Beshears, Marty A    AK    United States    BA    
Besier, David        United States    HS    
Best, Michael I            ProfFull    St. Regis University
Bester, Adrian D    VA    United States    BS    
Bester, Valerie M    VA    United States    BBA    
Bestman, Daniel                
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Bestul, Michael John    WI    United States    MBA    
Bethel, Beverly Williams        United States    HS    
Bethel, Shavon Dion        Bahamas    MAH    
Bethuram, Gary L    TX    United States    MSE    St. Lourdes University
Betonney, Bonnie Anna        United States    HS    
Betts, Danita Rochelle        United States    BBA    
Betts, Sadie M.        United States    HS    
Bevel, Darla De Shae    NM    United States    BA    Concordia University
Bhanot, Rajiv        India    BBA    
Bharath, MSD.Lenin Ravi        India    MBA    
Bhattarai, Janisha        Great Britain    MBA    
Bhattarai, Nimesh        Nepal    BS    St. Regis University
Bhattarai, Pamesh        Great Britain    BS    St. Regis University
Bhupinder, Singh    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Biagini, Shanda        United States        
Bianca, Gallucci Marina            HS    
Bianchi, Paula                
Bibbs, Cheryl A Susheel    CA    United States    PhD    Robertstown University/Breyer State University
Bibow, Billie Jo        United States    HS    
Bido, Samuel        Haiti    HS    
Bielich, Valderrama Jorge E        Peru    BS    
Biernoth, J                
Biggers, Anabel        United States        
Bihain, Andy Ray    TX    United States    PhD    
Biljan, Thomas    MI    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Billa, John Meade    CA    United States    MBA    
Billings, Daniel Lenard        United States    HS    
Billins, Geraldine        United States    HS    
Bills, Gene (Jr)    TX    United States    HS    
Bingham, Don    APO    US-APO    BS    Breyer State University
Bingham, Don Robards    APO    US-APO    BA    Breyer State University
Bintu, Mika        United States    HS    
Birch, William R    KY    United States    MA    
Birchfield, Hal R            PhD    
Birchfield, Justin        United States    HS    
Birdsell, Charles        United States    HS    
Birdwell, Howell C    WA    United States    BBA    Concordia University
Birdwell, Lasaro    TX    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Bisard, Rhonda Elaine        United States    HS    
Bishop, B.    TX    United States        
Bishop, Brian David    TN    United States    BS    Concordia University
Bishop, Christene Diann    GA    United States    BS    
Bishop, Robert Duane    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Bishop, Thomas C. Jr        United States    HS    
Bishop_, Christina Ann    TX    United States    BA    
Bishton, Paula B.    VA    United States        
Bismel, Hakim        Canada        
Bison, Steven Legene    AL    United States    PhD    
Bissoon, Debra Sooklal    NY    United States    MBA    
Bitjonck, Celestin B        United States    MBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Bitjonck, Clestin B    CT    United States    MBA    
Bitzer, Matthew George    MI    United States    AA    St. Regis University
Bizimana, Yves John        Belgium    HS    
Black, Evan Michael        United States    HS    
Black, Robert E    NJ    United States    BS    
Blackburn, Lynette    RI    United States    HS    
Blacketter, Mary Ann    MN    United States    BA    Blackstone University
Blackmon, Kenneth    AK    United States    BS    
Blades, Eva Frances        United States    HS    
Blaine, Eric D    CA    United States    MA    
Blair, Donald Dean    APO    US-APO    BA    
Blair, Yalonda L        United States        
Blais, Eleanor Clare (Naquin)    TX    United States    BA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Blake, Sharon Carol    FL    United States    BBA    F lorida Community College
Blakey-Bove, Joanne Louise    CA    United States        Blackstone University
Blanchard, Barry    LA    United States        
Bland, Tabatha Ann        United States    HS    
Blankenship, Jessica        United States    HS    
Blanton, Joshua David    OH    United States        
Bleher, Sahib M        Great Britain    BA    
Bleher, Shaib Mustaqim        Great Britain    PhD    
Blevins, David Michael    TN    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Blevins, Rose Marie    TN    United States        
Blinky, Isabel        United States    HS    
Block, Shayla A        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Blocker, Billy H        United States    BS    
Bloise, John David        United States    BA    
Bloom, Valarie Denise    NY    United States    MBA    Cathedra University
Bloomfield, Ashley Janee        United States        
Blum, Lare S        United States    BS    
Blum, Larry Stephen    MI    United States    BS    Chicago Technical College
Blumer, Eric Alan    OH    United States    BS    
Blumer, Erin A    OH    United States        
Boatwright, Amy        United States    HS    
Bochniak, Christopher Jerry    CA    United States    BSE    
Bock, Douglas Fred    MD    United States    BA    
Bodden, J. Robert        Cayman Islands    HS    
Boddie, Paula            EdD    St. Regis University
Boesack, Patrick Anthon        South Korea    MA    
Bogdanski, Alan J.    FL    United States    BA    American West University
Bohde, Thomas E    IN    United States    BS    
Bohm, Judith Lynn        Israel    BBA    
Boitel, Helene        Canada        
Boitel-Faggionato, Helene        Switzerland    BA    
Bol, Gabriel Dut        United States    HS    
Bolang, Jopie        Indonesia    ProfFull    St. Regis University
Bolen, Paula        United States    MDiv    
Bolen, Sharonda Nichole        United States    HS    
Bolerjack, Kimberly Dawn        United States        
Boling, Stephen    FL    United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Boling, Steven P    IN    United States    BS    Holmes University
Boling_, Stephen    FL    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Bollin, Melissa    MN    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Bolton, Douglas M.        United States    PhDH    
Bolton, Larry        United States    HS    
Bolton, Shane Timothy    GA    United States    HS    James Madison HS
Bolton, Shenicka        United States    HS    
Bombardo, Kayla        United States    HS    
Bond Jr., Fulton        United States    PhD    
Bond, Andrea Peninger        United States    HS    
Bond, Chasity        United States    AA    
Bond, Fulton (Jr)    IL    United States    MA    
Bond, Gary E    OK    United States        
Bonds, Stephaine        United States    HS    
Bonelli, Walter        Switzerland    MS    
Boney, Andrea Estella    TX    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Boniek, Carrie Mae    FL    United States    BA    
Bonilla, Brunilda    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Bonilla, Chrisitne    NY    United States        
Bonilla, Dianna        United States    HS    
Bonner, Arvetta R    OH    United States        
Bonner, William        United States    HS    
Bonnie, Michael A    FL    United States    HS    
Bono, Lisa        United States    HS    
Bonson, Mervyn D.                
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Bonsu, Paul Nana Osei        Ghana    HS    
Booker, Andrea Jean        United States    HS    
Booker, Ashley        United States    HS    
Booker, DaJuan Joel    NY    United States    HS    
Booker, Janice Mary        United States    HS    
Booker, Zachary Thomas        United States    MAH    
Boone, Chelsea        United States    HS    
Boone, Kristi Elaine            HS    
Boora, Kulwant    OH    United States        
Boorn, Thelma    OH    United States        
Boosin, Michael J    NY    United States    BA    
Booth, Shirell C.        United States    HS    
Boots, Nicholas H        United States    HS    
Boozer, Ricardo    MI    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Bordeleau, Jerry Alexander        Dominican Republic        
Bordones, Jose Daniel Fuentes    MA    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Boren, Molly        United States    HS    
Borges De Sousa, MáRio A        Portugal    PhD    
Borges de Sousa, Mario Alberto        Portugal    PhD    
Borich, Katherine        United States    HS    
Boris        United States    HS    
Boris,    WA    United States        
Borje, David Ralph    NC    United States        
Borunda, Monika H    NY    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Bosko, Natasha        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Boskovic, Daniel    NV    United States    HS    Mission High School
Bosley, Tonya        Great Britain    HS    
Boss, Michael L    WA    United States    BS    
Bostakian, Ali        Iran    BS    Steward University
Boston, Tammy    AR    United States    HS    
Boswell, Thomas Smith        Australia    BA    James Monroe International University
Bothwell, John Michael    OH    United States    BSE    Wiltshire University
Bottom, Rand Lee    CA    United States    AA    James Monroe University
Bouchalakis, Emmanuel D        Greece    BA    Holy Acclaim Graduate Institute
Bouchoux, Wendy        United States    BS    
Boules, Peter        United States    BA    
Bounds, Franklin Scott    AR    United States    BSE    
Boutros, Peter        Canada    BA    
Boutwell, Ronald David    APO    US-APO    PhD    
Boutwell, Suphattra Sawangwong    APO    US-APO    HS    
Bowden, Jack Elsworth Iii        United States    HS    
Bowe, Timothy Chan A        United States    HS    
Bowens, Vickie    VA    United States    BBA    
Bowers, Ronald William    VA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Bowler, April        Canada    HS    
Bowles, Maurice Hilton III    VA    United States    BS    
Bowling, Amber Joy        United States    HS    
Bowling, Gary Paul    SC    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Bowman, Constance R    FL    United States    BA    
Boyce, Wendy S    WV    United States    BS    Breyer State University/St Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Boyd, Anthony Lawrence    NC    United States    MS    Breyer State University/St Regis University
Boyd, Curtis M        United States    HS    
Boyd, Margaret        United States    HS    
Boyd, Michael B            MA    
Boyd-Smith, Tom        Great Britain    PhD    
Boyer, Patricia    OH    United States        
Boykins, Coyle Edward        United States        
Boyle, Thomas J Jr.        United States    HS    
Boyrazyan, Syuzan        United States    HS    
Braack, John        United States    HS    
Bracciodieta, Paul William    CA    United States    MS    Concordia College & University
Braddock, Christopher Edward        Great Britain    PhD    Northburgh University
Bradford, Silvester    GA    United States    BA    
Bradley, Angelica    NJ    United States    HS    
Bradley, James H.            MA    
Bradley, Michael Joseph    OK    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Bradner, Konrad    AK    United States        
Bradshaw, Anthony Paul        Japan        
Bragg, Janice Elaine    WV    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Braley, James V    ME    United States    MBA    
Bramer, Thomas Lee (Jr)    APO    US-APO        
Branch, Joshua Allen    GA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Brand, Dennis L    CA    United States    BS    Hartland University
Brand, Howard Steve    NY    United States        
Brandenburg, Mark V    APO    US-APO    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Brandon, Bernedette Joyce    FL    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Brandon, Lisa Carol        United States    HS    
Brandow, Sharena        United States        
Brandt, Ariel Garcia        United States    BBA    
Brannock, J. Wayne    MD    United States    BBA    
Brannon, Charlie S    GA    United States        
Branson, Thomas G.    FL    United States    MBA    
Brantley, C. Dale        United States    HS    
Brantley, Clinton Dale    LA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Brashears, Jason    MS    United States    HS    
Brasher, Loni        United States    HS    
Bratzman, Joseph        United States    PhDH    
Brauer, Randy S    MD    United States    BA    
Brave, Meghan Anne        United States    HS    
Bravo, Eliseo J.            MA    Northwest United University
Bray, Amber        United States    HS    
Bray, Matthew J        United States    HS    
Breeden, Stephen        United States        
Breedlove, Antonio L.    TX    United States    MBA    Concordia Graduate Institute
Breedlove, Margaret    NY    United States        
Breland, Angie    TN    United States        
Breland, John Joseph    TN    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Brendel, Teressa        United States        
Breslow, Michael Robin    TX    United States        
Bresnahan, Jillian D    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Breuer, Thomas James    VA    United States    BS    
Breuer, Tom    VA    United States        
Brewer, Denzel    AR    United States    PhD    
Brewer, Gary Ii        United States    HS    
Brewer, Lindsay        United States    HS    
Brickland, Daniel        New Zealand    ProfFull    
Bridge, Jeffery    TN    United States        
Bridges, Chanel    AZ    United States    HS    
Bridges, Frank C        United States    HS    
Bridges, Harold        United States    HS    
Bridges, Richard Lee        United States    HS    
Bridget, Jeffery E.    TN    United States    BA    
Briggs, Robert    TX    United States        
Brink, Sharlene Marie        United States        
Brinkman, Christene T.    TX    United States    BA    New Academy of the Arts
Brinson, Temia C    FL    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Brissenden, Allen R.    FL    United States    MS    
Britt, Phillip        United States    HS    
Britt-Hazard, Stephen Martin Benedict        Great Britain    PhD    
Britton, Amanda        United States    HS    
Broadnax, Melissa Renee        United States    HS    
Brock, Victoria        United States        
Brod, John Robert        United States    PhDH    
Brodhagen, David F    WA    United States    BS    
Brodie, Canon Robert Earle    TN    United States    PhDH    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Brodie, The Reverend Canon Robert Earle        United States    PhDH    
Brodrick        United States    MA    
Brogan, Gloria A    NY    United States    BS    
Brogdon, Judy C    SC    United States    PhD    Le' Lourdes Graduate Institute
Bronshtein, Doron    NJ    United States    BS    Northwest United University
Brooks, Angela    FL    United States    HS    
Brooks, Aretha        United States        
Brooks, Ashley Lynn        United States    HS    
Brooks, Demonte A.    APO    US-APO    BBA    Concordia University
Brooks, Douglas W.        United States    PhD    
Brooks, Earlon Clarence Godfrey    FL    United States    HS    
Brooks, Eddy L.    IL    United States    HS    
Brooks, James    VA    United States    HS    
Brooks, Monica Denise        United States    HS    
Brooks, Ricky LaDonn    AL    United States    BS    Concordia University
Brooks, SherieLyle, Regina    NC    United States        
Brooks, Stephen L.    GA    United States    BA    
Brooks, Tinecia        United States    HS    
Brooksher, Kenneth Eugene    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Broome, L                
Brotherns, Vera        United States    HS    
Broughton, William R.        United States    PhD    
Broussard, Michael Joseph    LA    United States        
Brow, Lisa Marie        United States        
Brown, Aaron Michael    TX    United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Brown, Alisa Michelle    GA    United States    BS    
Brown, Angela Lynette    GA    United States    AA    
Brown, Brianna        United States    HS    
Brown, Christina M    NJ    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Brown, Da'Nita R.    DC    United States    BA    
Brown, David Allen    CA    United States    MA    Blackstone University
Brown, Donald J.    NY    United States    BS    
Brown, Douglas E            MA    
Brown, Gary L    AL    United States    Cert    
Brown, Glen Allen    VA    United States    BA    
Brown, Gregory Darius    NC    United States    BA    
Brown, James A        United States    HS    
Brown, Jeff        United States    HS    
Brown, Jeimar        United States        
Brown, John H III    TN    United States    HS    
Brown, Jonathan Mitchell    VA    United States    BBA    
Brown, Joseph E    APO    US-APO    BS    
Brown, Kennard L    OH    United States    PhD    Capitol University
Brown, Kimiko        United States    HS    
Brown, Linda M.        United States    MA    
Brown, Marlon M.        United States    BS    St. Regis
Brown, Monica        United States    HS    
Brown, Moses S.    CO    United States    HS    Mission High School
Brown, Pamela D or Sorrells    GA    United States        
Brown, Paul Vincent    OK    United States    MS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Brown, Phillip Commodore Sr.    FL    United States    MS    
Brown, Renee        United States    HS    
Brown, Rev Gary L. Sr.        United States    PhDH    
Brown, Scott Lamar    APO    US-APO    BS    
Brown, Sean Patrick    ME    United States    MA    
Brown, Shannon        United States    HS    
Brown, Sr., Phillip C        United States    MS    
Brown, Teresa Gay        United States    HS    
Brown, Tracy        United States        
Brown, Vurlee    TX    United States    HS    
Brown, William J.    NH    United States    MBA    
Brown-Terry, Linda M.        United States    BBA    
Brown_, Christopher James    WY    United States    MBA    
Browne, Ericka E.        United States    BA    
Browning, Jackie L        United States    HS    
Browning, Jessica Anne    TX    United States    HS    
Brownlee, Kenneth W. Jr.    IL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
BrownSR, Kenneth    MD    United States    DTh    
Broyles, Bonita E.    NC    United States    PhD    
Brubacher, David C.        Canada        
Bruck, Diane Cohen        United States    BA    
Bruggeman, Shane        United States    HS    
Brugger, Richard Keith        Canada    MBA    American West University
Bruley, Robert    FL    United States        
Brumley, Alicia Lynn        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Brumley, Graciela Hart    OK    United States    AA    Valorem University
Brummett, Alvy D.    CA    United States    BBA    
Brummett, Jeff        United States        
Brundage, Margie E.    AZ    United States    MBA    
Brunet, Nichole Suzanne        United States    HS    
Bruno, Violet        United States    HS    
Bruno-Vaughn, Rosann    FL    United States    HS    
Brunori, Mr. Stefano D. Zezza        Italy    PhD    
Brunson, Lisa    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Bryan, Carrie    IN    United States    HS    
Bryan, Laura        United States    HS    
Bryant, Anna        United States    HS    
Bryant, Brandon Orlando    NC    United States        
Bryant, Edwin        United States    HS    
Bryant, Harold E.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Bryant, Jeffrey Scott    TN    United States    HS    
Bryant, Richard    MD    United States    MS    
Buchanan, Latasha        United States    HS    
Bucher, Jessica Lee        United States    HS    
Buck, Dennis M    CA    United States    BS    
Buck, Larry D.    MI    United States    BSE    
Buckholt, Jason Ray        United States    HS    
Buddenbaum, David L            AA    
Bueno, Richard    CA    United States    HS    
Buford, Jordan        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Bui, Toan Minh        United States    HS    
Buico, Gina        United States    HS    
Buikievich, Marchien        Canada    BBA    
Buikievich, Ron        Canada    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Bulecza, Daniel F    FL    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Bull, John Lorenzo        United States    HS    
Bullock, George A    MD    United States    BA    Blackstone University
Bullock, Yolanda Tiffany        United States    HS    
Bumba, Anderson            BA    
Bumgardner, Nora Jean    AR    United States    HS    
Bumpus, Martina    NJ    United States    PhD    
Bumpus, Michael Dean        United States    HS    
Bunch, Bradley        United States    HS    
Bunch, Sheila I        United States        
Bungay, Thomas C Jr    NY    United States    HS    
Bunn, Jennifer Ellen            HS    
Bunyeyev, Alex        Great Britain    BS    
Buonarota, Sarah    PA    United States        
Burban, Big Bob B            PhD    Holy Acclaim University
Burces, Gayle        United States    HS    
Burdette, Allen        United States    HS    
Burg, Gina    CO    United States    BA    
Burgdorf, Eleanor    CA    United States    HS    
Burgdorf, Kenneth    IL    United States    BS    Breyer State
Burgess, Jack D    UT    United States    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Burgess, K                
Burgess, Rayburn G    NC    United States    BBA    
Burgett, Patricia Ann        United States    DBA    
Burggraff, Shasta M.    CO    United States        
Burgos, Erica M        United States    HS    
Burgos, Robert    NY    United States    HS    
Burgos, Rodolfo    TX    United States    BS    
Burich, David M    PA    United States    MS    St. Regis University
Burin, Edgardo M        Argentina    BS    Audentes Technical College
Burke, Fredrick E    APO    US-APO    BBA    St. Regis University
Burke, James Joseph    NJ    United States        
Burke, Laura J    NJ    United States    BBA    Northwest United University
Burke, Michael        United States    HS    
Burke, Vaniea        United States        
Burke, Virginia L    TX    United States        
Burks, Justin Levi    NM    United States    Cert    
Burleson, Shanda        United States        
Burley, Lucy Lee        United States    HS    
Burley, Melanie Jean    OR    United States        
Burnett, John Y        Great Britain    PhD    American West University
Burnett, Reginald        United States    HS    
Burnette, Bettina Lee    GA    United States    BS    St Regis University/Breyer State University
Burns, Alan P. II    OH    United States    HS    
Burns, Andrea        United States    HS    
Burns, Justin    OH    United States    HS    Mission High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Burns, Matthew        United States    BSE    
Burns, Ralph P.        United States    BA    
Burns, Steve W    AR    United States    PhD    
Burns-Prestage, Elly    MS    United States        
Burnsworth, Jr., Randall G        United States    BS    
Burnsworth, Randall G    FL    United States    BS    
Burnworth, Jessica Renee        United States    HS    
Burows, Paul D    MO    United States    PhD    
Burr, Curtis Lamar    GA    United States    BA    
Burr, Jerry    NV    United States    BA    
Burrall, Devin        United States    HS    
Burrows, Paul D.    MO    United States    MA    James Monroe University
Burrows, Sergio L    ID    United States    ProfAssoc    
Burt, Michelle K    MN    United States    BS    
Burton, Cynthia F.        United States    MA    
Burton, Emily        United States        
Burton, Jeremy        United States    HS    
Burton, Joe    SC    United States    HS    
Burton, Julie    IN    United States    HS    Mission High School
Burton, Justin        United States    HS    
Busby, Brandy        United States        
Buschlen, B                
Bush, Contessa        United States    HS    
Bush, Joseph P.    TX    United States    BS    
Bush, Kevin M        United States    MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Bushey, Jeffrey G    VA    United States        
Bushey, Steven Lee    MI    United States    HS    
Buskey, Steven W        United States        
Butcher, Daryl W    IL    United States    BS    
Butcher, Roland W    TX    United States    BBA    Blackstone University
Butcher, Sylvester        United States    HS    
Butler, Domainquie        United States    HS    
Butler, Ethel Lovenia        United States    HS    
Butler, John D.    NC    United States        
Butler, Noelle Shirley Ellen        Canada        
Butler, Quentin D.        United States    HS    
Butt, Munib    PA    United States        
Butterfield, Mark W    CA    United States    MBA    
Butts, Michael E.        United States    HS    
Buxton, Thomas M    FL    United States    BBA    
Buyutyior        Wallis and Futuna Islands    PhD    
Byers, Michelta D        United States    HS    
Byers, Victor L    VA    United States    BS    Hartland University
Bynes, Tamika        United States    HS    
Byrd, Bianca Creata'        United States        
Byrd, Maggie A.        United States    HS    
Byrd, Philip N.    FL    United States    BS    
Byrd, Richard    CA    United States    HS    
Byrd, Shunda        United States    HS    
Byrd, Willie    DC    United States    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
ByrdJr, Hugh D    VA    United States    BA    
ByrdSr, Hugh D    VA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
ByrdSr_, Hugh D    VA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Byrnes, Glenn F.        United States    DBA    
Byrum, Bobby G Jr    NC    United States    BS


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Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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Caba, David    NY    United States    BA    
Caba, Socrates A    NY    United States    BA    
Cabacungan, Mel B    HI    United States        
Cabral, Angel        United States    HS    
Cabral, Everardo R    CA    United States    HS    
Cabral, Johanna        United States    HS    
Cabrera, Armandina        United States        
Cade, Daisy        United States        
Cadena, Mark A    TX    United States    HS    
Caesar, Julius        United States    HS    
Caffee, Jhanaea        United States    HS    
Cahill, P                
Cahse, Mark A        United States    BA    
Cain, Daniel John    OH    United States        
Cain, Kenneth        United States    HS    
Caito, James R    GA    United States    BA    
Calabrese, Daniel W    TX    United States    Cert    St. Lourdes University
Calabrese, Donald Thomas    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Calak, Charles T. Jr.        United States    BA    
Calarco, Santo        Australia    MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Calderon, Carrie        United States    HS    
Calderon, Elia        United States    HS    
Calderon, John Henry        United States    HS    
Caldwell, Amanda J            BA    
Caldwell, Bonnie J.        United States    HS    
Caldwell, Cynthia    AL    United States    HS    
Caldwell, John Allan        Canada    BA    
Caldwell, Nixie        United States    HS    
Caldwell, Stacy Ann Johanna    FL    United States    HS    
Caleb, Abram J.    GA    United States    BS    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Calhoun, Candice        United States    HS    
Callahan, Holly C    LA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Callahan, Sophia Loren        United States        
Callaway, Bobbie Carolyn        United States    HS    
Calubaquib, Jose V    CT    United States        
Camacho, Marlo Maldonado    NJ    United States    AA    
Camacho, Noel    APO    US-APO    MA    
Camacho, Primitivo    PR    United States    BA    
Camarao, Greg        United States    HS    
Cameron, Mary Heather    VA    United States    BA    
Cameron, Michael    LA    United States    BS    
Camp, Steve W.    CA    United States    BA    
Campbell, Christine    MD    United States        
Campbell, Demitra N            MBA    
Campbell, Gary Don        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Campbell, Heather        United States    AA    
Campbell, Kenneth Watson Jr        United States    HS    
Campbell, Leslie B.    OH    United States    MBA    
Campbell, Mr Leslie B        United States    MBA    
Campbell, Tammy    NC    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Campbell, Tim D            Cert    
Campbell, Trevor        Canada    HS    
Campos, Jose Manuel Da Silva Benitez        Portugal    MA    
Canada, Terri Jean    CA    United States    MS    
Cancel, Gladys    NJ    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Candela, Peter J    CA    United States    BS    San Francisco State University
Cando, Carolyn        United States    HS    
Canerday, Sammy L.    IL    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Canlas, Allan E        Australia    MS    
Canlas_, Allan E                
Cannady, Ras Tafari    CA    United States    PhD    
Cannell, Tony James        South Korea    BA    
Cannon, Rashida M        United States    HS    
Cannon, Ronald W    TX    United States        
Cantley, Jeremy Lee    WV    United States        
Cantrell, Heather        United States    HS    
Cantrell, Joseph D    MD    United States    BS    
Cantu, Carlos    TX    United States        
Canty, Jaylene        United States        
Capers, Timothy J    NY    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Caplan, Martin    PA    United States    BBA    
Capps, Michael R    OK    United States    BA    
Capps, R. Michael        United States    BA    
Cappuccio, Flossie        United States    HS    
Caputo, Michelle K.    WA    United States        
Caraballo, Mario    APO    US-APO    MBA    
Carathers, Sierra        United States    HS    
Carbajal, Kimberly    WY    United States    MA    
Carbaugh, Holly S        United States    HS    
Carbone, Jseph J    GA    United States    BS    Bryer State University
Carcione, Frederick David    UT    United States    PhD    
Card), Jason W Pletz (On        United States    BS    
Card, MA Credit        United States    MS    
Cardenas, Delfina            HS    
Cardinale, Leonard A    NY    United States    PhD    
Cardwell, Rodney    IL    United States    MA    
Carey, Donna    NM    United States    PhD    
Carey, Lisa Mitchelle    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Carlson, Carrie        United States    HS    
Carlson, Deborah I    MI    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Carlson, Margare Violet    FL    United States    AA    Monroe University High School
Carlson, Samuel G    KS    United States    BS    Northrop University
Carlson-Day, Rachael        United States    HS    
Carman, Teresa        United States    HS    
Carmichael , Ronald D        United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Carmichael, Patrick T    FL    United States    BA    
Carmichael, Ronald D    VA    United States    BS    
Carnahan, Alvin E.    TX    United States    BS    
Carnahan, Georgia Ann    OH    United States        
Carnes, April        United States    HS    
Carnes, Christopher Lee        United States    HS    
Carnes, Karen A    KY    United States    PhD    
Carole, Nyuk Hiong, Liew        Hong Kong    MBA    
Caroline        United Arab Emirates    BA    
Carouthers, Darrel    NJ    United States    BS    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Carpanetti, Manuel A. GonzáLez        Chile    PhD    
Carpenter, Kimberly        United States    HS    
Carpenter, Nicole T    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Carpenter, Samuel Earl Sr.    APO    US-APO    AA    
Carr, Elvin R    Fl    United States    AA    
Carr, Eugene        United States    HS    
Carr, Linda L    VA    United States    MS    St. Lourdes University
Carr, Ursula L.        United States        
Carrazco, Erika        United States    HS    
Carreiro, Stephen    VA    United States    HS    
Carreno, Jose A.    CA    United States    HS    
Carriere, Donald L    MI    United States    PhD    
Carrillo, Adrian        United States    HS    
Carrithers, David C.    MO    United States    PhD    
Carroll, Cameron Rashad        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Carroll, James D Jr.    OH    United States    BBA    
Carroll, Jr., James D        United States    PhD    
Carroll, Linda M    OH    United States    BBA    Midwest Business College
Carroll, Raquel Renee        United States    HS    
Carson, Lisa Gail        United States    HS    
Cartagena, Juan Javier        United States    HS    
Carter, Artie    TX    United States        
Carter, Cristie        United States    HS    
Carter, Cyndi        United States    HS    
Carter, Gary James Ii        United States    HS    
Carter, Janeka        United States    HS    
Carter, Jarnetha        United States    HS    
Carter, Nakeya        United States    HS    
Carter, Royce Jeffery    TN    United States    HS    Trinity
Carter, Ted        United States    HS    
Carter, Terrell        United States    HS    
Cartin, Christine    MA    United States        
Carvalho, Marta        United States    HS    
Casagrande, Joanne M    VT    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Casas, Sergio        United States    HS    
Cash        United Arab Emirates    MBA    
Cash, John Lenoard    MS    United States    Dmin    
Casimir, Jean-Max        Canada    HS    
Cass, Martin J    NY    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Casseus, Evana        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Cassino, Brian Frank    TN    United States    BA    
Castaneda, Lina Maria Teresa Castillo        El Salvador    HS    Branford Academy
Castellanos, John G        United States    HS    
Castilho, Carlos        United States    HS    
Castillo, Hector M    TX    United States    MBA    
Castillo, Juliet        United States    HS    
Castillo, Marcus        United States    HS    
Castonguay, Bruce Arthur        United States        
Castro, Richard    NY    United States    HS    
Castro, Roberto Hurtado        United States    HS    
Castro, susan L    TX    United States    BBA    
Catalini, Jose Martin        Argentina    MS    
Catano, Loni Rae        United States    HS    
Caudle, Donna        United States    HS    
Causey, Daniel Scott    TX    United States    BA    
Causey, Marvita        United States    HS    
Caverly, Richard J    WA    United States    BS    Northrop University
Cavin II, Richard N    CA    United States    BS    
Cavin, Richard N.        United States    BS    
Caylor, Gary Raymond    TX    United States    BA    
Cazares, Bobbie    CA    United States    HS    
Cecen, Muzaffer    AZ    United States    HS    
Cechmanek, Petr        Czech Republic    PhD    
Celestial, Robert N.        United States    BA    
Ceniceros, Alejandro Alvarez        Mexico    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Cenname, Ralph                
Centers, John P.        United States    BA    
Cepeda, Dolores Pereda        Guam (USA)    HS    
Cerda, Jaime De J Neyra        Chile    BS    
Cervantes, Carlos    CA    United States    HS    
Cervantes, Joel H    TX    United States    BA    
Cervantes, Juan Rogelio    TX    United States    HS    
Cesternino, Kimberly    NY    United States    HS    
Chacon, Iris B. Tapia    PR    United States    BA    New Academy of the Arts
Chadbon, Stefany    CA    United States    BA    Whitmore College
Chaffin, Brian        United States        
Chai, Bor Doong        Malaysia    BA    Concordia University
Chai, Cheng Sheng        Singapore    ProfFull    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Chai, Christopher Heng Kee        Malaysia    DBA    
Chakar, Morroun    PA    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Chamaranan, Mr. Ravin        Thailand    MBA    
Chamaranan, Ravin        Thailand    MBA    
Chamberlain, Allen        United States        
Chamberlain, Cody C    FL    United States    HS    
Chamberlain, Ollie M    PA    United States    BA    
Chambers, Alick Lawrence *                
Chambers, Joseph Harris    AL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Chambers, Sherita Y.    SC    United States    BA    
Chamblin, Anthony Wade Sr.    AL    United States    MS    
Chambliss, Alicia Marie        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Champ, Marco Marmont du Haut        Italy    HS    
Champasouk, Sakoun    TN    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Chan, Michael C    AZ    United States    BA    
Chan, Weng Soon        United States    MBA    
Chan, Yeh Chong    MD    United States        St. Regis University
Chance, Jeffery A    NC    United States    PhD    
Chandler, Dennis T    OH    United States    DBA    St. Regis University
Chandler, Freda    AL    United States    HS    
Chaney, Michael L.    NC    United States    MA    
Chaney, Randa Gail        United States    AA    
Chang, Jaehoon        South Korea    MA    
Chang, Shao    Pa    United States    PhD    
Chang, Sio Lan        Macau    AS    
Chant, Weng Soon    KS    United States    BA    
Chapman, Lisa        United States    HS    
Chapman, William J.        United States    HS    
Chapman, Yolanda        United States        
Chappell, Raquel A.        United States    HS    
Chapppell, Bill    CO    United States    MS    Holy Acclaim
Charbonneau, Jessica L.        United States    HS    
Charest, Ronny G.    DC    United States    BS    
Charf, Eric Richard    NJ    United States        
Charles, Macebo William        South Africa    MAH    
Charlotte        United States        
Charlton, Lamar        United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Charumbira, Donald T        Malaysia    BA    Concordia University
Chase, Anthony    A    United States    AA    
Chase, George William        United States    HS    
Chase, Mark A.        United States    BA    
Chasity        United States    HS    
Chatham, Danny Curtis        United States    HS    
Chatman, Carol L    PA    United States    AA    National Academy of paralegal Studies
Chatterjee, Amitava        India    MAH    
Chau, Thach The    SC    United States    HS    
Chaudhry, Zeeshan Jawaid            BBA    
Chauran, Carlos Manuel        Iran    MS    
Chavez, Allison        United States    HS    
Chavez, Margarita    NV    United States    AA    Trinity
Chavez, Vicente Manuel        United States    MS    St. Regis University
Chavira, Debbie        United States    HS    
Chavis, Stacie S        United States    HS    
Chaya, Harrison        Zambia    MBA    
Cheek, Diane Marie    NE    United States    HS    
Chelton, Lisa Fiell    NM    United States    Cert    Holmes University
Chen, Christina        United States    HS    
Chen, Wei    NY    United States    HS    
Cherie        United States    HS    
Cherry, Billy M.    CA    United States    MS    
Chevrette, Edward A. Jr        United States    BA    
Chiaberta, Michael J.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Chibutut-Bates, Mabel A    VA    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Chibututu-Bates, Mabel A.        United States    PhD    
Chico, Raymond    CA    United States    HS    
Childress, Darrell E.        United States    HS    
Childress, Donna    TN    United States        
Childs, Bridget Anne    MI    United States    HS    
Childs, Wendy L    CA    United States    HS    James Monroe High School
Chimko, Kyle Patrick    NJ    United States    HS    
Chin, Clara Petula            MBA    St. Regis University
Chin, Tsen Foo        Malaysia    BS    
Chin, Yuk Fong        Malaysia    BA    Concordia University
Ching, Janet Tan Joon        Singapore    BS    
Chinn, Felton            MBA    
Chiock, Ernesto M. Com        Peru    BS    St. Lourdes University
Chiprut, Rachel Kira        United States    HS    
Chirtes, Cristian S            PhD    
Chism, Catherine        United States    HS    
Chiwaka, Edgar M            BA    Blackstone University
Choi, Yong Sun        South Korea    DBA    
Chonai, Samuel Y.    MD    United States    MA    
Choolun, Sahood        Mauritius        
Chootiya, Faisal        Kuwait    BS    
Chou, Chih Hui        Taiwan    PhD    Holy Acclaim University
Choudhry, Mudassar Shahzad        Kuwait    BS    Holmes University
Chow, Jaz        Singapore    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Chow, Steven Kam Tim        Hong Kong    BBA    
Chrisman, Clinton A    CA    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Christian, Colleen        United States    HS    
Christian, Jarret Jerome    TX    United States        
Christian, Lamont    HI    United States    BA    
Christian, Winston        United States    HS    
Christopher, Fong Kong Onn        Singapore    BA    
Christopher, Robert Colonnell    FL    United States        
Christopher, Saphia        United States    HS    
Christou, John Nicholas        South Africa    MSE    
Christy, Mariah        United States    HS    
Chryler, Charles Andrew    VT    United States    BA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Chrysler, Deborah A    VT    United States    BBA    
Chuen, Anthony Tsui Shu        Hong Kong    PhD    
Chuen, Tsui Anthony Shu        China    PhD    
Chui, Kin-wah        Hong Kong    PhDH    St. Regis University
Chulada, John Clifton    NH    United States    PhD    
Chung, Esther J.    CT    United States    MA    
Chung, Sai Wing            PhD    St. Regis University
Chung, Tatiuana        United States    HS    
Chung, Wonjong Eric    UT    United States    MS    
Chunn, Edward K.    APO    US-APO    BS    Concordia University
Church, Sharon A.        Canada    BS    
Church, William R.    WY    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Chwee, Chiew Kim        Malaysia    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ciamacco, Tiffany        United States    HS    
Cicchino, Vincent R.    NC    United States    MS    
Cicirelli, Jessica    MA    United States        
Cintron, Sandra I.    NJ    United States    PhD    American West University
Cione, Mark A    IL    United States    BS    
Cios, Sherri L.    CA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Ciotuszynski, Robert        United States    HS    
Cisneros, Humberto    NV    United States        
Cisneros, Martin        United States    PhDH    
Cisse, Ismaila    CO    United States        
Claiborne, Howard Luther Dallas    CA    United States    HS    
Claiborne, Ronald K.    VA    United States    PhD    
Clak, Charles                
Clark, Carolyn    MI    United States    BBA    Concordia College & University
Clark, Charon        United States    HS    
Clark, Derrick        United States    HS    
Clark, Edward L. Jr.        United States    PhD    
Clark, Elena S    CA    United States    ProfAssoc    
Clark, James        Great Britain    BS    
Clark, Lisa Jean        United States        
Clark, Paul A.    GA    United States    MA    
Clark, Troy D.    KS    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Clark, Virginia S    NH    United States    HS    
Clark, Wesley Jonathan    WA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Clarke, Derisha        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Clarke, Elizabeth Anne    CA    United States    MBA    Hampton Bay University
Clarke, Jim        Canada        
Claudio, Noel    MA    United States        
Clausell, Nater Izzie        United States    HS    
Clausen, Barbara J.    MO    United States    BSN    St. Lourdes University
Claypool, Richard    PA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Clayton, Brian W    TX    United States    HS    
Clayton, Melanie Raquel    CA    United States    MBA    
Clayton_, Melanie Raquel        Canada    BA    St. Regis University
Cleaton, Christopher    NC    United States        
Clement, Carole        United States    HS    
Clemente, Fernanda Castro    FL    United States    BBA    Concordia University
Clements, Jessica        United States    HS    
Clements, Rachel        United States    HS    
Clemons, William        United States    HS    
Cleversey, Yvonne A.    APO    US-APO    BA    
Clinton, Bianca        United States    HS    
Clinton, Brian Lyndell        United States    BBA    
Clipp, Norman J    MO    United States    BA    
Clotworthy, Tracy    Fl    United States    BS    
Cloud, James S. Jr.    OH    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Cloud, Robert C.    PA    United States    BA    Holmes University
Cloward, Mitsuru        Japan    HS    
Clowers, Barbra        Canada        
Cloy, Malcolm D. Sr.        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Clucas, Debbie        United States    HS    
Coady, Nicole        United States    HS    
Cobb, Nina Melinda Williams    APO    US-APO    MA    St. Regis University
Cobb, Shantrell        United States    HS    
Coble, Rebecca Don    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Coburn, Donald    FL    United States    HS    
Coc, Jorge        United States    HS    
Coca, Valerie        United States    HS    
Cocanougher, Joseph M.    APO    US-APO    MS    Blackstone University
Cochran, Jason    VA    United States    MBA    
Cochran, Tamara        United States    HS    
Cockman, Billy C    FL    United States    MBA    
Cockrell, Irving E. Jr.    GA    United States    BA    
Codispoti, Frank        United States    MA    
Coetzee, Lynne Margaret        Great Britain    MBA    
Cofer, Alicia        United States        
Cofer, Brandy        United States        
Coffey, Andrea        United States    HS    
Coffey, C                
Coffey, Carin        USA/Minor outlying islands    HS    
Coffey, Lakiesha Evette        United States    HS    
Coffey, Michael C    IL    United States    BA    
Coffey, Robert B.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Coffey, Stephen            HS    
Coffiel, Sarita T.        United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Coffman, Eric    FL    United States    HS    
Coffman, Jeffery S.    APO    US-APO    BS    
Cohen, Deborah        United States    HS    
Cohen, Elizabeth A.    NY    United States    PhD    
Colbert, Denise Elizabeth    GA    United States    EdD    St. Regis University
Colbert, Naomi        United States    HS    
Colbert, Randy D.    GA    United States    BS    Clark Atlanta University
Colbert, Wendy        United States    HS    
Colby, Cody James    TX    United States    HS    
Cole, Donald Lee        United States    HS    
Cole, Eric Gregory    VA    United States    MBA    
Cole, Henry N    MD    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Cole, James Ernest Jr.    FL    United States    BS    
Cole, Mark Robert        United States    MSW    
Cole, Rosalyn D        United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Cole, William G.    APO    US-APO    BS    
Coleman, Amy D.    MD    United States    BS    
Coleman, Carlos        United States    BBA    
Coleman, Leandrew    IL    United States    MA    
Coleman, Linda K.    OH    United States    MBA    Holy Acclaim Graduate Institute
Coleman, Lisa Renee    GA    United States    HS    
Coleman, Michelle Leigh        United States    HS    
Coleman, Tiffani        United States    HS    
Coles, Michael Lamont (Sr.)    PA    United States    HS    
Collier, Cathryn Williette    NC    United States    PhD    Robertstown University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Collier, Christopher J.    MO    United States    MA    St. Lourdes University
Collingwood, Brandon        United States    HS    
Collins, Amber D.    WA    United States    MS    
Collins, Barbara N        United States    BA    
Collins, Benjamin    PA    United States    HS    
Collins, Debra A.    LA    United States    PhD    
Collins, Ernestine        United States        
Collins, Jonathan Gifton    TX    United States    BS    
Collins, Trencey Jesslane        United States    HS    
Collins, Walter Jr.        United States    HS    
Collins, William H.        United States        
Collis, Sherry        United States    HS    
Colon, Mildred        Puerto Rico    HS    
Colonnell, Christopher R.        United States    HS    
Colquitt, Timothy Joe    APO    US-APO    AA    
Colter, Dempsey Doreion        United States    PhD    
Coltharp, Lee N    KS    United States    BA    
Colunga, Dorina        United States    HS    
Colvin, Nichelle    IN    United States    BA    
Combs, Thomas        United States    HS    
Comeau, Catina D.    PA    United States    BS    
Comeau, Raymond E        United States    HS    
Comenzo, Christopher John    AZ    United States    BA    
Compean, Margarita    Pa    United States    BS    
Compton, Dawna L    NC    United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Compton, Molly P.    AL    United States    BBA    Heartland University
Concepcion, Angel    NY    United States    HS    
Condie, Valerie L.    CA    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Condon, Brett Ryan    CA    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Condon, James M.    TX    United States        
Congin, Gary A.    OH    United States        
Conklin, Joseph G.    TX    United States    BS    
Conley, Ellen E. III    APO    US-APO    BA    
Conley, Gary    OH    United States    PhD    
Conner, Le'Nell B.    APO    US-APO    BS    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Connick, Howard L.        United States    HS    
Connie        United States    HS    
Connors, Aileen        United States    MBA    
Connors, Chris        United States    HS    
Connors, Evelyn        United States    HS    
Cononetz, Valdemar    WA    United States        
Conradi, Benno Paul        Germany    DSc    
Constantineau, Cienya        Canada    HS    
Constantino, Terrie J.    CO    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Contardo, Salvatore    ID    United States        
Conti, Jennifer M    NY    United States        
Conti, Joseph C.    NJ    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Conti, Vincent    NY    United States        
Contreras, Mario        United States    HS    
Contreras, Michelle        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Contreras, Refugio    CA    United States    BA    
Controller, Luis G Rodriguez Financial        United States    HS    
Conveniencia, Georgina        United States    HS    
Conway, Jessica Nicole    SC    United States    HS    
Conwell, Miyosha Umeki        United States    HS    
Conwell, Shawn Luis        United States    HS    
Coogan, Dorothy H.    AL    United States    PhD    Concordia University
Cook, Ashley        United States    HS    
Cook, Ella Louise    MD    United States    BA    
Cook, John H.    KS    United States    BS    
Cook, Kari L.        United States    HS    
Cook, Leslie Jane        Costa Rica        
Cook, Natasha        United States    HS    
Cook, Timothy Lee    MI    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Cook, Tyrell LaMar    IL    United States    HS    
Cook, Wayne Victor        Canada    MBA    
Cooke, Jeffrey S.    OH    United States    BA    
Coombes, Nicola        Great Britain    HS    
Coombs, Derek V. R.        United States    DSc    
Cooper, Amanada Jean Evans    LA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Cooper, Barron D    TX    United States    AS    
Cooper, Betty    FL    United States    HS    
Cooper, Darleen K        United States        
Cooper, Domah *                
Cooper, Elizabeth    NV    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Cooper, Eugene R.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Cooper, Herschel        United States    HS    
Cooper, Jamie    FL    United States    BA    
Cooper, Stuart P            MS    St. Regis University
Cooper, Tiffany        United States    HS    
Copeland, Rasheda        United States        
Copeland, Tania T        United States    HS    
Copithorne, Diane Joan Swartstrom    MO    United States    MS    St. Regis University
Coplin, Melvin Dahl    WA    United States    BA    Holy Acclaim University
Copur, Bedrettin    FL    United States    BS    
Corbiere, Samantha        Canada    HS    
Corbin, Gerald V        Canada    HS    
Corcoran-McGuigan, Christine M    NH    United States    BS    Concordia University
Corder, Brian B.    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Cordero, Dennis        United States    HS    
Cordero, Javier A        Puerto Rico        
Cordero, Monica    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Cordero, Virgilioo        United States    HS    
Cordova, Gloria        United States    HS    
Cordova, Laura    NY    United States    HS    Mission High School
Corea, Douglas J.        United States    AA    
Coriell, Vanna J.    OK    United States    BA    
Cork, Latisha R.        United States    HS    
Corkern, Glenda Tina    LA    United States    HS    
Corley, Jackie    GA    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Cormier, Alfred Martin    FL    United States    PhDH    
Cormier, Steven G    CT    United States    MBA    
Corn, Ronald L.    IN    United States    BS    
Cornelison, Teddie L.    OH    United States    MBA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Cornette, Derek O'neil    IA    United States    MS    
Cornick, Connie L.    NY    United States    BA    
Cornwell, Fayann        British Virgin Islands    HS    
Corona, Angel        United States    HS    
Corporal, Shane Michael    VA    United States    PhD    St. Lourdes University
Correll, Paula R    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Corrente, Karen    ME    United States    MBA    Concordia University
Corrill, Catherine L    OH    United States        
Cortes-Torres, Marissa        United States    HS    
Cortez, Edgardo A        United States    HS    
Cortez, Jose Henrique Reis        Brazil    Cert    Northwest United University
Corum, Steven C    CA    United States    MBA    
Corveno, Russell        United States    HS    
Corzo, William        United States    HS    
Cosgrove, Brian Keith    NJ    United States    BS    
Costa, Leonard R.    MA    United States        
Cotkin, Adam Dale    NV    United States    HS    
Cotogno, Lauren    NY    United States        
Cotton, Kayla Marie    LA    United States    HS    
Cotton, Russell (Jr)    SC    United States        
Couch, Gregory        United States    PhDH    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Couch, Wiley    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Counts, Wanda    FL    United States    HS    
Courtney, Thomas        United States    HS    
Couso-Vasquez, Garry    CA    United States        
Coward, Angela        United States    HS    
Cownay, Jessica Nicole        United States    HS    
Cox,        Ireland        
Cox, Casey Crandall    KY    United States        
Cox, Christina Ann    AR    United States    HS    
Cox, Clare        Canada    HS    
Cox, Douglas K    VA    United States    BA    
Cox, Elwin- Ellis-Easter Jr.    MI    United States        
Cox, Garald Gene    OH    United States    HS    
Cox, Ronald Eugene    CA    United States    BS    
Cox, Saadia        United States        
Cox, Walter Madison    WA    United States        
Coyle, Ronnie D.    TX    United States    HS    
Coyne, Dustin        United States        
Coyne, Kelly        United States    HS    
Cozzolino, Jessica Lee Nicole        United States    HS    
Craft, Steve W.    IL    United States    BS    Concordia University
Craft-Hatesaul, Donna    NY    United States    MA    
Crager, David        United States    HS    
Craig, Adam Jon    FL    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Craig, Micheal        United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Craig, William        United States    HS    
Crane, Paul Edward Junior    NY    United States    PhD    
Cranford, Bryon W.    NC    United States    BS    
Crannage, Wendy A.    CA    United States    BBA    
Crawford, Clifford M. Sr    FL    United States        
Crawford, Keith H.    CO    United States    MBA    
Crawford, Kendra        United States        
Crawfordsr, Clifford M        United States    HS    
Crawley, Edith Hayes-        United States        
Crawley, Sonya Renee    OH    United States    HS    
Crego, David T.    CA    United States    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Crenshaw, Kenneth V.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Crespo, Margarita            HS    
Crews, Amber        United States    HS    
Crews, Daniel Alfred    FL    United States    PhD    
Crews, Kacey        United States    HS    
Cribbs, Angelique        United States    HS    
Crichton, Teresa K or Thomas V.    CO    United States    ProfAdj    
Crichton, Thomas Verne    CO    United States    PhD    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Crifasi, David L.    LA    United States    BA    Concordia University
Criner, Anthony Darnell    APO    US-APO    BS    
Crisantes, Robert Jr.    CA    United States    BA    
Crisi, Terry Keith    TX    United States    BBA    
Cristea, Rita M.    OH    United States    HS    Mission High School
Crittenden, Jeff        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Crivier, Brett Andrew    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Crocker, Elizabeth Diane    MD    United States    HS    
Crockett, Kimberly L.        United States    BS    
Croes, Herman Gilbert        Aruba    DBA    
Croft, Aaron D.    IL    United States    BBA    Northwest United University
Croft, Phaebra M.    CA    United States    MA    Holmes Graduate Institute
Cronje, Deon        Germany    MA    St. Lourdes University
Cronje-Jasper, Deon        Germany    PhD    
Cronvich, Anne Cecile    MD    United States    PhD    
Crookston, Newell W    UT    United States    BS    
Crooms, Alexander Mark    TX    United States    BA    
Crosbie, Justin D.        United States    HS    
Crosby, Johnny        United States    HS    
Cross, Demetrius        United States    HS    
Cross, Eric Edward        United States        
Cross, Felicia        United States    HS    
Cross, Francis James        South Africa    BA    
Cross, Jeffrey S.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Cross, Jeremy Leon    WV    United States        
Cross, Karrie L.    MA    United States    BA    
Cross, Thomas    GA    United States    MS    
Crossen, Barry        Ireland    BA    
Crossland, Jay    MD    United States    HS    
Crosson, Leonard C. Jr.        United States    HS    
Crouch, Helen        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Crovo, Sarah J    FL    United States    BA    
Crowell, Russell A.    CA    United States    BBA    
Crowl, Brittany        United States    HS    
Crowley, Tanesha        United States        
Crownie, Tearza        United States    HS    
Crugnale, Robert W    NJ    United States    HS    
Crumpley, Sonja        United States    HS    
Crumpton, Andrew Lee    TX    United States    BS    
Crumpton, Harris Crigger    VA    United States    MS    
Crutcher, Telina        United States    HS    
Crutchfield, Jason P            BA    
Crutchley, Stephen W.        United Arab Emirates    BS    St. Lourdes University
Cruthers, Ashley        United States    HS    
Cruz, Daniel    RI    United States    HS    
Cruz, Eric N    NY    United States    PhD    
Cruz, Hector        Puerto Rico    MBA    
Cruz, Heriberto    NY    United States    MA    
Cruz, Jane E.    VA    United States    PhD    
Cruz, Jessenia        United States    HS    
Cruz, Merardo        United States    HS    
Cruz, Nicole        United States    HS    
Cruz, Ruth E.        United States    MA    
Cruz, Shannon Lee    WA    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Cruz, Wilfredo        United States    HS    
Cruz, Yecenia        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Cuevas, Rev.Dr. Manuel D. Jr.        Philippines    PhDH    
Culbertson, Paul Clifford    WI    United States    BA    
Culin, Paul, Anthony    TX    United States    MA    
Cullen, Benjamin        United States    HS    
Cullen, Paige R.    OH    United States        
Cullpepper, Wiliam        United States    MA    
Culp, Lowaundaar        United States    HS    
Culpin, Virginia Elizabeth        Great Britain    PhDH    
Culver, Allen Robert III    TX    United States    BA    
Cumbess, Jerry L. Jr.    FL    United States    HS    
Cummings, Bryan L        United States    PhDH    
Cummings, Melissa        United States    HS    
Cundiff, Dennis Ray    KY    United States    HS    Mission High School
Cunha, Jorge Manuel Barbara        Portugal    BS    
Cunningham, Amy    VA    United States    HS    
Cunningham, David Rhynard        United States    HS    
Cunningham, Thelma        United States    HS    
Cupp, Allison L.        United States    HS    
Curcio-Ramirez, Claudia    NJ    United States        
Curley, Alisha L.        United States        
Currie, Tony        United States    HS    
Curry, Nathan D.        Great Britain    BA    
Curtin, Bryan P.    FL    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Curtis, Arnethea F.    NC    United States    PhD    
Curtis, Timothy W.    MI    United States    BSE    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Cutler, Vi-Stachia        United States    HS    
Cyr, Justin Andrew    WA    United States    BS    Breyer State University
D'Amico, Dawn M            PhD    
D'Andria, Alfred John (Jr.)    TN    United States    HS    Liberty High School
D'Angelo, Gianni        Italy    MS    
D'Angelo, Michael    NY    United States    BSE    
Da Silva, Ijaui Francisco        Brazil    BBA    
Dabney, Hinda R.    NJ    United States    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Dabney, Reggie        United States    MBA    
Dabritz, Karl R.    CA    United States    MS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Dach, Harry H.    TN    United States        
Dadgar, Behzad            PhD    Berkeley Professional University
Daffer, Charles Allen II    NV    United States    HS    Mission High School
Dail, Joshua        United States    HS    
Dailey, Kevin Patrick    MI    United States    HS    
Dake, Sandra B.    DE    United States    BS    
Dale, Ludlow W.        United States    MBA    
Dallman, Mark A.    SC    United States    BS    
Dalton, Melissa Andrews    CA    United States    HS    
Dalvand, Mohammad H            BA    
Damen, Pascal Maria Johannes        Netherlands    DBA    
Dampier, Nathaniel    VA    United States        
Danard, Taylor B    WA    United States    PhD    
Dandapani, Krishna Murthy                
Danesh, Neena        Mayotte    Cert    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Danetra, Jaime R        United States    HS    
Daniel, Ale Olusola        Nigeria    BBA    James Monroe University
Daniel, Crystal Lynn    CA    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Daniel, David E    CT    United States        
Daniel, Kizhakkevila Varghese        India    PhD    All Saints American University
Daniel, Olayinka -Olukolade        Nigeria    BBA    
Daniel-Herr, Donna L    CA    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Daniels, Dorothy        United States    HS    
Daniels, Kevin    NC    United States    BSE    American West University
Danielson, Marvin    UT    United States    BS    
Danny        United States    HS    
Danohue, D.                
Danyluk, Kelli Lynn        Canada        
Daocong, Quoi    CA    United States    MS    St. Lourdes University
Darby, Mark E.    IL    United States    BS    
Darby, Vincent        United States    HS    
Darensbourg, Tammie        United States    HS    
Dargel, Graciele        United States    HS    
Darin, Kelly        United States    HS    
Darring, Monica P    IN    United States    BA    
Darwish, Ahmad        United Arab Emirates    BA    
Darwish, Hossam A        France    BA    
Dasgupta, Rathi            PhD    
Dasher, Robert E.    ME    United States    BBA    
Dasilva, Ijaui F        United States    MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Dassay, Greg A.    MI    United States    HS    
Datta, Palto Ranjan        Great Britain    PhD    
Dattalo, Bridgett A.        United States        
Dattilo, Dana M.    GA    United States    BBA    West American University
Daud, Muhamma Yusuf        Indonesia        
Davenport, Gary David    TX    United States    MBA    
Davey, Steven Lloyd    AZ    United States    PhD    
David, James Alfred A.        Malaysia    DBA    
David, Loraine    MI    United States    MBA    Blackstone University
David, Tan Leng Huat        Singapore    BBA    
Davide Gino Antonio, Perego        Italy    MS    
Davido, Peter J.    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Davidsen, David    IN    United States    MS    
Davidson, Jasmine Deora        United States    HS    
Davidson, Joseph        United States    BA    
Davidson, Susan                
Davies, Christine        United States    HS    
Davies, John Alun        Great Britain    AA    
Davila, Hugo M    CA    United States    HS    
Davis, Anthony T.    APO    US-APO    BA    
Davis, Celso Terry        United States    HS    
Davis, Charles Louis    MO    United States    MDiv    
Davis, Cherrelle    IL    United States    HS    
Davis, Danielle D    WI    United States    HS    
Davis, Darren        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Davis, Deborah        United States        
Davis, Erik        United States    HS    
Davis, G Wright II    MD    United States    BBA    
Davis, G. Wright Ii        United States    BBA    
Davis, Herschell W.    IN    United States        
Davis, Hope L Wright        United States    AA    
Davis, Jessica        United States        
Davis, JoAnna    AZ    United States    MBA    
Davis, Jon Leo    LA    United States    MBA    
Davis, Kimiko Maria    AZ    United States    HS    Mission High School
Davis, Larry Lee    IL    United States    HS    
Davis, Lowry    MS    United States    HS    
Davis, Melissa        United States    HS    
Davis, Michael    GA    United States    PhD    
Davis, Mindy        United States    HS    
Davis, Nekeisha        United States    HS    
Davis, Richard    AL    United States    MA    
Davis, Rick R.        United States    AA    
Davis, Robert E.    AZ    United States    MBA    Blackstone University
Davis, Roger W.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Davis, Roy        United States    HS    
Davis, Savanna        United States    HS    
Davis, Sharee        United States    HS    
Davis, Steven S.    MI    United States    BA    
Davis, Tameka L        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Davis, Tamika        United States    HS    
Davis, Tammy        United States    HS    
Davis, Travis Kyle        United States    HS    
Davis, Trista        United States    HS    
Davis, Tyreshia        United States    HS    
Davis, Wade H    TX    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Davis, Wanda Marie    FL    United States    AA    
Davis, William        United States    HS    
Davis_, Charmaine R.    DC    United States    BS    
Davis_, Michael L    MI    United States    BS    
Davis__, Charlene M.        United States    MS    
Davito, Peter J    CA    United States        
Dawes, Stephen Albert Edward    CA    United States    BA    American West University
Dawkins, Donzell Jr.        United States    BBA    
Dawson, Bronwyn M.        United States    AA    
Dawson, Clint R.    MN    United States    BS    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Dawson, Dustin K        United States    HS    
Dawson, Ronald        United States    HS    
Day, D                
Day, David E    UT    United States        
Day, Deborah M.    ME    United States    BA    
Day, Edwina M.    NC    United States    BA    
Day, Michael        United States    HS    
Day, Shelayne        South Africa    BBA    
Day, Travis J.    TX    United States    BBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Daya, Mohammad        Lebanon    PhD    
Daye, Raymour        United States        
Dayrit, Eder J.    AZ    United States    BA    
Ddder, Jay D            BA    
De Biase, Carol Ann Graci    FL    United States    BBA    
De Faria, Orlando Figueira        Portugal    MS    
De Francesco, James    NJ    United States    BA    New Univ. of the Arts
de Gooijer, Anthonie        Netherlands    MBA    
De Lange, Jan Adriaan        South Africa    MS    St. Regis University
de Lujan, Gloria Angelica Hernandez    MD    United States    BA    
De Mattos, Michael Jay    TX    United States    HS    
De Monaco, Christina    PA    United States    AA    
de Muynck, Marjorie    NM    United States    MA    
De Sousa, Elizabeth        Canada    HS    
Deal, James P        United States    AS    
Deal, Monica Victoria        United States    HS    
Dean, Dexter    GA    United States    BS    
Dean, Steven Scott    TX    United States    HS    
Dearing, Vivian J.    VA    United States    BA    
Deas, Cassius Edward    APO    US-APO    BA    
Deboest-Crooms, Ambra Lynette    TX    United States    BBA    
Debsia, Michael Abdallah        United States    MBA    
Debski, Anthony        Canada    MEd    Breyer State School
Decamp, Frances    GA    United States    HS    High School
DeCamp, Valerie    OH    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
DeCesare, Robert E.    NJ    United States    MBA    
Deck, Toby R    OH    United States    MBA    Concordia
Decker, Diane    FL    United States    Transcripts    
Decker, Edward W.        United States    HS    
Decker, Mason            HS    
Deckker, Peter Daniel De        Australia    MS    
Dede, Veronica        United States    HS    
Deeb, Ajaj S. Al        Lebanon        
Deeb, Osama Adel Mohammed        Saudi Arabia    BS    
Deems, James Franklin    VA    United States    MS    Robertstown University
Deeon, Richard        United States    HS    
DeGarcia, Jenny Roselie    NJ    United States    BS    
Degefu, Mesfin        Ethiopia    BBA    
deGennaro Sousa, Gian Giorgio M        Peru    BS    Holmes University
Degife, Zinabu S    MO    United States    PhD    
DeGrandmont, Allen J    VA    United States    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Degree, Joseph Antjoehhony        United States    BBA    
Degruy, Shalon        United States    HS    
DeHaan, Paul Alan    NC    United States    BS    
Deharo, Cynthia D Najera    CA    United States    BA    Cathedra University
Dejesus, Annette        United States    AA    
Dejesus, Crystal        United States    HS    
Dejesus, Cyndiana        United States    HS    
Dekam, James G.        United States    HS    
Dekster, Lisa B    TX    United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Del Mar, Noe A    FL    United States    AA    
Delaney-Ogorek, Sheena        United States    HS    
Delarosa, Juan    NY    United States    MS    
Delcastillo, Jason        United States    HS    
Deleanu, Daniel        Canada    PhDH    
Deleon, Samuel J    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
DeLey, Kristiaan        Belgium        
Delgadillo, Eva Marie        United States    HS    
Delgado, Cindy    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
DeLiagle, John Isaiah    GA    United States    BA    Concordia
Dell, Darlyene C    NY    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Delline        United States    HS    
DeLonay, Anthony H    CA    United States    PhD    Concordia
Delrosario, Caralynn E    NJ    United States    HS    
Delvalle, Quintina    NY    United States        
DelValleReyes, Antanacio    APO    US-APO    PhD    
Delvallereyes, Atanacio            PhD    
Demapan, Jose Sablan    MP    United States    MBA    
Demas, John P    PA    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Demas, Michael Jordan    OK    United States    HS    Liberty High School
DeMattia, Marlene J (Pappano)    NY    United States    MA    
Demattos, Carlos W (III)    FL    United States    BBA    
Demember, Larry E    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Demers, Daniel Joseph Colelli    VA    United States    BS    
DeMita, Arlene L    GA    United States    MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Demizu, Hiroshi        Japan    BA    
DeMoranville, Lee Y.    GA    United States    BSN    
DeMoussett, Suzanne Cox    TX    United States    BBA    Northwest United University
Dempster, Harold        Great Britain    PhD    
DeNarie, Marc    HI    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Deng, Abraham L        United States    HS    
Denman, Jana        United States    HS    
Denmark, John    ID    United States        
Denmark, Juan D    GA    United States    BBA    
Dennie, Michael    MI    United States        
Dennis, Alan D    TX    United States    PhD    
Dennis, Judy    CA    United States    HS    
Dennis, Karen Giesler    FL    United States    BBA    St Renoir Univ.
Dennis, Linda T        United States    HS    
Dennis, Marvine        United States    HS    
Denny, Sandiola N    GA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Dent, Jason        United States    HS    
Dent-Riley, Jacqueline    GA    United States    BSN    
Denton, Eva R        United States    MS    American West University
Depina, Manuel A.        United States    MA    
Derahman, Rozisham            BA    
Derek        United States    HS    
Deremo, James R.        United States    HS    
DeRoehn, Michael R    PA    United States    BA    
Derosiers, Lifene    FL    United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Deshpande, Adwait Prakash        India    PhDH    All Saints American University
Desilva, Collete        United States    HS    
Desjardins, Silamene        United States    HS    
Desmet, Michael Anthony    NH    United States    BBA    
Dessources, Robert    FL    United States    HS    
Desvaux, Rebecca A.    VA    United States    BA    
Deurloo, Sherry        United States    HS    
Deveaux, Marilyn Teresa        BM    DFA    
Dever, Joseph E    OH    United States    HS    Mission High School
Devine, Andrue J    FL    United States    MS    
DeVita, Christopher    NY    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Devoll, Sarah        United States    HS    
Devos, Phillip Gabriel    IL    United States        
DeWeese, Whitney    KY    United States    HS    
Dexter, Anthony Wallace        Great Britain    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Dhaif, Husain Saeed Mohsen AL        Bahrain    HS    
Dhaif, Mohsen Saeed Mohsen Al        Bahrain    MAH    
Dhar, Vishal Malcolm Jude        Great Britain    BS    
Dhooge, Charles Theodore    FL    United States        
DiAiso, Robert Joseph    MD    United States    PhD    
Dial, Jeremy    GA    United States    HS    
Diallo-Kane, Mohamed Abdallah    VA    United States    BBA    
Diaz, Ana    AZ    United States    HS    Mission High School
Diaz, Armando L        United States        
Diaz, Crisalida        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Diaz, Eric S        Philippines    Cert    
Diaz, Federico Aurelio Medina        Venezuala    BS    
Diaz, Gladys    FL    United States    HS    Blackwell HS
Diaz, Gloria        United States    HS    
Diaz, Juan    CA    United States    HS    
Diaz, Luis        United States    HS    
Diaz, Margoth Jurado        Colombia    BA    
Diaz_, Juan    TX    United States        Concordia
Dickinson, Brian Benjamine    FL    United States    BS    American Art & Science Univ.
Dickinson, Elly May        Canada    HS    
Dickinson, Scott        Canada    HS    
Dietrick, Melissa A    NC    United States    BA    
Dietze, Wendy L        United States    BBA    
Diez, Elisa Cristina    FL    United States    HS    
Diez-Ayerbe, Alexis    FL    United States    PhD    
Digiovanni, Michael Lean        Australia    BS    
DiGiuseppe, Marc Christopher    NY    United States    Cert    St. Regis University
Dilg, Pamela        United States    HS    
Dilkumaribasnet        BT        
Dill, Paul Brian    GA    United States    PhD    
Dillon, Robert Gerald    FL    United States    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
DiLodovico, Frank J    AZ    United States    MBA    
Dinges, David A    KS    United States    BS    
Dingman, Andrea        United States        
Dingus, George A    TN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Dinh, Long Van (Sr)    VA    United States    PhD    
Dipalo, Robert    NY    United States    HS    Mission High School
Dipalo_, Robert    FL    United States    HS    
Dipasquale, Frankie        United States    HS    
Dirie, Mohamed A            BA    Northwest United University
Diser, Jolue Ann    IL    United States    BS    
Dishman, Norman Lee    MI    United States    HS    
Divshi, Hadar        Germany    PhD    
Diwakar, Kulkarni Satyakam        India    AS    
Dixit, Dhananjay M.        India    BS    Northwest United University
Dixit, Sanjay M        India    PhD    
Dixon, Edward E            PhD    
Dixon, Fiona        United States    HS    
Dixon, Michael Allen    GA    United States    MDiv    
Dizard, Amanda        United States    HS    
Dizon, Michelle Angela Faye E.        Saudi Arabia    Cert    
Do Rego, Antonio Frederico        Hong Kong    ProfAdj    
Doan, Nghiem Van Trong        Australia    PhD    
Dobard, Deborah Ann        United States    BA    
Dobbins, Lashonda        United States    HS    
Dobbs, Bobby        United States    HS    
Dockery, Randall Scott        United States    HS    
Doctor, Stephen A.    OK    United States    BBA    
Dodge, Jennifer Nicole    NJ    United States    HS    
Dods, John Andrew        Australia    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Dodson, Patricia        United States    HS    
Dodson, Sherman        United States    HS    
Dogo, Mela Yila        Nigeria    PhD    
Dole, Nichole        United States    HS    
Doll, Jason Robert    KS    United States    BA    
Dombrosky, Deborah Ann    AZ    United States    HS    Trinity Christian High School
Dombrosky, Dolores    APO    US-APO    HS    
Dominguez, Chrissy        United States    HS    
Dominowski, Ivan Peter    GA    United States    BA    
Dominski, Mike    NY    United States    HS    
Dones, Christian Ian    NY    United States    BS    
Dones, Joselyn        United States    HS    
Dongen, Henk Cm Van        Netherlands    MBA    
Dongen, Raymond W. Van        United States    PhD    
Donner, Robert Michael    AK    United States    BS    
Donohue Jr., Thomas J        United States    BS    Blackstone University
Donohue, Daniel F.    IA    United States    BA    
Donohue, Thomas Joseph (Jr.)    APO    US-APO    BS    Blackstone University
Donovan, William P.    CA    United States    MBA    
Doopy        United States    PhDH    
Doppelheuer, Hazel Cassey    FL    United States    BA    
Dorame, Carmen Isela    AZ    United States        
Doran, Marilyn Louise        United States    HS    
Doran, Nancy A.    IL    United States    MBA    
Dorbayani, Dr. M.        HU        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Dorbayani, Seyed Mustafa        HU    Cert    
Dore, Frank        Canada    HS    
Doreza, Rex Guevara    IL    United States    BSE    
Doric, Liliana Elizabet    NJ    United States    BA    
Doring, William H.    IL    United States    BA    American West University
Dorman, Paul R.    SC    United States    BS    
Dormon, Sara Rice    PA    United States    PhD    
Dorsett, Patricia Cagle    SC    United States    BBA    
Dorsey, Karen S    CA    United States    BA    California State University Long Beach
Dorsey, Robert        United States    HS    
Dothager, Robin    MI    United States    MBA    Americana Univ.
Dotstry, Willie L.    APO    US-APO    BS    
Doud, Anthony Harold    IA    United States        
Douglas, Patrick James    WI    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Douglas, Richard Elliot        United States    HS    
Douglass, Suzan M J    WA    United States    BA    
Dovelos, Ioannis John S        Greece    PhD    Athenaeum University International
Dovelos, Mary Karabea        Greece    MS    
Dover, Amy Chantel        United States    HS    
Dover, Terri Ellen    CO    United States    MS    
Dowbnia, Chris    NJ    United States        
Dowd, Terry    FL    United States    HS    
Dowdell, Belinda Kathleen    OH    United States    HS    
Dowdy, Leonard        United States    HS    
Downin, Angela        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Downing, Harry        Canada    HS    
Downing, James Michael    MI    United States    MA    
Downing, Jimmy L, Jr.    FL    United States    BA    
Downing, Rush        United States    HS    
Downs, Marquita        United States    HS    
Downs, Mildred            HS    
Downton, Latisha        United States    HS    
Dowsett, Peter John    VA    United States    BBA    
Dowtin, Chanae        United States    HS    
Doy, Yolanda        United States        
Doyle, Christopher John Charles        Canada    MBA    
Doyle, Nicole Renae    SD    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Dozhier, Frank L., Jr.    TX    United States    BBA    
Dozier, Juan H D    SC    United States    BA    
Drahman, Bidin Che        Brunei Darussalam    BA    
Drake, Danielle    OH    United States    HS    
Drake, John R Jr.    NJ    United States    BBA    
Dreaver, Kenneth Robert        Canada    PhD    American West University
Drew, Jason H        United States    HS    
Drew, Jennifer L    CA    United States    Cert    
Drews, Mary Jo    IL    United States        
Dreyer, Jessey W    WA    United States    HS    
Driskill, Melinda        United States    HS    
Drogt, Jentinus        Belgium    MBA    
Droste, Tammy Ivey    TX    United States    BBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Drummond, Mercedes Temperance        Spain    MS    Cathedra University
Drummond-Farquharson, Faith        Spain    MA    Concordia University
Drury, Justin M.    KS    United States    MBA    American West University
Dryden, Sean Michael        Great Britain    BS    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Dson, Tammy Richa R        United States    MAH    
Du, Vu The        Vietnam    MBA    American West University
Dubay, Rajendra        Trinidad and Tobago    MBA    
Dubon-Zelaya, Antonio    FL    United States        
Dubose, William B        United States    BA    
Ducey, Dennis L    IN    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Ducey, L. Dennis        United States    BA    St. Regis
Duckett, Larry D    IA    United States    BS    
Duckett, Mark Anthony (Jr)    LA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Dudas, Pete B    NJ    United States    BA    
Dudy, Sherry        India        
Duffield, Gerry J        United States    HS    
Duffy, Crystal    PA    United States    HS    
Dugan, James    OH    United States    MBA    
Dugay, Yvonne E    CO    United States    BA    Concordia University
Duke, Cheryl H    GA    United States    HS    
Dukes, Edith        United States    HS    
Dula, Thomas J.    VA    United States    BA    Holy Acclaim University
Dulac, Jaime G.    NY    United States    BBA    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Dumeny, Joseph Craig        United States    HS    
Dunaway, Theresa *        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Dunbar, Abdulah K.    MD    United States        
Duncan, Keisha        United States    HS    
Duncan, Lakisha        United States    HS    
Duncan, Laurel Lee        Canada        
Duncan, Lawrence C.    GA    United States    ProfAssoc    Northwest United University
Duncan, Rebecca        United States    HS    
Duncan, Shelley L        United States    HS    
Dunga, Edwin E.    NJ    United States    BS    
Dunham, Ivan Gabriel        United States    HS    
Dunigan, Tara Lynne        United States    HS    
Dunlap, Brooke D    OK    United States        
Dunlap, Jamie        United States    HS    
Dunlap, Rhonda Lin    SC    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Dunn, Alexandria V    CA    United States        
Dunn, Amelia J    PA    United States    BA    
Dunn, Lawrences D        United States    HS    
Dunn, Robert P    MA    United States    BS    
Dunn, Samanthia Rose    TX    United States    BBA    
Dunn_, Robert M    IL    United States    HS    Trinity High School
Dunnagan, Johnny                
Dunnigan, Marminta        United States    HS    
Dunseith, Brina Jean    OH    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Duong, Phat        United States        
Duong, Tam Thanh        United States    HS    
Duplantis, Anthony        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
DuPree, Thomas K    WI    United States    MS    
Duque, Iii, Manuel E        United States    MBA    Northwest United University
DuQue, Manuel E. III    LA    United States    MBA    Northwest United University
Duquesne, StéPhane Pierre        Singapore    PhD    
Duquesne, Stephane Pierre Marcel        Singapore    PhD    
Duran, Hilda        United States    BBA    
Duran, Teodoro Jr.    AZ    United States    BS    
Durant, David Hoke    FL    United States    HS    
Durante, Eduardo Enrique Barrantes        Venezuala        
Durham, Michael W.    OR    United States    MDiv    Biblical Theological Seminary
Durham, Nancy    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Duthely, Serge        United States    HS    
Duthie, Charles Augustus        Australia    BA    Heartland University
Dutkiewicz, Jeffrey M    FL    United States    HS    
Duty, Scott Allen    KY    United States    BS    
Duyck, Xavier        Belgium    MBA    
Dvorak, Heather        United States    HS    
Dwayne        United States    HS    
Dweik, Rafiq Tawfiq        Jordan    PhD    
Dweik, Shafiq Tawfiq Kh.        Jordan    PhD    
Dworkin, Marc L    NC    United States    JD    
Dwyer, James H        United States    BBA    American West University
Dyer, Joseph N. Jr.    CA    United States    MBA    
Dyer, Richard Wayne    ID    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Dyk, Gwendoline Van        Taiwan    ProfFull    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Dykeman, James        United States    HS    
Dyleski, Darin Joseph    CO    United States    HS    
Dyleski, Scott Edgar        Canada    HS    Monroe University
Dyson, Shaun T.        United States    BS


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Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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Eaks, Jeny    IN    United States    HS    
Ealey, Gerald Tyrone    FL    United States        
Earl, Tawn M        United States        
Earle, Dale E    ME    United States    MS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Earls, Donald Eugene    WA    United States    PhD    
Earp, Hazel Marie        United States    HS    
Easley, Rose W    APO    US-APO    BA    American West University
Eastep, Dori Rena    TX    United States    HS    
Eastep, Leah Michelle    TX    United States    BA    
Eastep, Terry R.    TX    United States    HS    
Eastwood, Michael David    IN    United States    BBA    
Eastwood, Robert B    TX    United States    BSE    
Eaton, Elizabeth A        United States    HS    
Eaton, Joyce        United States    HS    
Ebersbach, Finn D    NY    United States    BS    
Ebersold, Woodrow M    IA    United States    MS    Holy Acclaim University
Ebrahim, Ahmed Mohsen Ali Mohsen Al        Bahrain    HS    
Ebron, Ronnie L.        United States    BS    
Ebron, William H    GA    United States    BS    
Ebua, Anthony Achuo        Cyprus    BA    
Eck, Lenora Delores    MD    United States    HS    Mission High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Eddy, Don    OK    United States    HS    
Edenfield, Robin        United States    HS    
Edgar, Charles E.        United States    HS    
Edge, Joseph        United States    HS    
Edge, Natalie        Great Britain        
Edins, William Edwin        United States    BS    
Edler, Alton Shane    TX    United States    MBA    Northwest United University
Edmiston, John H    CA    United States    BA    
Edmond, Demetrice        United States    HS    
Edmond, Sabrina M.                
Edmonds, Anthony L.        United States    BA    
Edmonds, Timothy        United States    PhDH    
Edouard, Elize        United States    HS    
Edwards, Charles M    NC    United States    AS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Edwards, Chere        United States    HS    
Edwards, David John        Japan    MS    
Edwards, Floyd Dale        United States    HS    
Edwards, Jacqueline        Jamaica    BS    
Edwards, James B.        United States    HS    
Edwards, Kawaryhatti        United States    HS    
Edwards, Nekita        United States    HS    
Edwards, Patrick Wayne        United States    HS    
Edwards, Robert L        United States    MA    
Edwards, Roger Anthony Mansfield        Australia    ProfFull    Holmes Graduate Institute
Edwards, Shawn G. Sr.        United States    MS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Edwards, Taisha D        United States    HS    
Edwards-Zeleny, Jodi L    MD    United States    BS    
Ee, Liang Seh        Malaysia    MS    
Eftekhari, Ali        Canada    PhDH    
Efughi, Victor Chukwulenye        Nigeria    PhDH    
Ehle, Richard    CA    United States    HS    
Ehteshamuddin, Ahmed        India    PhD    
Eisenhut, Wendy        United States        
El Jaouhari, Hakim        Canada    BS    
El-Hassan, Salih S        Saudi Arabia    BBA    Concordia University
El-Helou, Majed        Canada    PhD    St. Regis University
El-Jammal, Khaled    MI    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
El-Naami, Awni M.            PhD    
El-Shazly, Hossam El-Deen Atef        Switzerland    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Elam, Walter Leroy III    AL    United States    PhD    Breyer State University
Elashkar, Alaa Elsayed    NY    United States    HS    
Elbakri, Atif. A. A.        Saudi Arabia    BBA    
Elbashir, Elhadi Hamid Mohamed        United Arab Emirates    BS    
Elbassiouni, Salah Eldin E H                
Elbon, Melissa Dawn    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Elcarte, Jenelyn        Lebanon    HS    
Eldrige, Anthony    CO    United States        
Eleveld, Martin James    CA    United States    BBA    
Elghamrawy, Ahmed Farouk Mohammed        Egypt    BSE    
Elhassan, Abdul Hafeez Salih Ali Abu        Sudan    DSc    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Elion, Edward Reid    FL    United States    MBA    St. Lourdes Graduate Inst.
Elizabet, Doric, Liliana        United States    BA    
Eljaouhari, Hakim        Canada    HS    
Elker, Michael Joachim        Germany    MAH    
Elkins, Tim        United States        
Elliott, Betina    LA    United States    HS    
Elliott, Lang    CA    United States    BBA    
Elliott, Lisa L    NY    United States    HS    
Ellis, Amanda        Canada    HS    
Ellis, Erica        United States    HS    
Ellis, Estella        United States    HS    
Ellis, George        United States    MBA    
Ellis, Joseph G    NJ    United States    BBA    
Ellis, Kenyatta    MD    United States    HS    
Ellis, Lisa Diane    GA    United States    HS    
Ellis, Nichoals Dwanye        United States    HS    
Ellis, Nick        United States    HS    
Ellis, Shawn Paul    VA    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Ellison, Martha        United States    HS    
Ellison, Melissa Sue        United States    HS    
Ellman, Jeff    WI    United States    HS    
Elmessih, Ibrahim Gad Elkarim Ibrahim Abd        Kuwait    MBA    
Elmore, Jeremy D        United States    HS    
Elong-Dit-Bille, Rene        Switzerland    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Elong-Dit-Bille, René            BBA    St. Lourdes University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Elongoria, Gloria        United States        
Elosh, Dale Joseph    IL    United States    HS    
Elrabbany, Baher        Egypt    MS    St. Regis University
Else, Markus        United States    BA    
Ely, Raymond E    FL    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Emerson, Linnie G    OH    United States    HS    
Emerson, Tressa Lynn    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Emmanuel, Lintonia        United States    HS    
Emo, Candace        United States    HS    
Emore, Michael    FL    United States    HS    
Emralino, Luvy M    MD    United States    MS    
Encinascota, Jesus    APO    US-APO    BS    Concordia University
Endo, Mizue O.        United States    BBA    
Eng, Phally        United States    BS    St. Regis University
English, Christopher J        United States    HS    
English, Gerald Jay    FL    United States    BS    
Enoch, Roy        United States    HS    
Enumerables, Teresa Cousing        United States    HS    
Enyart, Terry L.    CO    United States    BA    
Epieson, Fonji Leonard        Great Britain    BBA    
Epliy, Amanda        United States    HS    
Epps, Craig        United States        
Epps, Lonterian M            BA    
Equils, Raymond Andrew        United States    BSE    
Erasmo, Ramil M.    PA    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Erb, Carol A.        United States    BA    
Erb, Judy Lee        United States    BA    
Eric        United States    HS    
Erickson, Cecilia Marie    MN    United States    HS    Mission High School
Erickson, Daniel J.    IA    United States    BA    
Ervin, Lakeesha        United States    HS    
Erwin, Diane    CA    United States    BS    
Escajeda, Mike    TX    United States    BSE    
Escobar, Hector Jr.        United States    BA    
Eseh, Mballe Samuel        Cameroon    MA    
Eslinger, Justin Edwin    CA    United States    HS    
Espinal, Monica E        United States    HS    
Espinal, Tammy Rene        United States    HS    
Espinosa, Steven Frank    MT    United States    BA    
Esplin, John Wayne    OR    United States    HS    
Esposito, Gary R.    NY    United States    BA    
Esq, Gregory Siefken,        United States    MS    All Saints American University
Esq., Michael W. Murray        United States    EdD    
Esslinger, Michael    CA    United States    BA    
Estes, Johnny    TX    United States    HS    
Estes, Joshua Francis    ME    United States    AA    
Estrada, Carlos    CA    United States    HS    
Estrada, Ingrid Lopez    NY    United States    HS    
Estrada, James C    CA    United States    BS    
Estrada, Luis R        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Estrada, Marvin        United States    HS    
Estrella, Edwin Carlos Jr.    FL    United States    BA    
Ethawy, Dr. Fouad Jasem Al-        United Arab Emirates    PhD    
Etherton, Kenneth Mack    KY    United States    BA    Holmes University
Ethway, Fouad Al        United Arab Emirates    PhD    Ajman University of Science and Technology
Etten, Shawn Eric Van Jr        United States    HS    
Ettore, Patricia Johnson    APO    US-APO    BA    St. Regis University
Ettyang, Nicholas Omonya                
Eucker, Lee Ann                
Eugene, Lesley        United States    HS    
Eureka        United States    HS    
Evan        United States    HS    
Evans, Brenda Renee (nee Williams)    NJ    United States    HS    
Evans, Douglas        United States    HS    
Evans, Graham Peter        Great Britain        
Evans, Latarra Clarissa        United States    HS    
Evans, Patice        United States        
Everett, Keith        United States        
Evers, Joanne        United States    HS    
Everson, Joseph Rondell        United States    BA    
Evonne        United States        
Ewards, Robert L    KY    United States    MA    
Ewell, Megan D.        United States    HS    
Ewers, Kimberly        United States    HS    
Eydler, William Allen    PA    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Faanes, Cari Jonelle    FL    United States    BS    
Fabian, Peter Thomas        Canada    ProfAdj    American West University
Facen, Milton Jr.    FL    United States    MBA    
Faciann, Jallah K (Jr)        Liberia        
Facundo, Brenda        United States    HS    
Fadayli, Yassir        Saudi Arabia    HS    
Fadul, Adil        United Arab Emirates        
Fagan, Michael    TX    United States        
Fagan, Randy Philmon    NY    United States    HS    
Faiai, Lealofi T.        United States    MA    
Fairbanks, Monica        United States        
Faircloth, Billijo Rea    FL    United States    BS    
Faircloth, Kristia Ann    PA    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Faires, Corey Edwon    AL    United States    HS    
Fakhreddine, Abdallah        Lebanon    MS    
Fall, Virginia            HS    
Fannin, Jesse E    TX    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Fant, Gregory Vincent (Dr)    VA    United States    DSc    
Farag, Nasser Mohammed Salem        Saudi Arabia    MS    
Farahmand, Farokh    MD    United States    BS    Hartland University
Faraji, Simin    CA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Fardon, David Alexander        Hong Kong    MA    
Farelua, Manece    FL    United States        
Farelus, Manece    FL    United States    HS    
Fareri, Martin G. (Jr)    NY    United States    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Faria, Orlando Figueira De        Portugal    MS    
Farley, Viola Susan    APO    US-APO    MA    
Farndon, David A        Hong Kong    MA    
Farnsworth, Kimberly        United States    HS    
Farrar, Gary W    MO    United States    BS    
Farrell, Ashley Marie    IN    United States    HS    Trinity Christian High School
Farrell, Deborah Jane    FL    United States    BA    
Farrell, Mr. Leslie Wilson        United States    MAH    
Farrell, Timothy Joseph    FL    United States    BA    
Farren, Alexis        United States        
Farris, Jason James    ME    United States    Cert    
Farrow, John Lee Jennings    NC    United States    HS    
Farrow, Tameka L    CA    United States        
Farthing, Mark A        Great Britain    MA    
Fatayrgi, Najib Chekri        United Arab Emirates        
Fatima        Canada    HS    
Fatly, Katia        Canada    BA    Hampton Bay University
Fatta, Thamer Ibrahim        Saudi Arabia    HS    
Fatureto, Marina P            BA    
Faulk, William B    TX    United States    BS    
Faulkner, Harold        United States    HS    
Faulkner, Tracy Lynn Jr.        United States    HS    
Fauls, F.                
Fausat, Mrs Kazeem Olabisi        Nigeria    HS    
Fauver, Les R        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Fauver, Lester R    WA    United States    HS    
Faver, Shane A.        United States    HS    
Fax, Check By        United States    MBA    American Capital University
Fayad, Ahmed Farrag A Naiem        Egypt    DBA    
Fazio, June    NY    United States        
Fedda, Wasseem        Canada    HS    
Fedorowych, Ernie I        Canada        
Fee, Cathy *    IN    United States    BBA    
Feeley, James Thomas    NJ    United States    BBA    Hampton Bay University
Fejeran, Ashton K    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Fekete, Andrew    IL    United States    MBA    Cathedra University
Felder, Shernicia        United States    HS    
Feldman, Josanna        United States    HS    
Feldmann, Markus Thomas        Switzerland    DBA    
Feldner, Colette Rene    CA    United States    BS    
Felton, Kevin E    NV    United States    MBA    
Fenley, Michael Shawn    CO    United States    DBA    
Fenner, Joyce Carol    FL    United States    BA    
Fenrick, Shawn E        United States    MBA    
Fenton, Drake    IA    United States    AA    
Fenton, Philip J        United States    PhD    American West University
Fenton, Wendy Meshon    IA    United States    AA    
Fenton-Ray, Carl Lee    NC    United States    PhD    Concordia University
Ferguson, Clifford Stanley        South Africa    BS    Concordia University
Ferguson, Joe K        Singapore    BA    St. Lourdes University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ferguson, Joseph Kent        Singapore    BA    St. Lourdes University
Ferguson, Nicki M.    FL    United States        
Ferguson, Wilburn Edward    APO    US-APO    BS    
Fernandes E D'Sa, Leocaddia            BA    
Fernandes, Andre Fraga    FL    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Fernandez, Alex C. Rivera        Puerto Rico    PhD    
Fernandez, Chrystal L    GA    United States    PhD    
Fernandez, Henry Miguel    MO    United States    HS    
Fernandez, Ricardo    WA    United States    PhD    
Fernando, Luz Joanna        United States    HS    
Ferr, Melissa        United States    HS    
Ferraz, Sofia        United States    HS    
Ferreiro, Javier Jurado        Spain    PhDH    
Ferrell, Courtland Clydell    APO    US-APO    BBA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Ferrell, Steven J    MI    United States    BA    
Ferrer, J Leroy A    CA    United States    MBA    
Ferrer, J. Leroy A.        United States    MBA    
Ferro, Melissa    PA    United States    HS    
Ferro, Paul    NY    United States    AS    American West University
Ferrocarril, George        United States    BS    
Ferry, Robert Nichola    MI    United States    BS    Audentes Technical College
Feser, Erica        United States    HS    
Fesharaki, Seyed Hossein Hashemi        Iran    PhD    
Fetters, David E        United States    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Fetyani, Hani Hasan        Saudi Arabia    DBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Fetzer, Joyce Ann    MI    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Fiallo, Arnaldo Jesus    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Field, Debra Lea    MO    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Field, Mark Louis    MO    United States    BBA    Blackstone University
Fields, David Lee    VA    United States    BA    
Figueroa, Brendaly A    NY    United States    HS    
Figueroa, Jesus Orlando    MA    United States    BBA    
Figueroa, Luis A    DE    United States    BA    
Figueroa, Ronnie        United States    HS    
Filyaw, Leonard Ray    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Finch, Kavonta        United States    HS    
Fink, Marlene        United States    BS    St. Regis University
Finlay, Frederick C        Canada    HS    
Finley, Albert (JR)    AL    United States    BA    
Finley, Andre' Raynard        United States    HS    
Finley, Brett Allen    FL    United States    AA    
Finley, Corey Lee    AL    United States    HS    
Finley, Eva    AL    United States    HS    
Finley, Jr, Albert            MA    
Finley, Titania        United States        
Finster, Joseph Lamonte Ii        United States    BSN    
Fior        United States    HS    
Fisak, Andrew Ian        United States    HS    
Fischbach, Bruce Richard    KS    United States    BA    American West University
Fischer, Dena        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Fischer, Kerri        United States    HS    
Fisher, Amanda        United States    HS    
Fisher, Daniel R    APO    US-APO    BBA    University. Of NE
Fisher, Jasmine M    PA    United States    HS    
Fisher, Sherry Ann    MN    United States    BA    Nation State Univ.
Fitch, Dreama D.        United States    HS    
Fitzell, Adam        United States    HS    
Fitzgerald, Thomas M    NY    United States    BS    
Fitzwater, James            HS    Mission High School
Flack, James Allan    OH    United States    MA_    
Flacke, Stephan        Germany    PhD    
Flake, Gregory Wayne    IN    United States    BA    
Flanagan, Heather Renee        United States    HS    
Flannagin, Dean Arthur    ND    United States    PhDH    
Flarey, Dominick L        United States    PhD    
Fleeman, Sean Christopher    FL    United States    HS    
Fleig, Richard Lee    CA    United States    HS    
Fleitas, Peter Paul    FL    United States    BA    
Fleming, Adrian        United States    MA    
Fleming, Karen E.        United States    HS    
Fleming, Leigh        Great Britain        
Fleming, Russell    NJ    United States    BS    
Fleming-Baird, Alan        Great Britain    MAH    
Flemming, Jason V    NY    United States    PhD    
Flemon, Perry Dante    CO    United States    AA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Fletcher, C                
Fletcher, Rhonda F    TX    United States    DSc    
Fleuridor, Wilgains    NJ    United States    BA    Robertstown University
Flick, Cheryl Lynn        United States    BBA    
Flint, Theresa        Canada    MAH    
Flippo, James Michael    AL    United States    MA    
Flood, Noel V (Mr.)        Saudi Arabia    PhD    St. Lourdes University
Florence, Donald E        United States    MA    
Florent, Padonou        Gabon    HS    
Flores, Alicia Valtierra    TX    United States    MA    
Flores, Andres Castillo    PA    United States    BA    
Flores, Christine        United States    HS    
Flores, Fabiola        United States    HS    
Flores, Francisco J        United States    HS    
Flores, Henry J    CA    United States    BA    
Flores, Julian .M.        United States    HS    
Flores, Matthew J.    TX    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Flowers, Dwight    TN    United States    AA    
Flowers, Jr., Kenneth O        United States    BS    
Flowers, Kenneth O Jr.    SC    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Flowers, Lakimbar        United States        
Floyd, Danny L    APO    US-APO    BA    
Floyd, Dustin    TN    United States    HS    Mission High School
Floyd, Gail F    NC    United States        
Floyd, James I.        United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Floyd, William A Sr.    MD    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Fluellen, Ebony        United States    HS    
Flynn, Roland Dean    WY    United States    MA    St. Lourdes Graduate Institute
Fodrey, Edward T    VA    United States    HS    
Foerster, Rolf        Germany    DSc    
Fogle, Maurice        United States    HS    
Foisy, Michael    MN    United States    HS    Mission High School
Foley, Christopher D        United States    AA    
Foley, Gerald        Canada    BA    
Folgado, Josue Edgar        South Africa    BA    Holmes University
Folkes, Bruce Steven    CA    United States    BS    
Fonda, Denis    NY    United States    HS    
Fondy, Jon D    NV    United States    BA    
Fonelli, A                
Fong , Christopher Kong Onn        Singapore    BA    Bradford College
Fonji, Leonard E            BA    
Fonomaitu, Pulalasi Sharlyn    AK    United States        
Fonseka, Ruwan Dileepa        Canada        
Fontaine, Rick J    KY    United States    MBA    
Fontenot, Trudie    LA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Foore, Douglas William        United States    HS    
Foote, Kristin Rena        Uruguay        
Forbes, Robin L    WA    United States    BS    
Forbes, Tika        Turks and Cicos Islands    BA    
Ford, Corine        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ford, Denerial Pierite Or Deborah        United States        
Ford, Holly May        United States    HS    
Ford, Ilda Iris    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Ford, Jay Robert    SC    United States    MBA    
Ford, Pretina Evette        United States    HS    
Ford, Ronice        United States    HS    
Ford, Tony L.        United States    HS    
Ford-Whitten, Susan    MS    United States    BA    
Fordyce, Alec W.    NM    United States        
Formica, John        United States    Cert    
Fornwald, Javier        United States    HS    
Fornwall, Javier    NJ    United States        
Fortin, Jeffrey Allen        United States    PhD    
Fortin, Thomas A    GA    United States    BBA    
Fortner, Bobby L Jr.    IN    United States    BS    American West University
Foster, Daniel P    GA    United States    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Foster, Jeanne    FL    United States    HS    
Foster, Michael Jr        United States    HS    
Foster, Rachel    VI    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Foster, Valencia        United States    HS    
Foster_, Daniel F    AL    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Fosu-Blankson, Nana Alex        Ghana    MBA    
Fotovich, Jennifer Sue    CO    United States    BA    
Fouad, Tarek Mohamed        Canada    MBA    
Fournier, David W.        United States    MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Fournier, Thomas Leopold    ME    United States    BS    
Foushee, Lindamarie    MS    United States    BA    
Foust, Roger Dale    TN    United States    BA    
Fowler, Karen Dantha    IA    United States    MBA    
Fowler, Michael L    FL    United States        
Fowler, Steven        United States    HS    
Fowlow, Jonathan Frederick        Canada    HS    
Fox, Amanda Jane    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Fox, Andrew Richard        Great Britain    PhD    
Fox, Ann S    AZ    United States        
Fox, Carol A    CA    United States    BA    
Fox, Wendy    APO    US-APO    HS    
Fox-Blackwell, Florence Lynette    VA    United States    PhDH    
Fox-Blackwell, Reverend Florence Lynette        United States    PhDH    
Fraind, Cruzana Eliza del Socorro    FL    United States    BBA    James Monroe International University
Frakes, Dawn    TN    United States    HS    
Fraley, Laura    KY    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Francescutti, Silvia    TX    United States    BS    
Francesutti, Silvia    TX    United States    BS    
Francik, Edna        United States    HS    
Francis, Cicely        Antigua/Barbuda    HS    
Francis, Michel-Ray        Canada    Cert    
Franco, Thomas J        United States    BS    
Frank, Chad M    AZ    United States    Transcript copy    
Frank, Melinda        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Frank, Wayne        United States    HS    
Franke, Richard        South Korea    BA    St. Lourdes University
Franklin, Charise    FL    United States    HS    
Franklin, Donald O    APO    US-APO    BS    
Franklin, Ellen F    NM    United States    PhD    
Franklin, Reginald        United States        
Franklin, Tiffany        United States    HS    
Franta, Terence J    PA    United States    BBA    
Franzese, Ronald F    OH    United States    MBA    
Frase, Partick E    TX    United States    HS    
Fraser, Jennifer        Canada    HS    
Fratz, Nicole M        United States    HS    
Frayne, Krystal        Canada    HS    
Frazee, Jeremy Todd        United States    HS    
Frederick, Brenda S    KY    United States    BBA    Holmes University
Frederick, Quami        Canada    BA    James Monroe University
Frederickson, Eric E.    IN    United States        
Fredrick, Keith Donald    MD    United States    BS    
Free, Tony M    TN    United States    BA    
Freed, Norman M    CA    United States    BS    
Freeman, Annette Marie        United States    HS    
Freeman, Jacqueline    TX    United States    Cert    
Freeman, Jeffery Ian        United States    HS    
Freeman, Thomas    TX    United States    BS    
Freeman, Tina        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Freeman-Seltzer, Annette Marie    AK    United States    HS    
Freemon, Tabatha        United States    HS    
Freitag, Steven Edward    FL    United States    MS    
Freitas, Carlos Flavio Siqueira        Australia    MBA    
Freitas, John    CA    United States    MA    
Freman, Jacqueline    TX    United States    Cert    
Frempong, Richmond Kweku        Great Britain    MA    
French, Christopher W    MI    United States    MBA    
French, Joshua        Canada    HS    
Frett, Anita        United States    HS    
Freua, Wladimir Rafik        Brazil    BA    
Freund, Shaun M        United States    HS    
Frey, Bradley        United States    HS    
Frias, Audrey        United States    HS    
Friday, F.                
Friday, Frances A    NY    United States    BS    
Friedrich, Detlef        Germany    PhDH    
Friedrichs, Richard    TX    United States    HS    
Frison, Raymond Gunther    NC    United States    MS    
Frix, Nevamarie        United States    HS    
Fromme', Brenda S.    NM    United States    BA    
Frost, Shawn R    FL    United States        
Fry, Megan Colleen        United States    HS    
Fry, Ronald J.    PA    United States    MBA    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Fry, William K.    CA    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Frydrysiak, Henry J    AZ    United States    PhD    
Frye, Amber        United States    HS    
Frye, Jeanne    FL    United States    MA    
Fuentes, Eduardo    FL    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Fuentes, Higinio    FL    United States    MS    
Fuentes, Maria M    FL    United States    Transcript    Columbia State University
Fuhriman, Jana Lee        United States    AA    
Fulbright, Linda T    FL    United States    BA    
Fulk, John D    IL    United States    PhD    
Fuller Jr., Gerald W        United States    BS    
Fuller, Gerald Wayne Jr    TX    United States    MA    
Fuller, Howard Martin    NJ    United States    BBA    New Manhattan University
Fullerton, Craig *    WA    United States        
Fulp, Heather        United States    HS    
Fulton, Anthony Ray Ii        United States    BBA    
Fulton, Ciara        United States        
Fultze, Archie J.        United States    HS    
Fun, Li Teresa Suk        Hong Kong    PhD    
Fun, Suk Li Teresa        Hong Kong    PhD    
Funish, James K    CA    United States    MS    Northwest United University
Fuqua, Vineisha D.        United States    HS    
Furones, Carlos Melchor    FL    United States        
Fury, Ricky    TN    United States    HS    
Fusco, Michael    NC    United States        
Fushi, MaryAnne    MI    United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Fusin, Herman        Indonesia    BS    
Gabauer, Margaret    MO    United States    HS    
Gabel, Brenda L.        United States    HS    
Gabriel        Nigeria    BA    
Gaftman, Michael B.    IL    United States        
Gagan, Shirley Pangelinan        Guam (USA)    HS    
Gagic, Patricia Karen        Canada    MBA    
Gaines, Cameron E    APO    US-APO    AA    
Gajic, Zoran B.        Bosnia-Herzegovina    BA    
Galashaw, Trinette        United States    HS    
Galbreath, Larry H    MD    United States        
Galindo, Lana        United States    HS    
Gall, William A    APO    US-APO    MA    American West University
Gallaher, Karen    GA    United States        
Gallaher, Laran Nicole    GA    United States    HS    
Galloway, Janine Marie    MA    United States    HS    
Galloway, Nicholas S    OR    United States        
Gallup, Elmer W    AL    United States    BBA    
Gamboa (Tecana International University), Omaira        Argentina    BS    
Gamboa, Erica        United States    HS    
Gamboa, Omaira        Venezuala    PhD    
Gamewell, Amanda Michelle        United States    HS    
Gamez, Juan B. Jr.        United States    HS    
Gamino, Claudia    TN    United States    HS    
Gandee, Eugene Matthew        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Gannon, Carl        Canada    BBA    
Gant, Cynthia        United States    HS    
Gantt, Teresa        United States    HS    
Garcesa, Soumaly Chanthavong        United States    HS    
Garcia Jr., Antonio        United States    BA    
Garcia, Amy        United States    HS    
Garcia, Angela    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Garcia, Arnaldo    FL    United States    BS    
Garcia, Diane        United States    HS    
Garcia, Janelle Elaine        United States    AA    
Garcia, Jeremy        United States    HS    
Garcia, Joaquin Gonzalez        Spain    BA    West American University
Garcia, Joe G.        United States    HS    
Garcia, Manuel        United States    HS    
Garcia, Maria    TX    United States    BS    
Garcia, Marla    CA    United States    HS    
Garcia, Miguel Julio    CA    United States    MS    
Garcia, Nalda G    TX    United States    MBA    Concordia College & University
Garcia, Octavio    CA    United States    BS    
Garcia, Onax F    APO    US-APO    BS    
Garcia, Patricia Anne    CA    United States    HS    
Garcia, Rafael Jr.        United States    HS    
Garcia, Sadiel        United States    HS    
Garcia, Sarah        United States    HS    
Garcia, Sugei        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Garcia, Sylvia Dorina        United States    HS    
Garcia, Tomas        United States    HS    
Garcia, Yarielis    FL    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Garcia-Antongiorgi,    APO    US-APO    MS    
Garcia., Antonio (Jr.)    CA    United States    BA    
Garcia_, Miguel    CA    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Gardetto, Theresia    NV    United States        
Gardner, Cynthia        United States        
Gardner, Daniel    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Gardner, Murry B        United States    HS    
Gardner, R.                
Garland, Carol Sue        United States    HS    
Garland, Kelduyn R    FL    United States    ProfFull    
Garmache, A                
Garner, Jonathan Dale        United States    HS    
Garnett, Brian S    IN    United States        
Garofalo, William M    NJ    United States    BS    
Garrett, Jodie        United States        
Garrett, Patrick Kevin    MO    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Garrett, Terry    OK    United States    PhD    Cathedra University
Garrett, Tiffany L    NY    United States        
Garry, Mark T    TX    United States    BA    
Gartner, Andrej Joze        Slovenia    AA    
Garvin, William    AZ    United States    Cert    
Gary, Michael W    PA    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Garyor, Sue        United States    MBA    
Garza, Francisco X. GonzáLez        Mexico    PhD    
Garza, Louis Rey    TX    United States    BS    
Garza, Norma A    TX    United States        
Garza, Rene Fernando    AZ    United States    HS    Mission High School
Garza, Rey        United States    BS    
Gasque, Renan Romo        United States    HS    
Gatchev, Ivan V    CA    United States        
Gates, Hunter            MA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Gates, Jewell Everett        United States    BA    
Gath, Brent W    NH    United States    HS    
Gaton, Mabel        United States    HS    
Gatson, Michael        United States    HS    
Gaul, Michael Darrell        Canada    BS    
Gautam, Prakash        Nepal    MA    St. Regis University
Gauthier, Donald Edward    CA    United States    BBA    
Gaveau, Patrick or Jean Michel Gaveau        France    BA    
Gay, Charlotte        United States    MS    
Gay, Joshua D        United States    HS    
Gaye, Joseph Daffun (Jr)    PA    United States        
Gaye,Jr, Joseph D.        United States        
Gayheart, Kathleen G    OH    United States    BSN    Concordia
Gaylene        United States        
Gearinger, Melissa Rene    TX    United States    BBA    
Gec, Brandon L    NJ    United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Gedalia, Elan Naim    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Geelalsingh, Kyle T        United States    HS    
Gehrke, Jerry R    WA    United States        Capital Arts & Technology Institute
Geisenberger, Andrea or Thomas, Oliver Lorenz        Spain    PhD    
Generaux, Robert N        United States    HS    
Genest, Mark F    PA    United States    HS    
Gengenbacher, Andreas        Netherlands    MBA    
Gentry, Samuel Earl    TX    United States        
Georgantas, George Ioannis        India        
George, Abraham        India    BS    West Coast University
George, Princesa        United States    HS    
George, Shirley *    TX    United States        
Georgi Jr., Monir M        United States    BS    
Georgi, Monir Mourad (Jr)    CA    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Georgio, Michalis        Cyprus    BA    
Georgiou, Michalis        Cyprus    BS    
Geraldo, Rodrigo Heymann    FL    United States    BA    
Gerber, Jenny (van Veyeren)        United Arab Emirates    BA    American West University
Gerety, David D    OH    United States    BA    St. Regis University
German, Brian    PA    United States    AA    
Gerrard, Jayne E        Great Britain    PhD    Holmes Graduate Institute
Gerrard-Paton, Jayne Elizabeth        Great Britain    BS    American West University
Gerritsen, Malia Losalia    RI    United States    HS    
Gerthoffer, Robert W    SC    United States    BBA    
Gesegnet, Ronald Victor    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Geslicki, Marcel        United States    HS    
Getchell, Amanda        United States        
Ghafari, Alieh        Iran    BA    
Gharib, Sanaa Abdulmoniem (Gharib, Sanaa Abdel-Moneim)        Saudi Arabia        
Gholson, John Thomas (Jr.)    TN    United States    BA    
Ghosh, Siddhartha        India    PhDH    
Giallzis, Stergos V        Greece    BBA    
Giancola, David Everett    ME    United States    BA    
Giannios, John N            ProfFull    American West University
Giattino, John Robert    PA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Gibbon, Matthew Keith    MS    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Gibbons, Stephen M    MA    United States    BA    Holmes University
Gibbs, Charles E (III)    AZ    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Gibbs, Jack Wiley        United States    HS    Branford Academy College Prep HS
Gibson, Amy        Canada    HS    
Gibson, Aprill        United States    HS    
Gibson, Crystal Nicole        United States    HS    
Gibson, Ginger        United States        
Gibson, Ian        Great Britain    PhD    
Gibson, James Earl    KY    United States    HS    Trinity
Gibson, Margaret        United States    BA    
Giddens, Gary G    CO    United States    BS    Holy Acclaim University
Gier, Steven Keith    KS    United States    BBA    
Gifford, Heath    KY    United States    HS    
Gifford, Ligia    UT    United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Gigante, Luigi        Italy    BA    
Gilani, Syed Mhd. Azhar        Pakistan    BSE    
Gilbert, Joseph J    NY    United States    BA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Gilbert, Scott Allan    GA    United States    MS    
Gilbert, Sheila Denise    AK    United States    HS    
Gilbert, Timothy        United States    HS    
Gilbert, William J.    VA    United States    BS    
Giles, Heather L.        United States    HS    
Giles, Jasmine        United States    HS    
Gill, Douglas Lane    CT    United States    BA    
Gill, Mandeep K.        United States    HS    
Gill, Saffire        United States    HS    
Gillespie, Harold David        United States    PhD    
Gillespie, Kathleen E    AZ    United States    PhD    New Manhattan University
Gillespie, Wardell    TX    United States        
Gilley, D S (Jr)    FL    United States    PhD    St. Lourdes University
Gilley, Mary Sue    AL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Gilliam, Shirelle Le'Rae    CA    United States    MA    
Gillilan, Felicia    AL    United States    HS    
Gilliland, Ronnie E    CO    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Gilman, Noreen S    FL    United States    BS    
Gilmore, Tamika        United States    HS    
Gilson, Sangria        United States    HS    
Gimbel, Terry Neil (Jr.)    IL    United States    AA    James Monroe University
Ginn, Adrian        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Gioffre, Maria A    NJ    United States        
Giovanni, Mi Di        Australia        
Giraudon, Guillaume M        France    BA    Holy Acclaim University
Gist, Joshua    TN    United States    HS    Mission High School
Gitau, Patrick W        Kenya    BA    
Giughlo, Albert A    NC    United States    BA    
Giulietti, Fabrizio        Italy    BS    St. Regis University
Givens, Joe N.        United States    HS    
Gizinski, Chris        United States    BS    St. Regis University
Glaser, Raymond J    FL    United States    MS    Northwest United University
Glasgow, Elliott C    GA    United States    BA    American West University
Glasgow, Peter        United States    HS    
Glass, Sandra        United States    HS    
Glasser, Gail Ellyn    CA    United States    BA    
Glazman, Arkady    FL    United States    MS    Concordia University
Gleason, Gerald G    NJ    United States    HS    
Gleason, Heather        United States    HS    
Gleisner, Amanda L    NC    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Glenn, Amanda M.R.L.        United States        
Glenn, Cheryle        United States    HS    
Glenn, Gordon Albert    MD    United States    PhD    American Capital University
Glenn, Ronnie        United States    HS    
Glenn, Virginia M    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Glisan, Christina Dawn    VA    United States        
Glover, Tasha Lynn        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Gluckman, Ashley        United States    HS    
Glueck, Barbara Evelyn        United States    MA    
Glymph, Donna        United States    HS    
Glynn, Jay    CA    United States    HS    Branford High School
Gobert, Rickey J    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Godbolt, Desiree R    MD    United States    BA    
Goddard, Derek        Great Britain        
Gohlson, John Thomas    TN    United States        
Goings, Louise E            BA    
Goldschmidt, William E    MO    United States    BS    Robertstown University
Golestaneh, Mahdi        Iran    BS    
Goliath, Ann-Marie Rachele        South Korea    BA    
Goliath, Michael Paul John        South Korea    BBA    
Golightly, Mark Paul    OH    United States    BS    
Golson, Calvin    FL    United States    BS    
Golson, Trina Banks    FL    United States    BS    
Gomes, Claudine E        United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Gomes, M.Madalena D.        United States    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Gomez, Amparo Isaza de        Colombia    BS    St. Regis University
Gomez, Andrew T    AZ    United States        
Gomez, David Paul    NJ    United States    PhD    
Gomez, Jennette        United States    HS    
Gomez, Nicholas David        United States    HS    
Gomez, Rene    FL    United States    HS    
Gomez, Stephanie    NM    United States    HS    Mission High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Gomez, Tony    MA    United States    MBA    All Saints American University
Gomez, Vanessa L.        United States        
Gomez-Joseph, Rosemond    TX    United States    PhD    Holmes University
Gomillion, Ravanell Javon        United States    HS    
Goncalves, Fernando Antonio dos Santos Basto        Portugal    PhD    
Goncalves, Luis Carlos        Brazil    PhD    
Gonsior, Walter            HS    
Gonzales, Jessica Lee    KS    United States    HS    
Gonzales, L.                
Gonzales, Oscar        United States        
Gonzalez, Antonio Roman (Jr)    IL    United States    HS    James Monroe High School
Gonzalez, Dianna M. Weathersby    TX    United States        
Gonzalez, George A (Rev, Fr)    TX    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Gonzalez, Gilmer        United States    HS    
Gonzalez, Jesssica M        United States        
GonzáLez, JoaquíN        Spain    BA    
Gonzalez, Kerri        United States    HS    
Gonzalez, Luis E        El Salvador    MBA    
Gonzalez, Margarett L    ME    United States    MA    
Gonzalez, Martha A    CA    United States    AA    
Gonzalez, Nancy        United States    HS    
Gonzalez, Nereida        United States        
Gonzalez, Samuel        United States    HS    
Gonzalez, Vivian        United States    HS    
Gonzalez, Zachary Ian    AZ    United States    MBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Gonzalez-Farrington, Jeanne        United States    HS    
Gonzalez_, Luis    TX    United States    BS    Cathedra University
Gonzalez_, Margarita    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Gooch, Louis Richard    DC    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Goodale, Jason Alan    ID    United States        
Goodrich, Susan L    IA    United States    HS    
Goodson, Phillip        United States    HS    
Goodwin, Donyea    NJ    United States    HS    Mission High school
Goodwin, Joe        Canada    HS    
Goorman, Brad    AZ    United States    BBA    
Goosen, Nicola Joy        South Africa    BBA    St. Regis University
Gopal.R, Venu        United Arab Emirates    BA    
Gordon Richlin, Debra I            ProfFull    
Gordon, Carlos        United States    HS    
Gordon, Franklin    GA    United States        
Gordon, Janet Denise Saxon        United States        
Gore, Karen Ruth    GA    United States    BS    
Gore, Ronald H    GA    United States    BS    
Gorham, Gregory C    OR    United States    MBA    Concordia University
Gorman, Timothy Francis    CA    United States    BSE    Northwest United University
Gosa, Garnell J.        United States    HS    
Goss, Amy Michelle    AR    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Goss, Teresa B.        United States    BA    
Goswami, Probir        India    BA    
Gottwald, Joseph Albert II    PA    United States    BA    Sacred Heart College
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Gough, Dale *    DC    United States        
Gough, Michael        United Arab Emirates    BBA    
Goulart, Russell    AR    United States    BS    
Gould, Reeda            HS    Mission High School
Gouldie, Michael Christopher        United States    HS    
Govern, Frank Stanley    MD    United States    PhD    
Govers, Hugh J        Australia    PhD    
Gow-Hsiung, Lin        Taiwan    DSc    
Gow-Hsiung,Lin        Taiwan    DSc    
Gowdy, Calvin        United States    BA    
Gracia, Victor Ramon    AZ    United States        
Gradas, Eviz Eljko        Bosnia-Herzegovina    BS    
Grady, Kenneth Earl    GA    United States    BA    
Grady, Sharon D    GA    United States    BS    
Grady, Teigan Lindsay    RI    United States        
Graeupl, Edwin Lothar        Austria    PhD    
Graff, Vicki        United States    HS    
Graham, Barbara E    MS    United States        
Graham, Dehaven (Sr)    NJ    United States        
Graham, Erskine R        Great Britain    MA    
Graham, Kimberly        United States    HS    
Graham, Latarsha        United States    HS    
Graham, Michael R.    NY    United States    HS    
Graham, Susan R        United States    BBA    
Graham, Tony Gordon        United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Grahlert, John        United States    BS    
Grainger, Donna    NJ    United States    HS    
Graley, Thomas Joe (Jr)    OH    United States        
Grammar, Karen Joy *                
Grana, Joseph R    AZ    United States        
Grandison, Delon R    APO    US-APO        
Granier, Michael        United States    HS    
Graniosn, Jasonda        United States    HS    
Granison, Jasonda        United States    HS    
Granstrom, Camilla    RI    United States    HS    Mission High School
GranströM, Camilla        United States    HS    
Grant, Barbara    CT    United States    HS    Mission High School
Grant, John *                
Grant, Kanika *    TX    United States        
Grant, Marlon        United States    HS    
Grant, Sacha    NV    United States        
Grant, Vergil E.        United States    PhD    
Granton, Laura Lee        United States    HS    
Grass, Michael Douglas        Australia    BS    
Gratton, Aline, Deville    FL    United States    PhD    Concordia College & University
Graue, Emma Vanessa        United States    HS    
Graveley, Albert    NY    United States    HS    Mission High School
Graves, John C    APO    US-APO    MS    Concordia University
Graves, Rodney James    AK    United States    BA    
Gray, Curtis Ray Jr        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Gray, Darryl                
Gray, Delanio A    APO    US-APO    BS    
Gray, Harold Dean    AR    United States    BSE    Hartland University
Gray, Larry Michel    CA    United States        
Gray, Michael W    PA    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Gray, Rachel Marie        United States    HS    
Gray, Ralfela            HS    
Gray, Rosemary    MD    United States    BBA    
Gray, Sandra            HS    
Gray, Tina L    MD    United States        
Gray, Ulanda R.    NJ    United States    BBA    Concordia College
Gray, William Darryl    GA    United States    PhD    
Gray_, Michael    FL    United States    HS    Monroe university High School
Grayson, Fabian        United States        
Greasley, Michael C    MD    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Greco, Steven        United States    HS    
Greek, Amanda Alee    FL    United States        
Green, Carol Ann        Great Britain    PhD    
Green, Charity Darlene        United States        
Green, Eric D.    GA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Green, Hank P    FL    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Green, Jerry        United States    HS    
Green, Joan        United States    HS    
Green, Jonathan V    NY    United States        
Green, Larry D.        United States    MAH    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Green, Monique        United States    HS    
Green, Pamela Denise    TX    United States    BS    
Green, Phillip G    NM    United States        
Green, Tamara        United States    HS    
Greene, Melissa        United States    HS    
Greene, Robert Crandall        Canada    BA    
Greene, Willie Dwight    CT    United States    PhD    
Greenidge, Leston        United States    HS    
Greenlee, Amanda        United States    HS    
Greenlee, LaVerna Sue    TX    United States    BA    
Greeno, David W.    OH    United States    HS    
Greenway, Michael David    GA    United States        
Greer, Jeffrey Scott    IL    United States    BSE    St. Lourdes University
Greer, Theresa Jane    NV    United States    BA    
Gregorcy, Perry Dennis    IL    United States    BS    
Grench, John A    CA    United States    BS    
Greto, Michael J.        United States    BA    
Griego, Gloria Ann        United States        
Griffin, Anthony M    APO    US-APO    AA    
Griffin, Candice        United States    HS    
Griffin, David L.    CA    United States    BS    
Griffin, Earlene        United States    HS    
Griffin, Harold P    LA    United States    PhD    
Griffin, Kiwan L    IL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Griffin, Marjorie E.        Canada        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Griffin, Michael    FL    United States    HS    
Griffin, Paul R    IL    United States    BSE    University of Illinois at Chicago
Griffin, Robin G.        United States    BS    
Griffin, Takesha        United States    HS    
Griffith, Amber        United States        
Griffith, Cynthia Denise    MI    United States    MBA    
Griggs, Andy    NV    United States        
Grigoryan, Arkady        United States    HS    
Grigoryan, Shushanik    CA    United States        
Grimaudo, Nicholas J    FL    United States    PhD    
Grimes, Danny E.    IN    United States        
Grimes, Elizabeth C    MD    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Grissett, Jamie        United States    HS    
Groesbeck, Nancy V.    CO    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Groh-Prout, Lance        United States    HS    
Grondin, Joel        Canada    BS    
Groom, Loretta Ann    WY    United States        
Grosse, Thomas Michael (Jr)    FL    United States    MS    St. Regis University
Grow, Shelley    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Gruber, Claudia Jeane        United States    HS    
Grundy, Martha V    MI    United States    MA    
Gryske, Patricia A    WI    United States    BS    
Guardado, Jeremias    MO    United States    BBA    Van Ives University
Gueda, Martha Patricia Ramos                
Guen, Jung Hwan        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Gueno, Rasean Joey    IL    United States        
Guerra, Jesus Benito    MI    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Guerra, Luis A Padilla        Puerto Rico    BS    
Guerra, Pierre Gomez        United States        
Guerrero, Carlos E    TX    United States    BA    
Guess, William Foster        United States        
Guest, Kathy                
Guevara, Adino Bryson        United States    PhD    
Guevara-Sanchez, Lesa Rennee        United States    HS    
Guffey, Sherry Lynn (Smith)    TN    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Guidon, Bob *    ID    United States        
Guidry, Sam R Jr    TX    United States    HS    
Guidry,Jr., Sam R        United States    HS    
Guillaume, Godfroy    CT    United States    MBA    
Guillaume, Kolor Komlan N'Timina        Togo    PhD    
Guleren, Aykut        Turkey    ProfAssoc    
Gumm, Kevin M.    GA    United States    MS    
Gummadi, Rose & Vijaya    CA    United States        
Gump, Tracy        United States    HS    
Gunasekara, Jayalath Mudiyanselage Nawarathna Janaka        Sri Lanka    MS    
Gunderson, Deborah S    OK    United States    BBA    
Guss, Lucy M    CA    United States        
Guthrie, Shanna P    NJ    United States        
Gutierrez, Andre Jr        United States        
Gutierrez, Mary-Ann Sweetman    WA    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Guy, Kevin L            BA    
Guy, Larry    GA    United States    MBA    Concordia Graduate Institute
Guy, Ria    NY    United States        
Guyette, Melissa        United States        
Guynes, Amy        United States    HS    
Guyton, Shenika        United States    HS    
Guzman, Nemesia        United States    HS    
Gwee, Jeremy        Singapore    PhD    
Gwin, Howard Francis Iii        United States    BS    
Gwynn, Anthony Aaron    CA    United States    BA


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Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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Haag, James A.    NJ    United States    BS    American West University
Haatainen, Kai S.        Finland    MA    
Habib, Md Ahsanul        Bangladesh    BSE    
Habib, Md. Ahsanul        Bangladesh    BSE    
Hachmeister, Michael        United States    HS    
Hachouche, Hussein F        United States    HS    
Hackett, Antoinette        United States    HS    
Haddabeh, Mosalam    NJ    United States        
Haddad, Majed Jouseph        Israel    BA    
Haddadin, Samer T        United States    HS    
Haddix, Heike H    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Haden, Donald Wayne Sr.        United States    MBA    
Hadjikyriacos, Marios Andrea        Cyprus    PhDH    
Hadley, Kimberly        United States        
Hadley, Nicole Ann    FL    United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Hadsell, Erica        United States    HS    
Hafeneder, Andreas Rudolf        Germany    BA    Concordia University
Hagedorn, James Richard    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Hagen, Gina June    CA    United States        
Hagey, Robert J (Jr)    TX    United States    BA    
Hahn, John Ray        United States    MS    
Haight, Tina    TX    United States    HS    Mission High School
Hailey, Ross N    VA    United States        
Haitt, R. (Sr)                
Hajtun, Eric W    VA    United States    BS    
Hakse, J Oshua        United States    HS    
Hakse, Joshua        United States    HS    
Halaby, Nawal S        Jordan    BA    American West University
Hale, Chris Henry    KY    United States    PhD    James Monroe University
Hale, Courtney        United States    HS    
Hale, Donna L.        United States    MBA    
Hale, John L    WA    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Hale, Mark S    IL    United States        
Haley, Barbara    TX    United States    HS    
Haley, Jeron Vontel Sr.        United States    HS    
Hall, Jerome (Jr)    APO    US-APO    BA    
Hall, Kelly    CA    United States    HS    
Hall, Mari Melia        Czech Republic    PhD    St. Lourdes University
Hall, Michael Charles        Indonesia    MBA    
Hall, Patricia A            MBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Hall, Raymond A    NC    United States    BA    Hartland University
Hall, Robert W    IL    United States        
Hall, Ronnie Lavern        United States    HS    
Hall, Stokeley S    FL    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Hall, Sybil T    CA    United States        
Hall, Tamir        United States        
Hall, Timothy W    OH    United States    MS    
Hallmon, Timothy        United States    HS    
Halonen, Paul E        Canada    BS    
Halverson, Ronald David    IN    United States    BS    Holmes University
Ham, Pedro    FL    United States    HS    
Hamdan, Faten Said        Jordan    HS    
Hamdan, Mohamed B    KS    United States    BS    
Hamdan_, Mohamed B    TX    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Hameed, Khurram Shahzad        Pakistan    MA    
Hamid, Abas El Sayed Aly Abd El        Saudi Arabia    DBA    
Hamidi, Asef Fareed Ali        Jordan    MAH    
Hamilton, Clarence Lee (Jr)    APO    US-APO    AS    St. Lourdes University
Hamilton, Glynn, Alan    AR    United States        
Hamilton, Michael P    NM    United States    BA    Concordia University
Hamilton, Richard Scott    CO    United States        
Hamilton, Tirrell Devon Jacobs        United States    PhD    
Hamilton, Vanessa        United States    HS    
Hamlin, Betty G        United States    HS    
Hamlin, John Robert    VA    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Hammad, Ahmad Mahmoud    TX    United States    MBA    
Hammam, Fabyola Khalil        France    PhDH    
Hamman, Dale Robert    MI    United States        
Hammer, Amanda        United States        
Hammer, Jordan        United States    HS    
Hammerschmidt, Nicholas W.        United States    HS    
Hammods, Kristy J        United States        
Hamrick, Carolyn        United States        
Hamza, Hesham Mohd Ahmad        Kuwait    BS    Americana University
Han, Yue-Sheng(Chris)        Taiwan    MA    
Hancock, Lucinda G        Canada    BA    American West University
Haney, Tim    NC    United States        
Haney, Timothy Alan        United States    HS    
Hankins, William Eugene        United States    BSE    
Hanley, Johnny JR    TN    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Hanna, Malika R        United States    HS    
Hannon, Denise        United States    HS    
Hanover, Mr. Coleman J.        United States    PhD    
Hansen, Alicia        US Virgin Islands        
Hansen, Steve        United States    MA    
Hanshaw, Brenda    OH    United States    HS    
Hanson, James B    MT    United States    BBA    
Hanson, Timothy V    KY    United States    PhD    
Hanson, Winston    NY    United States    PhD    
Haque, Md Fazlul        Bangladesh    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Haratounian, Vahe        United States    MBA    
Harbert, Jodie W III    TX    United States    BA    
Harcus, Terrill A.        United States    HS    
Harden, Monik Celeste        Spain    AA    Capitol University
Hardesty, Marlene Newman        United States    HS    
Hardin, Alice    GA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Hardin, Christopher L    IN    United States    BA    
Hardin, David L (Jr)    VA    United States    BS    
Hardin, Ronald        United States    HS    
Harding, Ashley        United States    HS    
Harding, Earl Christopher    GA    United States    BS    
Hardjikyriacos, Marios A        Cyprus    PhDH    
Hardman, Jill        United States    HS    
Hardy, Bobby    WA    United States    MS    
Hardy, Carol        United States    HS    
Hardy, Lonnie        United States    HS    
Harebottle, Mark        South Korea    BA    
Hargrove, Dyral G.    TX    United States    BA    Concordia College & University
Hargrove, Jack M    CA    United States    BA    Northwest United University
Hargrow, Michelle Angela    LA    United States    BA    
Harikumar, Narapan Radha        India    PhD    Holmes University
Haririan, Amir        United States    BA    
Harjung, Michael J.    IL    United States        
Harkins, Neil J.    PA    United States    BS    Breyer State University
Harkins, Ryan    PA    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Harkins, William D    SC    United States    BA    Capital American University
Harlan, Michael A    OH    United States    BBA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Harley, Jacqueline Cecelia    MD    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Harlow, John Harrisson        United States    HS    
Harman, Brian C    CA    United States    HS    
Harmon, Billy Ray (Jr.)    WV    United States    HS    Trinity
Harmon, Kimberly M.        United States    HS    
Harmon, Morgan        United States    HS    
Harmon, Norteshia        United States    HS    
Harney, Clarence Ray        United States    BS    
Harp, Linda P    WY    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Harper, Anthony Lee    TX    United States    BBA    
Harper, Edward    MA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Harper, Harry Lee    TX    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Harper, Tysheika        United States        
Harper, Victoria    MI    United States    HS    
Harraway, Robert Edward    VA    United States        
Harrell, Robert Allen    TN    United States    BBA    
Harrington, Kieth Clint        South Africa    PhDH    
Harrington, Pamela R    Ga    United States    HS    
Harrington, Trey        United States    HS    
Harris, Amber        United States        
Harris, Angela M.        United States    HS    
Harris, Anthony Dawayne        United States    HS    
Harris, Beyan G    NY    United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Harris, Crystal        United States    HS    
Harris, Donell E. Jr.        United States    HS    
Harris, Edward W    MO    United States    BS    
Harris, James Edwin    KY    United States    MA    
Harris, Jeffrey        United States    HS    
Harris, Jesse W    DC    United States    MA    
Harris, Jo-Ann Watson    AL    United States        
Harris, John F III    UT    United States    BA    
Harris, Josh        United States    HS    
Harris, June        United States    HS    
Harris, Katrina Nicole        United States    HS    
Harris, Larry T    IL    United States    BS    
Harris, Lena        United States        
Harris, Linda L    NC    United States    PhD    
Harris, Nicole Sheree        United States        
Harris, Phillip Michael        United States    HS    
Harris, Pia S. R.    NJ    United States        
Harris, Sophia        United States    HS    
Harris, Stanley Lionel III    CA    United States    BS    
Harris, Terrenicco        United States    HS    
Harris, Timothy Mark    KY    United States    PhD    
Harris, Valerie Jeanette        United States    PhDH    
Harris, Walter Brian    IL    United States    MS    
Harris_, James    TX    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Harris_, John M    MD    United States    PhD    Hartland University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Harrison, Corbit O    OH    United States    BA    Concordia University
Harrison, Deborah Marie    CA    United States    BS    
Harrison, Foo        Australia    MBA    
Harrison, Foo K        Australia    MBA    
Harrison, Gregory Q.        United States    HS    
Harrison, Joseph        Ireland        
Harrison, Kenneth DeWayne    MI    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Harrison, Kirk Wayne    TX    United States    HS    Mission High School
Harrison, R.                
Harrison, Robbin A        Iran    MS    Concordia University
Harrison, Robert    NM    United States        
Harrison, Stephen Francis    FL    United States    BSE    
Harrison, Thomas        United States    PhDH    
Harrison, William Anthony    LA    United States    PhD    
Harry, Maxwell        Nigeria    AA    
Harry, Tina        United States    HS    
Harsh, Darrel Robert    IN    United States    BS    
Hart, Newton N Jr.    CA    United States    MA    Van Ives University
Hart, Rita    NY    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Hart, Sherrie        United States    HS    
Hartley, Jan        Great Britain        
Hartley, Kitrina Marie    IN    United States    HS    
Hartley, Robert C        Great Britain    PhDH    
Hartman, Brian        United States    HS    
Hartman, Jennifer        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Hartman, John Mark        Japan    BA    
Hartman, Richard A            BA    
Hartsfield, Tiffani        United States        
Harvey, De'Wayne Louis        United States    HS    
Harvey, Rodney J        United States    HS    
Harvey, Samantha Grace        Canada    BA    St. Regis University
Harvey-Carey, Christine        United States    MBA    
Has, Saliha        Turkey        
Hasenauer, John William    GA    United States    BS    New Manhattan University
Hash, Terah        United States    HS    
Hashem, Rayyan        Saudi Arabia    MBA    
Hashimoto, George    CA    United States    BA    
Hasiya, Sipo        Thailand        
Hasler Jr., Martin J        United States    MS    
Hasler, Martin J, Jr.    IL    United States    MS    
Haslinger, Wolfgang        Germany    DBA    
Hassan        Syria    HS    
Hassan, Abdullah M. Z.        Egypt    PhD    
Hassan, Jenny        United States        
Hassan, Syed Anwar Ul        Pakistan    PhDH    
Hassell, Latrice        United States    HS    
Hastings, Joel    OK    United States    HS    
Hastings, Kevin D        United States    PhD    
Hastings, Richard A        Guam (USA)        
Haston, Ashley        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Hatch, Julie    NV    United States        
Hatcher, Jeffery Lee    OH    United States    HS    Mission High School
Hatcher, Kenneth P    NC    United States    BBA    Blackstone University
Hatchett, William Archie    NC    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Hatfield, Ann        United States    PhD    
Hatfield, Ann P.    TX    United States    PhD    
Hatfield, David B. Sr.        United States    HS    
Haugen, John A    OH    United States    BS    
Hauppa, Nichole        United States    MBA    
Haupt, Manfred Horst        DK    MS    
Havenar, Daniel Jeffrey    OK    United States    BA    
Havener, Joseph William        United States    HS    
Havens, Karrie D        United States    HS    
Havens, Michael D    TX    United States    PhD    
Hawa, Mohammed Abdul        United Arab Emirates    MS    Breyer State University
Hawgood, Paul        Great Britain    PhD    
Hawkins, Linda M.        United States    HS    
Hawkins, Sadie M.        United States    HS    
Hawkins, Shirley D        United States    HS    
Hawkins, Stella May    WV    United States    AA    St. Regis University
Hawley, Dorothy Brandon        United States    HS    
Hawley, Kathryn D    NJ    United States    BA    Holy Acclaim University
Haworth, James W    CO    United States        
Haworth, Therese        United States    MA    
Hawramy, Harme        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Hawrylak, Steven W, Dr    FL    United States    BS    Concordia College
Hay, Edward        United States    HS    
Hayden, Amanda L    IL    United States    BA    
Hayden, Victor L. Sr    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Haye, Mary Teressa    FL    United States    PhD    
Haye, Teressa        United States    PhD    
Hayes, Diana        United States        
Hayes, Douglas Charles        United States    HS    
Hayes, Jennifer        United States    HS    
Hayes, Juston C    SC    United States    HS    
Hayes, Mark J.        United States    PhD    
Hayes, Martin V. III    MD    United States    BA    
Hayes, Pamela D    MA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Hayes, Robin Suzan    NC    United States    BA    
Hayes, Sandra Denise    MD    United States    BS    
Hayes-Oliveras, Irene P.        United States    BA    
Haynes, Stephen Scott    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Hayward, Marcy        United States    HS    
Haywood, Erin E    RI    United States    BA    
Hazaa, Mahmoud Al        United States    MS    
Hazelton, Dexter A    NY    United States    BS    
Hazime, Roula B    MI    United States    BA    Concordia University
Heap, Jason Daniel        Great Britain    PhDH    
Heard, David        United States    HS    
Heard, Latishia L.        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Hearn, Christina        United States    HS    
Heath, Christina Nichole    NC    United States    HS    
Heath, Margie        United States    HS    
Heatherly, James H    GA    United States    BBA    
Heaton, Edward Lewis    OH    United States    BS    
Heaton, Joseph Anthony        United States    BBA    
Hecker, Michael F    CA    United States    BA    
Heckman Jr., Thomas W        United States    MBA    
Heckman, Mark Austin    FL    United States    BS    
Hedayati, Bijan Mutab Pour    AZ    United States    BA    American Capital University
Hedge, Ashley Morgan        United States    HS    
Hedgepeth, James R    MS    United States    BS    
Hedges, Kelsey        United States        
Hedges-Fanton, Rose A    IN    United States    HS    
Hedrick, Brenda G    OH    United States    BA    
Hedtkamp, Ronald Paul        United States    PhD    
Hee, Hew Seng        China    BA    American Capital University
Hee, Hong Jung        United States    BBA    
Hee, Hung Jung        South Korea    BBA    
Heerling, Jason H.    CA    United States    BS    
Heiden, Timothy Thomas    CA    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Heim, Frederick Louis Jr.    MN    United States    BBA    American West University
Heiman, William Bradley    TX    United States    MBA    
Heinemeyer, John N    NY    United States    BA    
Heintz, Angela G        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Heintz, Heidi        United States    HS    
Heintz, Tammy        United States    HS    
Heisler-Friend, Amber        United States    HS    
Heiss, Tabitha Marie        United States    HS    
Helberg, Steve        United States    HS    
Heleniak, Carol    WI    United States    HS    
Helland, Hattie        United States    HS    
Heller, Brian Frederick    NE    United States    MBA    
Helm, Scott Allen    PA    United States        
Helmick, Jonathan Bryan    TN    United States    HS    
Helmy, Yashar H.A.            BA    
Helsher, Michael A    NH    United States    BA    
Hembree, Pamela Jerri    TX    United States    BA    
Hembree, Wayne B    GA    United States        
Hendershot, Douglas Wayne    MN    United States        
Hendershott, Rodney Scott    TX    United States    BBA    
Henderson, Christopher J    FL    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Henderson, James R (Jr)    MO    United States    HS    
Henderson, Jernecia    FL    United States        
Henderson, Karen T.    MO    United States    HS    
Henderson, Laura A.    WI    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Henderson, Nicole Terese        United States    HS    
Henderson, Russell Allen        United States    HS    
Henderson, Shawn        United States    HS    
Henderson, Tara L.        United States    MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Henderson, Tiffany Lynne        United States    HS    
Henderson, Wyatt Olen    FL    United States    BS    
Hendrick, Lewis A    VA    United States        
Hendricks, Frank Mariner Jr.    MA    United States    BS    
Hendricks, Shanice        US Virgin Islands    HS    
Hendricks, Stephanie N    FL    United States    BA    
Hendrickson, Candice        United States    HS    
Henkle, Rebecca A    NY    United States    BA    
Henningsen, Lisa Marie    CA    United States    MS    St. Regis University
Henriquez, Johanna            HS    Mission High School
Henriquez, Johnathan    Ca    United States    HS    
Henriquez, Violet    FL    United States    HS    
Henry, Aida    CA    United States        
Henry, Jacqueline        United States    HS    
Henry, Miracle R.        United States    BA    
Henry, Patricia A        Canada    BBA    Northwest United University
Henry, Sandra K    TX    United States    BBA    
Henry, Terrence        United States    HS    
Hensel, Rachel    CA    United States    HS    
Hensley, Dennis Doyle    AZ    United States    BS    
Hensley, Glenda        United States    HS    
Hensley, Richard L    CA    United States    BBA    
Hensley, Ronald Lee    TX    United States    BBA    American West University
Herald, Kelli        United States    HS    
Herbst, Wentzel C.    FL    United States    BBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Heredia, Ester        United States    HS    
Herjani, Deepak        United Arab Emirates    BBA    
Hernadez, Rosa        United States    HS    
Hernandez, Alan P    TX    United States    BA    
Hernandez, Ariel    VA    United States    BS    
Hernandez, Ashley            HS    
Hernandez, Carlos M        United States    HS    
Hernandez, David    FL    United States    BA    
Hernandez, Deann L. Kennedy        United States    BA    
Hernandez, Dora Gomez        United States    HS    
Hernandez, Hector L        United States    HS    
Hernandez, Jesse S    FL    United States    BS    
Hernandez, Johnny P. Jr    TX    United States    HS    
Hernandez, Jose C. Jr.        United States    PhDH    
Hernandez, Joyce D    MD    United States    BBA    
Hernandez, Julio Sanchez    NM    United States    HS    
Hernandez, Liliana V.        United States    HS    
Hernandez, Manuel Ramon        United States    HS    
Hernandez, Maria        United States    HS    
Hernandez, Oscar A    OK    United States    BBA    
Hernandez, Ramiro    TX    United States    BBA    
Hernandez, Ryan        United States    HS    
Hernandez, Steven M    CO    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Hernandez_, Steven M    CO    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Hernanndez, Frank Alfaro        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Herndon, Sheila        United States    HS    
Heron, Jackie Heron B        United States    ProfFull    
Heron, Jacqueline B    MI    United States    PhD    
Heron, Ross F    MI    United States    MS    
Herr, Donna L.    MA    United States    BS    nTech University of Engineering & Science Hartland
Herr, Holly L (Osborn)    TX    United States    HS    Mission High School
Herr, Paul        United States    HS    
Herr, Thomas Thai        United States    BBA    
Herrera, Ivanes        United States    HS    
Herrera, Susana        United States    HS    
Herring, Brenda Turner    NC    United States    HS    
Herron, Richard D II    APO    US-APO    BS    American West University
Herron, Ruby Nelle        United States    MA    
Hersey, Ryan Lee        United States        
Hershiser, Gayle    MI    United States    HS    
Hershkowitz, Steven I            BBA    Primus College
Hertenstein, James C        United States    HS    
Herzog, Bradley A    IN    United States    BBA    
Hess, Russell    OH    United States    HS    Mission High School
Hesselgrave, Casey        United States    HS    
Hester, Barry A    MD    United States    BBA    
Hester, Lynsey        United States    HS    
Hester, Michael Everret        United States    BBA    
hester, Robert L    VA    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Hetrick, Melinda E    OH    United States    MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Hetz, Clifford Darrel    AZ    United States    0    
Heurung, Michelle R    IL    United States    MA    St. Lourdes University
Heuser, Anne R.        United States    PhD    
Hevia-Collins, Debra    LA    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Hewitt, Everton K    NY    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Hewitt, Jonathan        Russian Federation    BS    
Heydarian, Nasser    CA    United States    MS    
Hiatt, Russell    CO    United States    BS    Concordia University
Hibbert, Crystal D.L..        United States    HS    
Hibbler, Leonette Michelle        United States        
Hickman, Gerald        United States    HS    
Hicks, Brian    AL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Hicks, Robert D.        United States    HS    
Hicks, Tammy        United States    HS    
Hicks, Thomas L        United States    MBA    
Hicks, Trevor D    FL    United States    BA    
Hicks, Vincent M.        United States    HS    
Hicks, Willie L    AL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Hiddema, Barry    TX    United States        
Hieb, Gregory S.    AZ    United States    BA    Concordia University
Hiew, Moni        Malaysia    BA    
Higgins, Anglea    AL    United States        
High, Christopher        Turkey    HS    
Highsmith, Georgette    NJ    United States    HS    
Highsted, Barry R.    CA    United States    BSN    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Hightower, Alberta Jane    GA    United States    MBA    Pelham Graduate Institute, Rio Salado University
Hightower, Larry Jr        United States        
Hildebrandt, Jerald    PA    United States    MBA    St. Lourdes Graduate Institute
Hill, Brett    TN    United States    MBA    
Hill, George Stuart    MO    United States    BS    
Hill, Gregg E    OH    United States    BA    
Hill, John P    TX    United States    BA    
Hill, Martin Franklyn Jr        United States    BBA    
Hill, Mickey        United States    HS    
Hill, Nicolette N    APO    US-APO    BS    
Hill, Ronald V    MD    United States    BS    
Hill, Ronda        United States    HS    
Hill, Rosanne L.    KS    United States    MS    Van Ives University
Hill, Russell Kennedy Jr.        United States    HS    
Hill, Ryan C    TN    United States    BSE    
Hill, Sandra T    NJ    United States    Cert    Hampton College or College of Hampton
Hill, Shawn Justin    TX    United States    HS    
Hill, Timothy        United States    PhDH    
Hill, William Alan    IN    United States    MBA    Concordia University
Hill, Wm.                
Hillerman, Donald P., Jr.    MO    United States    MA    
Hilliard, Milton    VA    United States    BS    
Hiltz, Julie Ann    FL    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Himelright, John Rowland    VA    United States    BBA    
Himes, Caroline            BA    Concordia College
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Hinckley, Christine Ann        United States    HS    
Hindinger, Josef        Germany    PhDH    
Hines, Deanna D    TX    United States    BA    
Hines, Felisha        United States    HS    
Hines, Sherrine        United States    HS    
Hinkle, Donnie A        United States    HS    
Hinz, Juergen    NY    United States    HS    
Hirashima, Cesar Rafael Taira        Peru    BBA    
Hirashima, CéSar Rafael Taira        Peru    BBA    
Hirons, Bobby L    CA    United States    HS    
Hirschberger, Peter        Germany    PhDH    
Hitchcock, Leo Wesley Jr.        United States    PhD    
Hite, Shelley Marie    GA    United States    HS    
Hittini, Hisham Mahmoud Hussein        Jordan    DBA    
Hively, Howard Galan (Jr)    PA    United States    BBA    Holy Acclaim University
Hnudiak, John        United States    HS    
Ho, Cheung Chi        Hong Kong    BS    Holmes University
Ho, Kwok Cheong            PhD    St. Regis University
Hoagland Jr, Frank E    APO    US-APO    BS    Audentes Technical College
Hoagland Jr., Frank E        United States    BS    Audentes Technical College
Hoang, Nam T    CA    United States    BS    
Hobb, Beverly Bell        United States    MBA    
Hobbe, Joey W.    NV    United States    BS    Regents College
Hobbs, Ashley        United States    HS    
Hobbs, Beverly B    TX    United States    MBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Hobbs, Juanita        United States    AA    
Hobbs, Martin K    IN    United States    BA    
Hoben, Jason        United States    HS    
Hobson, William K    WY    United States    MBA    
Hocutt, Donald Eugene    TX    United States    BS    
Hodge, Brandy        United States    HS    
Hodge, Brooks A    MO    United States    HS    
Hodge, Garry K    GA    United States    HS    
Hodge, Terrell        United States    HS    
Hodgeman, Maria M    APO    US-APO    MS    
Hoeffel, Kelly        United States        
Hoelzle, Wolfgang        Japan    BA    
Hoermann, Loretta    NC    United States    HS    Mission High School
Hofbauer, Roland        Austria        
Hoffer, Travis L.    MS    United States        
Hofferberth, Warren Stanley    OH    United States    BS    Breyer State University
Hoffman, Judea        United States    HS    
Hogan, Cheryl D    NY    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Hogan-Fraser, Amanda        Canada    HS    
Hogan_, Cheryl    FL    United States    PhD    Wayne State University
Hogarth, Anne M        Ireland    BS    
Hogsed, Daniel E    APO    US-APO    BS    St. Regis University
Hoilien, Michael J.    NC    United States    PhD    
Holczer, Anthea M.        South Korea    BA    
Holczer, Harald        South Korea    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Holden, Alan J    FL    United States    PhD    Concordia University
Holden, Patricia L    NV    United States    BA    
Holder, Jonathan Saul    TN    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Holdman, Rosemarie    AZ    United States    HS    
Holiday, Tamika        United States    HS    
Holland, Brandi        United States    HS    
Holland, Karlene M.    GA    United States    BA    
Holland, Melissa Mae    PA    United States        
Holland, Ronald Wayne    NC    United States    BSN    St Regis University/Breyer State University
Holland-Reyes, Patricia        United States    BS    
Hollenbeck, Laurel A    DE    United States    MEd    
Holley        United States    HS    
Holliday, Charles T    CA    United States    MA    
Holliman, Katrina        United States        
Holloman, Eddie J    AL    United States    PhD    
Hollon, Makesha        United States    HS    
Holloway, Damian        United States    HS    
Holman, Nicholas        United States    PhDH    
Holmes, Benjamin A. Iii        United States        
Holmes, James E    APO    US-APO    MS    Mathematics
Holmes, Pauline        United States    HS    
Holmes, Robert Leslie            PhD    
Holmes, Suzanne Girard    FL    United States    BS    Concordia College
Holmes, Ursula R    GA    United States    BA    
Holmstead, Gregory Lynn    UT    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Holoman, Aaron        United States    HS    
Holston, John D    SC    United States    BS    
Holston, Tracy        United States        
Homesly, John        United States    DMin    
Homrich, Joan Price    MI    United States    BBA    Northwest United University
Honeycutt, Lacey Alizabeth    LA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Hood, Dr. Hubert        Antigua/Barbuda    PhDH    
Hood, Stacy        United States    HS    
Hoofard, Donald R. Sr.        United States    ProfFull    
Hooks, Barbara Jeanne    OH    United States    BS    Breyer State University/St Regis University
Hooks, Dianne        United States    HS    
Hooncharoen, Khemwika        Canada    BSN    
Hooper, Michael D    MD    United States    BA    
Hopkins, G. Jeffery    IL    United States    PhD    
Hopkins, George J.        United States    DBA    
Hopkins, Stephen L        Great Britain    MBA    
Hopper, Byron L    CO    United States    MS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Horan, Charles W    FL    United States    BBA    
Hord, Deewayne L    MO    United States    BS    Northwest United University
Horn, Clyde R    CA    United States        
Horvath, Robert    CO    United States        
Hoshino, Asami    AR    United States    MS    
Hoskin, Qunnion        United States    HS    
Hospedales, Mildred    NJ    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Hossain, Afzal    NY    United States    BSE    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Houghton, Alisha        United States    HS    
Houle, Rene Joseph    OR    United States    BA    
Hourani, Munir        United Arab Emirates    PhDH    
House, Clarence W    CO    United States    BA    St. Regis University
House, Milton Anthony    VA    United States    MBA    
Houseworth, Steven Leopold        United States    DSc    St. Regis
Houston, Jan        United States        
Houston, Jan Denise    OH    United States    HS    
Houston, Melissa A            MS    
Houston-Walker, Susan R    TX    United States    MBA    
Howard, Claude L (III)    MO    United States    MA    
Howard, Doris J    IL    United States        
Howard, Esther Leann        United States    HS    
Howard, Henry Lee    KY    United States    BA    
Howard, John B    IL    United States    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Howard, Julie    TX    United States    MS    
Howard, Paula        United States    HS    
Howard, Robert E    CA    United States    BSE    Concordia University
Howard, Ryan K    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Howard, Shuntell        United States    HS    
Howard, Terry Gene        United States    HS    
Howard_, Julie    TX    United States    PhD    
Howe, Richard J    NY    United States    AA    St. Regis University
Howell, Andre        United States    HS    
Howell, Ivy C.        United States    Cert    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Howell, Taniya        United States    HS    
Howeya, Harry G.        United States    BBA    
Howlett, Marlene Smith    NC    United States    PhD    
Howse, Dorinda Diane        United States    DBA    
Hoy, Michael David    MD    United States    MBA    
Hrushka, Terry A        Canada    PhD    
Hsiao, Shih-Chi    CA    United States    BBA    Hampton Bay University
Hsieh, Terence    CA    United States    BA    
Hu, Cheng-Tai        Canada    BSE    St. Regis University
Hua, Hong Fen        United States    HS    
Huan, Tey Shi, Biirdubm Nazbab        Malaysia    MS    St. Regis University
Huat, Ng Kwee        Singapore    BBA    
Hubbard, Deborah Ann        United States    BA    
Hubbard, Dwayne    APO    US-APO    HS    
Hubbard, William H    NY    United States    BBA    New Academy of the Arts
Huber, Eric Scott        United States    HS    
Huber, Warren        United States        
Hubschman, Shari        United States    HS    
Huckaby, Brian Kenneth        United States    HS    
Hudgens, G                
Hudson, Nancy        United States    HS    
Hudson, Sylvester    CA    United States    MS    Shefferton University
Hudson, Thomas C.        United States    HS    
Huerta, Alonso    NY    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Huey, Michael E    CA    United States    MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Huey, Phyllis    CA    United States        
Huff, Dennis W.    IN    United States    BS    
Hufferd, Belinda        United States    AA    
Hufferd, John C    KS    United States    MS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Huffstutter, Roxanne    KY    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Huggins, Timothy        United States    HS    
Hughes, Anthony        United States    HS    
Hughes, Bradnie        United States    HS    
Hughes, Cynthia    APO    US-APO    AA    
Hughes, Felix L (Jr)    NY    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Hughes, James Walter    TX    United States    PhD    
Hughes, Jody A    OH    United States    HS    
Hughes, Molly L.        United States    HS    
Hughes, Walter Alan    TX    United States    BA    
Hughes, William Scott    CO    United States    BS    
Hughes-Malloy, Harley R    CA    United States    MBA    
Hughey, John        Canada    AA    
Hughmanick, David Nelson    MD    United States    MA    
Hugo, Cantave-Jean,        Canada    MS    
Hugo, Davila        United States    HS    
Huhman, Jeremy Bernard        United States    BS    
Huling, Melissa L    GA    United States    BBA    
Hull, Glenn E    FL    United States    MA    
Hull, Michael W.    IN    United States        
Hullet, Kerry L    KS    United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Hullinger, Roy    OH    United States        
Humble, Mark    GA    United States    BS    Breyer State University/St Regis University
Hummel, Natasha        United States    HS    
Humpal, Rebecca Sue White    MD    United States    BA    
Humphrey, James L    OR    United States    BS    Concordia College
Humphries, Serena Teresa    SC    United States    MBA    New Manhattan University
Hun, Teo Wee        Singapore    BA    
Hung, Leung Chu Hung (Philip)        Hong Kong    PhD    
Hung,Philip, Leung Chi        Hong Kong    PhD    
Hunley, Harlan Blain        United States    HS    
Hunt, Edward W    CA    United States    BA    Concordia University
Hunt, James Devin    WA    United States    BA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Hunt, Jason Christopher        South Korea    BA    
Hunt, Larry E    FL    United States    BA    
Hunt, Leonard        United States    MBA    Americana University
Hunt, Somkeat        South Korea    BA    
Hunter, Cynthia Gail        United States        
Hunter, Daniel Lynn        United States    HS    
Hunter, David Lee    SC    United States    BBA    
Hunter, Donna        United States    HS    
Hunter, Klaudia Gisela        Germany    BA    
Hunter, Louise        Great Britain        
Hunter, Ruth D    NJ    United States    MBA    St. Lourdes Graduate Institute
Hunter, Wade        United States    AA    
Huot, Paul Emile        Canada    BA    St. Lourdes University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Huot, Yvonne Theraise        Canada    BA    Heartland University
Hurd, Lynn        United States    HS    
Hurd, Robert D    MI    United States    BBA    
Hurley, Dan T    FL    United States    AA    
Hurst, Daniel K.            BA    
Hurtado, Carmen    AR    United States    HS    
Hurts, Rita L.        United States    PhD    
Husain, Fazal Mohamed Haroon        United Arab Emirates    MBA    
Husain, Mohammad Nusrat        Kuwait    MSE    
Huss, Du Wayne Galen    WI    United States    BS    
Huss, Duwayne Galen        United States    MBA    
Hussain, Fawad Baig S/O Hamid        Pakistan    MS    MS
Hussain, Qazi Mumtaz        Spain        
Hussain, Shamsher        United Arab Emirates    BS    
Hussain, Syed Faraz        Great Britain    MBA    St. Regis University
Hussain_, Syed Nasir        Great Britain    MS    St. Regis University
Hussain__, Syed Wasiq        Philippines    MA    
Husser, Karen        United States    HS    
Huston, John            PhD    
Hutchens, Cindy        United States    AA    
Hutcheson, Matthew D.        United States    PhDH    
Hutchings, Charles E.        United States    BS    
Hutchins, Harold Edward        United States    HS    
Hutchinson, Paul A. H.        Jamaica    BA    
Hutchison, Cheryl        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Hutchison, Guy        United States    HS    
Hutchison, Guy D    KS    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Huth, Mark Alan    IL    United States    BBA    
Hutton, Donna L (Nevitt)    MN    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Huynh, Phuoc Minh    TX    United States    BA    Northwest United University
Huynh, Tan Dat    CA    United States    BBA    
Hwang, Hong-Sik    NJ    United States    BBA    Northwest United University
Hwang, Insik            BBA    Northwest United University
Hyde, Alan N    HI    United States    AA    
Hyde, Shanon Riley    OH    United States    BS    
Hyman, Christina        United States    HS    
Hymon, Donjnell        United States    HS    
Hyndman, John A        Great Britain    BA    
Hyning, Sabrina Yvon Van    OK    United States    BS    
Hyre, Denville Mark        United States    PhDH    
Hyson, Ann        United States    BA    
Hyun, Jennifer Grisel        United States    HS    
Ibarra, Simone B        United States        
Ibbs-Michaels, Michelle K    MI    United States    MA    Bradford College
Ibrahim, Ab Rahman Bin        Malaysia    PhD    
Ibrahim, Faisal K            BA    
Ibrahim, Ibrahim G        Kuwait    BA    
Ibrahim, Julastri Bin        Malaysia    PhD    All Saints American University
Ibrahim, Natasha Leigh            HS    
Ibrahim, Roni William    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ideishi, Ryan Lawrence Masaru    CA    United States    AA    Robertstown University
Idris, Tarig Habib Alla Idris            BA    
Igatua, Eduardo Reyes        Canada    BA    
Ihde, Sascha        Germany    HS    
Ii, Celso Hideki        Brazil    BS    Maryland University
Ijango, Hassan Nuru Hassan        Tanzania    PhD    
Ijbara, Rafat    NJ    United States    HS    
Ijbara, Yasmin Yousef    NY    United States        
Ikovenko, Sergei    MA    United States    PhD    
Ikpi, Randy Arikpo        Nigeria    HS    
Ilnicki, Amy        United States    HS    
Ilnicki, Sean P    CO    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Im, Jin S.        United States    BS    
Imbroisi, Francesco    FL    United States    HS    
Immordino, Joseph A (Jr)    NJ    United States        
Imovic, Seraf                
Inahara, Derek Shoichi    OR    United States    BA    
Inan, Saffet Can        Canada    BS    All Saints American University
Infante, Victor    CT    United States    MS    Easton University
Ingle, Barbara Ann    AZ    United States    MS    St. Regis University
Ingold-Scott, Charlene    CA    United States    MBA    
Ingram, Amy        United States    HS    
Ingram, Amy Michelle    Ga    United States    HS    
Ingram, Milford Lee    VA    United States    BBA    
Ingstrup, Dyan M    NJ    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Inman, Isley Ray    SC    United States    BS    
Inman, Robert A    TX    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Iqbal, Fahad        Kuwait    BS    
Iqbal, Javed        Pakistan    MAH    
Iqbal, Kashif        Pakistan        
Iqbal, Qazi Imran        Great Britain    MS    Boston College of London
Irizarry, Reinaldo Sr.        United States    MBA    Port Rhode University
Irvin, Johnny L    TX    United States    MS    
Irvin, Marie    TX    United States        
Irving, Terragar M.        United States    HS    
Isa, Helen        United States    HS    
Isakovic, Dean        United States    HS    
Isbell, Kayce Lyn    TX    United States    HS    
Isbell, Norman W    MS    United States    BBA    
Ishimoto, Amber L.        United States    HS    
Islam, Rafeekul        Bangladesh    MA    
Islam, Rafiqul S. M.            BA    
Islas, Dan        United States    HS    
Ismaeil, Bassam A        Canada        
Ismail, Hady Ruthman        Singapore    BS    
Itson, James Earl    KY    United States    BS    
Iv, Damon Stevenson        United States    HS    
Ivan, Smojic Ivica        Canada    BSE    
Ivery, Yolanda R.        United States        
Ives, Roger William Jr.    TX    United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ivy, Jamerio S            MBA    
Izmailova, Elena        United States    Cert    
Izurieta, Holly    PA    United States    HS    Mission High School
J.S.        United States    JD    
Jabbar, Ali Sami Abdul        United States    DSc    
Jaber, Ali Lateef Dahham            PhD    
Jack, Michael F        United States    HS    
Jack, Omar Dwayne    APO    US-APO    BS    
Jackson, Albert            BA    
Jackson, Anthony Joseph    APO    US-APO    MA    
Jackson, Blondell    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Jackson, Bruce        United States    HS    
Jackson, Candace        United States    BA    
Jackson, David E    OK    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Jackson, Demetrice E    GA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Jackson, Denise        United States        
Jackson, Earnerst L.                
Jackson, Eddie        United States    BA    
Jackson, Elizabeth            HS    Mission High School
Jackson, Esaias M    SC    United States    BA    
Jackson, Geoffrey H    MA    United States    BS    
Jackson, Jacqueline J S    APO    US-APO    BA    Hampton Bay University
Jackson, Janet        United States    HS    
Jackson, Justin        United States    HS    
Jackson, Kenneth J    NY    United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Jackson, Kevin D    MI    United States    BBA    
Jackson, Leanna        United States    HS    
Jackson, Leonard D        United States    MS    
Jackson, Linda        United States    HS    
Jackson, Magnus        Great Britain    BS    
Jackson, Margie        United States    HS    
Jackson, Mark D    FL    United States    BA    
Jackson, Marquette        United States    HS    
Jackson, Megan Diandra    NV    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Jackson, Melissa A    CA    United States    MA    
Jackson, Michael E    OH    United States    BA    
Jackson, Richard P    TX    United States    MBA    Concordia College
Jackson, Ronald A    OR    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Jackson, Tamara        US Virgin Islands    HS    
Jackson, Tarik Jehvon    MD    United States    BS    
Jackson, Tashauna E    NY    United States        
Jackson, Theodore M    CA    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Jackson, Thomas James    TX    United States    PhD    
Jackson, Timberly        United States    HS    
Jackson, Tomasina        United States    HS    
Jackson, Willie B    IL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Jackson_, Tarik John George    NV    United States    HS    
Jacob, Avinadav Alexander        United States    HS    
Jacob, Kelly Joan        United States    HS    
Jacob, Salvance        Pakistan    PhDH    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Jacobi, Jennifer L *    AZ    United States        
Jacobs, Gary P.        United States    BBA    
Jacobs, Jason Andrew    AL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Jacobson, Melissa        United States    HS    
Jacobson, Steven Kenneth    MN    United States    BS    
Jaffee, Patrick Louis    NY    United States    HS    
Jaffee..............., ...Patrick Louis        United States    HS    
Jahdali, Khalid Attyah Al-        Saudi Arabia    BA    
Jaillet, Patrick Jean Andre        Malaysia    PhD    
Jakober, Lisa A    NJ    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Jakubowski, Anna    NJ    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Jakubowski, Magdalena Anna        United States    HS    
Jalal Anzawi, Waleed M.        Kuwait    BA    
Jalal, Eihab Abdulrasheed Hasanain        Qatar    MBA    St. Lourdes University
James, April Danielle    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
James, Diana E    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
James, Dorothy L    FL    United States    BA    
James, Eric Autuan    AZ    United States    BA    St. Regis University
James, Joseph H    IN    United States        
James, Joyce B    FL    United States    HS    
James, Lavada        United States    HS    
James, Michelle Renee    AZ    United States        
James, Monica        United States    HS    
James, Nichole    NC    United States        
James, Shawna D    IN    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
James, Tammy        United States        
James, Tracy    NY    United States    MS    
Jamison, Andrew        United States    HS    
Jammal, Maha M.        United States    MBA    
Jammal, Mona        United States    MBA    
Jammal, Salim M    FL    United States    PhD    
Jamwant, Hemant K    IL    United States    BS    Concordia University
Jamwant, Naresh        Canada    BS    Concordia University
Janosky, William P    VA    United States    BS    Concordia University
Jants, Richard A    MN    United States        
Jaouhari, Hakim El        Canada    HS    
Jaouni, Fares Mohmad Omer Rateb        Jordan    MA    
Jaramillo, Melissa        United States    HS    
Jarbou, Jason Joseph    MI    United States    HS    
Jarman, Brett C    SD    United States    BS    
Jarmouni, Younes        United States    HS    
Jarrett, David        United States    HS    
Jarrett, Kenneth Nanthaniel Clayton    GA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Jason, Chona Malaea    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Jason, Jamie        United States        
Jasper, Dwayne    IL    United States        
Jayaseelan, Francis Joseph        India    BS    
Jazameh, Karamali Ahmadi            PhD    Berkeley Professional University
Jazem, Jamal Mohamed Z        Yemen    PhD    
Jbara, Amid T    NJ    United States    HS    Bergen Community College
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Jean, Frantz        United States    HS    
Jeff        United States    PhDH    
Jefferies, Rebecca May Vande Vorst -        Australia    BBA    
Jefferies, Robert E    CA    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Jeffers, Jamie        United States    HS    
Jefferson, Arriva        United States        
Jefferson, Charlton Bradford    GA    United States    BS    
Jefferson, John    NJ    United States    Cert    
Jefferson, Rebecca Lynn        United States    HS    
Jefferson, Sandra        United States    HS    
Jeffrey        United States    HS    
Jeffries, Brent        United States    HS    
Jegatheesan, Panchadcharam        Great Britain    PhD    
Jenkings, Troy G        South Africa    BBA    Hartland University
Jenkins, David Joshua    AL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Jenkins, Gaynell        United States    BA    American West University
Jenkins, Kaylin        United States    HS    
Jennings, C Tyrone    PA    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Jennings, James W (Jr)    TX    United States    MS    
Jennings, Lloyd Rudolph    DC    United States        
Jennings, Robert Edward    AL    United States    BBA    
Jensen, Carol J    IN    United States    BA    American West University
Jensen, Cynthia Iris    FL    United States    PhD    
Jensen, Roy E. *    TX    United States        
Jensen, Sheila Marie    CO    United States    BBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Jensen, Sheri L.    NV    United States    BS    Concordia College & University
Jensen, Sheri Lynn    WA    United States        
Jensen, Steven Edward    FL    United States    MS    
Jensen, Tonya L    IA    United States    BA    
Jeremy, William N        Saudi Arabia    BA    American West University
Jervis, Amber        United States        
Jessica        United States    HS    
Jessie, Cheyenne        United States    BA    
Jessop, Filisity        United States    HS    
Jessup-Denton, Eva R    NY    United States    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Jesus, Ricardo De        Puerto Rico    HS    
Jesus, Richard L. De        United States    BA    
Jhggjhgjh, Ewceqvcwqec R        United States    PhD    
Jhlkikhlih, Erhhgk        United States    HS    
Jiang, Shou Ren    LA    United States    PhD    
Jie, Li Liang        New Zealand    BS    
Jilani, Avais        Pakistan    ProfFull    
Jimenez, J Antonio Bugarin        Mexico    BBA    American West University
Jimenez, Janet        United States    HS    
Jirsa, Danielle Marie    IL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Joaquin, Adaljisa        United States    HS    
Jobs, Hans        United States    PhDH    
Johansen, Ricky Lee Jr.        United States    MA    
John, Bose K.        India    BS    West Coast University
John, Jacob Puthenpeedikayil    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
John, Noel E.        United States    DSc    
Johnny        United States        
Johns, Brandi        United States        
Johns, Teresa Morgan    AL    United States        
Johnson, Amber        United States        
Johnson, Andre T    APO    US-APO    BS    
Johnson, Anthony Dewayne    IN    United States    BS    American International University
Johnson, Antia        United States    HS    
Johnson, Billie Marie        United States    HS    
Johnson, Brian Murray        Canada    PhD    
Johnson, Cecile    CA    United States        
Johnson, Christopher        United States    HS    
Johnson, Cindy        United States    HS    
Johnson, Clarence E (Jr)    MD    United States    BSE    
Johnson, Cynthia Michelle    WI    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Johnson, Cythnia        United States    HS    
Johnson, D                
Johnson, Daniel Ray    CA    United States    BS    
Johnson, Davina A        South Korea    BA    St. Regis University
Johnson, Derrick        United States    HS    
Johnson, Edwin Gerard Jr        United States    HS    
Johnson, Gregory L    IL    United States    BS    
Johnson, Izetta        United States    HS    
Johnson, Jamar Rolon    AZ    United States    BA    
Johnson, James Stanley    AL    United States    BBA    American West University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Johnson, Janell Linda    IL    United States        
Johnson, Jason        United States    HS    
Johnson, Jayne W. *                
Johnson, Joseph L.                
Johnson, Julie        United States    HS    
Johnson, Justin        United States    HS    
Johnson, Keith    NH    United States    HS    
Johnson, Kengia        United States    HS    
Johnson, Keri        United States    HS    
Johnson, Kimberly Kay    MO    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Johnson, Larry J.    NM    United States    PhD    
Johnson, Lee        United States    PhD    
Johnson, Lee Eddie    GA    United States    PhD    
Johnson, Lisa        United States    HS    
Johnson, Margarita Estelle        United States    HS    
Johnson, Mark Alan    OH    United States    BA    North United University
Johnson, Matthew B        United States    HS    
Johnson, Michael *    WA    United States        
Johnson, Norbert Jerome        United States    BA    
Johnson, Odessa I        United States    HS    
Johnson, Penny Lynn        United States    HS    
Johnson, Phillip Charles        United States    HS    
Johnson, Rachel Lynn        United States    HS    
Johnson, Randy R    TX    United States    BBA    
Johnson, Regina Deneen    VA    United States    MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Johnson, Renea Angenette    APO    US-APO    MA    
Johnson, Salithiel Travolta        United States    HS    
Johnson, Scott Brian    CO    United States    BBA    
Johnson, Shameka        United States    HS    
Johnson, Sharon        United States    HS    
Johnson, Sylvester Jr.        United States    MS    
Johnson, Ternika K.        United States    HS    
Johnson, William                St. Regis University
Johnson, Xaviera        United States    HS    
Johnson, Yvonne Lathrop    CO    United States    MS    
Johnson_, Larry L    FL    United States    MSE    
JohnsonSr, James R        United States    PhD    
Johnston, Charles    CA    United States    EdD    St. Regis University
Johnston, Donna K    WI    United States    BS    Breyer State University/St Regis University
Johnston, Jamie        United States        
Johnston, Sarah        United States        
Joiner, Jerry A        United States    HS    
Jolly, Julian Sidney        Malaysia    BBA    
Jones, Alwayne        United States    HS    
Jones, Anequa        United States    HS    
Jones, Angelique    OR    United States    BA    
Jones, Belinda D.        United States    HS    
Jones, Bobbilee        United States    HS    
Jones, Brandon L            HS    
Jones, Brett        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Jones, Brian Athony        United States    HS    
Jones, Britta        United States    HS    
Jones, Bryan    TX    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Jones, Casey        United States    HS    
Jones, Cedric L    VA    United States    BBA    
Jones, Consuella Patrice    GA    United States    BSN    
Jones, Darrell A            MA    
Jones, David Lynn    MO    United States    HS    
Jones, Dawn        United States        
Jones, Denita        United States    HS    
Jones, Dwaine Durante        United States    AA    
Jones, Ebony        United States    HS    
Jones, Elizabeth        United States    HS    
Jones, Eric    NV    United States    HS    
Jones, Gabriel J    MO    United States    BA    Valorem University
Jones, Garrick        United States    HS    
Jones, Gerald Allen    CA    United States    BA    
Jones, Hope        United States        
Jones, Irvin C            BA    
Jones, Jacqueline U    CA    United States        
Jones, Jazminel        United States        
Jones, Jeannette        United States    HS    
Jones, Jeremy        United States    HS    
Jones, Jessica        United States    AA    
Jones, Jonelle Ebonee        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Jones, Kapatrice            AA    
Jones, Kelli        United States    HS    
Jones, Kenneth Botts    IN    United States    BS    Breyer State University
Jones, Larry        United States    HS    
Jones, Lori Sue    MO    United States        
Jones, Marshelle        United States    HS    
Jones, Michael C.        United States        
Jones, Mikal Wayne    PA    United States    MS    St. Lourdes University
Jones, Particia Ann    IL    United States    MS    Concordia College & University
Jones, Patrick    GA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Jones, Robert E    GA    United States    BA    
Jones, Roderick Alvin    APO    US-APO    MA    Blackstone University
Jones, Rosalia A.        US Virgin Islands    HS    
Jones, Sally        Canada    PhD    
Jones, Tenesia        United States    Cert    
Jones, Terry T.        United States    HS    
Jones, Thomas C    NY    United States    HS    
Jones, Timothy J    IL    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Jones, Tracy    MO    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Jones, Venson Antonio    APO    US-APO    BS    
Jones-Anderson, Karen R.    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Jong, Sabrina Leigh    CA    United States    MBA    
Joo, Kwon, Byung        South Korea    AA    
Joplin, Lance N    MS    United States    BBA    Blackstone University
Joplin, Noel W    MS    United States    BS    Audentes Technical College
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Jordan, James Junior        United States    HS    
Jordan, Janese Earnestine    IL    United States    BS    
Jordan, Jennifer        United States    HS    
Jordan, John L.        United States    PhD    
Jordan, Rosa M    NY    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Jordan, Stephen    CA    United States        
Jordan, William W    NJ    United States    MA    
Jorden, John C.        United States    PhD    
Joren, Pamela A    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Jorrin, Maria Elena    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Jorris, Billy Mark        United States    HS    
Josefowitz, Harold    NH    United States    HS    
Joseph Jayaseelan, Francis            MS    
Joseph, Brian A. O.    NY    United States    PhD    
Joseph, David    IL    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Joseph, Enga        Uganda    HS    
Joseph, Mohammad I.    NJ    United States        
Joseph_, David Igbede        Nigeria    BBA    
Joshi, Sumit S        India    MS    St. Regis University
Joudrey, Janis Lee    MA    United States    HS    
Jouma'h, Riad Ahmad        United Arab Emirates    BBA    
Joy, Ira Dale (Jr)    UT    United States    BS    Holmes University
Joyner, Alexis        United States    HS    
Joyner, Louis    LA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Juarez, Rosemarie        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Judd, Christopher        United States    HS    
Judd, Larry W    GA    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Judge, Rashun        United States    HS    
Juedes, Wayne E    WI    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Julia, Csillag        Romania    MBA    
Julian, Scott Allen    IN    United States    BA    
Julian-Duke, Jacqueline St.        United States    MBA    
Juliao, Josephine M    NC    United States    BA    
Julies, Raina        South Africa    MBA    
Jumper, James B            PhD    St. Regis University
Jun, Zhu        United States    BBA    
Junck, Renae        United States    HS    
Jung, Eunice    CA    United States    BS    Van Ives University
Junginger, Markus Goetz        Germany    PhD    
Junior, Benedito Dantas    FL    United States    MBA    
Junior, Frank Mariner Hendricks        United States    BS    
Junior, Paul Edward Crane        United States    PhD    
Jurgaitis, Alexander        Germany    MBA    
Justice, Milton henry    APO    US-APO        
Justice, Patrice        United States    HS    
Justice, William A        United States    HS


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Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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Ka'Wash, Hamad Nayef        Lebanon    PhD    
Kabelka, Tonya Nicolle    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Kachel, Mary Elizabeth        United States        
Kadhi, Aida        Tunisia    MAH    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Kafwimbi, George Mambwe        United States    PhDH    
Kahele, Dana Jr.        United States    HS    
Kain, Nora M        United States    HS    
Kaldor, Leslie Renee    MT    United States    Cert    
Kalender, Christina Nickole        United States    HS    
Kaluba, David        Great Britain    PhD    
Kamaei, Jamshid        Iran    BA    
Kamaruzaman, Bin Ali        Malaysia    PhD    
Kamel, Remah Moustafa Ahmed        Saudi Arabia    DSc    
Kaminky, James Erwin    NM    United States    MS    St. Regis University
Kanaan, Johny M            DBA    
Kanelos, Khanei        United States    MBA    
Kang, Jinok        United States    BA    
Kangethe, Eliud Gakinya        United States    MAH    
Kanioros, Costadinos    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Kanter, Lori B    NY    United States    PhD    
Kapur, Lalit        Great Britain    BS    
Karali, Malek Farouk        Lebanon    MBA    American Capital University
Karampea, Mary P        Greece        
Karim, Aminudin Abdul        Malaysia        
Karna, Amitabh    OK    United States        
Karnes, Chadrick        United States        
Karns, Lora    AK    United States    HS    
Karoki, Joseph Manasses        United States    MS    
Karpinsky, Dave    MI    United States    PhD    Concordia College & University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Karunaratne, Ananda B    TX    United States    MBA    
Karunyasopon, Vorachoat        Canada    MBA    Breyer State University
Karuppiah, Suthagar        Malaysia    MS    
Kasiah, Candace M    NM    United States        
Kasperbauer, Keri        United States    HS    
Kasten, Angela M        United States    HS    
Katie        United States    HS    
Kattadiyil, Binoy J.        United Arab Emirates    PhDH    
Katz, Kristi K    WY    United States    MBA    
Katz, Robert James    FL    United States    MBA    
Kau, To Po        Hong Kong    BS    American Capital University
Kaufa, Damiano Jonathan        Malawi    PhDH    
Kavosick, Joe Lewis    FL    United States    BS    Northwest United University
Kawadri, Mayssa    KY    United States    AA    
Kawash, Hamad Nayef    TX    United States    PhD    
Kayani, Khurram        Pakistan    PhD    St. Regis University
Kaygusuz, Serkan        United States    AA    
Kazeem, Olabisi F            MA    
Kazmaier, Rolf            MBA    
Keams, Sharon Ronalda    AZ    United States    BA    
Kean, Steve S    CA    United States    BA    
Keatts, Brandie        United States    HS    
Kee, Koh Boon        Malaysia    MA    
Kee, Stan        United States    BS    St. Regis University
Keefauver, Christopher Eric    CA    United States    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Keegan, Colleen E (Matheson)    CO    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Keelan, Andrew        United States    HS    
Keeler, Mark R        Canada    ProfAdj    St. Lourdes University
Keesler, Dean        United States    HS    
Keezer, David A.    CA    United States    BS    Stanley State University
Keigans, John J    NC    United States    BA    
Keil, William George    MA    United States    BBA    American West University
Keith, James A (Sr)    MO    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Keith, Lyndsay Christine    NV    United States    MS    St. Lourdes University
Keko, Iv        United States    HS    
Kelch, Sanndra E.        United States    HS    
Kellar, Raymond    FL    United States        
Kellebrew, Christian        United States    HS    
Keller, Allison Leigh    SC    United States    HS    
Keller, Daniel Liston    CA    United States    MS    Northwest United University
Keller, Dean A    MO    United States    MBA    Concordia University
Kelley, Carlnetta D.        United States    HS    
Kelley, Hugh Kerney    CA    United States    MA    
Kelley, Sandra    PA    United States        
Kelly, Kimberly        United States    HS    
Kelly, Michael J            PhD    
Kelly, Patricia    FL    United States    HS    
Kelly, Sandra J    PA    United States    ProfFull    St. Lourdes University
Kelly, Scott Wayde    MI    United States    MS    Jackson State University
Keltner, Jon C        United States    MS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Kelton, Vicki    ID    United States    HS    
Kemmler, James R    TX    United States    PhD    
Kemnetz, Kyle James        United States    HS    
Kemp, Allan L    GA    United States    BS    Audentes Technical College
Kemp, Teresa Kay    GA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Kempe, Hans-Joachim        Switzerland    PhD    
Kemper, Carey        United States    HS    
Kemper, Tamica        United States    HS    
Kempka, Marcin Leon        Thailand        
Kendall, Norman Edward    CA    United States    PhD    
KendallSr, Norman E    Ca    United States        
Kendrick, Johnny Mac    MS    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Kenigstein, Jaun    TX    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Kennard-Brim, Laquita Renee        United States    HS    
Kennedy, Brenda Sue Linn    NV    United States    BA    
Kennedy, Calvin        United States    MAH    
Kennedy, David P    MS    United States    PhD    
Kennedy, James Lawrence        United States    HS    
Kennedy, Kerry    PA    United States        
Kennedy, Leslie L            BBA    
Kennedy, Marilyn Clark    CA    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Kenney, Amanda        United States    HS    
Kenney, David William        United States    MA    
Kenney, Erika Rose    NV    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Keong, See Soon (Raymond)        Singapore    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Keong, Tan Eng        Malaysia    BS    
Kerola, Bryan-Earl    NY    United States    MBA    
Kerr, Mary Ellen    FL    United States    BA    Holmes University
Kerr, Richard Bud        United States    BS    
Kersey, John        Great Britain    PhD    
Kershner, Dennis E (Jr)    PA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Kerstetter, Monica        United States    HS    
Keteku, Nancy *        Ghana        
Kettelkamp, Debra J    NY    United States    BA    
Keuten, Edward Michael    LA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Keuten, Poonpol    LA    United States    HS    
Keyes, Gregory James        Netherlands    PhD    
Keyes, Kennith Roland    TN    United States        
Keys, Lester J        United States    HS    
Keyser, Angela        United States    HS    
Keziah, Michael        United States    HS    
Kgomongwe, Arius Rasempe Letshuba        South Africa    MBA    
Khalifa, Rihab K            PhD    
Khalil, Younis Hanna        United Arab Emirates    BBA    American West University
Khan, A. Ghayas        Oman    BA    
Khan, Absar Ahmed        Pakistan    BS    
Khan, Akbar Muhammad        Pakistan    BBA    
Khan, Faisal H        Canada    BS    St. Lourdes University
Khan, Farjad Raza        Great Britain    MBA    St. Regis University
Khan, Fazlur Rahim    CA    United States    MBA    Americana University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Khan, Ghayas        Oman    BSE    
Khan, J. Dr.        Great Britain        
Khan, Modean    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Khan, Muhammad Asghar        Pakistan    MA    
Khan, Mumtaz Muhammad        Pakistan    PhD    
Khan, Nadeem            Cert    
Khan, Salman Ayub        Pakistan    MAH    
Khan, Sardar Masood        India    PhDH    
Khan, Shahid Ali        United Arab Emirates    MSE    
Khan, Shaila            MA    
Khan, Sheryar    TX    United States    HS    
Khandhanisdha, Mr. Chinwat        Thailand    DBA    
Khansari, Mohsen        Iran    PhD    
Khasawneh, Munjed M. Al        United States    BS    
Kheng, Hean    MA    United States        
Khoon, Tan Tee        Singapore    MDiv    
Khorasani, Mohammadali Saied Darbandi        Iran    DBA    
Khosti, Daniel    NY    United States    HS    Mission College Preparatory High School
Khosti, Sandra    NY    United States    HS    Mission High School
Khoury, Kory E    CA    United States    MA    
Khuen, Lee Wai        Singapore    BS    
Khumalo, Phumelele        South Africa    MAH    
Kiazolu, Ernest M. *        Liberia        
Kibler, Akeem        United States    HS    
Kidd, Kerri        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Kidd, Terry        United States        
Kidder, Alexis    TX    United States    HS    
Kiefer, Heather        United States    HS    
Kiefer, Richard P    FL    United States    BBA    American Capital University
Kight, Tammy Lynn        United States    HS    
Kilborn, Charles R.    FL    United States    BS    
Kilgore, Bill        United States    HS    
Kilgore, Trina Denise    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Kilroy, Stephen M.        United States        
Kim        United States    HS    
Kim, Hae Young Bang    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Kim, Haejin        United States    HS    
Kim, Hyung Yong        South Korea    BS    Concordia University
Kim, Linda Sooin        United States    HS    
Kim, Shawn        Canada    HS    
Kim, Woojung        South Korea    HS    
Kimball, James David Jr.        United States    HS    
Kimberly        United States    HS    
Kinane, Brendan C.        Ireland    MBA    
Kinard, Betty G        United States    HS    
Kinard, Robert M.    CA    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Kincaid, Wanda Sue        United States    HS    
Kindra, Balbir Singh    OH    United States    PhD    
Kindron, Sharon Fitzpatrick Smith    CO    United States    PhDH    
King, Danielle Marie        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
King, Della Mae    TN    United States    BSN    California State University
King, Elizabeth    GA    United States    HS    
King, Jamie Marie    NY    United States    BA    
King, Janna    TX    United States        
King, John Edward Philip    MO    United States    BS    St. Regis University
King, Levi R.    IL    United States    BA    St. Regis University
King, Mel    FL    United States    MBA    
King, Melvin Clifton Jr.    MI    United States        
King, Raymond Zoll II    FL    United States    HS    
King, Robin        United States    HS    
King, Stacy        United States        
King, Tabatha Kay    MO    United States    HS    
Kingsley, Dunga        Nigeria    MS    
Kingsley, George Dombokah        United States    MAH    
Kingsolver, Robert Allan    IN    United States    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Kinne, Raymond M    VA    United States        
Kinnear, Shannon L        United States    HS    
Kinney, Ralph        United States    PhDH    
Kinsel, Troy        United States    HS    
Kiong, Goh Seng        Singapore    BBA    
Kipple, Jennifer        United States    HS    
Kirk, Lionel        United States    HS    
Kirk, Stephen David        Great Britain    BS    Blackstone University
Kirkpatrick, Ian William    GA    United States    BS    Breyer State University
Kirksey, David Andralee    TX    United States    MA    Eucharist Archdiocese
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Kirksey, Kimberly        United States    HS    
Kirugara, Mwiandi Patrick        Kenya    BA    
Kiser, Lisa Marie (Bennett)    TX    United States    MBA    Westmoreland Business Institute
Kish, Charles R. Jr.    MO    United States    PhD    
Kishore, Prathima K.    VA    United States    MA    Northwest United University
Kitchene, Vi-Linda    FL    United States    HS    
Kitchens, Stephen Blend    NC    United States    BS    
Kittle, Jeremy D.        United States    HS    
Kizhakkevila, V.Daniel        India    PhD    
Klawuhn, Justin Allen        United States    BS    
Klco, Rachel A    OH    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Kleeck, Lois J. Van        United States    BA    
Klein, Cyndi L        United States    HS    
Klein, Cynthia Marie    CA    United States    BBA    
Klein, Terrence L.    IN    United States    MBA    
Klein, Walter G.        United States    HS    
Klein, William G.    CA    United States    Cert    Concordia Graduate Institute
Kleiner, Jennifer        United States    HS    
Klenk, Raymond T    PA    United States    BBA    Blackstone University
Kleynhans, Theodor Ernst        South Africa    PhD    Holmes University
Klicek, Grant N    IN    United States    BBA    Holy Acclaim University
Klingbeil, Matthew Dale            HS    
Klingensmith, Charles    PA    United States    HS    
Klosterman, D                
Klotz, John Thomas    NY    United States    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Klumb, Cory William    TX    United States    BS    
Kluskie, JohnTheodore    NY    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Knapp, Gustav Adolf        Spain    PhDH    
Knapp, Ian Mitchell    TX    United States    MS    Breyer State University
Knaus, Michael A.    NC    United States    PhD    
Kniep, Peter        Germany    MS    Prometheus College
Knight, Gina Kay    TX    United States    BBA    Holmes University
Knight, Jeff Bruce    TX    United States    BS    
Knight, Valerie        United States    HS    
Knightes, Justin Robert    APO    US-APO        
Knipe, David Philip        Great Britain    PhD    
Knisley, Brenda Sue    OH    United States        
Knisley, Sherrina    OH    United States    HS    
Knisley, Vickie Lynn    OH    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Knott, Malissa R.    IL    United States    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Knotts, Abraham        United States    HS    
Knowles, Martin William    LA    United States    MBA    
Knowlton, Stewart Hood    KY    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Knox, Jessica        United States    HS    
Knox, Stephon    OH    United States    BA    
Koay, Kean Huat        Malaysia    PhDH    St. Regis University
Koch, Frederick    NY    United States    BS    SUNY Geneseo
Koch, Mark David    PA    United States        
Koch, Richard Edward    CA    United States    BA    American West University
Kochanek, Dennis S Jr.    NY    United States    BA    American West University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Kochanek, Jr., Dennis S        United States    BA    American West University
Koelble, Frederick B (Sr.)    PA    United States    BBA    
Kok, Yau Wia        Singapore    BBA    
Kolenich, David Michael            PhD    
Kolenich, Rosemary    ID    United States        
Kolinsky, Mark Thomas        Australia    PhD    All Saints American University
Kollie, Aaron *                
Kominkiewicz, Fawn Marie    NJ    United States    HS    Liberty High School
KöNig, Alexandre        Germany    HS    
Konstas, Mary        United States    HS    
Kopf, Dave S.    OH    United States    BA    
Kopina, Amanda        United States    HS    
Koplitz, Curt D.    WA    United States        
Korf, Collin Cris    CA    United States    MS    American West University
Korzen, Steven Kenneth    NH    United States    BA    
Korzeniowski), Steven K. Korzen (Aka.        United States    BA    
Koseda, Judy U            BS    
Koshy, CV            MS    
Koss, Stephen M.    SC    United States    BA    Concordia University
Koss, Twila K.    SC    United States    BA    Concordia University
Koster, Donna L.    TX    United States    BA    
Kouretas, Fotis I        Greece        
Koutoulakis, Marinos        Greece    Cert    
Kovack, Ronald J    FL    United States    PhD    
Koya, Dr. Hanif        United States    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Koya, Hanif    CA    United States    PhD    
Koyama, Grace A.    CA    United States    BA    Concordia University
Kozak, Thomas        Austria    MA    
Kozlowski, Hannah        United States    HS    
Kraemer, Chelsea Ann    WA    United States    HS    
Kraemer, Ervin Michael    WA    United States    MBA    
Kraemer, Glenn A    TX    United States    MA    
Kraiger, Frederick T.        United States    MBA    
Krancer, Diana Milligan    TX    United States    Attestation of Concordia Documents    Concordia University
Krasowki, John    CO    United States    BBA    
Krasowski, John    CO    United States    BBA    
Krassi, Ahmed S.        Saudi Arabia    BBA    James Monroe University
Krassi, Dee Ahmed    KY    United States    AA    
Krassi, Hashim A    KY    United States        
Krause, Janice Ireen    SD    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Kraushaar, Tera Sue        United States    HS    
Krawetzke, Michael.C.        United States    HS    
Kreisler, Laura Ruthann    MO    United States    MBA    
Kreisler, Shaun Phillip    MO    United States    HS    
Krenz, Becky        United States        
Kreutzwiser, Lary Alan        Canada    BBA    
Kribs, Geoffrey Lawrence    CA    United States    BS    
Kribs, Robert L.    CA    United States    BA    
Krieger, Ronald B.        United States    MAH    
Krigger, Kevin        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Krishna, Radha        India    BS    
Kristina        United States    HS    
Krivanek, Jenna Marie    PA    United States    HS    
Krompis, Lucky D            BA    
Kronstedt, Darby Jo        Canada    BS    
Kroupa, Edward J. Sr.    PA    United States    BA    
Kruger, Marx Con        Great Britain    BA    
Kruithoff, Eddie        United States    HS    
Kruithoff, Stephanie F.    NY    United States    HS    
Krupinski, Anthony M.    FL    United States    AA    
Krupinski, Teresa    FL    United States    HS    
Krutz, Adam J.        United States    HS    
Kshirsagar, Vishwajee V        India    BS    All Saints American University
Kt., Sir. Shawn M. Sopher        United States    BS    
Kubin, Gene C.    KS    United States    BA    Concordia University
Kuemmel, Dan        US Virgin Islands    PhD    
Kuen, Chan Tak        Hong Kong    MBA    
Kuhlman, Kari    NE    United States        
Kuker, Brian Anthony    MN    United States    BS    
Kular, Devinder        Canada    MBA    
Kuleke, Afi        United States    HS    
Kultgen, David    WA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Kumar, Ashok G.            AA    St. Regis University
Kumaraguruparan, Dr Naliah        Sri Lanka    PhDH    
Kumpost, Tim        United States    Cert    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Kumpost, Tim A    NE    United States    BS    
Kumtong, Praphan        United States    HS    
Kunju Hanifa, Sulikha        Singapore    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Kunju, Dr. Sumathi Muthu        United States    PhD    
Kuo, Chiang Sheng Johnny    NY    United States    PhD    
Kupsak, Todd Michael    IL    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Kurita, Kenneth Jr.    TX    United States    BS    
Kurowski, Jamie Nicole    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Kurpinski, George Thomas    MI    United States    HS    
Kurti, Ardit    NJ    United States    HS    
Kurtti, Gary Richard    MI    United States    MS    Holmes Graduate Institute
Kurtz, Lynn Thi            BA    
Kuykendall, Micheall W.        United States        
Kwak, Sung-Won Richard    FL    United States    BA    
Kwanzaa        United States    HS    
Kwok, Alfred Tai Wai        Hong Kong    PhD    West Coast Institute of Management & Technology
Kwon, Byung Joo        South Korea    AA    
Kwong, Chi-Hung        Hong Kong    MA    
Kyle        United States    HS    
Kyle, Jason Ray    IL    United States    BS    Concordia College
Kyriakos, Nitsotolis        Greece    BA    
La Monica, Guy Anthony    TX    United States    BS    
LaBella, Marc Joseph    NJ    United States        
Lablabjyan, Armen        Armenia    HS    
Laborde, Brody Ted    LA    United States    PHD    Hampton Bay University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
LaBorde, David Michael    TX    United States    BS    
LaBorne, Nicholas John    NY    United States    MS    BFA NY Institute of Technology
Laboube, Michael        United States    HS    
Labrie, Marcel D. or R. Kolenich        Canada    MS    Breyer State University
Lacassin, Alan Clay        United States    HS    
LaChapelle, Kevin Michael    CA    United States    BA    
LaChappelle, Jason Maurice    AZ    United States    MA    
Laconca, Nancy    TX    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Lacy, John R., Jr.    NJ    United States    MA    
Lacy, Jr., John R        United States    MA    
Ladeau, Winona        United States    HS    
Laffoon, James Matthew    MO    United States    PhD    
Laframboise, Jessica Anne        Canada    AA    Liberty High School
Lagermann, Sam    MO    United States        
Lahnum, C. Damion    CA    United States    MBA    
Lahuta, David        United States    PhD    
Lai, Yi-Horng    FL    United States    PhD    
Laird, Terry G. Sr.        United States        
Laird, Tiffany Alaine        United States    HS    
Lake, Jenella        United States    HS    
Lakireddy, Jay P.    TX    United States    HS    
Lall, Manmohan    NY    United States    AA    
Lalonde, Jean-Marc G        South Korea    BA    
Lalrinsanga, R.        India    MA    
Lalrinsanga, R. (Rev.)        India    MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Lam, Debby Thuy Tarn    CA    United States    BS    
Lam, Sum-Wah        China    PhD    
Lam, Yealy            MBA    St. Regis University
Lama, Udaya Shangderpa        Great Britain    MBA    
Lamacraft, Stephen C.        Great Britain    MA    
Lamar, Dr. Kevin Sr.        United States    PhD    
Lamarca, Rosenilda        United States    HS    
Lamb, Timothy W.        United States    HS    
Lambert, Donald, L    TX    United States    MBA    
Lambert, Khalif        United States    BS    St. Regis
Lambert, Sherry C        United States    HS    
Lamey, Jeffrey Thomas Edward    APO    US-APO    MS    
Lamoly, Paul B.    MA    United States    HS    
Lamp, Denise C.    MO    United States    AA    
Lampkins, Melvatean L.    WI    United States    BA    
Lampley, Brian J.    DE    United States    HS    
Lamshed, Scott        Australia    ProfFull    
Lamsis, Pablo H        Oman    BA    
Lan, Adelene Cheong Siew        Singapore    ProfFull    
Lan, Chang Sio        Macau    AS    
Lancaster, Christopher John        Australia    MBA    
Land, Elaine    LA    United States    HS    
Landa, Andres    TX    United States        
Landaverde, Andrea        United States    HS    
Lander, Terea        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Landess, Jeffrey Shane        United States    HS    
Landgrover, Margaret Anne    VA    United States    BA    
Landry, Jennifer Hensley        United States    PhD    
Landziak, Morgaine    CA    United States    HS    
Lane, Elizabeth R.    TN    United States    PhD    
Lane, Kurtis Robert    CA    United States    HS    James Monroe High School
Lane, Mark Allen    CO    United States    BBA    
Lane, Michael Roy    OR    United States    MA    
Lane, Shelita Larhonda        United States        
Lanford, Joshua Ray    GA    United States    HS    
Langdell, Steven        Great Britain        
Lange, Jan Adriaan De        South Africa    MS    
Lange, Tammy L.    ID    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Langille, Donald R        Canada    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Langille_, Donald R            MBA    St. Regis University
Langley, Adile E.        United States    HS    
Langley, Rodney Eugene    VA    United States        
Langston, Bettie        United States    HS    
Lanham, Johnathon Scott    TX    United States    HS    
Lanka, Phani Viswanath            BA    
Lankes, Judy    PA    United States    MS    Breyer State University/St Regis University
Lankford, Kelly        United States    HS    
Lanning, Wendy        United States    BA    
Lanning, Yvonne B    KS    United States    PhD    
Lansing, Robert W    PA    United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Lantier, Christie    LA    United States    HS    
Laplante, Erik        United States    HS    
Lapointe, Camille        United States    HS    
LaPorte, Renee K    MI    United States    PhD    
Lara, Nancy        United States    HS    
Laraway, Scott        United States    HS    
Larcombe, Antony Ewan        Great Britain    BS    Audentes Technical College
Lardner, Wayne Charles        South Africa    PhD    
Largo, Gary T.        United States    HS    
Larkins, Shayne Arthur    CA    United States    BS    
LaRoche, John A    FL    United States    BS    Middlesex University
LaRosa, Margaruitte Charlene    NJ    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Larry, Jeanne Marie    WV    United States    BA    
Larsen, Dav Id C            PhD    
Larsen, David Charles    WA    United States    PhD    
Larsen, Kymberly K    WA    United States    MA    
Larsen, Rita        United States    HS    
Larsen, Rosemary Ann    MA    United States    BS    
Larson, Michael D.    WI    United States    HS    
Larson, Roger    NV    United States        
Larson, Timothy N        United States    BA    St. Regis University
LaRue, Charles Harvey    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Lasalle, Javier A. Cordero    PR    United States    AS    
Lasba, Noureddine        United States    HS    
Laster, Mechell        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Lats, Jack F            PhD    
Lattimore, Rochelle Bernard        United States    HS    
Lattin, Robert Jr        United States    HS    
Latzzis, Sonya        United States    HS    
Lau, Paddy KH        Hong Kong    PhD    
Laubach, Nathan    PA    United States    AA    
Laughter, Chad    NC    United States    HS    Mission High School
Lauletta, Anthony Phillip    IL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Laumen, Sharon Rose        Canada    AA    
Laura, Onuk, Ini-Abasi        Ethiopia    MBA    
Lauseng, LeRoy L    CA    United States    BA    
Lavalas, Bertram Conrad    FL    United States    BS    
Lavalas, Lystra Jennifer        United States    BS    
Laviramento, Jacira Anicia    MA    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Law, Luk L.        Canada    BBA    
Law, Michael J    TX    United States    HS    Branford academy Prep. HS
Lawhorn, Ernest P    VA    United States    MS    Blackstone University
Lawrence, James Tahsheem        United States    HS    
Lawrence, Johanna        United States    HS    
Lawrence, Michael Douglas        United States    MAH    
Lawrence, Velvet        United States    HS    
Lawson, James A        United States    BA    
Lawson, Samuel .L.        Ghana    HS    
Lay, James F (Jr)    CA    United States    BA    Concordia University
Lay, Rozanne    FL    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Layman, Amanda        United States    HS    
Lazarovitz, Josef    CA    United States    BS    American West University
Lazcano, Ana M.        United States    HS    
Lazo, Mahomar A    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Le, Ngoc    LA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Lea, Leslie        United States    HS    
Lea, Tan Dean        United States    BBA    
Leach, Anna    WA    United States        
Leach, Donald A    UT    United States    BS    
Leach, Joseph        United States    HS    
Leacock, Alesia    FL    United States    HS    
Leah        United States    HS    
Leahy, Patrick T.        United States    HS    
Leak, Saly J        Canada    MSE    St. Regis University
Leake, Dayna A        Great Britain    BA    Concordia University
Leaks, Delonda Layarn        United States    AA    
Leamon, Jesse Wise Hurt    IN    United States    MDiv    
Learn, Joyee Annie        United States    HS    
Leathers, Thomas D            MBA    
Leatherwood, Reshonda        United States    HS    
Lebel, Roger        Cayman Islands    BA    
Ledesma, Horacio Carlos        Argentina    BSE    
Ledesma, Rafael M (II)    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Ledezma, Dulce A.        United States    HS    
Ledford, Darryl T.    AZ    United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ledford, Michael L    NC    United States    AS    Concordia College & University
Lee, Alan David        United States    BA    
Lee, Allison Suzanne        United States    HS    
Lee, Anthony C    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Lee, Bryan Jihoon    CA    United States        
Lee, Clayton Ramsay    TX    United States    MS    
Lee, Cordairius D.        United States    HS    
Lee, David Alan    TX    United States    BA    
Lee, Dennis Patrick            HS    
Lee, Eric Jr    NJ    United States    HS    
Lee, Erma Elois    TX    United States    BS    St Regis University/Breyer State University
Lee, Evelyn M            PhD    
Lee, James Arthur        United States    MBA    
Lee, Kamee        United States    HS    
Lee, Keron A        United States    AS    
Lee, Larry Alan    AZ    United States    BA    Capital university of Arts & Technology
Lee, Pat        United States    HS    
Lee, Patrick W    NY    United States    HS    Mission High School
Lee, Tressa        United States    HS    
Lee, W                
Lee, Wai Khuen        Singapore    BS    
Lee, William Wei-I        Canada    BS    
LeeJr, Larry G    GA    United States        
Leen, Carolyn Almeida        United States    HS    
Leeth, Joyce E    AZ    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Leeth, Michael M    AZ    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Leeth, Theodore W    AZ    United States    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Lefever, Louise        United States    HS    
Legaspi, Salvacion A.    CA    United States    MA    
Legg, Christine L        United States    BA    
Legg, Katie Marie    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Leggett, Daphney J.        United States    Cert    
Leggett, Jason        United States    HS    
Legrand, Shawn Pierre    CA    United States    BS    
Leguennec, Annie    CA    United States    AA    
Lehmann, Samantha        United States    HS    
Lehner, Christopher R. Sr.        United States    MS    
Leib, Joel A    PA    United States    BA    
Leicham, Christian D        Canada        
Leidner, Karlheinz        Brazil        
Leipply, Dustin Wayne Meritt    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
LeMA, Teresa Leanne        United States    HS    
LeMaster, Teresa Leanne    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Lemon, Eloise        United States    HS    
Lempergel, Karen L    PA    United States    AS    
Lencioni, David    CA    United States        
Lenett, Jack    FL    United States    BA    Holy Acclaim University
Leng, Wee Kim        Malaysia    MS    Hartland University
Lennon, Gary Lesley        Australia    BS    Concordia University
Lennox, Susan Taguibulos            MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Leon, Isabel De        United States    HS    
Leonard, Linda        United States    HS    
Leonard, Michael Glen    MD    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Lerma, Amanda            HS    
Lesher, Jill I    OH    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Lester, Monica N    AR    United States    PhD    
Lester, Samuel        United States    HS    
Leta, Scott T.    OH    United States    BA    
Lett, Carolyn        United States        
Leung, Hung Kwok        Hong Kong    BA    
Leung, Kevin    CA    United States        
Leung, Parry Chung Kin        Hong Kong    MS    Americana University
Leung, Sai-kit        Hong Kong    BA    
LeVan, Kent A    IA    United States        
Levere, Susan Kimberly    MD    United States    BA    
Levin, Douglas Jeffery    AZ    United States    BS    
Levin, Mervyn    AZ    United States    PhD    
Levit, Yevgeniy A        United States    HS    
Levitt, Walter J (III)            BS    Capitol University
Levy, Edward Craig    VA    United States    BS    Breyer State University/St Regis University
Levy, Lior        Israel    PhD    
Lewandowski, Richard        United States    BA    
Lewis Jr., Willie G        United States    BS    
Lewis Sr., Howard Ray        United States    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Lewis, Amber Lynn        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Lewis, Annie        United States    HS    
Lewis, David (Sgt)    PA    United States    BA    Concordia College & University
Lewis, Donna Lynn    TX    United States    BA    
Lewis, Frederick Farr        Canada    BS    
Lewis, Howard Ray (Sr)    TX    United States    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Lewis, John Elbert    VA    United States    BBA    Concordia University
Lewis, Joseph H.    LA    United States    MS    
Lewis, Leonette Yvette Brooks    TX    United States    BBA    
Lewis, Leroy Jr.    IN    United States        
Lewis, Lola        United States    HS    
Lewis, Lori        United States    HS    
Lewis, Madeline R    OH    United States        
Lewis, Melissa M    CA    United States    BA    
Lewis, Michael T            BS    
Lewis, Peggy A    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Lewis, Raffique        United States    HS    
Lewis, Robert K    TN    United States    BS    
Lewis, Shane Thomas    LA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Lewis, Todd Daniel    MN    United States    BA    Concordia College & University
Lewis, W. Jason        United States    BS    
Lewis, Willie G (Jr)    AL    United States    BS    
Leyva, Veronica        United States    HS    
Li, Ming Ho            PhD    St. Regis University
Liang, James C        United States    PhDH    
Libby, Jack        United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Libby, Michelle    MA    United States    HS    
Licona, Juan Carlos    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Lide, Kimberl        United States    HS    
Lidi, Raymond        Malaysia    MA    
Lien, C                
Liew, Carole Nyuk Hiong        Hong Kong    MBA    American West University
Liew, Chon    TX    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Likar, Milena    SC    United States    BA    
Lillis, Martin A    NY    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Lilly, Carl Gene    TX    United States    MS    
Lim, James Michael        Malaysia        
Lima, Brenda Yohana    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Limones, Karen    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Lin, Ji Chun    NJ    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Lincoln, Mark Russell        United States    MBA    
Lincoln, Paul T    AK    United States    BA    American West University
Lindberg, H Micci (Van Dolah)    CA    United States    BBA    
Lindberg, H. Micci        United States    BBA    
Linden-Link, Monika            PhD    Prometheus College
Lindow, Richard Wayne            HS    
Lindsey, Brian        United States        
Lindsey, Shaylon        United States    HS    
Lineberry, Samantha B    VA    United States    BA    
Ling, Yeung Kim        Malaysia    MA    
Lingle, Vanesa        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Linley, Andrew        Great Britain    PhDH    
Linley, Timothy Lee        United States    MS    
Linnins, Gerald R.        United States    PhD    
Lint, James R    APO    US-APO    BS    Breyer State University/St Regis University
Linville, Wesley        United States    HS    
Lippold, David C    FL    United States    BA    
Lipscomb, Chasitity        United States        
Lipscomb, Fannie L        United States    HS    
Lira, Gonzalo        United States    HS    
Lister, Ronald C    CA    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Little, Douglas Marshall (Jr)    SC    United States    BS    
Little, Jeffrey        United States    HS    
Little, Joseph Thomas    NJ    United States    PhD    
Little, Keesha        United States    HS    
Little, Stephanie        United States    HS    
Little, Todd Warren    APO    US-APO    BA    
Littleton, Maurcell Elijash    MD    United States    BS    
Livermore, George A    CA    United States    BBA    American West University
Livingston, H. Marshall    KS    United States    BA    
Livingston, H.Marshall        United States    BA    
Livingston, John        Canada    HS    
Livingston, Richard Allen    CO    United States    PhD    
Livingston, Rose Mary    CA    United States    MA    
Livingstone, John        Canada    HS    
Livramento, Jacira Anicia            HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Liz        United States    HS    
Ll.B, Robert A. Maclellan        Cameroon    DSc    
Llera, Emily        United States    HS    
Lll, John Radford Walker        United States    PhDH    
Llo        United States    BBA    
Lloy, Douglas Robert    CA    United States    BA    
Lloyd, Brandi Michelle        United States    HS    
Lloyd, Qamar Sarfraz            MS    Master of Computer Science
Lloyd, Sarfraz                
Lo, Carlvin Lee        Philippines    BS    
Lobo, Reshma V                
Lochard, Marjorie    FL    United States    HS    High School
Lockett, Chavonte        United States    HS    
Lockett, Freda        United States    HS    
Lockett, Janet    APO    US-APO    MA    
Lockley, Renita Norine    PA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Locust, Debra M (Hull)    NC    United States    BA    
Loczi, Eckehart        Austria    MBA    
Loeffler, Adam R    LA    United States    BS    
Loeffler, Justin J    IL    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Loeum, Reattidara J R Run    MA    United States    PhD    Bayon Educational Counseling/St Regis University
Lofgren, Rita L    PA    United States    BS    Breyer State University/St Regis University
Loftus, Elizabeth Ann    NJ    United States    MA    
Logan, Shawanda        Uruguay    HS    
Logan, Tony    TX    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Logston, James D.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Loguda-Summers, Debra Lynn    MO    United States    BA    
Lohmann, Kevin V.    CA    United States    BSE    
Lokey, Charles Lee    AR    United States    MA    
Lombard, Anthon Christian    MN    United States    MBA    
Lombard, Engela Elizabeth    MN    United States    BA    
Lombardo, Ross    FL    United States    BBA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Lona, Maria        United States        
Lonardo, Stephen J.    RI    United States    BS    
Long, Elbert E.    TX    United States    BA    
Long, Harold M    PA    United States    ProfAssoc    
Long, Helen        United States    HS    
Long, James Anthony    NC    United States    HS    Mission High School
Long, Kenneth D.    TN    United States    MBA    Concordia University
Long, Marlyn Leynard    FL    United States    BA    
Longcrier, Veronda S    GA    United States        
Longerman, Kenneth M.    PA    United States    BS    
Lonnon, Patricia Ann    GA    United States    MA    
Lonsberry, Derek    GA    United States    HS    
Looney, Marvin Eugene    TN    United States    BS    
Loosmann, Waldemar-Roland        Germany    BS    
Lopatowski, Steven    TX    United States    BS    
Loper, James William    NC    United States    BS    
Lopez, Andres    FL    United States    HS    Trinity Christian High School
Lopez, Angelita E    TX    United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Lopez, Ashley        United States    HS    
Lopez, Carlso        United States    HS    
Lopez, Daniel        United States    HS    
Lopez, David L    NJ    United States    BA    Heartland University
Lopez, Eduardo M        Mexico    BS    
Lopez, Jesus Francisco    AZ    United States    HS    
Lopez, Joshua        United States    HS    
Lopez, Kenny    TX    United States    BS    
Lopez, Larry Paul    APO    US-APO    BS    
Lopez, Manuel    FL    United States        
Lopez, Mario Ramirez    CA    United States        
Lopez, Miguel Agny Mirafuentes        Mexico        
Lopez, Monica Biviana Calero    FL    United States        
Lopez, Neira G        United States    HS    
Lopez, Rene Jr.        United States    HS    
Lopez, Rolando    FL    United States    HS    
Lopez, Shanelle        United States    HS    
Lopez, Sol M        United States    HS    
Lopez, Yelba S    CA    United States    HS    University High School
Lopp, Linda S.    MI    United States    BBA    Nation State University
Lord, Marian M.    MA    United States    PhD    
Lorenti, Rachel    FL    United States    HS    
Lorhan, Daniel S.    KS    United States        
Lorn, Lorraine M    WA    United States        
Loruso, Madalyn or Nahodyl, Peter WNahodyl, Steven Michael    AZ    United States    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Loss, Roderick J.    MD    United States    PhD    
Lott, John Clinton    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Lott, Krystian Ni'Cole        United States    HS    
Louderback, Dale L    VA    United States    BBA    
Loudermilk, David R    TX    United States        
Loudon, Stuart Daniel    CA    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Lough, Jennifer    KS    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Loughridge, Deann                
Louis, Kishann        US Virgin Islands    HS    
Lourdesamy, Morgan Felix A/L        Malaysia    MAH    
Louviere, Brad        United States    HS    
Louzader, William    MO    United States        
Louzon, Ronald E.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Lovas, Coleen R    PA    United States    BS    Northwest United University
Love, Carlos B.        United States    HS    
Love, Larry W.    CO    United States    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Love, Yvatte        United States    HS    
Lovell, Nicole        United States        
Lovett, Saeed Isaiah    MD    United States    HS    
Lovito, Viola Jean    CA    United States    HS    
Lowe, Bryan K.    FL    United States    MS    
Lowe, Damiano        United States    HS    
Lowe, Michael David    AZ    United States    MTh    
Lowe, Raelynn        United States        
Lowen, Christopher Keith    CA    United States    MBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Lowery, Deidra        United States    HS    
Lowery, Phyllis Ann    TX    United States    BBA    Concordia College
Lowry, Davis        United States    HS    
Lowther, Donald P.    OK    United States        
Loy, Douglas R.    CA    United States    MS    
Loya, Gustavo Jr.    TX    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Loya, Julissa    CA    United States    HS    
Loynab, Ahmad Ghouse    NC    United States    BA    
Loza, Corinne        United States    HS    
Lstarks, Robert        United States    HS    
Lubas, Robert E.    MD    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Luberisse, Antonio B        United States    HS    
Lubishtani, Betim        Yugoslavia    BS    
Lubishtani, Sadik        Albania    MS    
Lucas, Catherine M        United States    HS    
Lucas, Elizabeth    NC    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Lucas, James C    MS    United States        
Lucas, Jerry Wayne    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Lucas, Lisa    KS    United States    HS    
Lucas, Robert D'        United States    HS    
Lucas-Reifer, Rosemary                
Lucey, George R    NJ    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Ludlow, W. Dale    APO    US-APO    MBA    
Ludunge, Sylvie N            BBA    
Lueras, Miranda A.    NM    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Lugo, R Obert        United States    BBA    
Luis, Gabriel F.    RI    United States    HS    
Lujan, Gloria Angelica Hernandez De        United States    BA    
Lukasiewicz, Lora E.    VA    United States    BBA    
Lukich, Deanna J    GA    United States    BA    
Luna, Rolando    PA    United States    BS    Concordia University
Lung, Jenhui        Taiwan    BBA    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Lunnon, Dennis    APO    US-APO    BS    
Lunsford, James Paul    NC    United States    HS    
Luo, Yaoming    CA    United States    PhDH    
Luqman, Aamir        Great Britain    MBA    St. Regis University
Lusewa, Thomas Gerald        Malawi    BS    
Lusty-Glueck, Barbara Evelyn    NV    United States    BA    
Luther, Richard Daniel        United States    HS    
Lutz, David Stewart    APO    US-APO    BS    Concordia College & University
LyBarger, Suzanne M    HI    United States        
Lyman, Jo Elaine    OH    United States    MA    American West University
Lynch, Brian    OH    United States    HS    
Lynch, Joseph D        United States    HS    
Lynch, Michele J        Canada    Cert    
Lynn, D K    NY    United States    BA    
Lynn, Johnson Rose Mary    AL    United States    BA    Concordia University
Lynn, Terence F    MA    United States    PhDH    
Lyons, Antoinette        United States    HS    
Lyons, Ronald D (Jr.)    GA    United States    HS    Mission High School


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Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Maas, Leon P        China    BA    Northwest United University
Mabasa, Horace                
Mac, Sokha Sath    MA    United States    HS    
MacCumbee, William C    SC    United States    BA    
MacDairmid, Gary J. Sr.    TX    United States    AA    James Monroe University
Macdiarmid, Gary Sr            AA    
MacDonald, Brian S        Canada    BA    Northwest United University
MacDonald, James Pollard    FL    United States    MBA    Hampton Bay University
MacDonald, Joel Earl    TX    United States    BS    
Macdonald, Mr Jan        Nigeria    HS    
MacDonald, Ronald Alexander        Great Britain    PhD    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Mace, Barbara Ann        United States        
Macgruder, James A    IN    United States    MBA    
Mach, Randall J.    NY    United States    BS    Concordia College & University
Machaell, Jason        United States    HS    
Machamer, Jeffrey Alan    PA    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Macias, Daniela C Lopez        United States    HS    
MacíAs, Ricardo        Mexico    HS    
Mack, Adrian D.        United States    HS    
Mack, Gary D.    IA    United States    HS    
Mack, Lanekia        United States    HS    
Mackey, Robert F.    TX    United States    BS    Holmes University
Maclean, Bert Douglas Franklin        Canada    BS    
Maclean, Miranda        Canada    HS    
MacLellan, Robert A. LL.B        Canada    DSc    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Macmillan, Donald        United States    HS    
MacNeil, Stephen        Canada    BBA    
MacTavish, Julie P    CA    United States    BA    
Maday, Raymond    SC    United States    BS    Concordia University
Madden, Christopher A.        United States    HS    
Madison, Rolonda        United States    BA    
Maduro, Kaisin        British Virgin Islands    HS    
Maes, Anthony John    CA    United States    BS    Ambassador College
Maes, Kenneth A.    MI    United States    BBA    
Magallanez, Mario Luis        United States    BS    
Magana-Navarro, Ernesto        Canada    MS    
MagaÑA-Navarro, Ernesto        United States    MS    
Magee, Angela L.        United States        
Mages, Frank        Germany    PhDH    
Maghribi, Houssam Ali        Saudi Arabia    BS    Concordia
Magloire, Irma B    FL    United States    HS    
Mahan, Richard Dale    MI    United States    PhD    
Mahfouz, Ziad Jameel        United Arab Emirates        
Mahmood, Azhar        Pakistan    MBA    Holmes University
Mahmoud, Ibrahim Abdullah        Egypt    BS    
Mahon, Bruce A. Mc        United States    BBA    
Mahoney, James P    VA    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Mai, Thomas    NY    United States        
Maikta, Yann        United States    HS    
Mailheau, Robert Thomas Jr.    CA    United States    AA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Main, Eric        United States    HS    
Mains, Jeff    TX    United States    MBA    
Maio, Carla M.        Great Britain    Cert    
Mairel, Pamela A.    AZ    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Maiuri, Timothy Alan        United States    DBA    
Majano, Vicente    CA    United States    MS    
Major Ii, Miklos        United States    PhD    
Major, Marcia Cecilia    MD    United States    HS    PA
Major, Miklos II    TX    United States    PhD    
Majumdar, Sumit        Canada    MBA    
Makauskas, Thomas            BS    American West University
Makhaza, Jack        Malawi    PhDH    
Makhubu, Enos Mulalo        South Africa    BBA    
Makino, Diana    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Makita, Yann        United States    HS    
Makiyama, Yoichi        Japan    BS    
Makkawi, Mohammed Gaily        United Arab Emirates    MS    
Malach, Mike        Canada    HS    
Malagon, Dalila C    TX    United States    HS    
Malas, Kamal        United Arab Emirates    PhDH    
Malave, Elizabeth    NJ    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Malcolm, Marvin        United States    HS    
Maldonado, Maria Magdalena    FL    United States    MA    New Manhattan University
Maldonado, Marlo        United States    HS    
Maldonado, Simeon Peter    CA    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Maldonado, Stephanie        United States    HS    
Malik, Arif            MA    
Malik, Tauseen        Great Britain    BBA    
Malik, Thomas J.    LA    United States    MBA    
Malipilo, Duwell        Zambia    MA    
Mallada, Rodrigo    VA    United States        
Mallory, Christa A.    TX    United States    BBA    
Malloy, Harley R        United States    BA    
Malloy, William Francis Jr        Canada    PhD    St. Regis University
Malmquist, Veko Lisa    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Malofie, Tauai Latasi        United States    HS    
Malone, Christopher G.    CA    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Malqui, Juan C.    FL    United States    BS    Holy Acclaim University
Maltese, L.                
Maltese, Lois Elaine    FL    United States    BBA    Concordia University
Malual, James Kuol    TN    United States        
Malveo, Glenda Ann    MD    United States    AA    
Manago, Atsushi        Japan    PhDH    James Monroe University
Mandujano, Lillian        United States    BA    Blackstone University
Manfull, Natalie Anne    GA    United States    BA    
Mangogna, Peter    FL    United States    BA    
Mangum, Jacqueline        United States    HS    
Mangum, Tyler    PA    United States    AA    
Manickavasagar, Mahendran        United Arab Emirates    PhD    
Manjunath        India    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Mann, John D    TX    United States    MBA    
Mann, Patricia A    MI    United States    HS    Mission High School
Mann, Thomas L.    CA    United States    MS    
Manning, Jimmie        United States    HS    
Manning, Mary Jean        United States    HS    
Manns, Vernika Shenarra        United States    HS    
Mannucheril, Mathai Cheriyan    PA    United States    MDiv    St. Regis University
Mansoor, Junaid    FL    United States    MS    St. Lourdes University
Mansour, Mohd Aminn        Australia    BBA    
Mansur, Mochammad        Great Britain    MBA    
Manuel, Caren    MD    United States        
Manuel, Mary Ana Ulrich    HI    United States    PhD    
Manzi, Joseph    TX    United States    HS    
Maples, Tommy Carroll        Saudi Arabia    BS    St. Regis University
Mar, Noe A. Del        United States    AA    
Marais Van Vuuren, Jan Abraham        Australia    MBA    
Marais, Yoland F        South Africa    MBA    
March, Heather        Canada    HS    
March, Robert Bradford    MS    United States    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Marchese-Debiak, Sue A.        United States    MSW    
Marchetti, Anthony    FL    United States    HS    
Marchio, Salvatore        United States    BBA    
Marcum, Sadrina Kaye        United States    HS    
Marcus, Judy K    UT    United States        
Marentes, Eric        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Margo, Richard Arthur    NV    United States    BS    
Marie, Merrisa        United States    HS    
Marie,Mcpherson, Donna        United States    PhDH    
Mariem, Zaher        Germany    HS    
Marino, Anthony J    NY    United States    BA    
Marjanovic, Vesna    IL    United States    BBA    
Marjumdar, Sumit        Canada    MBA    
Mark, Cory        United States    HS    
Markiewicz, Paul B.                
Markiewiecz, Paul B    IN    United States    BS    
Markishtum, Roberta L.            PhD    American Coastline University
Marks, Ricky L    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Marlow, Pamela E.        United States    HS    
Marmont du Haut Champ, Marco        Italy    BBA    
Marnin, Randy L.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Maroquin, Jonathan        United States    HS    
Marota, Monica Moreno        Ecuador    BS    Hartland University
Marotta, Sam Jr        United States    MA    
Marques, Filomena Maria Martins        Portugal    HS    
Marquette, Gloria    FL    United States    HS    
Marquez, Emilia        United States    HS    
Marquez, Irene        United States    HS    
Marquez, Jesse        United States    HS    
Marrero, William        United States    HS    
Marroquin, Mario A.        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Marschall, Jenna        United States    HS    
Marsh, Jeffrey Alan        United States    PhD    
Marsh, Randy    TX    United States        
Marshall, Henry Stephen    GA    United States    BBA    
Marshall, Hugh B        Thailand    BA    
Marshall, Jerry Lee Jr.    MS    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Marshall, Kara        United States    HS    
Marshall, Katy        United States    HS    
Marshall, Kenyetta    TX    United States    BS    
Marshall, Shakeema L        United States    HS    
Martens, Kurt Thomas    NJ    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Martial, Mouaha Fils        Cameroon    HS    
Martin, Alvin    APO    US-APO    HS    
Martin, Charles R.        United States    HS    
Martin, Cherilyne L    TX    United States    HS    
Martin, Chris Lee        United States    PhD    
Martin, Eric Wayne    CA    United States    BS    
Martin, Gary E    NV    United States    BBA    
Martin, James C        United States    HS    
Martin, Jeff        United States        
Martin, Jerry W, Jr. Ph.D. (Prof)    NJ    United States    MA    American West University
Martin, Joseph Stanley    MI    United States    BBA    
Martin, Joshua        United States    HS    
Martin, Jr., Jerry W        United States    MSW    American West University
Martin, Justin K.    APO    US-APO    HS    Monroe University High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Martin, Leslie Amanda        United States    HS    
Martin, Marie A            BS    
Martin, Marvin D.        Canada    HS    
Martin, Matthew        United States    HS    
Martin, Neil        Great Britain    BS    Holmes University
Martin, Robert James        Canada    BSE    Primus Postgraduate Univ.
Martin, Sonia        United States    HS    
Martin, Theresa Renee    AL    United States    BBA    
Martin, Tim P        United States    MS    Capital University Of Arts & Technology
Martin, Timothy Paul    TX    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Martin, Wendy M        United States    HS    
Martin, William A.        United States    MAH    
Martin-Cuell, Nicola L        Great Britain    BBA    
Martine, Slater R.                
Martinex, David    CA    United States    BA    
Martinez Jr., Theodore        United States    PhD    
Martinez, Daniel    CA    United States    AA    
Martinez, David        United States    PhD    Van Ives University
Martinez, Domingo        United States    HS    
Martinez, Eduardo        El Salvador    BS    
Martinez, Errol Jr.        United States    HS    
Martinez, Jeanette        United States        
Martinez, Marco Antonio V    CA    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Martinez, Omar        United States    HS    
Martinez, Oscar    CA    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Martinez, Reyna    TX    United States    HS    
Martinez, Theodore Jr.    APO    US-APO    PhD    
Martinez, Virginia        United States    HS    
Martinez, Zebeth        United States    HS    
Martinez,Julio        United States    HS    
Martinez_, Eduardo    APO    US-APO    MA    
Martins, Alvaro Antonio Augusto        United States    HS    
Martorano, Robert Eugene    CO    United States    BBA    
Martz, Brandy J    OH    United States    MA    Holmes University
Martz, Sara L    OH    United States    BA    Homes Univ.
Marvelino, Emmanuel Frankpeace        Nigeria    MS    
Marvin        United States    HS    
Marx, James Dean    NE    United States    BS    
Masapollo, Stephen J    NJ    United States    MBA    
Mascorro, Erika        United States    HS    
Mascorro, Ernesto F.        United States    HS    
Mashhadani, Anaes Shihab Al        Saudi Arabia    BBA    
Maskill, David        Great Britain    BA    
Mason, Daniel R.        United States    HS    
Mason, Dawn    FL    United States    HS    
Mason, Michelle        United States    BBA    
Mason, Ronald E    IN    United States    HS    
Mason, Wayne        United States    HS    
Mass, Joseoh Peter    APO    US-APO    BS    
Massaad, A.                
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Massaad, M Haikal Nicolas        Lebanon    MA    Concordia University
Massaline, Oran Gabriel        United States    BS    
Masseur, Gerard Thomas    NH    United States    BS    
Massey, Christy        United States    HS    
Massey, Michelle    CA    United States        
Massey, Tia        United States    HS    
Massis, Ferit Zacarias        El Salvador    MA    
Mastaw, Sandra Helen    WI    United States    BA    
Masters, Stephen L.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Mastros, Markus Wayne    CO    United States        
Matchett, Dennis Webb    NH    United States    MBA    
Mateo, Ramon Mercedes Perez        Dominican Republic    MBA    
Mateus, Jeff        Canada    HS    
Mather, Scott    TX    United States    HS    
Mathew, John        Saudi Arabia    PhD    
Mathews, Ike C.        United States    PhDH    
Mathews, Shaun Jeffrey    TN    United States    MS    St. Lourdes University
Mathieu, Christopher E    MI    United States    HS    
Mathiowetz, Pamela Jane        Hong Kong    MBA    
Mathy, Robin Michelle        United States    PhD    
Matney, Laura M    AR    United States    HS    
Matney, Tara        United States    HS    
Matos, David Jr        United States        
Matos, Rafael E    MD    United States    PhD    
Matter, Aladdin        Australia    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Matter, Diane M    MD    United States    BS    
Matthews, David A        Great Britain    BS    
Matthews, Mark Shannon    OR    United States    BBA    Concordia University
Matthews, Ronald Glenn    GA    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Mattison, Ronda    MN    United States        
Mattos, Carlos W. De Iii        United States    BBA    
Mattos, Michael Jay De        United States    HS    
Matulich, Rodolfo                
Mauch, Peter D    IL    United States    PhD    
Maunu, Timothy Allen    CA    United States    BS    
Mauro, Parazzi (Dr.)        Italy    BS    
Mavadia, Nazia        United States    HS    
Mavity, Jake            BA    
Maw, James Todd    AK    United States    BS    
Maxius, Leif E M        Sweden    PhD    
Maxwell, Antonio E    TX    United States    MS    InTech Univ.
Maxwell, Jennifer R.        United States    HS    
Maxwell, Paul Eugene    WA    United States    HS    
Maxwell, Rosslyn        Canada    BA    
Maxwell, Shremaine        United States        
May, Denise        United States    HS    
May, Robin B    AZ    United States    BA    Blackstone University
Mayberry, James Clyde Jr.    FL    United States    HS    
Mayers, Michelle        United States    HS    
Mayes, Gary C.    TN    United States    BSE    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Mayes, Malcolm Randolph        Great Britain    MS    
Mayes, Michael    CA    United States        
Mayes, Susan    IN    United States    HS    Mission High School
Mayes, William Allen    MD    United States    Transcripts    Prince George's Community College
Mayfield, Kenya Rhonda    CA    United States    Cert    West American University
Mayhand, Lequetha        United States    AA    
Mayle, Audra M    WV    United States    BA    
Mayle, Mitchell E    WV    United States    HS    Mission High School
Mayo, Sandra        United States        
Mayorga, Martha G    CA    United States    AA    
Mays, Mendi        United States        
Mazaza, Kholisile        South Africa    MA    
Mazaza_, Kholisile        South Africa    MA    
Mazhar, Refaat Abdul Hamid Mohamed        Qatar    MS    
Mazur, Michael J    TX    United States    BA    
Mbaegbu, Benjamin        Canada    MA    
Mc Nally, Seosamh P        United States    BS    
McAdams, M                
Mcallister, Ashley        United States    HS    
McAllister, Shaun Eric    FL    United States    HS    
Mcarthur, Ian        Indonesia    MS    
McArthur, James Ian George        Indonesia    BBA    
McArthur, Krystn A.    WA    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Mcbath, Ian        United States    HS    
McBride, Anthnoy    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
McCabe, Sean Cahal    IL    United States    BA    
McCaghy, Peter Jon    VA    United States    BS    
McCain, Nathaniel Eugene    SC    United States    BBA    
McCall, Alex David    KY    United States    BS    
McCall, Jeremy Paul    AL    United States    HS    
Mccall, Jimmy D.        United States    HS    
McCallop, Acquelyn Michelle    LA    United States    HS    
Mccane, Sherrita        United States    HS    
Mccann Jr., Jack A        United States    BS    St. Regis University
McCann, Paul E    CA    United States    BBA    American West University
Mccann, Robert        United States    HS    
McCarron, James Dennis    MA    United States    BBA    
McCart, Daniel    NJ    United States    BBA    
McCarthy, Michael Dean    AZ    United States    MS    Northwest United University
Mccarthy, Shawn Patrick        United States    AA    
Mccartney, Jenna Morgan        United States    HS    
McCarty, Diana M    AK    United States        
Mccary, Ronald R            BA    
McClane, James P. Jr.    IN    United States    MS    St. Regis University
Mcclary, Sequana        United States        
McClellan, Janet E    NY    United States    PhD    
McClelland, Pettina AnnaMarie    IL    United States        
McClendon, Irvin Lee Jr.    APO    US-APO    BA    
McClish, Donna Kathleen    VA    United States    MS    St. Lourdes University
Mcclure, Anthony        United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Mcclure, Robert G        United States    HS    
Mcclure, Timothy        United States    HS    
McCluskey, Allen D    VA    United States    BA    Hampton Bay University
McCluskey, Bess    VA    United States    BBA    Hampton Bay University
McComb, Kimberly Ann    CA    United States    HS    
Mcconkey, Brittany        United States    HS    
McConnell, Thomas M    MI    United States    BSE    
Mccormick, Burnell        United States    HS    
Mccormick, John Shelby    AZ    United States    MBA    St.Lourdes
Mccormick, Quintanna        United States    HS    
Mccoy, Catina M.        United States    Cert    
Mccoy, Derrick B        United States        
Mccoy, Vernitia        United States    HS    
Mccrary, Rebecca Moore        United States    HS    
Mccrary, Ron        United States    MAH    
McCray, Cedric Damon    APO    US-APO    BBA    New Manhattan University
McCrory-McKee, Sandra S    NM    United States    MA    
Mcculler, Victoria Leshea        United States    HS    
McCullough, Len E    TX    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Mccutcheon, Michael James        United States    HS    
McDade, Rossie Lee        United States    BS    
Mcdaniel, Amy        United States    HS    
Mcdonald, Adrianne        United States    HS    
McDonald, Barry James    CO    United States    BS    
McDonald, C.                
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
McDonald, Clement J    FL    United States    BS    Concordia University
McDonald, Patrick W    MN    United States    ProfFull    St. Lourdes University
Mcdonald, Rachel        United States    HS    
McDonough, James F    NY    United States    BS    
Mcdougald, Trent Jared        United States    HS    
Mcdowell, Linda        United States        
McDuffies, William    TX    United States    MS    
McElmurrary, Helene H    CA    United States    BA    New Manhattan University
Mcelmurray, Helene H.        United States    BA    New Manhattan University
Mcfadden, Zenaida I        United States    HS    
Mcfarland, Carlton S.        United States    AA    
Mcfarland, Nanette        United States    HS    
Mcgahee, Jacqueline            HS    
McGahon, Margaret (nee McHale)        Ireland    BS    
McGarry, Diane M    FL    United States    HS    
McGee, Christina Marie    CA    United States    HS    
Mcgee, Taneshia        United States        
McGhee, James Otis    MD    United States    BS    
Mcgill, Melvin            HS    
Mcginnis, Crystal        United States        
Mcglown, Leticia Denise        United States    HS    
McGovern, James Edward    NJ    United States        
McGow, Teresa Eva    IN    United States    BBA    
McGowan, Jason Clive        Australia    PhD    
McGrath, Matthew R    GA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Mcgraw, Logan Pierce            HS    
McGregor, Scott Alexander    NC    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Mcgruder, James A.        United States    MBA    
McGruder, Victor C    TX    United States    MA    Concordia University
McGuffin, Anna Marie    GA    United States        
McGugan, Anthony W    NJ    United States    DMin    National Academy of Higher Education
McGugan_, Anthony W    NJ    United States    LEAF donation    LEAF
Mcgugin, Alfred Eugene        United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
McGuiness, Michael J        Ireland    BS    
Mcguinness, Michael J        Ireland    PhD    
McGuire, Ashley, Rae    CA    United States    BA    
McGuire, Michael J    FL    United States    PhD    
Mcguire, Tanikka        United States    HS    
McGuire, Thomas Jason    CA    United States    BA    
McHale, Robert Russell    NJ    United States    BS    
Mcintosh, Larry        United States    HS    
McIntosh, Lawrence D    OR    United States    HS    
McKenniss, Marc A    NY    United States        
Mckeon, Christopher        United States    HS    
McKillip, Lawrence D    NJ    United States        
Mckim, Jacob        United States    HS    
Mckinley, Felicia        United States    HS    
McKinney, Donn Wayne    CA    United States    BA    
McKinney, Johnnie Marquis        Canada    HS    Monroe University High School
Mckinney, Rachael Madonna        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Mckinney, Racquel        United States        
Mckinney, Tiffany Ann        United States    HS    
McKinnon, Lynda Ivey    GA    United States    MA    St. Regis University
McKinstry, Kevin    WA    United States    HS    
McKuin, Anthony R    ID    United States    HS    Mission High School
Mclain, Karen        United States    HS    
Mclaren, Marian        United States    AA    
McLaughlin, James    MA    United States    HS    Mission High School
McLaughlin, Richard D    FL    United States    MA    
McLaughlin, Rosworth L        Cayman Islands    MBA    
McLaughlin, Thomas Damian    PA    United States    MA    
Mclean, Joseph A            BBA    
Mclean, Michael    FL    United States    HS    
Mclean, Randy        United States    HS    
McLees, Shelly Ann    Co    United States    HS    
Mclellan, Kristin        Canada    HS    
Mclendon, Aundria V        United States    HS    
Mclester, Barabara S.        United States    HS    
McLester, Barbara S.    AZ    United States    HS    
McMahan, Mark B    SC    United States    BS    
McMahon, Bruce A.    CA    United States    MBA    
McMahon, D                
McMahon, John Patrick    NJ    United States    BS    
Mcmeekin, Kaitlin        United States    BSN    
Mcmenamin, Andrew        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Mcmillan, Angela        United States    HS    
McMillin, Shawn Layne    PA    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Mcmullen, Michael Stephen        United States    HS    
McMurrey, Charles    TX    United States    HS    
Mcnair, Priest D.        United States    PhD    
Mcnair, Sharon        United States    HS    
McNally, Seosamh P    CA    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Mcneely, Annette        United States    HS    
McPherson, Donna Marie    WA    United States    PhDH    
Mcphillips, William M.        United States    HS    
Mcquay, Kevin        United States        
Mcrae, John E. Ii        United States    HS    
Mcraney, Charity    MS    United States        
McRitchie, M                
Mcshane, Caroline        United States    BS    Blackstone University
McVay, Randall Dale    DC    United States    PhD    
McVay, Young Cha    DC    United States    MS    
Meach, Ella Marie    CA    United States    BS    
Mead, Nicholas        United States    HS    
Meaders, John C Jr.    TX    United States    BA    Concordia
Meador, Julie        United States    HS    
Meador, Kenneth Ray    MD    United States    BS    
Meadows, Tonya        United States        
Mears, Walter Clay    MI    United States    PhD    Concordia
Measho, Meles Andom        Eritrera    MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Mebawondu, Sunday Akinbode        Nigeria    BA    
Mederos, Teresa S.        United States    MBA    
Medford, Anthony        United States    AA    
Medford, Grace G.    MA    United States        
Mediate, Anthony Francis    MI    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Medina, Jos E        United States    HS    
Medina, Lisa        United States    HS    
Medina, Miguel    CA    United States    HS    
Medlock, Sherry        United States    HS    
Meek, Jeffry Todd    TX    United States    BS    Northwest United University
Meera        India    MS    
Megoulis, Sotiris        Greece    MS    
Mehdi, Syed Ishaq        Great Britain    MBA    St. Regis University
Mehmedovic, Iksan    NY    United States    AA    
Meier Mundt, Marina Helga        Spain    ProfFull    
Meier-Mundt, Marina Helga        Spain    ProfFull    
Meinen, Thomas        Germany    PhD    
Meiske, Daniel W    TX    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Mejia, Rute    FL    United States    HS    
Mejias, Jose A    CA    United States        
Melendez, Ezequiel    TX    United States    MS    
Melendez, Gilbert        United States    HS    
Melendez, Melissa Diane    GA    United States        
Melendez, Paolo Daroll    CA    United States    HS    
Melendy, Robert Frederick    OR    United States    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Melgar, Pedro Alexander        United States    HS    
Mella, Miguel A. Jr        United States    BA    
Mellla, Miguel A. Jr.    FL    United States    BA    Potomac College
Meloche, Jennifer    AZ    United States        
Melson, Brandon James        United States    HS    
Melton, Joshua M    AK    United States    HS    
Melton-Maestri, Heather        United States    HS    
Memon, M Adeel Anwar            BBA    
Mendes, Paulo SéRgio De Carvalho        United States    BBA    
Mendes, Sela        United States    HS    
Mendez, Celestino M    MO    United States    HS    Mission High School
Mendez, David    FL    United States    HS    Liberty College Preparatory High School
Mendez, Jennifer        United States    HS    
Mendez- Seagraves, Velma J        United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Mendez-Seagraves, Velma J    WA    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Mendiola, Joseph L.    APO    US-APO    HS    
Mendoza, Barbara Ann    CA    United States    HS    
Mendoza, Lucy Elena    ID    United States    AA    
Mendoza, Marcel J    CA    United States    HS    Bradford Academy
Meng, Tee Wee        Singapore    PhD    
Menitz, David        Cyprus    BS    
Menitz, Dr David        Cyprus    MS    
Menorias, Mary Ann        United States    BA    
Mensah, Mike Yaw Nyamekye    MA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Mercade, Carlos    FL    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Mercado, Andy    NY    United States    HS    
Mercado, Flo Ofelia Sanchez        Venezuala    MS    
Mercer, Barry Roeland        United States    MBA    
Mercer, Daryl V    TX    United States    MS    
Mercer, Kameyko        United States    HS    
Mercer-Gilley, Hattie    FL    United States    MA    Concordia College & University
Merceurio, Pietro    FL    United States    BS    
Merchant, Deborah        United States    HS    
Mercurio, Pietro        United States    BS    
Merecki, Elizabeth Ann        United States    HS    
Meredith, Bruce        United States    HS    
Mergendahl, Phyllis A    NY    United States    HS    
Mergl-Grote, Nicolas J.        Australia        
Mergls-Grote, Nicolas J. Von        Australia        
Merida, Carmen L        United States    HS    
Merida, Julio A        Guatamal    BA    
Merjil, Petronilo Miguel        United States    HS    
Meroyi, Benjamin Olafusi        Great Britain    PhD    
Merrifield, Gordon E    OH    United States    MBA    
Merrit, Anthony    CA    United States    BBA    
Merritt, Jennifer        United States    HS    
Merritt, Joshua        United States    HS    
Merriweather, Angel        United States    HS    
Mesa, Steven D    NV    United States    Cert    New Academy of the Arts
Mesallam, Abdellatif M.        Saudi Arabia    BS    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Messer, Edward Brian        United States    HS    
Metcalf, Jonathan Luke        Australia    BBA    
Metts, Joseph Lacy    ID    United States    ProfFull    St. Regis University
Mewborn, Curtis F. Jr.    AZ    United States    MS    
Meyette, Martin A    CO    United States    HS    Mission High School
Meziere, Todd Anthony    TN    United States    BA    
Mezzetti, Albert C        United States        
Mian, Irfan Q        United States    MBA    
Mian, Tariq Niazi    AZ    United States    PhD    
Michalik, Augustus Robert        Canada    PhD    
Michaud, Joseph Louis Marc    FL    United States    Cert    
Michaud, Kenneth W    MA    United States    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Michki, Daniel J    MO    United States    BSE    
Mickler, Ratasha    FL    United States    HS    
Middleton, Merideth M.        United States    BA    
Middletwon, Merideth M    FL    United States    BA    
Middling, Jacob    WA    United States        
Mider, Jayne Elizabeth        United States    HS    
Midkiff, Daniel Ray    FL    United States        
Mielke, Horst Johann Willi        Germany    MBA    In Tech Univ.
Miers, Keren John    MP    United States    AA    Northern Marianas Univ.
Migliaccio, Nick        United States    HS    
Mijanovich, Dennis R    WA    United States    MS    
Mikall, Meghan Y        United States    HS    
Milanes, Salvador Padilla    PR    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Milenko, Komlenovic        Bosnia-Herzegovina    BS    
Miles, Ana Delmy    LA    United States    HS    
Miles, Jamia L            Cert    
Milici, Justin John    TX    United States    BSN    
Millard, Christopher Carl    APO    US-APO    BS    
Miller, Alexander        United States    HS    
Miller, Brooke Ann    MO    United States    HS    
Miller, Carolyn Jean    TX    United States    PhD    
Miller, Clark A    NV    United States    BS    
Miller, Crystal        United States    HS    
Miller, Cynthia G    FL    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Miller, Dennis M    PA    United States    MS    Concordia College
Miller, Donna M    KY    United States    HS    Mission High School
Miller, Glenda A            BBA    
Miller, Jack L        Egypt    HS    
Miller, Janie Murlene    HI    United States    BBA    
Miller, Jeffrey D    IL    United States    PhD    
Miller, Jim        Canada    HS    
Miller, Joe        United States    AA    
Miller, Jon                
Miller, Jose    TX    United States    HS    Mission High School
Miller, Kathy E or Schroeder, Kathy E    OH    United States        
Miller, Kimberly        United States    HS    
Miller, Kristie R        United States        
Miller, Lisa M    VA    United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Miller, Lloyd Wayne    CA    United States    BBA    
Miller, Mary Madison    AL    United States        
Miller, Mr Richard D.        Great Britain    BS    
Miller, Patricia        United States    HS    
Miller, Richard Duncan        Great Britain    BS    Hampton Bay University
Miller, Sandra        United States    HS    
Miller, Scott        United States    HS    
Miller, Walter    FL    United States    BBA    Concordia University
Miller_, Carolyn S    TX    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Milligan, Glen G    VA    United States    BA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Milligan, Marilyn Jean    FL    United States    Cert    
Milligan, Merlin James    IL    United States    MBA    
Milligan, Michael L    OH    United States    MBA    
Milligan, Shawn        United States        
Milloy, Colette Germaine        United States    HS    
Mills, Cherish        United States    HS    
Mills, Fred Lamont    CA    United States    BA    Blackstone University
Mills, Jenneth Allison        Canada    BBA    Lehtbridge Community College
Mills, Mark        United States    BA    
Mills, Melinda        United States    HS    
Mills, Michael C.    CA    United States    MS    Hampton Bay University
Mills, Sadie Leigh    TX    United States    HS    
Mills, Tracie        United States        
Millsap, Daniel R.        United States    BS    
Milne, Robert        Great Britain    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Milner, Ambrose Joseph    PA    United States    PhD    
Mimms, Slaughter Downer II    NJ    United States    BA    
Mims, Angela Renee    APO    US-APO    BA    St. Regis University
Mims, David Wayne    GA    United States    MEd    Auburn University
Mims, Erica B        United States    MSW    
Mims, Jeffery Phillip    AL    United States    HS    
Mims, La Rue    APO    US-APO    MBA    
Minca, Tawnya S.    SC    United States    MBA    
Minghella, Philip V. II    MA    United States    HS    
Mingo, Johnny Lee    VA    United States    AA    
Mingo, Sherelle        United States    HS    
Minieri, Arthur J    OH    United States    BS    
Minke, Duaine R        Puerto Rico    BS    InTech Univ.
Minnich, James H.        United States    HS    
Minor, David Alan    OR    United States    BS    
Mintas, St. Clair J            BS    St. Lourdes University
Mintas, Stclair J            BS    St. Lourdes University
Minter, Buddy        United States    BBA    Blackstone University
Minter, Hassie S. III aka Buddy    SC    United States    BBA    Blackstone University
Minyard, David E            BS    
Mir, Faisal        United States    MAH    
Mirafuentes, Miguel A.        Mexico    BA    
Miranda, Adriana        United States    HS    
Miranda, Mary Ellen    FL    United States    BA    
Miranda-Ortiz, Jose Rafael    PR    United States    Dmin    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Mirbagheri, Seyed Mehdi        Iran    PhD    
Mirchandani, Ms. Kanta Doulatram        Spain    MA    
Mirza, Hamdan T.        Saudi Arabia    BS    
Mirza, Khoshaba Shmoil        Canada        
Mirza, Orangzaib Ahmed        United Kingdom    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Mirzaei, Mohammad            PhD    Berkeley Professional University
Misiewica, Lisa Rees    GA    United States        
Misiewicz, Lisa Rees    GA    United States    EdD    St. Regis University
Misitano, Anthony F.    PA    United States        
Mitchell, Amanda        United States    HS    
Mitchell, Bobby L    VA    United States    BBA    
Mitchell, Carla Darlene (Pennington)    TX    United States    BA    
Mitchell, Charles S.    CA    United States    BA    Blackstone University
Mitchell, Christina        United States        
Mitchell, Daniel                
Mitchell, Emmanuel Leanza    SC    United States    BBA    
Mitchell, Linda Diane            PhD    
Mitchell, Nina Ramona Cano    CA    United States    BBA    
Mitchell, Peter Paul        United States    PhDH    
Mitchell, Shirese Michelle        United States        
Mitchell, Terry W.    TN    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Mitchell, William Orlando III    CA    United States    BS    
Mitofsky, Beverly            HS    
Mix, Natasha        United States    HS    
Miyamoto, Simone        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Mizelle, Arcie            ProfAssoc    
Mizer, Joyce T.        United States    PhD    
Mlakar, Michael J.            BA    
Moats, John Gilbert    OR    United States    BBA    Blackstone University
Mobley, David Christopher    IN    United States    BBA    
Mobley, Delena K    IL    United States    HS    
Mobley, Donald Joseph    WA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Modha, Mr. Asvin        Great Britain    MAH    
Modupe, Egundebi Oloubusola        Nigeria    BBA    St. Regis University
Moffett, Thomas        United States    HS    
Moffitt, Michael Anita Halstead    TN    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Moffitt, Sabrina Lorraine    TX    United States    MEd    Robertstown University
Mofield Sr., David C        United States    BS    
Mofield, David C (Sr)    PA    United States    BS    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Mogbana, Ernest Obie    SC    United States        
Moghaddam, Abdolhossein            BS    Berkeley Professional University
Moghrabi, Lina    TX    United States    BA    American West University
Mohamed, Alharouali        Morocco    AA    
Mohamed, Elhadi H            BS    American West University
Mohammad Jahanshahi, Syed G            PhD    
Mohammed        Kenya    BA    
Mohr, Eugene J        United States    MA    New Manhattan University
Mohr, Leighann        United States    HS    
Mohwinkel, Donna        United States    BA    
Mohwinkel-Richardson, Donna Lee    MD    United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Moki, Sayaka        Japan    BA    
Moktaseb, Tina        United States    HS    
Molina, Veronica        United States    HS    
Molinaro, Lynn Adele    NJ    United States    BS    Van Ives University
Mollinedo, Michael Douglas        United States        
Molte, Risa J    NJ    United States    BA    
Mombauer, Heinz Christian        Germany    BBA    
Monaco, Christina De        United States    HS    
Monaghan, Peter Edward        Canada    MA    St. Lourdes University
Monaghan, Steven D    MI    United States    PhD    
Monarrez, Armando        United States    HS    
Monegro, Jose R    APO    US-APO    BS    
Money, Dawanna        United States    HS    
Monge, Nancy L    APO    US-APO    HS    Liberty High School
Moningka, Paul B            PhD    
Monroe, Alicia    CA    United States    MBA    American West Graduate Institute
Monroe, John Michael    SC    United States    BS    
Monroe, Martha G    SC    United States    BA    
Monroe, Tonjesia Nakona Blue    NC    United States    BS    
Mons, Chris G        United States    HS    
Monsanto, Kurt        US Virgin Islands    HS    
Monserrat, Raul    CA    United States    BBA    
Montalvo, Jose R Agosto    WA    United States    PhD    
Montalvo, Yadira Colon        United States    HS    
Montalvo-Maldonado, Maria        United States    MA    New Manhattan University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Montanez, Jose Dieter Binder    CT    United States    MS    
Montanez, Vic Tor J        United States    HS    
Montano, Alonso    PA    United States    BA    
Montauti, Joseph M        Italy    PhD    
Montellano, Evelyn        United States    HS    
Montena, Petouchena Jean        United States    HS    
Montenegro, Patricia Healey    NJ    United States    MS    
Montenegrp, Patricia Healey    NJ    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Montes, Vannessa        United States    HS    
Montesdeoca, Johanna        United States        
Montezuma, Jacqueline        United States        
Montgomery, Clinton        United States    HS    
Montgomery, Grant P    PA    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Montgomery, Richard S. *                
Montiel, Patricia Diane    CA    United States    BS    
Montoney, Danny R        United States    BA    
Monzon, Jenny    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Moo-Meneses, Viviana        United States    HS    
Moody, David Wayne    VA    United States    BS    
Moody, Diane L    CA    United States    MA    
Moody, Jason Eugene        United States        
Moody, Steven    VA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Moon, James R.    IL    United States        
Moonborne, Aerin K.    AZ    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Moore, Amy        United States    BS    Hartland University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Moore, Arthur Benny    TX    United States        
Moore, Bryan Carlton    NV    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Moore, Charla        United States    AA    
Moore, Curtis G        United States        
Moore, Danny L.    TX    United States    HS    
Moore, Donna L    VA    United States    HS    
Moore, E                
Moore, Ernest Sanchez        United States    HS    
Moore, Germaine D.        United States    HS    
Moore, James D    WV    United States    BS    
Moore, Kym        United States    HS    
Moore, Olivia        United States    HS    
Moore, Ruth Amy    ME    United States    MS    
Moore, Sandalin Lynn    TX    United States    BBA    
Moore, Shaquilla        United States    HS    
Moore, Steven William    FL    United States    BA    Northwest United University
Moore, Thomas        United States    HS    
Moore, William H    NV    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Moore_, Bryan Carlton    NV    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Moorman, Javis        United States    HS    
Moosa, AJ    FL    United States        
Moosvi-Malik, Sakina    NJ    United States    PhD    Concordia University
Mora, Moleana        United States    HS    
Morado, Trina        United States    HS    
Morais, Lisa        United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Morales, Edwardo        United States        
Morales, Maylinda        United States    HS    
Morales, Mechelle Marie        United States    HS    
Morales, Melvin        United States    HS    
Moran, Kim        United States    HS    
Moran, Peter J. III    NY    United States    BS    
Moran, Ronald    PA    United States    BS    Breyer State University/St Regis University
Moran-Abdemur, Juane Aimee        United States    HS    
Morant, Kelsey    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Mordarski, Jamie Brice    RI    United States    BS    Concordia College & University
Mordon, Jeanine C    FL    United States    BA    Concordia Bible College
Mordon, Walter A    FL    United States    BS    
Moreland, Kenneth    TX    United States        
Moreland, Nadine    MD    United States    HS    
Morelli, Augusto Esteban Costas        Bolivia    BBA    St. Regis University
Morency, Kristina        United States    HS    
Moreno, Alex Torbay        Venezuala    BS    
Moreno, Jorge        United States    HS    
Moreno, Robert        United States    HS    
Moreno, Shelli    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Moreno-Lopez, Norma Leticia    TX    United States    PhD    
Morgan, Alexander V        Bahamas    MA    Blackstone University
Morgan, Bobbie Jo    MD    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Morgan, Christopher S    OH    United States    BS    
Morgan, Ewart Fitzroy        United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Morgan, J. Luis        United States    PhD    
Morgan, Joelene Louise    PA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Morgan, Karen L    FL    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Morgan, Michael W.        Canada    HS    
Morgan, Nicole        United States    HS    
Morgan, Wayne Rudolph    MD    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Morgan_, Christopher    NJ    United States    BS    
Morillo, Eric        United States    HS    
Morin, Vincent O        South Korea    BA    
Moring, Shenika Jamarra Lynn        United States    HS    
Morley, Brian S.        United States    HS    
Morley, Heather        United States    HS    
Morrell, James J    TN    United States    MS    St. Regis University
Morris, Antone        United States    HS    
Morris, Diana L    MD    United States    BBA    Blackstone University
Morris, Jessica Dora        United States    HS    
Morris, John Revlon    APO    US-APO    MS    
Morris, Jolene        United States    HS    
Morris, Joseph H    NJ    United States    MS    
Morris, Leslie Brooke        United States        
Morris, Michael David    NC    United States    BS    
Morris, Notrichia L.        United States        
Morris, Patrice        United States    HS    
Morris, Peter G    PA    United States        Concordia
Morris, Ramona        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Morris, Selena Marilyn    TN    United States    HS    Carlin High School
Morris, Tommy Joe    MD    United States    BS    
Morrison, Kenneth J. (Jr)    NJ    United States        
Morrison, Scott Aran    CA    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Morrow, Ed                
Morrow, Sabrina May    WA    United States    BBA    Concordia College & University
Morrow, Tiffanie        United States    HS    
Morse, Robert        United States    HS    
Mortimore, Earl F.        United States    HS    
Morton, David John        New Zealand    PhD    American West University
Moser, David A    CT    United States    BS    Breyer State University/St Regis University
Moses, Jeffery A    APO    US-APO    MA    Holmes University
Moses, Kevin Michael    AZ    United States    BA    
Moses, Zenalia Patrice    APO    US-APO    BA    
Moshanko, Paul        United States    HS    
Mosier, John Clayton    WI    United States    BA    
Mosier, Lloyd G            MBA    
Mosley, Brandon        United States    HS    
Mosley, Brinson D.        United States    AA    St. Regis
Mosley, Pamela        United States        
Mosley,Jr, Lee Matthew        United States        
Moss, Jessica        United States        
Moss, Richard        United States    HS    
Mosser, Christopher M        United States    HS    
Mosso, Sandro    MA    United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Most, David Eugene    CO    United States    BA    
Mostert, Shaun R        United States    HS    
Mota Pimentel, NéStor S        Dominican Republic    BBA    InTech University Of Engineering & Science
Motes, James Christopher        United States    HS    
Motswenyane, Keabetswe Sehume        United Arab Emirates    BS    St. Regis University
Moua, Neng        United States    BS    
Moud, Mohammad Omar Ali        Saudi Arabia    PhD    
Moulding, Edward Brooks        Thailand    MBA    
Moultrie, Travis Dion    APO    US-APO    BS    
Mount, Joshua S.    KY    United States    HS    
Mourad, Bassell        Nigeria    BSE    St. Regis University
Mouroutis, Konstantinos        Germany    MA    St. Regis
Mousa, Hani Ayyoub A.        India    BS    West Coast University
Mouse, Mickey        United States    HS    
Moussa, Nader Magdi Kamel        Egypt    MS    
Moutiris, Joseph A        Cyprus    PhD    American West University
Mowry, Candice L    MN    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Moyer, D                
Mrozinski, Eugene T    NJ    United States    MA    
Ms.Ed, Catherine A. Moran, Ba,        United States    ProfFull    
Muda, Florida    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Mudahar, Hikmatullah Muhd. Suhary Asikin Mudahar        Australia    MA    Saint Concordia University
Muehleip, Sheila        United States        
Mufd, Victoria Shantel        United States    HS    
Muff, Victoria        United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Muhammad, Hanif    NY    United States    BS    
Muhammad, Kelvin Tyrone    SC    United States    MEd    St. Regis University
Muhammed, Suhail A    NY    United States    PhD    George Washington University
Muirhead, William Green        Great Britain    BA    
Muiruri, Joyce N        United States    HS    
Mukhtar, Muhammad Atif            BS    Holmes University
Muldrow, Sheena Shenal        United States    HS    
Mulholland, David Lawrence        United States    PhD    
Mulholland, Patrick George    NJ    United States    MS    
Mull, Melissa        United States    HS    
Mullen Iii, Maurice F        United States    BA    
Mullen, Maurice Francis (III)    FL    United States    BA    
Mullenaux, Yvette            MA    
Mullens, Michael Lynn    MD    United States    BS    Concordia Graduate institute
MüLler, Angelika        Germany    HS    
Muller, M James            BA    
Muller, Maria        United States    HS    
Mullholland, David Lawrence    FL    United States    PhD    
Mulligan, Mellissa        United States    HS    
Mullings, Sonya    GA    United States    MEd    Brenau University
Mullins, Alice M        United States    HS    
Mullins, Sherry L        United States    HS    
Mumanya, Prosper Dunia        Iran    BS    
Mumphrey, Latonya        United States        
Munchbach, Lois J.    NC    United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Munden, Jason    MO    United States    HS    
Mundhe, Ramrao        India    HS    
Munett, Jor-El        United States    HS    
Muniz, Sharlien        United States    HS    
Munn, Magnus K.    WA    United States    BBA    
Munson, David        United States        
Muraca, Patrick J    MA    United States    PhD    
Murdie, Peter        Great Britain    BS    
Murithi, Andrew Njeru        Kenya    BA    
Murphy, Kevin    KY    United States        
Murphy, Kyrsten Lynnell (Sandoval)    TN    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Murphy, Lamar        United States    HS    
Murphy, Lonnie Kevin    KY    United States    AS    
Murphy, Natasha Lashon        United States    HS    
Murphy, Tony L.    OK    United States    PhD    
Murray, Alan A        Great Britain    PhD    
Murray, Allan Alexander Shearer        Great Britain    MBA    St. Regis University
Murray, Eileen M (Giles)        Great Britain    PhD    Concordia Graduate Institute
Murray, James Edward    SC    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Murray, Michael W.    NY    United States    PhD    
Murray, Nigel    NY    United States    AA    
Murray, Randy M        United States    HS    
Murray, Sylvanus S.        Sierra Leone    MA    
Murray, Victoria M    AZ    United States        
Murthy, D.Krishna        India    MBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Murton, Michael L    AZ    United States    BBA    
Murugan, S.        India    BS    West Coast University
Musallam, Mohamad        United States    HS    
Muscadin, Jude        United States    HS    
Muse, Rachel Rebecca    FL    United States    AA    James Monroe University
Musgrove, Thomas D    VA    United States    BS    
Musmar, Ramy W            DBA    
Mussmann, Denise        United States    HS    
Musthafa, Syed K        India    BA    
Mustion, Cynthia J.        United States    HS    
Mustion, Paul J    MO    United States    PhD    
Muthukumaran, R M        United States    BBA    
Muttick, Mark Mason    HI    United States    BBA    
Muyale, Greto Simplicio (Tito)        Aruba    HS    Liberty High School
Muynck, Marjorie De        United States    MA    
Mwelwa, Lawrence Fundukwa        Zambia    BBA    
Mwita, Francis        United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Mydlowski, Tammy Lynn    PA    United States    BS    
Myers, Anthony E.    IN    United States    BS    
Myers, Barbara Kay    OH    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Myers, Cheryl L    TX    United States    MA    
Myers, David Gregory    NC    United States    MS    
Myers, Don        United States    HS    
Myers, Donna    NC    United States        
Myers, Douglas Donahue    NC    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Myers, Larry L    MO    United States    BBA    
Myers, Lyle W    AZ    United States    BBA    
Myers, Michael Ii        United States    HS    
Myers, Pat M.    AZ    United States    MS    Al Qasim University Pakistan
Myers, Robert E    NC    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Myers, Tasha Joy    AZ    United States    BA    Point Loma University
Myers, Wills Franklin    NC    United States    MA    
Myers-Rupert, Jayne M.    CA    United States    BBA    
Mykytyn, Lorna        Canada    BA    
Myles, Shirley        United States    HS    
Myles, Tonya        United States        
Nace, Daniel Stephen    CA    United States        
Nadauld, William G.    CA    United States    MBA    
Nadeem, Muhammad        Pakistan    MBA    
Naderi Farsani, Siavosh            Cert    
Nadesen, Kunasekaran S/O        Malaysia    PhDH    
Nading, Catherine Sevier        United States        
Nadvornik, Richard W    TX    United States    BS    Concordia University
Naemi, Janice        United States    HS    
Nagara, Supalak Komarakul Na        Thailand        
Nahas, Ahmed Fayez Ibrahim Al-        Saudi Arabia    BA    
Nahodyl, Marsha    TX    United States    AA    
Nahodyl, Peter Walter        United States    PhD    
Nahodyl, Steven Michael        United States    HS    
Naicker, Harin        South Africa    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Naiem, Ahmed Farrag        Egypt    MA    
Nair, Sankalp Raj Appukuttan        Malaysia    MBA    St. Regis University
Najarian, Frida    CA    United States    BS    St Regis University/Breyer State University
Najjar, Arfan        Australia    BA    
Nambukara, Jagath C        New Zealand    BBA    
Name), Laura (First Name) Zucca (Family        United States    PhD    
Napier, Bobby        United States    HS    
Napoli, Amy        United States    AA    
Napoli, Amy Lynn    FL    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Napoli, Stephen R    CA    United States    MBA    
Nappi, Blanche E    NJ    United States    BA    
Narayan, Pande Aditya        India    BSE    
Narayan, Sampath        Canada    BS    
Narongsang, Chanun    GA    United States    HS    Branford Academy
Nartey, Cornelius Naatey        Ghana    BS    St. Lourdes University
Nasrollahi, Sahar    AZ    United States        
Nassar, Magdi Ahmed Mohamed        United Arab Emirates    PhD    
Nassar, Rami Abdel-Hamid        Canada    MBA    
Nasse, Thomas    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Nasser, Fathi Ahmed Mohammed        Bahrain        
Natale, Rebecca S    NC    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Nataraj, T.R.        United Arab Emirates    MBA    
Nataraj, Thottamkara Ramakrishna Pillai        United Arab Emirates    MBA    
Nation, Lakeisha        United States    HS    
Nauta, Heidi    GU    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Navadel, George Michael    DC    United States    PhD    
Navarro, Gloria E.        United States        
Navarro, Joanna    FL    United States    HS    
Navarro, Julian Andres        United States    HS    
Navarro, Maire Amy        United States    HS    
Nave, Tamira C    OK    United States    BBA    
Neal, Everett E.        United States    BS    
Neal, Zaundra        United States    HS    
Neals, Marvin    MS    United States    PhD    
Neely, Eugene C    OH    United States    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Neff, Justin Delee        United States    HS    
Neffe, Justin Delee    WV    United States    HS    
Negron, Callie Louise        United States    HS    
Nehrilch, Gregory Kirk        Australia    MBA    
Nehrlich, Herbert Hans Friedrich        Australia    ProfFull    
Neiberger, Bridget Marie    CO    United States    AA    
Nejstgaard, Christian    CO    United States    MBA    
Nelson, Alonzo C.        United States    BA    
Nelson, Brett C    WA    United States    BA    
Nelson, Eddie Gene        United States    BA    
Nelson, Elisa Annette        United States        
Nelson, Judy Kay    CO    United States        
Nelson, L        United States    HS    
Nelson, Lee Ann    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Nelson, Linda        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Nelson, Michael E    MO    United States        
Nelson, Priscilla        United States    HS    
Nelson, Renee        United States    HS    
Nelson, Tahanashi' A.        United States    HS    
Nemec, Kathie A    NJ    United States    BS    Hampton Bay University
Nenadov, Hope Paulette    IL    United States    HS    
Nendza, Joseph T    OR    United States    BA    
Nesbitt, Satrina        United States    HS    
Nesom, Roy A        United States    Cert    
Nespoli, Livio Sabato    NE    United States    PhD    
Nestegard, Mary    ND    United States    HS    
Nestlerode, Desirea        United States        
Neto, Mabio Ramos Coelho    NJ    United States    HS    
Neubauer, Jeanette        United States        
Neuhaus, Markus        Germany    PhD    
Neuman, Ingrid Jane (van der Hans)    FL    United States    AS    
Neumann, Roman J.        Colombia    BA    
Neumeyer, Hayley Lorell    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Nevarez, Miguel        United States    HS    
Newby, Lisa Danielle        United States        
Newchurch, John J.    NJ    United States    BS    Northwest United University
Newcomer, Bruce W.    IN    United States    BS    Concordia University
Newell, Eugenia        United States    HS    
Newing, Geoffrey G        United States    PhD    
newman, edward xavier    CA    United States    PhD    Concordia University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Newman, Ronald G.    PA    United States    ProfAssoc    
Newton, Dominique        United States        
Newton, Ojierenem Joshua        Nigeria        
Newton, Peggy        United States    HS    
Newton, Tymoo Brown    LA    United States    MS    
Neyra, Jaime De J.        Chile    BS    
Nezhad, Sima Chabi Vaisi            PhD    Berkely Professional University
Ng, Kwee Huat        Singapore    BBA    
Ng, Yan Li        Canada    PhD    St. Regis University
Ngangha, Chyda Gaelle Bivighou        United States        
Ngok, Yew Choon        Singapore        
Nguyen, Anh        United States    HS    
Nguyen, Cuong Manh    OR    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Nguyen, Dinh Quoc    TX    United States    PhD    American West University
Nguyen, Khanh Anh    VA    United States    HS    
nguyen, Lien    PA    United States        
Nguyen, Mary M    PA    United States        
Nguyen, Oanh H        United States    HS    
Nguyen, Toan Quoc    MN    United States    BS    
Nguyen, Viet D    IL    United States    BBA    Concordia University
Ngwena, Raymond                
Nia, Saledeh Derakhshandeh            PhD    Berkeley Professional University
Nichols, Danny        United States    HS    
Nichols, Edward C.    PA    United States    BSE    
Nichols, Ricki-Lee        Canada    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Nichols, Tiffany        United States    HS    
Nichols, Wyatt Michell        United States    HS    
Nicholson, Dixie L.    FL    United States    MA    Kane College
Nicholson, Graham H.        Australia        
Nicholson, Jacinta Elena    OR    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Nicholson, Monte W.    CA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Nickceh, Nasser Heydarian        Iran    MS    
Nickerson, Jessica        United States        
Nickerson, Scott    MA    United States    BS    Breyer State University
Nickla, Eric        United States    BA    
Nicklas, Edwin Jay or Barlow, Arthur J.    AK    United States        
Nicola, Charlene Kay    WV    United States    AA    University HS
Nicolaev, Philip M.    FL    United States    BS    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Nicolas, Oblin    FL    United States        
Nicolas, Timothy San Jr        United States    HS    
Nicolella, Lauren Michelle    FL    United States    HS    Valencia Community College
Nicoll, Sarah        United States    HS    
Nicot, Steven L    CA    United States    MA    
Niebla, Maria de Lourdes            MS    St. Regis University
Nielsen, Paul A            BA    
Nieradka, Robert G.    AZ    United States        
Nieves, Maria        United States        
Niles, Michael W.        United States    BS    
Niles, Mike W.    VA    United States    BSE    
Nimchak, Manasseh Gideon        Nigeria    AA    James Monroe University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Nirmala        Japan    MS    
Niscauits, Madelyn                
Niscavits, Madelyn    TX    United States    BBA    Concordia University
Nitsotolis, Paul        Canada    BS    St. Regis University
Nixon, Denise    NC    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Nixon, J Chad    MS    United States    BBA    
Nixon, Michael N    CA    United States    HS    
NjåLsson, Gunnar Kari Alexander        Finland    PhDH    
Nmoretto-Thibault, Shery A.    MA    United States    EdD    St. Regis University
Noakson, Stephan    MN    United States    BBA    
Noble, Vincent Dwayne    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Nobles, Dennis Edward    AL    United States    BS    Heartland University
Nobles, George Paul    VA    United States    MS    
Noccioli, Kevin P. Jr.        United States    HS    
Nocerino-Flick, Lynda    NY    United States    HS    Mission High School
Nogueira, Guilherme Salvador Martins        Portugal    PhD    
Noheimer, Jennifer        United States    HS    
Noland, James Frank    AR    United States    BS    
Nolden, Demetria L.        United States    HS    
Norcius, Claudette        United States    HS    
Nordquist, Marko        Switzerland    PhD    Rosemont University
Norfleet, Vanessa    GA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Noriega, JorgeNoreiga, Maria    WI    United States    HS    Mission High School
Noriega, Maria A.        United States    HS    
Norman, Ulissia        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Noronha, Roque Louis        South Africa    HS    
Norris, Richard        United States    MBA    
Norris, Rick    CA    United States    MBA    
Northrop, Daniel    NY    United States    HS    
Northup, Frank    NJ    United States    MBA    
Norton, Terence        United States    HS    
Norton, Wendy Nicole        United States    HS    
Norvell, Joenetta        United States    HS    
Nosce, Marcial Luis R    CA    United States    MS    
Nossem, Robert L. Iii        United States    HS    
Nouroozi, Aref            PhD    Berkely Professional University
Novak, Eric        United States    HS    
Novak, J        United States    HS    
Novak, Richard J    AZ    United States    PhD    St. Lourdes University
Novat, Deusdedit        United States    MS    St. Lourdes University
Novelli, Karen Marie    IL    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Novess Iii, Clarence M        United States    PhD    
Novess, Clarence M (III)    MI    United States    BS    
Nowarah, Ginger    NC    United States    HS    
Nowiski, Chad        United States    HS    
Nunez, John        United States    HS    
Nunez, Marcos        United States    HS    
Nunez, Roberto Garcia        United States    HS    
Nurkic, Emir Esref        Bosnia-Herzegovina    MBA    Breyer State University/St Regis University
Nurse, Jeffrey A    IL    United States    BS    Concordia University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Nuss, Angela    MO    United States    HS    
Nussbaumer, Dr. Heinz Peter        Portugal    MS    
Nussbaumer, Dr.Phil.Heinz Peter        Portugal    MS    
Nussbaumer, Phil Heinz Peter        Portugal    MS    
Nutt, Elvis Lee        United States    HS    
Nuttall, John Joseph (Jr)    FL    United States    PhD    
Nwaebube, Onyedika Christian        United States    PhD    
Nwankpa, Chinkwe Onwugbufo        Great Britain    PhD    
Nwokorie, Ihuoma Hez        Western Sahara    BA


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Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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O'Brien, Melissa Jean        Canada    HS    
O'Brien, Michael        United States    HS    
O'brien, Robert William Sr.    PA    United States    PhD    
O'Brien, Sue    OR    United States        
O'Carroll, Brendan        Ireland    BA    American Capital University
O'Connell, Bryan        United States    HS    
O'Connell, Lori Marie    NC    United States    BS    
O'Connor Iii, James J        United States    PhD    InTech University Of Engineering & Science
O'Connor, Eric Eugene    MI    United States    MA    
O'Connor, James Joseph (III)    FL    United States    PhD    In Tech Univ.
O'Connor, Jimilyn Welborn    FL    United States    PhD    Blackstone University
O'Donnel, Donald Richard    TX    United States    BBA    
O'Donnell, Edward G    NY    United States    BBA    Heartland University
O'Halloran, Christopher        Canada    HS    
O'Hara, Timothy Morgan        United States    HS    
O'Malley, Timothy J    TX    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
O'Neal, Nathan L.        United States    DSc    
O'Neal, Sammie (III)    SC    United States    BBA    
O'Neal, Wilta        United States    HS    
O'Neill, Angela N.        United States    BA    Blackstone University
O'Neill, Timothy J    NY    United States    BS    
O'Steen, David Thomas Jr.        United States    PhD    
O'Sullivan, Barrie Shaun        United Arab Emirates    MS    Port Rhode Univ.
O'Sullivan, Frances Crisci        United States    DBA    
O'Sullivan, Jeremiah        United States    HS    
Oaive, Kevin        Papua New Guinea    BSE    
Oaks, Laura        United States    HS    
Oates, John Wesley    PA    United States    BBA    
Oates, Lekeshia Y    NC    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Oatman, Natatia Erin        United States    AA    
Obano, Jason Jeffrey    AZ    United States    MA    New Manhattan University
Oberly, Paula J        United States    BS    Hartland University
Obermuller, Duane R    APO    US-APO    BS    
Obright, James L.        United States    MA    
Obuchi, Yoshifumi    WA    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Ocampo, Aaron    GU    United States        
Ocampo, Maria Shangrila P.            HS    
Occean, Shely        United States    HS    
Ochi-Okorie, Ambrose S.        United States    PhD    
Ochi-Okorie, Amrose Sunny    TX    United States    PhD    
Ochoa Irias, Claudia Maria    MD    United States    HS    Mission High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ochs, Marian K    WA    United States    BBA    
Oclair, Cristy        United States    HS    
Oconner, Margil S        United States    HS    
Odai        United States    HS    
Oddo, Carolyn E    NJ    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Odei, Samuel -            MA    
Odendaal, Andrew        United Arab Emirates    BS    Blackstone University
Odenigbo, Innocent M Chukwunwike    NJ    United States    BBA    
Odero, Okello Moses        United States    BA    
Odindo, Richard O        Uganda    BS    
Odom, Christy        United States    MAH    
Odumody, Ebuka Mark        Nigeria    HS    
Oebel, Charles Jeffery    TX    United States    HS    James Monroe High School
Oebel, Chelsea        United States    HS    
Oemig, Paulo A    NM    United States    MS    
Off, Ted A    CO    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
OGara, Daniel J    NY    United States    BS    
Ogba, Nnamdi        Nigeria    AA    
Oglesby, Harold C    PA    United States    HS    
Oglesby, Larry A.        United States    AA    
Oh, Henry S    AR    United States    MS    
Oh, Patrick Boon Sai        Singapore    MA    
Ojierenem, Hope        Nigeria    BS    
Ojierenem, Monarch Obe        Nigeria    BS    
Okamoto, Seika J    NC    United States    BA    Holmes University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Okello, Moses Odero        United States    BA    St. Regis
Oko, Gabriel I.            BA    
Okoh, Joel. I.        United States    DSc    
Okoro, Oti        Nigeria    BS    Robertstown University
Okpara, Christian            PhD    
Olabode, Adelusi        Nigeria    BA    
Olawale, Sadiq Sulaimon        Nigeria    HS    
Olayinka, Olukolade        Nigeria    DBA    
Olbrantz, Bruce Alan    WI    United States    BBA    
Olguin, April        United States        
Olivas, Angelica Maria        United States    HS    
Olivas, Delmira        United States    HS    
Oliver, Anquetil        United States    HS    
Oliver, Melanie Jayne        Great Britain    MS    
Oliver, Troy L    UT    United States    HS    Mission High School
Oliver-Rogers, Barbara Jean    GA    United States    HS    JA High School
Oliveras, Irene P Hayes    FL    United States    BA    
Oliverio, Desiree C    FL    United States    BBA    American West University
Olivier, Anquetil        United States    HS    
Olivieri, Anthony        United States    HS    
Olivio, Nelson (Jr.)    NY    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Olivo, Elsie E    NY    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Olivo, Nelson Jr        United States    HS    
Olma, D                
Olorunsola, Mr Oyebade        Nigeria    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Olosunde, Michael Olatunde    NY    United States    BS    
Olson, Latasha Lynn        United States    HS    
Olstad, Susan J.        United States    BA    
Olubanjo, Adebola Olukoya        Nigeria    ProfFull    
Oluchiri, George        Kenya    DBA    
Olumayowa, Richards Josiah        Nigeria    BBA    
Oluwfemi, Asade Francis        Nigeria    HS    
Omais, Hana Mohamad Jammal    MI    United States    MBA    
Omar, Samir        Egypt    MA    
Omeje, Chigozie        Nigeria    HS    
Omkar        India    MAH    
Omole, Charles        Great Britain    MBA    St. Regis University
Omollo, Joseph Odindo        Kenya    BBA    
Omukuba, Martin        Kenya    BS    
Omukwenyi, Hassan Nathan        Kenya    BS    
Omuluba, Martin        Kenya    BS    
Onassys, Nalyssa M    IL    United States    HS    
Onayngo, Robert Alai        Tanzania    BS    
Oneal, Temple        United States    HS    
Oney, Eva Ellen Fish        United States    HS    
Ongunya, Vitalis Omanyo        Kenya    BBA    
Oni, Shittu Shakiru        Nigeria    MAH    
Onorode, Edema Nelson        Nigeria    HS    
Ooper, Theresa C        United States        
Oosbree, Charles Van        United States    Cert    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Oosten, Bernardus Van        Germany    MBA    
Opeoluwa, Oke Adesegun        Nigeria    MAH    
Oppenheim, Donald Scott    CT    United States    MA    
Oraij, Fayek Abdullah Al        Saudi Arabia    BA    
Ordiway, Kim M    AZ    United States    BA    
Ordonez, Glory Ann    FL    United States    HS    
Ordoyne, Nicole        United States    HS    
Ore, Willard Klaus (Sr.)    VA    United States    PhD    
Orendain, Michael F.    AZ    United States    HS    
Orenia, Michael Jay C.        United States    HS    
Orfanakos, George        Canada    DBA    
Orille, Kristine Hermosa    NY    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Orlow Ii, Louis E        United States    MA    
Orlow, Louis E II    IL    United States    BA    
Orosco, Jesus Linares    CA    United States    MBA    
Orozco, Katia C        United States    HS    
Orr, Andre Dennis Sr.        United States    MS    
Orrego, Olga Patricia        United States    Cert    
Orrego-Hopkins, Olga Patricia    GA    United States    BA    
Orrico, Stacie Joy    WA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Ortega, Teanna        United States    HS    
Ortega, William (Jr.)    NY    United States    AS    
Ortenstein, Lee Fredric    IN    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Ortiz, Albert        United States    PhD    
Ortiz, Cari Marie        Puerto Rico    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ortiz, Edwin    NY    United States    PhD    Heartland University
Ortiz, Federico        United States    HS    
Ortiz, Frederico    NY    United States    HS    
Ortiz, Jennifer        United States    HS    
Ortiz, Jose Rafael Miranda        Puerto Rico    PhD    
Ortiz, Laura H    CA    United States    HS    
Ortiz, Obeyra        United States    HS    
Ortiz, Otto L.        United States    HS    
Orvis, Tammy C.        United States    HS    
Osborne, Craig Lawrance (Jr)    VA    United States    HS    
Osburn, Nicole        United States    HS    
Osburn, Regina Ann    CA    United States    BBA    
Osgood, John Roger    CA    United States    BA    Hampton Bay University
Osman, Abdul Razzaq        Ghana    HS    
Osman, Ahmed Aden    APO    US-APO    HS    James Monroe High School
Osman, Ramlan        Malaysia    PhD    Primus College
Osman, Reem M        Great Britain    MA    Hampton Bay University
Osmond, Inge Katherina    FL    United States    HS    
Osner, Blake Michael    FL    United States    MS    
Ostroskie, Teresa    MI    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Oswalt, Jarad Asa    TX    United States    HS    
Oswalt, Kelly Douglas    APO    US-APO    MSE    American West University
Otemuyiwa, Christopher Akin        Spain        
Otero, Jasminda        United States        
Otero, Jose    NY    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Otero, Manuel Angel III (Chaplain)    TX    United States    MA    
Otter, Jeff    IN    United States    HS    
Ottley, Klon        Canada    HS    
Otukwu, Tammie L    MN    United States    BA    
Ou, Ravy    CA    United States    MA    
Ouellette, Dennis G    TX    United States    BS    Concordia University
Outram, Bryan        United States    HS    
Ovando, Juan Carlos Wiechers Perez De        Mexico    BA    
Over, Gene Mc            MS    
Overby, Shirley        United States        
Overton, Frederick Decatur Jr.        Japan    MA    St. Lourdes University
Overton, Jr., Frederick D        Japan    MA    
Owen, Christofer Michael    CO    United States    BS    
Owens, Barrett Lee    TN    United States    BA    
Owens, Bobby Lee    LA    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Owens, Denise        United States    HS    
Owens, Edward Walter    MI    United States        
Owens, James Kevin    TX    United States    BS    
Owens, Joseph Andrew    APO    US-APO    BBA    St. Regis University
Owens, Keonna        United States    HS    
Owens, Lynda M    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Owens, Matthew C.        United States        
Owens, Thomas R.        United States    MS    Americana University
Owings, Jack    TX    United States    HS    Trinity Christian High School
Owings, John Lee        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Owulade, James        United States    HS    
Oyet, Omoro William        Kenya    BBA    
Ozdemir, Aysel            PhD    
Ozella, Green    TX    United States    HS    
Ozmore, Jennifer Lynn        United States    HS    
Ozuor, Chukwuka Ayokunmi        Nigeria    HS    
P, Lakshminarayanan        India    BSE    West Coast University
Pablo, Christina        United States        
Pacheco, Miguel Angel    AZ    United States    HS    
Paddock, Warren Graham    OK    United States    BS    
Padgett, Kathy    AL    United States        
Padilla, Abraham        United States    AA    
Padilla, Luis A.    PR    United States        
Padilla, William A    CA    United States    Cert    
Padula, Antonio        Canada    MBA    St. Regis University
Pagan, Angela        United States    HS    
Pagan, Harry Jr.    NY    United States    ND    
Pagan, Miriam Ivette Rios        Puerto Rico    HS    
Pagan,Jr., Harry        United States    ND    
Page, Alfred    IL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Page, Cody        United States    HS    
Page, Michael Allen    CA    United States    BBA    Concordia
Pahn, Chalin Kao    WA    United States    MA    
Pahpasay, Sharon        Canada    HS    
Pai, Nivedita Ramakant    NJ    United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Paillet, Enna Gallegos    TX    United States    MA    
Painter, Katherine        United States    HS    
Paiva-Arline, Maria        United States    AA    
Paiz, Chad Micheal        United States    HS    
Pajazitovic, Gzim (Ajredin)        Yugoslavia    Cert    James Monroe University
Palacios, Marissa        United States        
Palco, Matthew    APO    US-APO    BS    American West University
Palfreyman, Reverend Melvin Blake        United States    BA    
Palma, Alfred Ray    VA    United States    MS    
Palmer, Krystal        Canada    HS    
Palmer, Lamar        United States    BA    
Palmer, Megen Elizabeth    WY    United States    HS    
Palmer, Michael Anthony    NC    United States    PhD    
Palmer, Ralph P    IN    United States    BS    
Palomares, George        United States    HS    
Pan, Ssuyen        Taiwan    BBA    
Panagiotou, Konstantinos            BBA    
Pandey, Tejendra Bahadur        Great Britain    MA    
Pankake, Gregory Allen    PA    United States    BSE    Blackstone University
Panzica, Anthony J        United States    HS    
Papa, Ronald Alan    MA    United States        
Pape, Sheri L        United States    ProfFull    Blackstone University
Papez, Gregor        Slovenia    BS    
Paquette, Michael A    MA    United States    BA    
Paradise, Kristen Noel        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Paradise, Michael Wayne Jr        United States    HS    
Paradiso, Dante *                
Parent, Angela        United States    HS    
Parham, Carmen        United States    HS    
Parham, Jackie        United States    HS    
Parish, Lawrence G    NY    United States    MBA    Holy Acclaim University
Park, Byung        United States    HS    
Park, James W    VA    United States    BA    
Park, Joung W    PA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Park, Sanghoon    AZ    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Parker Jr., William B        United States    MBA    
Parker, Andre Jay        United States    HS    
Parker, Emily L    LA    United States    PhD    St. Lourdes University
Parker, Jeffrey Sr.    GU    United States    BBA    
Parker, Keith Austin        Great Britain    PhD    
Parker, Matthew        United States    HS    
Parker, Melody Claire    CA    United States    BS    Northwest United University
Parker, Michelle        United States    HS    
Parker, Nicole        United States    HS    
Parker, Susan G    TN    United States    BA    
Parker, Timothy W.        United States    HS    
Parker, William Bronson Jr.    MD    United States    BA    
Parkman, Kelley    SC    United States    HS    
Parks Sr., Anthony            BA    
Parks, Anthony (Sr.)    CO    United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Parks, Joanne Marie    FL    United States    MBA    
Parks, Millie        United States    BA    North United University
Parks, Sally A        United States    BA    Blackstone University
Parli, Joe Dean    OK    United States    PhD    
Parlier, Eraina        United States    HS    
Parman, Ashley Nicole    IN    United States        
Parmer, Crystal Hope Berry        United States    HS    
Parr, Nancy        United States    HS    
Parra, Theresa Ann        United States    HS    
Parrino, Ronald    NY    United States        
Parseghian, Natalie    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Parslow, William D (jr.)    PA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Parsons, Barbara S.        United States    HS    
Parsons, Kathryn Michelle    IL    United States    Cert    
Parsons, Michael E            Cert    
Parsons, Tiffanie        United States    HS    
Partners), Velma Bond (Check Will Be From Clarian Health        United States    BA    
Partridge, Heather Elizabeth        United States    HS    
Pasa, Paul Silva        Turkey        
Passaro, Francesco Claudio    VA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Passfield, Lisa        Canada    HS    
Passno, Jeff        United States    Cert    
Pasteryk, Bryan D    PA    United States    BA    Hartland University
Pate, Christy        United States    HS    
Patel, Bhooshit    NJ    United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Patel, Dhruvi    MS    United States    HS    
Patel, Kalpana P            PhD    
Patel, Neelesh A.        India    MA    
Patel, Nilesh A        United States    MBA    
Paternoster, Arthur Reginald        Australia    BA    
Pathan, Aamir Niaz        Pakistan    BA    
Patience, Loncey-Dalton P        South Korea    BS    
Patrick, Donna Marie    OH    United States    BSN    
Patrick, Gaveau        France    BA    
Patrick, John Fyfe (Dr.)        Great Britain    BS    Holy Acclaim University
Patrick, Oh Boon Sai        Singapore    MA    
Patron, Amen J.    NY    United States    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Patron, Nicholas Victor    OH    United States    MA    
Patterson, Ada-Louise Renee    NJ    United States    BBA    
Patterson, Cheryl    VA    United States    HS    
Patterson, Louis V.    TN    United States        
Patterson, Micheale        United States    HS    
Patterson, Tom        United States    HS    
Patterson, Wilma Jean    PA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Patton, Jeremy        United States    HS    
Patton, Lamar        United States    HS    
Paudyal, G        Great Britain        
Paudyal, Kashyap Prasad        Nepal    BBA    St. Regis University
Paudyal, Nanda Prasad            BA    
Paudyal, Ram Pasad        Nepal    BBA    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Paudyal, Uttam Mani        Nepal    MBA    St. Regis University
Paul, Ezurike C.        Nigeria    BA    
Paul, Jariot Lezz        Canada    AA    
Paul, Priscilla Nora        Canada    HS    Liberty High School
Paul, Radeep Cyriac        India    BS    West Coast University
Paul, Rose Evita M. Pierre    NY    United States    HS    
Pauley, Eric D.    WV    United States    HS    
Pauley, Shannon        United States    HS    
Paulk, Alphonso    Ga    United States    BS    
Pauly, Katie        United States    HS    
Pavone, Tifanie Rose    NC    United States    HS    
Pawloski, Mike        United States    HS    
Paya, Samuel        Nigeria    BA    
Payne, Janet    IL    United States    MBA    
Payne, John C    TX    United States    BSE    Hampton Bay University
Payne, Melinda        United States        
Payne, Paul Daniel        South Korea    MA    
Payne, Wendy S    OH    United States    BBA    
Payton, Amie Renae        United States    HS    
Payton, Jonathan E        Saudi Arabia    MBA    
Pazderak, April    FL    United States    HS    
Peach, Teresa Renea    FL    United States    HS    
Peacher, Jean-Louis    SC    United States    MS    Heartland University
Peak, Shauntel        United States    MA    
Pearson, Jerry A    CO    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Pearson, Kimberly Anne    NJ    United States    BBA    
Pearson, Priscilla A.        United States    HS    
Pearson, Terraca        United States    HS    
Pearson_, Jerry A    NM    United States        
Pease, Gregory G    FL    United States    MBA    
Pecher, Jean-Louis    SC    United States    MS    Heartland University
Peck, Betty Louise        United States    HS    
Peck, Jason William    NE    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Peck, Patricia Ann        United States    HS    
Pegaz, David J        Israel    PhD    
Pegross, Latora S        United States    HS    
Peiffer, Corey E    FL    United States    MA    
Pelis, John K    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Pelkey, Kristin        United States        
Pelletier, Alfred Leo    RI    United States    BBA    James Monroe University
Pelton Jr., Gary D        United States    MA    
Pelton, Gary Douglas Jr.    WY    United States    MA    
Penaherrera, Gonzalo A Paez        Ecuador    BS    
PeñAherrera, Gonzalo A. PáEz        Ecuador    PhD    
Pendergrass, Robin        United States    HS    
Penias, Freddy B        Israel    PhD    St. Lourdes University
Peninger-Bond, Andrea    NM    United States    HS    
Penn, Ramont Tony    TX    United States    BSE    
Penn, Raymont T        United States    BS    
Penna, Cynthia        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Pennell, Fallon        United States    HS    
Penny, Alani Keshet Wanbli    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Penton, Keith    AL    United States    HS    
Pepe, David        United States    HS    
Perales, Crystal        United States    HS    
Peralta, Diane Betty    AL    United States    HS    
Peramangalath, Mathew        India    PhD    
Percefull, Patrick Lance    TX    United States    BBA    
Percy, Jonathan D.        United States    HS    
Perdomo, Ricardo M    FL    United States    MBA    
Perdos, Susan Marina    OH    United States    Cert    St. Lourdes University
Pereira, Jaimi        Canada    HS    
Pereira, Raj Francis        Great Britain    MBA    
Pereyra, Simon Alberto Fernandez        Iran    BA    
Perez, Anna        United States    BA    
Perez, Carlos Alberto    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Perez, David        United States    HS    
Perez, Evangelina        United States    HS    
Perez, Gilberto Alonso    CA    United States    PhD    
Perez, Jose De Jesus        United States    HS    
Perez, Kristian    FL    United States    BBA    
Perez, Mirna        United States    HS    
Perez, Ramon        United States    HS    
Perez, Raul S    KS    United States    HS    University High School
Perez, Sergio A        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Perez, Vanessa        United States    HS    
Perez-Feliciano, Rosa        United States    HS    
Perkey, Gerald L.        United States    ProfFull    
Perkins, Bonnie Lachay        United States    HS    
Perkins, Charles Wayne        United States    BA    
Perkins, Lisa        United States    HS    
Perkins, Michael    Ca    United States    HS    
Perkola, Stephen B    MI    United States    BS    Concordia
Perla-Whitcomb, Barbara Jo    NY    United States    PhD    
Pernalete, Alexis Baute        Venezuala    MBA    
Perpignan, Dr. Fernand Yves        Switzerland    PhD    
Perpignan, Fernand Yves        Switzerland    PhD    
Perret, Wendy M.        United States        
Perry, Edward D    TX    United States        
Perry, Ellen R.    CA    United States    MS    
Perry, James Al Jr        United States    BA    
Perry, Jemeca        United States        
Perry, Joseph Carl    AZ    United States    MBA    
Perry, Ronald M    APO    US-APO    BS    
Perry, Steven Wright    WV    United States    BBA    
Perry, Teke Lashae        United States        
Perry, Vicki    KS    United States    HS    
Persaud, Harold    NJ    United States    PhD    
Persefield, Ramona            HS    
Pesaud, Natasha        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Pessin, Linda J.        United States    BBA    
Pestun, Dmitry        United States    HS    
Pete, Lashonta        United States    HS    
Peter        India    MSE    
Petermann, Serrah L    CA    United States    MBA    Concordia
Peters, Alicia        United States    HS    
Peters, Alina        Mexico    HS    
Peters, Brandon Jermaine    AR    United States    HS    
Peters, John Sidney Jr.        United States        
Peters, Linda Diann Reed        United States        
Peterson, Elizabeth    MN    United States    HS    
Peterson, Harold Eugene        United States    HS    
Peterson, Joshua Howard    CA    United States    HS    
Peterson, R                
Peterson, Tammy Lou Collins    GA    United States    BS    Concordia
Petit, J. Steve    AZ    United States    BA    
Petit, James    FL    United States    HS    
Petrich, Adrian Eduard        United States    BS    
Petrosian, Sako        Iran    BA    
Petrucci, Suzanne *    WA    United States        
Petrucelli, Salvador    CA    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Petrucelli-Swofford, Linda    CA    United States    BS    
Petry, Jennifer        United States        
Pettigrass, Nicholas Eugene    NY    United States    EdD    
Pettit, J.Steve        United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Pettway Jr., Willie        United States    BA    
Pettway, Willie Jr.    TX    United States    BA    
Petty, Christopher E            EdD    St. Regis University
Peyton, June    NM    United States    PhD    
Peyton, Peter M    VA    United States    AS    
Pezzuto, Linda L            MS    St. Lourdes University
Pfeiffer, Kristina    OH    United States    BA    
Pfund, Gloria A    FL    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Ph.D, Dominick L. Flarey,        United States    ProfFull    
Phagan, Stephen Matthew    GA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Pham, Calvin    CA    United States    BBA    
Pham, Hoang Viet    CA    United States    MS    
Pham, Quan Trong    CA    United States    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Pham, Steve Dung    PA    United States    HS    
Pharis, Charles Alan    MO    United States    PhD    
Phd, Dr Joyce Peters, Nd,        United States    MAH    
Phd, Jacqueline Freeman BS-Ms,        United States    PhD    
Phd, Seamus Phan,        United States    ProfFull    
Phehlane, Oriel        Lesotho    MBA    
Phetlamphone,Bouttakoth        United States        
Philemon, L P Ravi ChandranPlilemon, Catherine        Singapore        
Philie, Thomas J (Jr.)    NY    United States    BS    
Philip), Trinh Xuan Phap        Vietnam    BBA    
Philip, Lai Man        Hong Kong    ProfAssoc    
Phillip        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Phillipa, Sharon Faye    TX    United States        
Phillips, Alexander        United States    BS    
Phillips, Charles T            BA    
Phillips, Cindy    IL    United States    HS    
Phillips, Francie Ferrell        United States    HS    
Phillips, James Monroe        United States    BS    
Phillips, Jeffrey Taylor    TN    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Phillips, Jeremy L.        United States    HS    
Phillips, John T (Jr.)    KY    United States    MBA    Holmes University
Phillips, Shawn M    OH    United States    HS    
Phillips, Sheron M        United States    HS    
Phillips, Stanley Randolph    MI    United States    PhDH    
Phillips, Susan G.    KY    United States        
Phillips, Tracey Rae    FL    United States    BBA    
Philp, Peter    NY    United States    HS    
Philpott, Stephen Charles        Great Britain    Cert    
Phipps, Debra Amelia    CA    United States    BS    
Phipps, Egbert Gareth (Dr.)        Canada    BBA    St. Regis University
Phipps, Evelyn    OK    United States    HS    
Phipps, Matthew        United States    HS    
Phong, Vu Tien        Vietnam    BBA    
Phuong, Lai Quoc        Vietnam    MBA    
Picard, Pierre        Canada    DBA    
Pichany, Brian Maurice    NY    United States    BSE    
Pichardo, Norvelin        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Pickens, Stephanie L    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Piedra, Grettel M.        United States    HS    
Pierce, Brandon Antwaun    GA    United States    AA    Liberty High School
Pierce, Devon K.        United States    HS    
Pierce, Sarah        United States    HS    
Pierce, Thomas Franklin    TN    United States    HS    Mission High School
Pierite, Denerial Jervae Tremond        United States        
Pierre, Patricia        United States        
Pierre, Shela    FL    United States    HS    Mission
Pierre-Jerome, Serge A.        United States    AA    
Piersing, Julie    FL    United States    HS    
Piersing, Sarah H        United States    HS    
Pierson, Howard Eric John    TX    United States    ProfFull    
Pierson, Mary    TX    United States    AA    JA High School Assoc Grad
Pierson, Michael Roy    FL    United States    BA    
Pifer, Timothy G    OR    United States    BBA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Piggott, Sally Charlene    TX    United States    BBA    
Pilkington, Kelli L            BA    
Pillay, Ashorgren        South Africa    DBA    
Pinder, Derek Franklin        United States    DSc    
Pineda, Billy        Guatamal    BS    
Pineda, Joseph Edwin        United States    BS    
Pineyro, Alexander        United States    HS    
Pinkard, Anthony L    NY    United States    BS    
Pinkham, April    ME    United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Pinter, Gabor        Bolivia    PhD    
PintéR, GáBor        Bolivia    PhD    
Pippin, Calvin E. (III)    NC    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Pippin, Gerald W (Jr)    TX    United States    BS    
Pippin, Jr., Gerald W        United States    BS    
Pirani, Moiz        India    BS    
Piro, Michael G    FL    United States    BA    
Pitre, Pauline Vivian    OH    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Pitt, Anthony J    CO    United States    BS    Concordia
Pittman, Beverlee    CA    United States    BBA    
Pittmon, Brencie Michelle        United States    HS    
Pitts), Frances M. Harris        United States    HS    
Pitts, Christopher    WI    United States    BBA    Concordia
Pitts, Donald    CO    United States    ProfAssoc    St. Lourdes University
Piyachinawan, Miss Malin        Thailand    BA    
Pizzico, William A    PA    United States    Cert    
Plair, Robert Francis        United States    BSE    
Plakias, Petros        Greece    MBA    Concordia College & University
Plant, Jonathan        United States    HS    
Platel, Vanessa        United States    HS    
Platson-Cox, Melody M    IL    United States    PhD    
Pletz, Amy Lynn    PA    United States    BS    
Pluard, Jennifer        United States    HS    
Plummer, Tambra Lee        United States    HS    
Plump, Gary W    NJ    United States    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Poe-Pape, Sheri L    IL    United States    ProfFull    Blackstone University
Poh, Andrew Tan Thian        Singapore    BBA    Northwest United University
Pohoreskey, Wendy L    VA    United States    BBA    Concordia
Pointer, Gloria J    FL    United States        
Pokhis, Irina    NJ    United States    BS    
Policastro, John Raith    CO    United States    BS    
Polikoff, Ira M    VA    United States    BA    Concordia
Polk, Patricia L. J.        United States    HS    
Poll, Clifford Ray    MI    United States    BS    
Pollard, Alexis        United States    HS    
Pollard, Linda Fay    IN    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Pollard_, Linda A (Nelson)    CA    United States    AA    
Pollio, Thomas Peter    NJ    United States    BA    
Pollizzi, Debra S    MD    United States    MBA    St. Lourdes University
Pollock, Randy Lee    PA    United States    BS    
Polly, John    NY    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Polykandritis, Evangelos        Greece    AA    
Ponce, Elias Eduardo Lujan    MD    United States    BA    
Ponsi, Jeff J        United States    MAH    
Ponte, Albano Francis    MA    United States    MBA    Americana Univ.
Ponton, Karen        United States    HS    
Pool, Rocky *    ID    United States        
Poole, Brenda Deborah    MD    United States    AA    
Pope, Austin J    CA    United States    MS    
Pope, Ernest Darius        United States    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Pope, Lauren        United States    HS    
Pope, Ron        British Virgin Islands    HS    
Popil, Brianne    VA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Poplin, James Arthur    AZ    United States    BS    
Poplin, Misty Lynn    AZ    United States    MBA    
Porche, Christina *    APO    US-APO        
Porinchok, Nancy M. *                
Porta, Julie Ann    TX    United States    BA    
Porter, Candy M.    TX    United States    AA    James Monroe University
Porter, James A (Rev.)    CA    United States    BA    
Porter, Whitney Denise    VA    United States    HS    
Portice, Robert E    TX    United States    AA    Branford High School
Portillo, Vanessa        United States    HS    
Posada, Gloria Barrera    CA    United States    BA    
Poser, Alicia        United States    HS    
Posey, Detra Lashon    GA    United States    EdD    St. Regis University
Posey, Kanishka        United States    HS    
Post, Rhonda Gayle    TX    United States    MBA    
Post, Robert Ernest (Sr.)    TX    United States    PhD    
Poston, Greg D    AZ    United States    BA    Capitol Univ of Arts & Techn, St. Regis Univ.
Poteete, Rebecca        United States    HS    
Potter, Doreen L            HS    Mission High School
Potter, James L    LA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Potter, Sylvia K    TX    United States    HS    James Monroe High School
Poulette, Lucien E    NH    United States    HS    Mission High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Poulin, Jason Eric    NC    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Pouncey, Kenneth W    CA    United States    BBA    American West University
Powell, Amendis        United States    HS    
Powell, Harvel A        Jamaica    BA    
Powell, Lindsay M.        United States    HS    
Powell, Mitchell    CO    United States        
Powell, Shalanda Lenette    FL    United States    HS    James Monroe High School
Powell, Tannell M.    NY    United States        
Powell, Tanya Rae    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Powell, William Washington        Jamaica    MBA    
Powell-Curry, Stephanie    TX    United States    BBA    
Power, Thomas H    MO    United States        
Powers, Daniel Lyn    KY    United States    HS    
Prager, Robert A            BA    
Prananto, Claudia Aristya    CA    United States    HS    
Prasad, Narendra            MS    
Prasad, Ragni N    CA    United States    BA    
Prashantkumar, K S        India    MS    Northwest United University
Prathibha        India    MS    
Premaratne, Mr. Subiappu Kankanamalage        Sri Lanka    DBA    
Premaratne, Subiappu Kankanamalage        Sri Lanka    DBA    
Prescod, Leroy Alexander    NY    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Presswood, Terry Arlin    GA    United States    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Prestage, Elly Burns    MS    United States        
Preston, Bradford O    MD    United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Preston, Paul W.        United States    PhD    
Preston, Robert William    FL    United States    BA    
Previtali, Raul        Uruguay    PhD    Holmes University
Prezanowsky, Michelle        Canada    HS    
Price, Demetrius        United States    BS    
Price, Demico        United States    HS    
Price, Jaime L    TX    United States    BA    
Price, James        United States        
Price, Lamargaret        United States    HS    
Price, Laurin E    TX    United States    MA    
Price, Richard    KS    United States    HS    
Price, Ron O.    CA    United States    BS    
Price-Heeter, Ramona        United States    BS    
Prichard, Jedidiah Marshall Denver        United States    HS    
Priest, Donna    MI    United States    HS    
Prieto, Jason Alex        United States    BS    
Primus, Bridgette        Canada    HS    
Prince, Gwendolyn L    FL    United States    BA    Blackstone University
Prince, Merlene E    CA    United States    MS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Prince, Valencia        US Virgin Islands    HS    
Prins-Craft, Patricia K        United States    HS    
Prinz, Ryan Todd    CA    United States    BA    
Pritchett, Tony Eugene    A    United States        
Prock, Daniel A    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Profeit, John Scott    CA    United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Prokasky, Kathleen        United States    HS    
Proulx, Stephen Richard        Canada    BA    
Provencio, Robert    TX    United States    MA    
Provoyeur, Tara        United States    HS    
Prueitt, Stanley D    NM    United States    BA    Center for Independent Degree Studies
Pruitt, Michael R.    OH    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Pruitt, Rebekah        United States    HS    
Prusia, Natasha Nanette        United States    HS    
Pruzzo, Maximiliano A        Chile    BS    Holmes University
Psaila, Skyler        Canada    HS    
Puccio, Annina Rae    CA    United States    MA    
Puccio, S. Guy    CA    United States    MA    
Puentes, Jesus E    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Pulivarti, Mr. Elisha Bob.        United States    PhDH    
Pullano, Christian Michael    RI    United States    MS    
Pulliam, Crystal Catrell    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Pulliam, Terrance Perez    TN    United States    BBA    
Pulliam, Tobias Jabaar    TN    United States    BA    
Pulliam, Torey L. Sr.        United States    BBA    
Pulliam, Tory L (Sr.)    TN    United States    BBA    
Punna, Rajeev        United States    MBA    
Purcell, David G    CA    United States    AA    
Purdy, Ruth M        United States    Cert    
Purifoye, Jerriat I.        United States    HS    
Purter, Lakeisha        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Puyan, Seied Ali            PhD    
Pyles, Elliot    GA    United States


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Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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Quaglia, Louis Anthony    PA    United States    BA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Quaglia, Marie T (Flynn)    NH    United States    MBA    
Quarterman, Kim (Mr.)    SC    United States    Cert    
Quaye, Daniel Ashirifi        Ghana    BS    
Quesenberry, Douglas        United States        
Quick, Kenneth Wayne    GA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Quigley, Michael F. (Sr.)    FL    United States    BS    Holmes University
Quila, DieuHuong H    TX    United States    BBA    Eucharist Archdicese Univ.
Quiles, Edwin    APO    US-APO    BS    
Quiles, Ramon        United States        
Quillen, Mary W.        USA/Minor outlying islands    HS    
Quilter's Haven, Inc.    FL    United States    AA    
Quinlin, Theresa        United States    HS    
Quinn, Jeremy K        Canada    BA    
Quinones, Nancy    MA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Quintal, Joseph Anthony    RI    United States    MS    
Quintana, Abel Duarte    AZ    United States    HS    
Quintana, Donaciana    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Quintanilla, Luis        United States    HS    
Quiroga, Roger        United States    HS    
Qureshi, Adnan N            PhD    
Qureshi, Dr. Adnan Nabeel        Pakistan    PhDH    
Qureshi, Emad        United Arab Emirates    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Rabbani, Neamatollah    WI    United States    Cert    Concordia
Rabon, Michael G    FL    United States    BA    
Rabon, Peggy Ann        United States    BS    
Rabon, Robert Raymond    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Race, Jr, Stephen R        United States    BS    
Race, Stephen R Jr.    MD    United States    BS    
Rachel        United States        
Raczon, Holly J    IL    United States    BS    
Rad, Ahmad Roshanfekr        Iran    AA    
Rad, Amir hossein Roshanfekre        Iran        
Rademeyer, Gerrit Johan        South Africa    PhD    
Radhi, Basel Ebrahim Ahmed        Bahrain    MS    
Radhi, Basil Ebrahim Ahmed        Bahrain    MS    
Radici, Frank        Australia    DSc    
Rafeek, Abdul Ajib    NY    United States    BS    
Rafique, Anil        Pakistan    MBA    Holmes University
Ragan, Jacob Walter        United States    HS    
Ragland, Sonny        United States    HS    
Rahiem, Abudull O    PA    United States    BS    American West University
Rahmatullah, Sunida        Malaysia    BS    St. Lourdes University
Raicu, Maria M    WA    United States    BA    
Rainey, Shekandice        United States    HS    
Rains, Jerry T.    TX    United States    PhD    
Raissian, Rozbeh        Iran    PhD    
Raj, Vijay S        India    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Raja        India    MS    
Rajalingam, S.        Malaysia    PhDH    
Rajan, K            BS    West Coast University
Rajani, Jabir        United Arab Emirates    MS    
Rajbhandari, Dipak        Nepal    BBA    
Rajbhandari, Suraj        Nepal    MBA    St. Regis University
Rajbhandari, Twinkle        Nepal    MBA    
Rajitlal, P.L.        India    PhDH    
Raju, Finny B    TX    United States    BA    American Capitol University
Ralph, Marvin Wayne    FL    United States    BA    
Ram        India    MS    
Ram, Peri        Israel    PhD    
Ramachandran, Appaswamy        Singapore    MBA    
Ramadan, Huseyin        Australia    DSc    
Ramage, Frank Stephen    NH    United States    HS    
Ramamurthy, Vimal    CT    United States    MBA    
Ramasamy, Ra Arjunan        Singapore    PhD    St. Regis University
Ramey, Cheryl        United States    HS    
Ramig, Renee Marie    CA    United States    PhD    
Ramirez, Guillermo William    NJ    United States    BS    St Renoir College & Univ.
Ramirez, Hiram        United States    HS    
Ramirez, Jo Anne        United States    HS    
Ramirez, Juan Jr.        United States    HS    
Ramirez, Mario        United States    HS    
Ramiro        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ramjattan, Emerson        Trinidad and Tobago    PhD    
Ramly, Ahmad Bin        Malaysia    ProfFull    Concordia
Ramnath, Rajendranath Pepe    FL    United States    MS    
Ramnauth, Yolande Zadica    NY    United States    BSN    
Ramon, Carolyn M V    IL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Ramos, Carlos        United States    HS    
Ramos, Cassandra Marie    CA    United States    HS    
Ramos, Dina    NJ    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Ramos, Maria    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Ramos, Miguel Filipe de Mota        Portugal    BS    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Rampadarath, Suniel        Surinam    PhDH    
Rampersaud, Sharricka        United States    HS    
Ramroop, Asweniedebie        Armenia        
Ramsaroop, George Lance    NY    United States    Renewal of Ordination    
Ramsay, Raymond Stuart        Romania    MBA    
Ramsey, Jeffery E.    GA    United States    AA    
Ramsey, Jeremy Wesley    NC    United States    HS    
Ramsey, Rama    NC    United States    Transcript    
Ramsingh, Manoij Vidjaij Kumar        Netherlands        
Ramsunder, Tenesh    NY    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Ran, B.S.        United States    AA    
Randall, David Stanley    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Randle Iii, Benjamin L        United States    MA    
Randle, Benjamin L (III)    NY    United States    MA    
Randle, Darwayne        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Rankovic, Dragan S        Yugoslavia    BA    Northwest United University
Ransom, Stephanie    NC    United States        
Rapelyea, Marita L        United States    HS    
Rappoli, Henry John    CT    United States    PhD    Concordia
Rase, Julie        United States        
Rashid, Angel        United States    HS    
Rashid, Sk Harunor        Saudi Arabia    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Rashid, Sumera        Pakistan    PhD    
Rastellini, Debra Ann    FL    United States    MBA    New Manhattan University
Ratcliffe, David Earl    NJ    United States    MBA    
Ratti, Mohit        United States    HS    
Rauf, Abdur        Pakistan    PhD    
Rausch, William J    IL    United States        
Ravi, Nag        Malaysia    PhD    
Ravikumar, N        India    Cert    
Rawlins, Theresa        United States    HS    
Rawlston, William John Jr    MA    United States    HS    
Rawson, Lori Dee    ID    United States    BS    
Rawstern, Terry Dean    LA    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Ray,    VA    United States        
Ray, Maurice M    NY    United States    BSN    St. Regis University
Rayburn, Amber J    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Rayess, Nicole Chawkatly        Lebanon    PhD    
Raygoza, Bill Albert Jr        United States        
Raygoza,Jr., Bill Albert        United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Raymond, Kim M    NY    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Rayzer, Joyce J.            PhD    
Raza, Syed M    TX    United States    PhD    
Razem, Frank Stevenson    FL    United States    BA    
Razol, M. Abdul        United Arab Emirates    BSE    
Read, Robert Charles        United Arab Emirates    MBA    
Ream, Sherri A    IN    United States    BBA    Heartland University
Reardon, Jennifer        Canada    BA    
Reasonover, Shan'nay    MI    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Reaves, Brittany Rachelle            HS    
Rebecca        United States    HS    
Rebollido, Robert J    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Reck, Anita        United States    BA    
Reckart, Connie            BS    Fairmont State
Reddick, Raymond    AL    United States    PhD    Columbia State Univ.
Reddin, Darbi        United States    HS    
Redditt, David P            BA    
Reddy, Ajay D        Great Britain    ProfAssoc    
Reddy, Irene May Victoria        South Africa    BA    
Redhair, Kaylene        United States    HS    
Redmond, Natasha Shyrene        United States    HS    
Redner, Dorothy May        United States    HS    
Redward, Anthony W        Australia    BA    
Reece, Bridget        United States    HS    
Reed, Catherine M    MI    United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Reed, Christopher Dewayne        United States        
Reed, Courtney        United States        
Reed, Julie Elizabeth    IL    United States    BBA    
Reed, K. Denise        United States    MS    
Reed, Renae            HS    
Reed, Roy L. (Jr.)    CO    United States    BS    
Reed, Sonja L    Fl    United States    HS    
Reed, Valerie Yvonne    DC    United States    BA    
Reeder, Valerie I    CO    United States    AA    
Reel, Roselina Simone        United States    HS    
Reese, Angela Marie        United States    HS    
Reese, Tanasha        United States    HS    
Reese-Short, Irene Evetta    TX    United States    BBA    
Reesman, Jordan Elizabeth        United States    HS    
Reeves, Ben    NE    United States        
Reeves, Clayton Eugene    VA    United States    BS    
Reeves, Daniel A.        United States    HS    
Reeves, James    IN    United States    BS    
Reeves, Ramona        United States        
Reggie, Sandra K        United States        
Register, , James N (Jr)    NC    United States    BA    
Rehak, William A        United States    MBA    
Reichley, James    OH    United States    HS    
Reid, Donald Erik        New Zealand    MEd    American West University
Reid, Olympia        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Reid, Tineka        United States        
Reid-Gordon, Juliet    SC    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Reid-Gray, Carolyn R.    TN    United States    BS    
Reidgordon, Juliet        United States    HS    
Reier, Jessie        United States    HS    
Reiff, Dr Georg        Germany    BS    
Reiff, Dr. Georg        Germany    MS    
Reiff, Georg        Germany    BS    
Reilly, Kent D.    CT    United States    PhD    
Reimer, John C            PhD    
Reingruber, Gregory Joseph    IL    United States    BS    
Reinhard, Theodore Scott    OH    United States    BBA    Concordia
Reinhardt, Dennis N    Fl    United States    HS    Mission High School
Reischl, Matthias    NY    United States    BS    
Reiter, Gloria D    CO    United States    BS    
Reiter, William E II    DE    United States    MS    
Reith, Michael F    IN    United States    BA    
Reling, James Edward        United States    HS    
Remillard, Anthony    NH    United States        
Remmert, Shannon        United States    HS    
Renderos, Michelle        United States    HS    
Rene', Donavan M. J.        Saint Lucia    PhD    
Reneau, April    IN    United States    HS    
Renfior-Heuser, Anne    NY    United States        
Renkel, Diana Lynn    OH    United States    MSN    James Monroe University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Renna, Daniel R    NJ    United States    BA    Concordia
Renna, Roy P        United States    HS    
Rentas, Roseann    NY    United States    HS    Mission High School
Renwick, Kerron    FL    United States    HS    
Renwick_, Kerron    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Repasky, Alexander J    GA    United States    PhD    
Rephan, Lee            BA    St. Lourdes University
Reppert, Amy C. H.    PA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Reppert, David G (Jr.)    PA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Reppert,Jr., David G.        United States    HS    
Resler, Pamela Kay    MO    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Resnick, Robert Louis    IL    United States    BA    Western American University
Rester, Ronnie    AL    United States    HS    
Rettig, Jr, Ray C        United States    MS    
Rettig, Ray Christa (Jr.)    TX    United States    BS    Hartland University
Rettman, Gary D    MO    United States    BA    
Retzer, Raymond    GA    United States    PhDH    
Reule, Kimberly Joan        United States    HS    
Reviero, Seann        United States    HS    
Rewanwar, Prasad Dnyanoba    IL    United States    MA    
Reyero, Danielle A        Puerto Rico    HS    
Reyes Igartua, Eduardo        Canada    MBA    
Reyes, Andrea        United States    HS    
Reyes, Candida        United States    HS    
Reyes, Christopher Walter        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Reyes, Edlyn        United States    HS    
Reyes, Edwin        United States    HS    
Reyes, Joseph B.        United States    BS    
Reyes, Juan Carlos        VZ    BS    
Reynolds, B. Wayne        United States    PhD    
Reynolds, Carmon E (Sr.)    APO    US-APO    MBA    Concordia
Reynolds, James Richard    IN    United States        
Rezaee, Abdolali        Iran    PhD    
Rezk, Abdelmoneim Elsayed Elaraby        Egypt    BSE    
Rhea, Bob A..    IN    United States        
Rhodes, Harvey Earl        United States    BA    
Rhodes, Regina F.        United States    HS    
Rhodes, Shani            HS    
Rhodes, Tamara Nicole        United States    HS    
Rhom, Amy    NC    United States    HS    
Rhonda        United States    HS    
Rhoten, Sarah                
Rial, Daniel L.    OH    United States    BA    
Riazi, Babak            BS    Berkely Professional University
Ribeiro, Stacey    CA    United States    MA    
Ribera Monroy, Gloria Armida            MA    
Riccitelli, Desirea        United States    HS    
Rice, Julie            BS    
Rice, Tommy-Lee Robert    FL    United States    HS    
Rich, James W    MS    United States    BSN    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Rich, Jeremy R.        United States    BS    
Richard, Marla        United States    HS    
Richard, Mayungbe Falolu Adeyemi        Nigeria    PhD    
Richard, Shuntel S.    MD    United States    MBA    
Richards, Brigid E        Australia    BA    
Richards, Le-Roy Nathaniel        Saint Kitts and Nevis Antilles    MBA    
Richardson, April L        United States    HS    
Richardson, David Harold    TX    United States    PhD    
Richardson, Debbie L        United States    MA    
Richardson, James Alvin    MS    United States    BS    
Richardson, Jim J        United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Richardson, Johnny    SC    United States        
Richardson, Noileen        United States    MAH    
Richardson, Range R    CA    United States    BA    Valorem University
Richardson, Ray Lester    DC    United States        
Richardson, Shinita Tavette        United States    AA    
Richardson, Tammy Darlene        United States    BS    
Richardson, Willie J.    GA    United States    BA    
Richmond, Kewanis D.        United States    HS    
Riddick, Thelma L.    VA    United States    BA    
Riddle, John C        United States    BA    
Riddle, Lois Lucella        United States    PhD    
Riddle, Tammy        United States        
Ridenour, Melissa        United States    HS    
Ridley, Aunsley        Ireland        Holmes University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ridley, Karen        United States    HS    
Riebe, John H.    WA    United States    AA    
Riedlinger, Roger T.    WA    United States    PhD    
Riegel, Timothy Scott    CO    United States    MSE    
Rieger, Darla L.    MO    United States    BS    
Rieger, Richard R    FL    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Rieger_, Richard R    CO    United States        
Rieger__, Richard R    CO    United States    MBA    
Ries, Mark A.    MI    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Rife, Charity        United States    HS    
Riffat, Ray Mohammad        Canada    MBA    Concordia
Riggenbach, Dawn A    TX    United States    BSN    
Riggs, Jamie D    CO    United States    PhD    Holmes University
Riggs, Susana L                
Rigsbee, Emmett H.    VA    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Rijal, Toya Nath        Nepal    MS    St. Regis University
Riley, Corey Omar    MD    United States    HS    
Riley, Edward Lewis    NC    United States    PhD    Concordia University
Riley, Jacqueline Dent-        United States    BSN    
Riley, Jessy        United States    HS    
Riley, Sidney Mischel        United States    BS    
Riley, Vanessa        United States    HS    
Riley, Yalonda N        United States    HS    
Rimmer, James E. (Dr.)    PA    United States    MA    
Rinehart, Linda    AL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ringer, Marc B    CA    United States    BBA    
Ringstad, Clyde A    WA    United States    PhD    
Ringstad, Matthew C    WA    United States    BA    
Rinyum, Dominic Anak        Malaysia    MS    
Rios, Adrian J.        United States    HS    
Rios, Caroline        United States    HS    
Rios, Matthew        United States    HS    
Rios, Natasha        United States    HS    
Rios, Ramon Ricardo Rodriguez    GA    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Rippingale, Steven        Great Britain    MBA    
Rischar, Tara N.        United States    HS    
Ritch, Steven D    MD    United States    BA    
Ritchie, Kenneth Ii        United States    HS    
Ritchie, Mary    CO    United States        
Rithy, Chum    MA    United States    BA    
Riva, Susana De La        United States    HS    
Rivas Z., Jesus R.        Iran        
Rivera Fernandez, Alex C    PR    United States    Cert    
Rivera, Alesia        United States    HS    
Rivera, Carmen        United States    HS    
Rivera, Gilbert C    NM    United States    BS    
Rivera, Japhet C    APO    US-APO    PhD    
Rivera, Joel    FL    United States        
Rivera, Juan C        United States    HS    
Rivera, Kathy    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Rivera, Luciano Angelo        United States    HS    
Rivera, Male    FL    United States        
Rivera, Maria D        United States    HS    
Rivera, Samuel        United States    HS    
Rivera, Sonia I    NY    United States    BS    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Rivera-Rijos, Gregg L.    DE    United States    MBA    
Rivera-Vazquez, Mabeline        United States    HS    
Rivers, Paul T.    MI    United States        
Rivers, Ventria    GA    United States        
Rizpah        United States    HS    
Rizvi, Ishrat Ali        India    BSE    
Rizza, Sebastian Juan Storaci        Venezuala    BS    
Rizzo, Frank    IL    United States        
Rizzo, Paul P.        Canada    BBA    
Roach, Beverley Gale    AK    United States    BA    American West University
Roach, John Patrick    CA    United States        
Roach, Vikki        United States    HS    
Robbins, Julie Ann        United States    BA    
Robbins, Shirley Yvonne    OH    United States    BS    
Robbins, Terry Andrew    TN    United States    BS    American West University
Roberson, Brant    FL    United States        
Roberson, Jerry Lynn    CA    United States    MS    
Roberson, Kyle Mason    TX    United States    HS    
Roberson, Marla Lane        United States    HS    
Robert, Marco J    CA    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Roberts, Ceirion Gwyn        Great Britain    MBA    
Roberts, Cheryl    FL    United States    HS    
Roberts, Cory Leigh    AL    United States    BBA    
Roberts, Ivette Mccall        United States    PhD    
Roberts, Jason Paul    CO    United States    BS    
Roberts, Jeffrey        United States    HS    
Roberts, Jesscia        United States    HS    
Roberts, Keyia        United States    HS    
Roberts, Latresa Denise    TX    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Roberts, M. Thomas        United States    BBA    
Roberts, Michael D.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Roberts, Nakia        United States    HS    
Roberts, Peter Kelton    GA    United States        
Roberts, Rhonda Renne        United States    HS    
Roberts, Richard L. Jr.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Roberts, Robbin Cheryl    TX    United States    BBA    
Roberts, Sarah C    FL    United States    BA    Concordia College & University
Robertson, John Mark    GA    United States    BA    Concordia Graduate Institute
Robertson, Leslie Irene        United States    HS    Heritage
Robertson, Petra Elena    AZ    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Robertson, Shelly        United States    HS    
Robins, Melissa        United States    HS    
Robinson, Angienique        United States    HS    
Robinson, Barney Joseph    NJ    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Robinson, Bobby R.        Thailand    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Robinson, Chantelle        United States    HS    
Robinson, Elijah    NJ    United States        
Robinson, Francisco A        United States    HS    
Robinson, Jacqueline E    GA    United States    BS    
Robinson, Jason A    AL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Robinson, Jessica L        Germany    HS    
Robinson, Lori Ellen    TX    United States    BA    
Robinson, Myran R.        United States    BS    
Robinson, Myrna R.    TN    United States    BS    
Robinson, Nichole        United States    HS    
Robinson, Omarlo L    NY    United States    BS    
Robinson, Peter D    CA    United States    BA    
Robinson, Robert        United States    HS    
Robinson, Shawnelle Marie        United States    HS    
Robinson, Sydney S        United States    HS    
Robinson, Sylvia        United States    HS    
Robinson, Yolanda N        United States    BA    
Robison, Michael R.    OH    United States    BA    
Robles, Alberto        United States    HS    
Robson, Nguyen H        United States    BS    
Rocca, Sharoll        United States    HS    
Rocco, James A    IL    United States    BA    
Rocha, Wenilton        Great Britain    BA    
Rochin, Mario Francisco    AZ    United States    PhD    
Rodden, Lashea Denise    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Rodi, Cristina        Italy        
Rodrigo, Sonia Manulit        United Arab Emirates    HS    
Rodrigues, Eduardo P        Brazil    MS    
Rodriguez, Bernardino    APO    US-APO    MS    
Rodriguez, Charelena        United States    HS    
Rodriguez, David        United States    HS    
Rodriguez, Eva        United States    HS    
Rodriguez, Francine Joy    Ca    United States    HS    
Rodriguez, Graciela        United States    HS    
Rodriguez, Jessica        United States    HS    
Rodriguez, Joann        United States    HS    
Rodriguez, Jorge Alfredo    FL    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Rodriguez, Jose        United States    HS    
Rodriguez, Kelvin        United States    HS    
Rodriguez, Marilu        United States    HS    
Rodriguez, Nelson    FL    United States    HS    University High School
Rodriguez, Orfa        United States    HS    
Rodriguez, Osvaldo        United States    HS    
Rodriguez, Ramon E. Jimenez        United States    HS    
Rodriguez, Ruben    KY    United States    HS    Mission High School
Rodriguez, Sylvia G.        United States        
Rodriguez, Vincent        United States    HS    
Rodriguez, William        United States    HS    
Rodriquez, Bernardino    APO    US-APO        
Rodriquez, Lisa P    FL    United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Rodriquez, Luis E    GA    United States    HS    James Monroe High School
Roebuck, Winston Joeseph Jr.    FL    United States    HS    
Roemer, Klaus        Germany    PhD    
Roepsch, Ted J.    TX    United States        
Rogers, Barbara        United States    HS    
Rogers, Candice        United States    HS    
Rogers, Charles L (Sr)    GA    United States    BSE    Concordia University
Rogers, Chiquita        United States    HS    
Rogers, Don Ray (jr)    VA    United States    BA    
Rogers, Fred G    AL    United States    PhDH    Northwest United University
Rogers, James Ronald    NM    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Rogers, Michael D.        United States    HS    
Rogers, Ronald    NE    United States    HS    
Rogers, Tracy        United States        
Rogers, Wayne Darrell (Jr.)    GA    United States    MA    
Rogers, Wendy        United States    HS    
Rohde, Lorraine M                
Rohr, James        United States    MBA    
Rohrbach, James Christian    MD    United States    BS    
Rohrig, Daunita F (Troyer, Richard)    OH    United States        
Roland, Isaac        Liberia        
Roldan, Julissa        United States    HS    
Romagni, Domenica Gabriella    TX    United States        
Roman, Zuheily        United States    HS    
Romano, Michael John    IL    United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Rombouts, Jan L.        Belgium    PhDH    
Romer, Danielle F    FL    United States    BA    
Romero, Juanita Elaine        United States    HS    
Romero, Julia    AZ    United States        
Romero, Stefanie        United States    HS    
Romero, Yamislava    FL    United States    HS    
Romeroterry, Brandon        United States    HS    
Romine, Brian        United States    HS    
Romo Gasque, Renan    FL    United States        
Ronaghi, Vafa        Germany    Cert    
Ronghi, Guido U    MA    United States    BS    Northwest United University
Ronnebaum, Rebecca        United States    HS    
Rooney, Charles H (Jr)    WI    United States    BA    
Rooney, Lydia    MT    United States    HS    Mission High School
Roosevelt, Gregorry        Argentina    BS    
Roper, James Richard    AL    United States    Cert    Concordia University
Roque, Cherrybhen Tengco        United States    HS    
Rosa, Confesor Roman Jr.    NY    United States    MA    Woodrow Wilson College
Rosado, Hector Luis        United States    HS    
Rosado, Sonia        United States    HS    
Rosales, Maria        United States    HS    
Rosario, Juan D.        United States    MBA    
Rosario, Nicolas        United States    HS    
Rosario, Tiana        United States    HS    
Rosario, William Jr.        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Rosario, Winchell Y. Del        United States    HS    
Rosario-Custodio, Juan D    APO    US-APO    PhD    
Roscart, Chris E        United States    BBA    
Rose, Andrew David        United States    BA    
Rose, Anna        United States    HS    
Rose, Marlon Sr        United States    HS    
Rose, Melody Kay    ID    United States        
Rose, Phyllis Renee    MD    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Rose, Richard L    OR    United States    BA    Concordia University
Rose, Wali    WA    United States    BS    Audentes Technical College
Rosecart, Chris E    FL    United States    BS    
Rosemond, Margarette    FL    United States    HS    
Rosenberger, Dale W    CO    United States    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Roshanfekr, Ahmad        Iran    PhD    
Roshell, Crystal Lashunda        United States    BS    
Rosli, Roslan Bin        Malaysia    MBA    
Rosol Shepard, Robin J        United States    MBA    
Ross, A                
Ross, Angela        United States    HS    
Ross, Carolyn Jean        United States    HS    
Ross, Jeffrey Will    WA    United States    BA    
Ross, Jonathan O        United States    BS    
Ross, Jules E        United States    MS    
Ross, Marc Jay    OH    United States    MBA    
Ross, Michael    NY    United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ross, Nelena Amesia    UT    United States    BBA    
Ross, Ronnie M        United States    HS    JA High School
Rossi, Mauro D    CA    United States    AA    
Rossi_, Mauro F.A.        Italy    BA    
Roth, Dianna        United States        
Rotter, Juergen        Germany    PhD    
Roudebush, Lisa        United States    HS    
Roulette, Shanon        United States    HS    
Rountree, Donnie        United States    HS    
Rountree, Stephanie        United States    HS    
Rouse, Fred D (III)    PA    United States    PhD    
Rousseau, Emil J.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Roussel, Brian Alan        Canada    PhD    
Routh, Ronald D    WA    United States    BS    American West University
Rowe, Lennox Delroy        Bahamas    MS    Hampton Bay University
Rowe, Steven M    TX    United States    PhD    
Rowe, Troy W.        United States    BBA    
Rowell, Jennifer C    CA    United States    BA    Holy Acclaim University
Rowland, Melissa M    VA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Rowley, Jeffery    MN    United States    BA    
Rowley, John Thomas        Great Britain    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Rowse, Mark Leslie        Oman    MS    
Roxana, Ivanov        Romania    HS    
Roy, Bhaskar Jyoti        India    BS    
Roy-Spell, Jacqueline De    APO    US-APO        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Royal, Patrick        United States    HS    
Rozenblatt, Gil Y    NY    United States    BBA    
Ruata, H.L.        India    PhD    
Rubalcaba, Devina Joy Rose        United States    HS    
Rubble, Brenda Kay        United States    HS    
Ruberte, Admilda        United States    AA    
Rubin, Arne K        Sweden    PhD    
Rubino, Jim    NJ    United States    BS    
Ruckert, Gregory B    FL    United States    BA    Concordia University
Rudder, Ebony        United States        
Rudy, Paula L    CA    United States    MA    
Ruffin, Michael Mark    NC    United States        
Ruffin, P.                
Ruggerio, Michael Christopher    TX    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Ruhaak, Robin R        United States    MBA    Northwest United University
Ruhaak-Peterson, Robin R    CO    United States    MBA    Northwest United University
Ruhl, Catalina Araiza        United States    AA    
Rui, Patrick        United States    HS    
Ruiz, Alvin Jr.    IN    United States        
Ruiz, Anthony W    NJ    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Ruiz, Kathy        United States    HS    
Ruiz, Oscar A    FL    United States    PhD    
Ruiz-Skinner, Lourdes Maria        United States    HS    
Ruiz_, Oscar A    FL    United States    JD    
Runnels, Mark A    TX    United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Runyan, Michelle M    PA    United States    HS    
Ruppert, Randall Scott    GA    United States    BS    University of Jacksonville
Rushing, Matthew R    FL    United States    BS    
Rushing, Randy            HS    
Rushton, Jonathan P    TN    United States        
Russ, Robin        United States    HS    
Russ, Woodrow W., Shokes, Donald Frederick        Costa Rica    PhD    
Russell, Annagrace        United States    HS    
Russell, David D        United States    MS    
Russell, Donald Eugene II    IN    United States        
Russell, Franklin B    IN    United States        
Russell, Ii, Donald E        United States    PhD    
Russell, Rickie D Jr.        United States        
Russell, Susan Odum    TN    United States    BBA    
Rutagengwa, Emmanuel        Rawanda    MAH    
Rutan, Lora Lynn    NV    United States    HS    
Ruthenberg, Dave            Cert    
Ruthruff, Glinda S    CO    United States        
Rutkauskas, Vaidotas    NJ    United States    Cert    
Rutledge, Elisabeth N.        United States    HS    
Rutledge, Eric Andre        United States    BBA    
Rutter, Paul L.        United States    BA    
Ryals, Kiley    FL    United States    HS    
Ryan, Dermot        Great Britain    MAH    
Ryan, Nathan L    IL    United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ryan, Stephen John        New Zealand    MBA    
Ryder, Deborah Jill Adkins    NC    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Ryder, Dennise Marie    TX    United States    BBA    
Rydin, Carl Fredrik Stang        Norway    MBA    
Ryer, Shannel        United States    HS    
Ryles, Latonga Annette        United States    HS    
Ryu, Andrew Jong Soo        Canada    PhD


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Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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Saan, Jitender Pal Singh        India    BS    
Sabek, Marc        Canada    MBA    
Sabharwal, Ashish Kumar        India    PhD    
Sabharwal, Vijay Kumar        India    PhD    
Sabillo, Alonzo        Philippines    MBA    Concordia University
Sabir, Mikal Muhammad    PA    United States    BA    Upsala College
Sabir, Muhammad Rizwan        Pakistan    PhD    Stanley State University
Sabouni, Dr Mahmoud        Iran    DSc    
Sabourin, Leo J        Canada    BBA    
Sabri, Danish Masood        Pakistan    BA    
Sacramento, Carlos Jorge Da Silva        Portugal    HS    
Sadik, Dr. Mohamed Amr M.        Egypt    ProfAssoc    
Sadler, Deirdre N.    NJ    United States    BS    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Sadler, Tracey        United States    HS    
Sadriji, Suad (Nijazi)        Yugoslavia    BA    James Monroe University
Saechao, Crystal L.        United States    HS    
Saenguraiporn,    OR    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Saenguraiporn, Prapapen P            MBA    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Saenz, Fructuoso Garcia        Mexico    BA    
Saenzeleviten, Lisa            BA    
Safaric, Robert        Great Britain    MBA    
Sage, Donna G.    WA    United States    BA    
Sahni, Vinyak        India    BA    
Sahu, Rupendra        United States    MA    
Saim, Jamari B            MBA    
Saim, Jamri B.    AZ    United States    BSE    
Saint-Louis, Jean C.        United States    HS    
Saja, Khalid        Great Britain        
Sajjad, Mohammed        Saudi Arabia    MBA    
Salah, Hisham A            PhD    
Salak, Kelly        United States        
Salam, Jimmy Omotoba        Nigeria    BS    
Salas, Bobby R        United States    HS    
Salas, Veronica        United States    HS    
Salazar, Raul    TX    United States    BA    
Salazar, Rebecca        United States    HS    
Saldana, Lucas F.    WA    United States    MA    
Saldivar, George A        United States    HS    
Saleem, Rev. Asher        Pakistan    PhDH    
Saleh, Alaa A.        Saudi Arabia        
Saleh, Naser M. B.        Libya    MS    
Salinas, Eleazar Jr.        United States    BBA    
Salinas, Roel Rene    TX    United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Sallis, Andre M.        United States    HS    
Salmoni, Robert        Australia    MAH    
Salois, Gene    MA    United States    BA    
Salvador, Ronilo Real    CA    United States    BA    
Salyer, Teresa L.    IL    United States    BA    
Samantha        United States    HS    
Sambecki, Richard A.    TN    United States    BBA    Capitol University
Samogala, Michael Jay    OH    United States    BBA    
Sampley, Ginger        United States        
Sampson, Brittany J.        United States    HS    
Sampson, Michelle J        United States    HS    
Sampson, Troy M.        Bahamas    PhDH    
Samuel, David Nelson        Singapore    BA    
Samuel, Iris Regina        Singapore    BA    
Samuel, John G.            MBA    
Samuel, Mballe Eseh        United States    MA    
Samuel, Toney E        United States    HS    
Samuels, Andrew R    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Samuels, Bishop-Larry Louray        United States    PhDH    
Samuels, Deborah A.    GA    United States    BA    
Samuels, Madia        United States    BS    St. Regis
Samuelson, James L    AL    United States    MBA    
Sanad, Mohammed Y        Bahrain        
Sanaka, Aparna        India    BA    
Sanany, Zulkarnain    VA    United States    MS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Sanchez, Barbara Ann    FL    United States    HS    
Sanchez, Brandy    NC    United States        
Sanchez, Candida Amor        United States    HS    
Sanchez, Eric Christopher    TX    United States    HS    
Sanchez, Esperanza    IL    United States    HS    
Sanchez, Francisco A. JR.    NJ    United States        
Sanchez, Jose F    APO    US-APO    BA    
Sanchez, Leonely    PA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Sanchez, Melissa Marie    IL    United States        
Sanchez, Pablo Antonio Vargas            MA    
Sanchez, Robert    CA    United States        
Sanchez, Socorro        United States    HS    
Sanders, Allan Dale    SC    United States    HS    
Sanders, Andrew C        United States    HS    
Sanders, Cindy        United States    HS    
Sanders, Debra    AL    United States    BSN    
Sanders, Eliot S        United States    HS    
Sanders, George    FL    United States    HS    
Sanders, Karen    FL    United States    HS    
Sanders_, Debra    SC    United States    BBA    
Sanders__, Debra                
Sanderson, Amy GwennSanderson-Gleeson, Amy Gwenn    TX    United States    BS    
Sandfort, Stephanie        United States    HS    
Sandhawalia, Maninder        United States    HS    
Sandidge, Chris C.    TN    United States    BS    Northwest United University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Sandouka, Bahjat A        United Arab Emirates    MS    
Sandra        United States    HS    
Sandro, Welschinger        Thailand    HS    
Sands, Michael H.    KY    United States    BS    
Sandy, David        United States    HS    
Sanghera, Harpal        Canada    BBA    
Sanjeevan, Andrew R.    CA    United States    MS    
Sankalp, Raj A.K.        Malaysia    MBA    
Sanni, Abdullahi Ado Bababida        Nigeria    BBA    
Sanots, Glorimar        United States    HS    
Sanots-Colon, Glorimar    MI    United States    HS    
Santana, Ann Marie        United States    HS    
Santangelo, Joseph Thomas    IL    United States    BS    
Santiago, Clara Inez    NY    United States    HS    
Santiago, Francisco III    IL    United States    DBA    St. Regis University
Santiago, Freddie    NY    United States    MS    
Santiago, Hasan Darius        United States    HS    
Santiago, Israel        United States    HS    
Santiago, Juan Antonio    FL    United States    BS    
Santiago, Louis E.    NJ    United States        
Santiago, Lourdes        United States    HS    
Santiago, Miguel A        United States    HS    
Santiago, Milagros    NY    United States    HS    
Santiago, Pablo        United States    HS    
Santoro, Cristina        Switzerland    MBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Santoro, Michael Angelo            MA    
Santos, Aguinaldo    MA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Santos, Daniel Santos    NC    United States    BS    Concordia University
Santos, Janavette M.        United States        
Santos, Luviza    TX    United States    HS    
Saphein, Mohamed A        United Arab Emirates    BA    
Sarah        United States    HS    
Sarber, John    IL    United States    MTh    
Sargiotto, Pasquale    NJ    United States    PhD    
Sarmiento, Clarissa    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Sarmiento, Violetta T.    NY    United States        
Sarrosa, Joshua N        United States    HS    
Sarwar, Syed Mohammad        United Arab Emirates    MA    St. Regis University
Sathiyam, Ramu Naidu        Malaysia    BSE    
Sato, Akio        Japan    PhD    St. Lourdes University
Satterfield, Bobby L        United States    BS    
Satterfield-McCamy, Margaret Anita    FL    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Saunders, Mark S.        Australia    BA    InTech University
Saunderson, Stephen George    CA    United States    BBA    
Savasta, Anthony        United States    HS    
Savasta, Janice    NY    United States    HS    
Saviyo, Joseph Kuruppath        India    BS    West Coast University
Sawyer, Angela L        United States        
Sawyer, Scott    NC    United States    BS    
Saxena, Mahesh Kumar        India    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Sayarath, Sisou        Canada    HS    
Sayarath, Somchay        United States    HS    
Sayeed, Khurram        Pakistan    BS    InTech University Of Engineering & Science
Sayeed, Kurram        Pakistan    BS    
Sayegh, Hani Henry    CA    United States    PhD    
Saygnarath, Chanthadara    DE    United States    HS    
Saygnarath, Chathadara        United States    HS    
Scanga, Julie    NY    United States        
Scarboro, Jae P.    WA    United States    BBA    Primus College
Scarborough, Nikita        United States    HS    
Scebold, Brian E    NC    United States    BA    
Schaefer, Julie A    CA    United States    BA    
Schapp, Deborah Lynn    OK    United States    HS    Mission High School
Schardt, Michelle A.    NJ    United States    BBA    Marine Corps University
Schefer, Doreen U.    MD    United States    BA    Concordia University
Scheinert, Joseph E        United States    BBA    
Schenke, Oliver        Germany    MBA    
Scheuble, Richard Harold    CA    United States    DBA    
Schiber, William J.    IL    United States    MBA    Holmes University
Schlegelmilch, Clifford M    MD    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Schmautz, S                
Schmeltzer, Melinda        United States    HS    
Schmidt, Anthony Herbert Jr.    IL    United States    BS    
Schmidt, Julio O    NC    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Schmidt, Maria L    TX    United States    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Schmidt-Wiseman, Stacy A    DE    United States    BBA    
Schneeman, Melissa Ann    PA    United States    AA    
Schneider, Enoc Rudolf Gonzalez    FL    United States    JD    St. Regis University
Schneider, Eric G.    NY    United States    MS    
Schollander, Cheryl    OR    United States        
Schoonmaker, John Delamar    NC    United States    MS    
Schrader, Kristin Lisa        United States    BA    
Schreuder, Jennifer K.    CO    United States    BBA    
Schroeder, Gerald Jr.    AK    United States    BBA    
Schroth, Donald R    PA    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Schrum, Terri    CO    United States    HS    
Schubert, Charlene K.    PA    United States    BS    
Schuhle, John T.    AZ    United States    BSE    St. Regis University
Schuler, Jodi L.    PA    United States    BA    
Schultz, Art        United States    MA    
Schultz, Stacey K.    NJ    United States    BA    
Schultz, Walter J.        United States    BBA    
Schulz, Karl        Canada    Cert    
Schumacher, Susan G.    VA    United States    BS    
Schuster, John F.    FL    United States    HS    
Schwartz, Andy K.    NJ    United States    BS    
Schwartz, Jessica    NY    United States    HS    
Schwarz, Stefan        Germany    MBA    Holmes Graduate Institute
Schwausch, Gerald W.    TX    United States    PhD    
Schweitzer, Ranee    FL    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Scopa, Virginia A    MA    United States    Cert    
Scott, Alan T        New Zealand    BA    
Scott, David W        Saudi Arabia    MS    
Scott, Elizabeth A        Great Britain    BA    
Scott, Jason B.    APO    US-APO    MBA    
Scott, Jordan Tyrone        Canada    BA    
Scott, Junnie        United States    AA    
Scott, Justus J.    MI    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Scott, Lashannon        United States    HS    
Scott, Lynn M        United States        
Scott, Marie Lynn        United States        
Scott, Michael A        United States    BA    
Scott, Nichole        United States    HS    
Scott, Sheila Meredith        Canada    BS    
Scott, Sherman        United States    HS    
Scott, Thomas Y.    CO    United States    BS    
Scott, Tonya Nicole        United States    HS    
Scott, Valarie J        United States    BBA    
Scott, Valerie J    NY    United States    BBA    
Scott, Victoria        United States    HS    
Scott, Wanda        United States    HS    
Scragg, Charles Greggory    AL    United States    BBA    
Scroggs, Charles E.    OK    United States    MA    
Scruggs, Ann        United States    MA    
Scullark, McKenley    VA    United States    BBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Seaborn, Shelia Virginia Atkins        United States    PhD    
Seadore, Robert D.    TX    United States    MBA    Holmes University
Seager, Earl K        United States    MA    
Seagle, Barbara A        United States    HS    
Seagraves, Bobby L    WA    United States    BS    American West University
Seaman, Phillip        Great Britain    0    Penn State University
Seamans, A. Elizabeth        United States    PhDH    
Searcy, Angela Marie        United States        
Searcy, Calvisha Latara        United States    HS    
Searcy, Mark    APO    US-APO    BS    
Sears, April        United States    Cert    
Seay, Shelia F.    KY    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Sedwick, G                
Seebod, Donal;d W (Jr.)    PA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Seebold, Donald        United States    HS    
Seef, Martin        Canada    MAH    
Sehoana, John        South Africa    BA    
Seibel, Cissy    OH    United States        
Seidensticker, John F    FL    United States    MS    St. Lourdes University
Sejuste, Fritz        United States    HS    
Sekajipo, Lawrence D. Jr.    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Sekar, R        India    MSE    
Sekar, R.        India    MBA    
Sekar, Rajamanickam        India    BSE    
Selahi, Hamid        Great Britain    MS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Selahi, Mr Romin        United Arab Emirates    HS    
Selby, Richard J.        Great Britain    MBA    
Seldon, Marionette        United States        
Selim, Tammer        United States    HS    
Sell, Gregory G.    MN    United States    MS    
Sell, Paul        United States        
Seller, Benjamin D            PhD    
Sellers, Adam D.    MS    United States    HS    
Sellers, Betty        United States        
Selman, Harold Keith    TX    United States    MA    
Selmanoski, Zengo        Canada    BS    
Seltzer Jr., Steve        United States    BBA    
Seltzer, Jason Kelly    PA    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Seltzer, Nancy    PA    United States    HS    
Seltzer, Steve (Jr.)    AL    United States    BBA    
Selvaguru, S.        India    MS    
Sempadian, Tokimo    CA    United States    AA    
Senanefes, Opal Ann        United States    HS    
Senft, Angela Joy    AL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Seng, Lee Boon        Singapore    MAH    
Senghore, Alasan        Gambia    MBA    
Sennyah, Bernard A        Canada    BA    
Senorat, Venicienne        United States    HS    
Sensabaugh, Anthony        United States    MA    
Senterfeit, Rebecca Renee        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Seong, Yee Chin        Malaysia        
Sepulvado, Angela R    LA    United States    HS    
Sepulveda, Edwin    PR    United States    PhD    LaSalle University
Sepulveda, Fanny P        United States    HS    
Sepulveda, Lucinda M    TX    United States        
Seratte, Randall L.    OK    United States    BSE    
Serfontein, Christiaan        South Korea        
Serna, Maria Teresa Huerta        Mexico        
Seroor, Husain Ali Yosef        Saudi Arabia    HS    
Serrano, Michael P        United States    BS    
Servin, Jamie        United States        
Setayah, Kambiz T.    TX    United States    ProfAsst    
Setayesh, Kambiz T        United States    ProfAsst    
Sether, Ayob        Pakistan    BSE    St. Regis University
Seward, James Leonard    NJ    United States    BS    
Sewell, Charles            HS    
Sewell, Sheila Renea    AL    United States        
Sewell, Shelia Renea        United States    HS    
Sewpersadsing, Rajendra        Mauritius    MA    
Sexton-Munns, Rebecca        Great Britain        
Shack, Tabatha        United States    Cert    St. Renoir University
Shad, Serrah    PA    United States        
Shafei, Khaled Hassan El    FL    United States    PhD    
Shaffer, Desiree Marie        United States        
Shafii, Suriani Sivam    AZ    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Shafiq, Adnan        Great Britain    MA    St. Regis University
Shafiq, Ishaq & Sharon                
Shafiq, Sharon Meeks                
Shafique, Ishaq                
Shagan, Mahfoudh S.    WA    United States    MBA    
Shah, Atique R    NY    United States        
Shahar, Gilad            BS    InTech University Of Engineering & Science
Shahavi, Ahmad            PDRA    Berkeley Professional University
Shahbaz, Jasmine S        United States    HS    
Shahrani, Dhafer Saad Nasser Al        Saudi Arabia    BA    
Shahzad, Khurram            PhD    
Shaikh, Naureen A.    MA    United States    HS    
Shaikh, Wasia        United States    HS    
Shakila        United States    HS    
Shakir, Amir    SC    United States    PhDH    
Shalders, William Adu        Ghana    PhDH    
Shalley, William Ivan    MO    United States    MS    
Shamsuddeen, Haneef        United States    BA    
Shangle, Earl E.    MI    United States    BS    Holmes University
Shanmugam, Srinivasan        United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Shannon, Jacqueline        United States    HS    
Shannon, Latanya S.        United States    BA    
Shannon, Sonja    WA    United States    BA    
Shannon, William L.    NC    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Sharafuddin, Sakher Tariq        Saudi Arabia    BBA    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Sharifabdi, Abdishakur        United States        
Shariff, Jameel Ahmed        Saudi Arabia    HS    
Sharma, Gourav        India    BA    
Sharma, Kabindra Prasad        Great Britain    MAH    
Sharma, Ravi        India    PhDH    
Sharma, Sanjay    OH    United States    MBA    
Sharma, Srikant        India    BSE    
Sharma, Yoga Nanda        BT        
Sharp, Marilyn Lynn    CA    United States    AA    
Sharrafuddin, Sakher Tareq        Saudi Arabia    BBA    
Shaugabay, Bruce David        United States    HS    
Shaughnessy, Gerald E.    IL    United States    BS    
Shaver, Anissa        United States    HS    
Shaw, Alexia        United States    HS    
Shaw, Brett A        United States    HS    
Shaw, Christine        United States    HS    
Shaw, Janet        United States    HS    
Shaw, Jeremy G        United States    HS    
Shaw, Jerry E.    TN    United States    AA    
Shaw, Sandy                
Shaw, Thaddeus Marcellus    MD    United States    BA    
Shaw, Yumba Genia    MD    United States    HS    
Sheatz, John    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Sheeler, Sherry        United States    HS    
Sheen, Ronald D.    CA    United States    PhD    Eucharist Archdiocese University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Sheffield, Donald A.    CA    United States    MBA    
Shelby, Demond        United States    HS    
Shelby, Elmer R Jr.    IN    United States    EdD    
Sheldon Ii, Milo J        United States    BA    
Sheldon, Milo J II    CA    United States    BA    
Sheldon, Wendy L.    NM    United States    AA    
Shellenberg, Rosario Guerra    TX    United States    PhD    
Shelling, Rudolph        United States    HS    
Shelter, Christopher                
Shelton, Charles S    CA    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Shelton, Valerie        United States    PhD    
Shen, Haoen        Canada    MBA    
Shepard, Dale A II    MI    United States    HS    
Shepard, James Robert    NY    United States        
Shepard, Robin J Rosol    PA    United States    MBA    Concordia College
Shepherd, John        United States    HS    
Shepherd, Kevin    FL    United States        
Shepherd, Lee    CA    United States    BA    
Shepherd, Richard Charles    FL    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Sheppard, Craig L    TX    United States    BS    
Shergill, Harjinder        United States    HS    
Sheridan, Ssrah        Canada    HS    
Sheridan, Tony        Canada    HS    
Sherman, Eileen F.    MD    United States    BA    
Sherwood, Graham J.        Great Britain    AA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Shetler, Christopher    IL    United States    MBA    
Shilling,2Nd, William L        United States    HS    
Shinozaki, Weeracha        Thailand    BS    St. Regis University
Shiplett, Eric B.    OH    United States    BBA    
Shipley, Scott D.    CA    United States    BBA    American West University
Shippy, Shondreka        United States    HS    
Shirley, James R.        United States    DBA    
Shirley, Kenneth Hugh Jr.        United States        
Shnitzer, Tommy    FL    United States    BS    InTech University of Engineering
Shoemaker, Michael D    OH    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Shokes, Donald Frederick        Costa Rica    PhD    
Shokry, Ahmed Shawky    CA    United States    MBA    
Sholes, Kim Marie    NH    United States    HS    
Shongwe, Sipho S.        Botswana    MA    
Shonna        United States    HS    
Shooter, Chris    OH    United States        
Short Bull, Stella    MN    United States        
Short, Brian T    WA    United States        
Short, Carla Renae        United States    HS    
Short, Irene E Reese -        United States    BBA    
Short, Robert T.    VA    United States    BA    
Short, Shaniqua        United States    HS    
Shortell, Monica F        United States    HS    
Shorthouse, Larry L    MI    United States    MS    St. Lourdes Graduate Institute
showalter, Marla    CA    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Shrestha, Shikha        Nepal    BS    St. Regis University
Shrewsbury, Roy E.    WV    United States    BS    
Shrum, Robert M.    MI    United States    AS    Medical Technology
Shu-Chuen, Tsui, Anthony        Hong Kong    PhD    
Shuler, Amanda        United States    AA    
Shuler, Jamilee        United States    HS    
Shupe, Teresa    TN    United States    AA    
Shuttlesworth, Krystal Dee    TX    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Siachos, James T.    VA    United States    BS    
Siddell, Edward G.    OH    United States    MBA    
Siddell, Lashuntanell        United States        
Siddig, Adil Fadul        United Arab Emirates    BBA    
Siddiqui, Zishan A.    MI    United States    BS    
Sidebottom, Beth A        United States    MA    
Siefken, Gregory    OR    United States    MS    Saint Renoir University
Siegel, Dr Steven C.        United States    PhD    Hartland
Siegel, Steven C    AZ    United States        
Sierra, Marcia E.    VA    United States    MS    St. Regis University
Sihashat, Suwana    AZ    United States        
Sijtsma, Wouter Ferdinand        Netherlands    BBA    
Sikawa, Rose Catherine        Malawi    BS    
Sikes, John        United States    AA    
Sikes, Kayla        United States    HS    
Sikoral, Richard        United States    BA    
Silakhor, Ahmadreza Hosseinkhani        Iran    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Sill, Jimmy        United States    HS    
Sillemon, Anthony Lee    CA    United States    BA    
Silski, Andrew *    DC    United States        
Silva, Cecilia Elizabeth    GA    United States    AA    Robertstown University
Silva, Gilberto Jose        Brazil    BA    
Silva, Gloria L    TX    United States    HS    
Silva, Hazel Camacho    CA    United States    BSE    
Silva, Ijaui Francisco Da        Brazil    BS    
Silva, Luis    GA    United States    BA    
Silva, Norma A.        United States    HS    
Silva, Paul Ade        Turkey    PhD    
Silva-Beran, Lucy    IL    United States        
Silveira, Fernando Paul    OR    United States    HS    
Silveria, John K    CT    United States    BA    
Simanihuruk, Labana M.    CA    United States    AA    
Similo, Stanley Benjamin        Namibia    BA    
Simmers, John G    VA    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Simmonds, Telly A.    NY    United States    BA    Concordia College & University
Simmons, Charles Thomas    MD    United States    BA    
Simmons, Devin        United States    HS    
Simmons, Donna Marie    SC    United States    MS    Concordia University
Simmons, Ernest Jr.    SC    United States    BS    Concordia University
Simmons, Kenneth        United States    BBA    
Simmons, Mary Ann    CA    United States        
Simmons, Phillip M        United States    MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Simmons, Samantha Antionete        BM    HS    
Simmons, Teddy O'Brian        United States    HS    
Simmons, Vanessa        United States    HS    
Simon, Ellena        United States    HS    
Simon, Laura    PA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Simon-Morris, Diana Elaine    TX    United States    HS    
Simoneau, Julie Ann        United States    HS    
Simonetti, Joao M. C.        Brazil    BS    
Simonsen, Andrew    FL    United States        
Simpkins, Korey L.        United States        
Simpson, John B    CA    United States    BA    
Simpson, Mr Nigel        Great Britain    MAH    
Sims, David    NJ    United States    BS    
Sims, Kelvin Avettee    SC    United States    BS    
Sims, Regina        United States    HS    
Sims, Scott Edward        United States    MAH    
Sims, Tyesha        United States    HS    
Sims, William T.        United States    MAH    
Simspon, Tawana        United States    HS    
Sinclai, Mark Eugene    WA    United States    MS    
Sinclair, Desiree        United States    HS    
Sinclair, Mark Eugene        United States    MS    
Singh, Gairy        United States    HS    
Singh, Raj    CA    United States    BS    American West University
Singh, Robin    CA    United States    MBA    Valorem University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Singletary, Cassie D.        United States    HS    
Singletary, Irena        United States        
Singletary, Melvina Jean    SC    United States    BBA    
Singletary, Richard Allen    FL    United States    HS    James Monroe High School
Singleton, Jermaine        United States    HS    
Sinha, Alok Kumar        India    PhDH    
Sinha, Ritesh Kumar        Great Britain    PhD    
Sipka, Trolie L.        United States        
Siraj, Mohamed        India    BA    
Siringi, Latoyia Daniellie        United States    HS    
Sisneros, J. Michael A.        United States    BBA    
Sithole, Martin Mduduzi        South Africa    MBA    
Sizemore, Benjamin R.    VA    United States        
Sizemore, Mark A    TX    United States    AA    InTech University
Skalets, Michael J.        Germany    MBA    
Skaletz, Michael J.        Germany    MBA    
Skelton, Jonathan Peter        United States    HS    
Skender, Mark Bernard    CO    United States        
Skimming, William G.        Great Britain    DSc    
Skipworth, John Dale    WA    United States    PhDH    
Skocic, Willaim J.    NJ    United States    BBA    Northwest United University
Skoczylas, Joseph Michael    IL    United States    HS    Monroe High School
Slagle, Gina M.            BA    St. Lourdes University
Slayton, Malita        United States    HS    
Sledge, Devayla        United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Sliger, Acey        United States    HS    
Slinskey, Michael    FL    United States    MA    
Sloan, Lawrence A.    NY    United States    BA    New Manhattan University
Sloan, Mark O.    TN    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Sloane, William M.    PA    United States    PhD    
Sloat, John W.        United States    MS    
Slone, Alenda            HS    
Sloughter, Daniel    KS    United States    BA    
Sluder, Dayna L.    ID    United States    HS    
Small, Alesia P.        United States    HS    
Smallwood, Lamdia        United States    HS    
Smart, Alyshia        United States    HS    
Smart, Emmerson J.        Canada    BA    St. Lourdes University
Smart, Victoria M    CA    United States    BA    
Smelosky, Michael Allen    OR    United States    BBA    
Smeltzer, David Yaron        Israel    BS    
Smeltzer, Jonathan E    TX    United States        
Smeltzer, Sonji Gigi Lacheryl        United States    MSW    
Smertzer, Sonji, Gigi LaCheryl    TX    United States    MSW    
Smetak, Jim    MO    United States    HS    
Smith Jr., Felton        United States    ProfAdj    Audentes Technical College
Smith, Ahmed        United States    HS    
Smith, Amanda        United States    HS    
Smith, Andre Jr.        United States    HS    
Smith, Anne        United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Smith, Ariel    NY    United States    HS    
Smith, Austina R        Bahamas        
Smith, Benjamin        United States    HS    
Smith, Billy        United States    HS    
Smith, Bob            PhD    
Smith, Brenda E.    LA    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Smith, Brian C        Canada    BA    
Smith, Carla C.    NV    United States    BA    Northwest United University
Smith, Carrie M    GA    United States    BSN    St. Lourdes University
Smith, Charlie Gordon    KY    United States    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Smith, Chris    TX    United States    HS    Mission High School
Smith, Darren R.    WA    United States    HS    
Smith, Dave L.    NC    United States    MS    
Smith, David L.        United States    PhD    
Smith, Donald        United States    HS    
Smith, Donna J.    CA    United States    BS    
Smith, Elwood L    SC    United States    BA    
Smith, Felton Jr.    IL    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Smith, Gary R.    KY    United States    BS    
Smith, Gavin Randall    TX    United States    BA    West American University
Smith, Gerri Lynn    VA    United States    HS    James Monroe High School
Smith, Gregory Bernard    AL    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Smith, Gwendolyn Sue        United States    HS    
Smith, James B.        United States    BS    
Smith, Jason Dean        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Smith, Jeffery W.    NC    United States    BSE    
Smith, Jerry F.    CA    United States    Cert    Concordia University
Smith, John P    CA    United States    MA    
Smith, Joni Daneka        United States    HS    
Smith, Jordan B        United States    HS    
Smith, Karen    CA    United States    BA    Blackstone University
Smith, Kelvin J.                
Smith, Kenneth S.    NY    United States        
Smith, Kevin John    FL    United States    HS    
Smith, Kimberly        United States    HS    
Smith, Kristy        United States    HS    
Smith, Linda C.    CA    United States    BA    Concordia University
Smith, Lisa Marie        United States        
Smith, Mark W.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Smith, Martha J    DE    United States    HS    Mission High School
Smith, Matthew        United States    HS    
Smith, Melanie S.        United States    Cert    
Smith, Michael Anthony    GA    United States    AA    
Smith, Mike        United States    PhDH    
Smith, Monica M.        United States    HS    
Smith, Norman N    NY    United States    MSE    
Smith, Pamela S.    KS    United States    BS    Concordia University
Smith, Raymond    CA    United States    BS    
Smith, Ricky L.    TN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Smith, Robert B.    TX    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Smith, Roger W. Jr.        United States    MBA    
Smith, Sarah    NM    United States    HS    
Smith, Sean T.    NC    United States        
Smith, ShaCarra Jaquay        United States    HS    Liberty High School
Smith, Shamira        United States    HS    
Smith, Sherard        United States    HS    
Smith, Stephanie L        United States    HS    
Smith, Steven O.    GA    United States    BA    
Smith, Terry L.    WA    United States    BS    American West University
Smith, Thomas L III    CA    United States    BS    
Smith, Tiffany    IN    United States    0    
Smith, Tonita N.    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Smith, Wendy        United States    HS    
Smith, Yonette L    NC    United States        
Smith-Ford, Ahmed        United States    BA    
Smith_, Charles R.    APO    US-APO    BA    St. Lourdes University
Smith_, Robert S            PhDH    St. Regis University
Smith_, Thomas L.        Germany    BS    Blackstone University
SmithJr, Thomas Ronald    OK    United States    BTh    Cathedra University
Smojic, Ivica Ivan        Canada    BSE    
Smoot, Gregory Allen    VA    United States    HS    
Smyle, James M.    MD    United States    MA    
Sneddon-Mcshane, Caroline Elizabeth        United States    BS    Capital American University
Sneed, J. Kevin    IL    United States    Cert    
Sneed, James        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Snell, Tina        United States    HS    
Snider, Natasha Marie        United States    HS    
Snowden, Sheila        United States    HS    
Snurrie, Joe        United States    BA    
Snyder, Elizabeth        United States    HS    
Snyder, Kei E.    GA    United States        
Soellner, Siegfried Gustav Franz        Germany    PhD    Concordia University
Sofakos, Pamela    IL    United States    BS    
Sohan, Phillip Steven        United States    HS    
Sokolski, John J        United Arab Emirates    MBA    
Soler, Amanda        United States    HS    
Soles, Tim D.    TX    United States    BS    
Solis, April        United States    HS    
Solis, Laurie A.            PhD    
Sollars, Ernest John III    GA    United States    Cert    
Sollner, S.                
Solms, Van Heerdern Von        South Africa    PhD    
Solomon, Crystal    VA    United States    BS    
Solomon, Rickey        United States    HS    
Solway, Douglas K.    PA    United States    BS    
Somasundaram, S.C.            BS    West Coast University
Somerville, David Boyd    AZ    United States    DSc    
Sommerfeld, Janelle        United States        
Somraty, James Andrew Jr.    MO    United States    BS    
Sonavane, pravin n        India        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Song, Sung Ae    NY    United States    HS    
Soni, Amit        India    BA    
Sontheimer, Jacqueline        United States    HS    
Soohoo, Timon K. Jr.        United States    HS    
Soomro, Imtiaz Ali S/O Niaz Ali        Pakistan    PhD    
Soomro, Niaz Ali        Pakistan        
Sopher, Shaw M. Kt.    CA    United States    BS    
Sorani, Omed K.    VA    United States    MS    
Sorensen, David Lee    CA    United States    BS    
Sorin, Arkady    MD    United States        
Sos, Daniela        Canada    BA    
Sosa, Christopher    TX    United States    BA    
Sosa-Arosthigue, Haydee    FL    United States    BA    American West University
Soto, Angela        United States        
Soto, Sara Molina    CA    United States    MA    
Soung, James    IA    United States        
Sousa, Elizabeth De        Canada    HS    
Sousa, Mario                
Sousa, Steve Edmund    CA    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Sowah, Hilda        Ghana        
Soyer, Jeannie    WY    United States        
Spade, Sammy        United States    MA    
Spang, Melissa    NV    United States    HS    Mission High School
Spangler, Amy Lousie Sue        United States    HS    
Spann, Linell Sherrice    FL    United States    MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Sparks, Angel Reannyn        United States        
Sparks, Jayson        United States    HS    
Sparks, Scott        United States    HS    
Sparks, Theresa        United States    HS    
Speaks, Connie L    TX    United States        
Spearin, F                
Speegle, Perry Mark    AL    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Speid, Joel        Canada    HS    
Speights, Earl        United States    HS    
Speirs, Shawn        United States    HS    
Spell, Darrin N    APO    US-APO    Cert    
Spencer, Derrick Edward    GA    United States    BS    
Spencer, Jamie            HS    
Spencer, Krystal L        United States    BS    
Spencer, Nicole B.    WA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Sperandeo, Joseph    IL    United States    BBA    
Sperry, Lisa        United States    HS    
Sperry-Josefowitz, Lisa D.    NJ    United States    HS    
Sphaler, Cherie B.    VA    United States        
Spiers, Simon N.    NC    United States    MS    Concordia University
Spinks, Paul Mark        Australia    ProfAdj    
Spitzer, Thomas Richard    PA    United States    BBA    
Spivey, Tameka        United States    HS    
Sposite, David Van        United States    BA    
Spott, Roger J.    MD    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Sprague, Gerald Michael    APO    US-APO    MBA    
Sprague, Roger Wayne    PA    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Sprague, Steven        United States    HS    
Spriggs, David D.    OH    United States    BA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Springer, Larry A    IN    United States    MBA    
Sprouse, Kimberly Melena        United States    HS    
Sprouse, Teresa G    NC    United States        
Spruengli, Rose Marie    NV    United States    HS    Trinity
Squire, Carol Verneice    FL    United States    HS    
Squires, Carol        United States    HS    
Squires, Cody        United States        
Sriram, Mukund            BS    West Coast University
Srirama        India    HS    
Ssantiago, Israel    NJ    United States    HS    
Ssemuju, Joseph Herman Mukasa        Great Britain    BA    
St. Cyr, Ricardo Andrew        Trinidad and Tobago    MBA    
St. Jean, Wilner    CT    United States    BS    Concordia Graduate Institute
St. Pierre, Eugene    MA    United States    MA    
St.Clair, Jason Ii        United States    HS    
St.Clair, Justin A.        United States    BS    
St.Cyr, Ricardo Andrew        Trinidad and Tobago    MBA    
St.Pierre, Eugene        United States    BA    
St.Thomas, Richard S    APO    US-APO    BS    
Stackhouse, Robert W.    OH    United States    DDiv    
Staley, Joanthan        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Stallard, Steven Andrew        Canada    PhD    
Stallings, Daniel Stacy    FL    United States    BS    
Stallings, Donna J.    VA    United States    BA    
Stallman, Paul R.        United States    HS    
Stamps, Cynthia Amanda        United States    BA    
Stanburry, Harriet                
Standwood, Amy    CA    United States        
Stanford, John E    CA    United States    BA    
Stangl, Ricky Lee Jr.    MO    United States    HS    
Stanley, John Zackary        United States    HS    
Stanley, Larry (Stanley, Rachel Anne)    SC    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Stanley, Mark        United States    HS    
Stanley, Rachel Anne        United States    HS    
Stanley, Sabrina        United States    HS    
Stanley, Tamika N    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Stanzione, Elsa        United States    HS    
Staples, Shalanda                
Starcher, Timothy        United States    HS    
Stark, Lisa M.        United States    BS    
Starks, Erin    IL    United States        
Starks, Monica T.    MI    United States    PhD    
Starr, Cheri A    PA    United States    AS    
Stauffer, Bonnie S aka Hinkson    PA    United States    MA    
Stclaire, Harry Shannon        United States    HS    
Steber, William Frank Steber    TX    United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Steeger, Phillip Gabriel        United States    HS    
Steel, William N,        United States        
Steele, Daniel J.        United States    HS    
Steele, Stuart M.        Great Britain    BA    
Steelman, Norma        United States        
Steen, Daniel Clay John    IL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Steen, Sarah Tillman        United States    HS    
Steers, Kenneth Lee Jr.    CA    United States    BBA    
Stefaniak, Robert Stephen Edward    WI    United States    PhD    
Stefanovic, Neda        Austria    MS    St. Lourdes University
Steffin, Janice    DE    United States        
Stegall, Jamario        United States    HS    
Steinberg, George            Cert    
Steiner, Helmut Peter    FL    United States    PhD    
Steinhauer, David A    MA    United States        
Steinhofer, Helen        United States    HS    
Steinmetz, Vickie Irene    OR    United States    HS    
Stemple, Daniel Joseph Sr.    OH    United States    MS    
Stemplinger, John J.    CA    United States    MBA    Northwest United University
Stengel, Jason Wade    FL    United States        
Stenger, Roderick        South Africa    BS    
Stephens, Anthony B.    TN    United States    BBA    University of Tennessee
Stephens, April Latrice        United States    HS    
Stephens, Daniel Mark        United States    MA    
Stephens, George W    APO    US-APO    BBA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Stephens, Glenn E.    APO    US-APO    BA    
Stephens, Jeremy Randall        United States    HS    
Stephens, Laura Jean        United States    HS    
Stephens, Shanya Shareece        United States    HS    
Stephenson, David R.    IN    United States        
Stephenson, Denise A    MS    United States    MBA    St. Lourdes Graduate Institute
Stephenson, Richard L.    MI    United States    ProfAdj    St. Lourdes Graduate Institute
Stephenson, Shad        Canada    HS    
Stephenson, Thomas C    MS    United States    MBA    Blackstone University
Sterling, Rebecca Asay    GA    United States    PhD    Primus Postgraduate Institute
Sterns, Carl E.    AZ    United States    MBA    
Sterns, Jesse Elliott    AK    United States    HS    Mission High School
Sterud, Evelyn J    CA    United States    BA    
Steven, Chow Kam Tim        Hong Kong    MA    
Stevens, George        United States    HS    
Stevens, Kimberly        United States    HS    
Stevens, Leann E    MS    United States    PhD    Hartland University
Stevens, Randy S    CT    United States    MBA    
Stevenson, Mary    GA    United States    0    
Stevensonn, Damon IV        United States        
Steward, Stacy Ann    ME    United States    HS    
Stewart, Amy Ellen        United States    HS    
Stewart, Carmon L    IN    United States        
Stewart, Chianti Renee    MD    United States    BA    
Stewart, Demis L        United States    MA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Stewart, Dennis L    VA    United States    MA    
Stewart, Josephine        United States    HS    
Stewart, Mildred        United States    HS    
Stewart, Paula K.    FL    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Stewart, Philip L        Australia    MS    
Stewart, Rebecca Ann    MO    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Stewart, Richard Doyle        United States    HS    
Stewart, Robert G    OK    United States    BBA    
Stewart, Sara        United States    HS    
Stewart, Tabitha        United States    HS    
Stewart, Thomas Anthony        United States    BA    
Stewart, Xavier        United States    HS    
Stewart-Romillie, Josephine L        United States    HS    
Stickles, Jesse J.        United States    HS    
Stickles, William F.    NY    United States    BBA    
Stiles, Daniel        United States    HS    
Stilwell, Ronald L    CA    United States    BBA    Blackstone University
Stinnett, Michelle L    AR    United States    BBA    
Stitt, Jeffrey Lang    APO    US-APO    MA    
Stobbs, Kevin M        Great Britain    BS    
Stockdale, Ruby        United States    HS    
Stocker, Bobby G.    AZ    United States        
Stockford, Dean R.    ME    United States    BBA    
Stokes, Ailsa        United States    BA    
Stokes, Ronald W    KY    United States    MA    St. Lourdes Graduate Institute
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Stokes, Tomeshia L.        United States        
Stokes-Adams, Sharon A    IL    United States    BA    
Stokes_, Ronald W    KY    United States        
Stone, Ashley L.        United States    HS    
Stone, Gaye Thrailkill    VA    United States    PhD    
Stone, Jade Annette    OH    United States    HS    
Stone, Jeffrey        United States    HS    
Stonehouse, Wesley N            BA    
Stoner, Carlistia C    GA    United States    BA    
Storm, Michele    CO    United States    BA    
Storton, David    CA    United States    MA    
Stoudt, Jennifer    IL    United States    MA    Concordia University
Stover, Jerry C.        United States    HS    
Stowell, Richard J        United States    HS    
Strable, Leeann        United States    HS    
Straight, Brandy        United States    HS    
Straley, Dena        United States    HS    
Strand, Debra K            BA    
Stranov, Victoria C    MD    United States    ND    
Strathern, David        Yugoslavia    MAH    
Stratton , James S.    OK    United States    BS    Breyer State University
Strauss, Edward M    IN    United States    BA    
Strelow, Thomas U.        Canada    BA    Northwest United University
Strickland, Jeremy Daniel    TX    United States    HS    
Strigel, Aaron L    IN    United States    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Stringer, Clifton        United States    MAH    
Stringfellow, Andrew        United States    MAH    
Stritch, Mark J.    WI    United States    BA    
Strohman, Jeffrey T.    NC    United States    MS    
Strom, S                
Strong, Marshae E.    CA    United States    MBA    
Stroud, Jamey        United States    HS    
Stroud, Joseph C.    TX    United States    MS    
Strub, Michael K.    WA    United States        
Strutton, Julie D    AZ    United States    BSN    
Strutton, Shawn Steven    AZ    United States    HS    
Stterfield, Bobby L.    CA    United States    BS    
Stuard, Mary R.    TX    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Stuart, James        Ireland    MAH    
Stuehmer, Fred    NY    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Stunson, Tyrone        United States    HS    
Styles, Daven        United States    HS    
Styles, Elisa S    GA    United States    BBA    
Styles, Todd J.    NJ    United States    BS    Concordia College & University
Subba, Jyoti Hang        Japan    BS    
Sudaria, Pascual G    APO    US-APO    MS    
Suddarth, Coryandrew        United States    HS    
Sudnik, Steven Donald    FL    United States    BA    
Suhr, Charles M.    TX    United States    BS    
Suhr, Maurene G.    TX    United States    AA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Sukardi, Eky        Indonesia    MS    St. Regis
Sukhu, Sabatrie        United States    HS    
Sulaiman, Mohamad Amzari        Malaysia    MS    
Sullivan, Lise    AZ    United States    BSN    Concordia College
Sullivan, Thomas P    TN    United States    BA    
Sullivan, Timothy Wayne    CA    United States    PhD    
Sulrzycki, Evelina    NV    United States    HS    Mission
Sumadiyono, Agustinus        Indonesia    MA    
Summerlott, Terry E.    FL    United States    BBA    
Summers, Kenneth Harvey        United States    AA    
Sundaram, Raji        Qatar    Cert    
Sung, Junghee    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Sunny, Tew        Singapore        
Suong, James S    IA    United States    PhDH    
Suresh        India    DSc    
Surface, Michelle        United States    HS    
Suri, Harvinder S.        Great Britain    PhD    
Surma, Justin L.    TX    United States    BA    
Suthagar, Karuppiah R        Malaysia    MS    
Sutherland, Jason C.    VA    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Sutherland, Karen        United States    HS    
Sutter, Robert J    VA    United States    MBA    
Sutter, Thomas    CA    United States        
Sutton, Kelly R    OH    United States    HS    Liberty College Preparatory High School
Sutton, Pedro        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Suwandi, Jenny        Indonesia        
Suzan        United States    HS    
Svetolik, Davidovski        Macedonia        
Swain, John Lewis    FL    United States        
Swain, Mark    MS    United States    MA    
Swami, Skandanatha    HI    United States    MBA    
Swann, Melanie A        United States    BA    
Swanson, Chantimeeka        United States    HS    
Swanson, Nicholas Craig        Australia    HS    
Swanson, Steven    IN    United States    HS    
Swaty, Yara Mohessn        Egypt    BA    
Swatzell, Kimberley D.    TN    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Sweeney, John Mc        Ireland    BS    
Sweeney, Lance D.    TX    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Sweers, Donald D.    MD    United States    BS    Concordia University
Swenson, Jace E.    MA    United States    AA    
Swicegood, Harold    NC    United States        
Swiderski, John R.    PA    United States    BS    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Swift, Daniel        United States        
Swingle, Timothy R    NY    United States    BA    
Swofford, David W.    CA    United States    BS    Hartland University
Swpoe, William    NV    United States    HS    
Sy, Demba        Italy    AA    James Monroe University
Syed, Mohammed Abdul        Syria    MSE    
Syed, Saadia        Canada    BA    Bradley University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Sylvester, Michael        United States    HS    
Sylvester, Tameko        United States    PhD    
Szabo, Rene        Czech Republic    JD    Blackstone University
Szadolc, Andrew James    CA    United States    MBA    
Sziszak, Thomas J.    AR    United States    BS    
Szwed, Tracy        United States    HS


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Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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Ta, Thompson    CA    United States    BBA    
Tabassum, Muhammad Nawaz    NY    United States    MA    
Tabush, Joe    CA    United States    PhD    
Tabush, Joseph J.        United States    PhD    
Tacha, David E    CA    United States    PhD    
Tackett, Sheila Denise        United States        
Taft, Candace M.    GA    United States        
Tago, Stevie A.        United States    HS    
Taira Hirashima, CèSar R        Japan    BBA    American West University
Taira Hirashima, CéSar R            BBA    
Takishita, James Yoshihiro    CA    United States    BS    
Talarico, Ralph J    NY    United States    BA    Hartland University
Talbert, Donald    FL    United States        
Talbot, Chris P    WA    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Tallent, Tabby        United States    HS    
Talley, Holly Jill    TX    United States    BBA    
Talley, Michael    KS    United States    HS    
Talyansky, Inga        United States    BS    
Tamim, Fadi Z.        Lebanon    MBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Tan, Cheng Chiad Simon        Hong Kong    MBA    
Tan, Jonathan        Singapore    PhDH    
Tang, Eric K.    NY    United States    BS    Concordia College & University
Tang, John Chi Ming        Hong Kong        
Tang, Lan        Canada    HS    
Taniguchi, Junji        Japan    BA    
Tanimaley, Puspanadan        Malaysia    BS    
Taniqua        United States    HS    
Tanksley, Malcolm T.        United States    BS    
Tanner, Misty    CO    United States        
Tanner, Steven L    MN    United States    PhD    
Tanzeel, Ahmed        Pakistan    MS    West Coast University
Tapanes, Juana Maria    FL    United States    HS    Branford High School
Tapanes, Odelsa    FL    United States        
Taper, Lee A.    IN    United States    BS    
Tappan, Frederick D.W.        United States    PhDH    
Tarantino, Joseph J.    NY    United States    HS    
Tarantino, Lisa A.    NY    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Taravella, Deana        United States    HS    
Tarif, Qazi Mamoon        United States    MBA    
Tarnacki, Leslie Ann    CA    United States    BBA    Holy Acclaim University
Tascarini, Leia        United States    BS    
Tashima, Hirotsune    AZ    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Tasker, Marty        United States    MBA    
Taslees, Fakhar            MBA    Holmes University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Tassin, Meagan        United States    HS    
Tatar, Serdar        United States    HS    
Tate, Brian Edward        United States    MA    
Tate, Chasity        United States    HS    
Tate, Donald D        United States    BBA    
Tate, John P.    NJ    United States    BS    
Tate, Richard Jr.    AL    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Tate, Thomas P.    IL    United States    BS    
Tatomirovic, Tanja        Yugoslavia        
Tatum, LaTasha Chavonne    TX    United States    BS    
Tatum-Sosa, Latasha    TX    United States    BA    
Taurinskas, David P.        United States    BA    
Tavarez, Aris        United States    HS    
Taveras, Helen K.    FL    United States        Robertstown University
Tawara, Mohamed M        Great Britain    BBA    
Taxiarchos, John Andrew    MA    United States    BS    
Tayab, Muhammad R.        Qatar    BS    St. John Quincy Adams Institute
Taylor, Adam Damion    OK    United States    BA    
Taylor, Allister Junior        Trinidad and Tobago    BS    
Taylor, Carrie            HS    
Taylor, Christopher        United States    HS    
Taylor, Cynthia M.    IL    United States    MBA    
Taylor, Deborah        United States    HS    
Taylor, Dixie S    TX    United States    MBA    Holmes University
Taylor, Elizabeth    CA    United States    BBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Taylor, Jennie C.    NC    United States    HS    
Taylor, John F. II    APO    US-APO    BS    
Taylor, Josette L.    FL    United States        
Taylor, Judi E    CA    United States    BBA    
Taylor, Kevin    NY    United States    BBA    
Taylor, Mac F.    VA    United States    HS    Blackstone University
Taylor, Mae        United States    HS    Blackstone University
Taylor, Mae Concepcion F.    VA    United States    MS    Primus Postgraduate University
Taylor, Nina    OH    United States    HS    
Taylor, Regina    AL    United States    HS    
Taylor, Richard Scott        Australia    MBA    St. Regis University
Taylor, Ronnie        United States    HS    
Taylor, Samuel Richard Jr.                
Taylor, Steven B.    TX    United States        
Taylor, Taketa        United States        
Taylor, William Edward Neil        Canada    MA    Holy Acclaim University
Taylor-Culver, Jacqueline R.    TX    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Taylor-Culver-, Jacqueline R.    CA    United States        
Teasadale, Kimberly Sue        United States    HS    
Tebbs, Kelly J    WI    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Teel, Ralph Edward    CA    United States    AA    Robertstown University
Teel, Sam W    TX    United States    MS    
Teh, Daniel        Malaysia    MS    
Tejada, Kristian Love        United States    HS    
Tekk, Tan Lipp        Malaysia    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Telcinord, Elisabeth    FL    United States    HS    
Telemaque, Ossie Claude        United States    HS    
Tell, Sean A    CA    United States    BA    
Temple, Andrea        United States    AA    
Temyat, Nawaf Bander Al    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Tendahal, John Stephen        Malaysia    BA    
Tenhet, Troy Odell    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Tennyson, Angela        United States    HS    
Terani, Bahram Barzi                
Terbeek, Gregory J    CO    United States    HS    
Teresa        United States    HS    
Teresa, Johns,        United States    HS    
Terney, Joseph L III    AL    United States    HS    
Terpstra, Michael J.        United States        
Terpstra_, Michael J, Raek, Jang Yoon        Canada        
Terrafino, Josephine A        United States    HS    
Terraneo, Georgette-Anne    PA    United States    HS    
Terrell, Teresa M        United States    HS    
Terry        United States    HS    
Terry, David        United States    HS    
Terry, Jewel Lehoma    TX    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Terry, Lehoma Jewel        United States    HS    
Terry, Wendy        United States    HS    
Terza, Richard Joseph Paul    NY    United States    MS    
Tesch, Misty        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Testa, Ninine C.        United States    HS    
Tetrick, Katherine    UT    United States    BBA    American West University
Tevepaugh, William R    OH    United States    BA    
Texeira, Elaine        United States    HS    
Thackham, Marc R        Great Britain    PhD    St. Lourdes University
Thakuri, Indira        Great Britain    MBA    Boston College of London
Thalheimer, Marc P.    NY    United States    BS    Hartland University
Thao, Yia Jake, Kolenich, Rosemary        Canada    MS    Breyer State University
Tharp, Johnny    HI    United States    BS    
Tharp, Richard    FL    United States    HS    
Thedford, Cynthia L. C.        United States    BBA    North United University
Theriault-Sabourin, Marie L        Canada    MBA    
Therrell, Jeff    SC    United States    BS    Concordia University
Thewalt, juergen        Switzerland    BBA    American University AA Degree
Thiam, Yeo Chin        Singapore    PhDH    
Thibodeaux, Jeremy Paul        United States    HS    
Thibodeaux, Travis J.    APO    US-APO        
Thiel, Sheila L.    OH    United States        
Thielemann, Lori        United States    HS    
Thiesmeyer, Kenneth James    CA    United States    BS    
Thiessen, David            MA    
Thiruvengadam, Srinivasan        Saudi Arabia    BS    
Thobaben, Ashley        United States    HS    
Thoma, David Roland    VA    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Thomas, Aleotravaris Delecthon        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Thomas, Antonio        United States        
Thomas, Bandele Akin.        United States    PhD    
Thomas, Barbara J. Lenard        United States        
Thomas, Bradley    KY    United States    HS    
Thomas, Brian P    FL    United States    HS    
Thomas, Burt        Canada    MA    
Thomas, Christopher Todd    LA    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Thomas, David L    VA    United States    BA    
Thomas, Dwayne        South Korea    ProfAssoc    InTech University of Engineering & Science
Thomas, Felton Tariq        United States    HS    
Thomas, Jamiere Lashon    MD    United States    AA    
Thomas, John Anthony (Thomas, Denita)    MS    United States    DBA    
Thomas, Josephine        United States    HS    
Thomas, Kareem        US Virgin Islands    HS    JA High School
Thomas, Kathy Lynne    FL    United States        
Thomas, Kyong    KY    United States    HS    
Thomas, Lakeshia        United States        
Thomas, Lolita        United States        
Thomas, Marlon B        United States    BA    
Thomas, Matthew        United States    HS    
Thomas, Michael C        United States    BBA    
Thomas, Oliver Lorenz        Germany    DBA    
Thomas, Owusu . A Rthur        Ghana    PhD    
Thomas, Paul    CA    United States        
Thomas, Robert C    VA    United States    MS    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Thomas, Ronald    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Thomas-Mustion, Cynthia Jane    MO    United States        
Thomas-Reed, Tara        United States    HS    
Thombs, Burt        Canada    MBA    
Thompkins, K. Denise Bledsoe        United States    BS    
Thompson, Alexander        United States    HS    
Thompson, Bois    IN    United States    HS    
Thompson, Charlotte AnnStrickland, Charlotte Ann    OH    United States    BA    Spellman College
Thompson, Clyde H            BA    
Thompson, Daniel        United States    HS    
Thompson, Darrell Ii        United States    MS    
Thompson, Dennis Wayne        United States    PhD    
Thompson, Gary C    APO    US-APO    BS    Blackstone University
Thompson, Iaian P    HI    United States    BA    
Thompson, Jahbula        United States    HS    
Thompson, James Donald        United States    HS    
Thompson, Kerry    TX    United States    HS    
Thompson, Kiah        United States        
Thompson, Latasha M        United States    HS    
Thompson, Mary Jane        United States    HS    
Thompson, Rani Patricia        United States    MA    
Thompson, Robert M    VA    United States    PhD    
Thompson, Simonia S    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Thompson, Steven G                
Thompson, Yolanda        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Thoms, Darnell L            Cert    
Thomson, Jesamyn Emeric        Canada    HS    
Thomure, Carie        United States        
Thorchamod, Booncherd N    IL    United States    PhD    
Thornburgh, Scott        United States    HS    
Thornton, David        United States    HS    
Thornton, Jerry L.        United States    MBA    
Thornton, Lynn        United States    HS    
Thornton, Margaret Kristina        United States    HS    
Thorpe, Christopher Kalin    IN    United States    BA    Northwest United University
Thorton, Ashley Desha        United States    HS    
Thorton, D                
Threapleton, Marnie G    NJ    United States    BBA    American West University
Threatt, Frantz S    VA    United States    BS    Holmes University
Thurman, John Michael    VA    United States        
Thurman, Linda    KY    United States    BA    
Thyberg, Bruce A    NY    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Tibbets, Gwen            MA    
Tibbetts, Jessica        United States    HS    
Tibbetts, Kyle C    NJ    United States    BA    
Tickner, Donald Eugene    MI    United States    HS    
Tierre, Rinaldie    PA    United States        
Tieszen, Timothy G    CA    United States    MBA    
Tilley, James    KY    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Tillis, Donyell Arkeva        Japan    PhDH    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Tillis, Prentice        United States    HS    
Tillman, Tiffany        United States    HS    
Tillson, Matthew Lincoln        United States    BA    
Tilque, Brad Joseph    IA    United States    BA    
Tilson, matthew Lincoln    MO    United States    BA    
Timm, John O.    CA    United States        
Timmer, Cynthia A    SC    United States    BBA    
Timmersmeister, Manfred        Germany    PhD    
Timmons, Loren D    WA    United States    BS    
Tingle, Erika        United States    HS    
Tinkler, Cary Allen        United States    HS    
Tinnin, April        United States        
Tipton, Mark A    VA    United States    MA    Blackstone University
Tirakitti, Sukalya    CA    United States    BBA    
Tirimisiyu, Lawal        Ivory Coast    MS    
Tirivangani, Thomas        Great Britain    PhD    
Tisdale, Trudy    TX    United States    BBA    
Tisseur, Maurice Louis    FL    United States    BS    Breyer State University
Tiwo, Akinshina        Nigeria    BBA    
Tiwo, Akionshina        Nigeria    BBA    
Tjee, Ashari    NY    United States    BA    
Tobin, Curtis E. Jr        United States    BS    
Tobin, David L    GA    United States    BS    
Todd, Ann M    TX    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Todd, Cynthia E        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Todd, Kelly M        Canada    MBA    
Toh, Ah Wah            MA    
Toins, Jabari Akua    MS    United States    BS    Nation State University
Tol, James G    TX    United States        
Tolbert, Alshante R        United States        
Tolbert, Don    NC    United States    HS    
Tolbert, Sondra Denise        United States    HS    
Tolbert, Tony A    CA    United States    HS    
Toledo, Luiz Carlos Alves De        Brazil    MAH    
Tolentino, Armin M    NY    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Toler, Drewey K    WV    United States    BA    Bradford College Haverhill, MA
Tollari, Pete        United States    HS    
Tom, Chona Jason        United States    HS    
Tom, John O    CA    United States    PhD    Hampton Bay University
Tombe, Rita J    VA    United States    HS    
Tome, Megan    FL    United States    HS    
Tomlinson, Mark Anthony        Jamaica    AA    
Toner, Michael W.    CA    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Toniette, Tamekia        United States    HS    
Torices, Diego Manuel    CA    United States    HS    
Torregano, Deann        United States    MA    
Torres, David Torres    APO    US-APO    MBA    
Torres, Federico Jr.        United States    BA    
Torres, Jose Ramon        United States    HS    
Torres, Sergio C    FL    United States        
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Torto, Daniel Gift        Ghana    HS    Mission High School
Tosado, Jackie    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Tosun, Ayla        United Arab Emirates        
Totten, Robert Dale Iii        United States    PhDH    
Tottori, Daichi        Japan    PhD    
Touch, Phai                
Touma, Jacques    OH    United States    PhD    
Toure, Bintou        Ghana    BBA    
Tourney, Bryce        United States    HS    
Toussimehr, Mohammad        Canada        
Toves, Ronnie Peter    WA    United States    BBA    Valorem University
Towhidlou, Mohammad, A.    IN    United States    BA    
Townsel, Kala Denise    AL    United States    AA    
Townsend, Alphanzo    TX    United States    PHD    
Townsend, Jill Marie    MO    United States    BBA    
Townsend, John G    MO    United States    MS    
Towrey, Thurman A    AL    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Towry, Thurman A        United States    Cert    
Track, George M        United States    HS    
Tracy, Tabatha        United States    HS    
Trammell, William Randolph II    GA    United States        Atlanta School of Paralegal Studies
Tran, Phong        United States    HS    
Tran, Phu the    VA    United States    HS    
Tran, Tristan    CA    United States    MBA    
Tran, Tuan        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Traore, Ma    CA    United States    BA    
Traub, Shannon A    FL    United States    HS    Branford Academy High School
Travers, Lawrence F            BBA    
Trejo, Cecilio        United States    HS    
Tremblay, Roger        United States        
Trent, Anita    WA    United States    HS    
Trent, James Darrell    NC    United States    HS    Mission High School
Trevino, Vannessa Elizabeth        United States    HS    
Trigo, Arsenio N.        Saudi Arabia    BA    
Trimarchi, Heide L. H    CA    United States    BS    Northwest United University
Trimble, Mildred        United States    HS    
Trimmingham, Shanel        Saint Vincent and Grenadines    HS    
Tripp, Paula    AL    United States    MBA    
Trogdon, Norman    MD    United States    HS    
Tross, Virginia        United States    HS    
Troxel, Sarah        United States    HS    
Truett, Sherry A        United States    HS    
Truex, John D.    OR    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Truong, Hai Tien        Vietnam    DBA    
Tsai, Dorothea M            MA    
Tsang, John Moong Hung    CA    United States    MA    
Tsegaye, Yonas            BA    
Tshikovhokovho, Israel Laurence        South Africa    PhD    
Tsinopoulos, Panagiotis C        Greece    MBA    
Tsui, Anthony Shu Chuen        China    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Tsvi, Reiss        Israel    PhD    Monroe University
Tsvi, Riess        Israel    PhD    
Tubassam, Ejaz            0    Holmes University
Tucker, Bradley        United States    HS    
tucker, Douglas G    NC    United States    BA    
Tucker, R.                
Tucker, Robert        Great Britain    PhD    Holmes University
Tuennesen, Bernd        Germany    PhD    
Tullis, Jimmie    TN    United States    BA    
Tumanuvao, Totoa    NV    United States        
Tunison, Gretchen    NJ    United States    BA    
Tunnesen, Jens        Germany    MBA    
Tunstall, James        United States    HS    
Tupper, Ann M    PA    United States    BA    
Turabi, Ab.                
Turabi, Abulhasan M    NJ    United States    MBA    Holmes University
Turabi, Amber R    TX    United States        
Turabi, Ammar E Yasir    TX    United States    MBA    
Turabi, M                
Turabi, Mehdi S    NJ    United States    PhD    Holmes University
Turan, Mehmet Alp        Germany    PhD    
Turchi, Raymond P.    VA    United States    BA    
Turkington, June        Canada    PhD    
Turley, Christine E.    Va    United States    HS    
Turman, Tony Bernard Sr.    APO    US-APO    AA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Turner, Anthony        United States    HS    
Turner, Deborah    OK    United States    HS    
Turner, Dennis    AR    United States    BA    
Turner, Denyse H    NJ    United States    MA    
Turner, Karen E        United States    HS    
Turner, Lisa Ellen        United States    BS    
Turner, Mi-chal Le-an        Australia    BS    
Turner, Miranda T    VA    United States    BBA    
Turner, Rhonda F    TX    United States    PhD    
Turner, Steve Allen            HS    
Turner_, Dennis                
Turvey, Zan E.    PA    United States    BS    Lawrence Technological University
Tuttle, Michael Maas    KY    United States    BS    
Twaddell, Erin    CA    United States        
Twigg, Daniel J.    NC    United States    HS    
Twigg, Hilary        United States    HS    
Tygart, James H    CA    United States    MBA    
Tyner, Thomas P. Jr        United States    HS    
Tyo, Laura C            MS    St. Lourdes University
Tyo, Michael D        United States    MS    St. Lourdes University
Tyson, Darian        United States    HS    
Tyus, Freddie E            BS    St. Lourdes University
Uchil, Atulkumar    VA    United States    DBA    
Uchil, Patricia A    VA    United States    BA    
Uebert, Mudzanire        Great Britain    BBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ukaegbu, Prince Obioha        Nigeria    BA    
Ullah, Asad Ullah Asmat        Kuwait    MS    
Ullah, Kaleem        Pakistan    PhD    
Ulrich, Mary Ana    HI    United States    MA    
Umar, Hazrat        United Arab Emirates    HS    
Umorudeen, Saba O    IL    United States    BS    
Unbankes, James        United States    HS    
Unbankes, Janet    FL    United States    HS    
Underwood, Arieann        United States    HS    
Underwood, Bobbie L            BS    
Underwood, D.                
Underwood, David W    IN    United States    BS    Concordia University
Ungles, Steven B.    CA    United States    BS    
University), Omaira Gamboa (Tecana International        Venezuala    BS    
University, I Want To Be A Member Of Your        United States    MA    
University, Tecana International        Venezuala    BA    
Uong, Phamara            PhD    St. Regis University
Upchurch, Angela    NC    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Upchurch_, Angela                
Upshur, Kia D    GA    United States    HS    Liberty College Preparatory High School
Upshur, Takia        United States    HS    
Urea, Claudia Mariana    IL    United States        
Urena, Elizabeth        United States        
Ureta, Luis A        United States    HS    
Uribe, Joanna        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Usher, Lloyd C    NY    United States    MS    St. Regis University
Usmani, Zia        United States    PhD    
Uzzolino, Paul G. Jr.        United States    HS    
Vaidya, Vivek Man        Nepal    MAH    
Vaidyan, Thomas Shiju Kurian        Saudi Arabia    MBA    
Vaillancourt, Daniel Elie        South Korea    BA    
Vaillant, Diane C    MA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Valderrama Bielich, Jorge E    NY    United States        
Valdes, Ana Vivian    FL    United States    HS    
Valdez, Cassandra        United States    HS    
Valdez, John        United States    HS    
Valdez, Jolyne F        United States    HS    
Valdivia, Luis Osvaldo Rojas        Chile    MAH    
Valencia, Isabel A            BA    St. Regis University
Valentin, Candy        United States    HS    
Valentine, Andre        United States    MA    
Valentine, James    NJ    United States    BS    
Valentine, Ronald James    IL    United States    BBA    
Valenty, Benjamin P    CA    United States    BS    
Valenzuela, Jesse    TX    United States    HS    Mission
Valenzuela, Sergio        Chile    PhDH    
Valenzuela, Teresa        United States    MA    
Valenzuela-Peralta, Ramiro A    TX    United States        
Valerio, Michelle        United States    HS    
Valerio, Pasquale R    VA    United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Valiulis, Sonja    IL    United States        
Vallejo, Kirk    CA    United States    BBA    
Valtas, Nikolaos        Greece    BBA    
Van Cleave, Robert Steven    TX    United States    BBA    
Van Der walt, Hester Catharina        South Africa    BA    
Van Der Walt, J A H        Nigeria        
Van Der Walt, Lenoard        Zambia    MBA    
Van Deventer, Gerhard J        South Africa        
Van Dongen, Henk CM        Netherlands    MBA    
Van Dongen, Raymond W.    UT    United States    PhD    
Van Dyk, Gwendoline        Taiwan    PhD    
Van Dyk, Stefanus J        Taiwan    Cert    
Van Natta, Todd A    IN    United States    BS    
Van Veyeren, Peter        United Arab Emirates    BS    
Van Wickler, Matthew J    SC    United States    BBA    
Vana, Nathaniel William        United States    HS    
Vanasse, Lillian R L        Canada    HS    
Vance, LaDonna W.    MD    United States    DSc    
Vance, Lori Myers    TX    United States    HS    
Vance, Shaun Durand    MD    United States    MA    
Vandenberg, Chad        United States    HS    
Vander Meer, Daniel L    FL    United States    BBA    St. Regis University
Vandergriff, Carl Wayne        United States    BA    
Vandiver-Reeves, Dana        United States    HS    
VanDyk, Stefanus J        Taiwan    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Vandyke, Kami        United States    HS    
Vang, Ger    WI    United States    HS    
Vang, Isiah X.C.    WA    United States    BS    Northwest United University
Vang, Pabnyia (Stacey) Xiong        United States    HS    
Vankleeck, Lois J    NY    United States    BA    
Vanlandingham, Joel D            MBA    
Vanlandingham, Raleigh Daniel        United States    HS    
VanWickler, Matthew J    SC    United States        
Varela, Edwina R    OH    United States    BA    
Vargas, Delano G    CA    United States    MS    
Vargas, Edison        Germany    BBA    
Vargas, Miguelina        United States    HS    
Vargas, Neira G    TX    United States    HS    
Vargas, Ruth        United States    HS    
Vargo, Leslie    FL    United States    BS    
Varley, Delores May        United States    HS    
Varol, Serkan Ural                
Varron, Philppe    VA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Varvel, Karen Lynn    TN    United States    BA    
Varwig, Sheila J    LA    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Vasilios, Asimakopoulous        Greece        
Vasquez, Laura        United States    HS    
Vassallo, Nicolo'        Italy        
Vassey, Tonya Christine        United States    HS    
Vaughn, Jamesetta        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Vaughn, Jonathan    GA    United States    BBA    
Vaughn, Michael    MD    United States    BA    
Vaughn, Paul    WI    United States    MBA    
Vaughn, Thomas    APO    US-APO    BS    
Vaughn, Van C        United States    MAH    
Vaughn_, Michael                
Vauters, Ronald        United States    HS    
Vazquez, Amy Vanessa    NY    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Vazquez, Carmen    NY    United States    HS    
Vazquez, Jaime L Otero    PR    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Vazquez, Kim    NY    United States    HS    
Veasey, Mike D.            PhD    
Veen, Allex Van        United States    HS    
Veen, Van Allex Michelle    IA    United States    HS    
Vega, Alexander    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Vega, Margarita        United States    HS    
Vega, Nelly        United States        
Vega, Nroma        United States    HS    
Vela, Joe Don Iii        United States    BS    
Vela, Joey    TX    United States    BS    
Velasco, Ana M.        United States    HS    
Velasco, Fernando Daniel        United States    HS    
Velasco, Lidia    TX    United States    HS    
Velazquez, Marisela    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Velazquez, Sandra Ann    NY    United States    MS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Velazquez-Wong, Francisco    TX    United States    BBA    
Velez, Chamaly        United States    HS    
Velez, Luis A    FL    United States    BA    
Velez, Sonia        United States    HS    
Veltman, Paul Bryan    TX    United States    MBA    
Venkateswaralu, N        Kuwait    BSE    
Venneri, Michael P.    PA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Venta, Dawn        United States    HS    
Ventura, Gilberto    NY    United States    HS    
Veras, Juan R        United States    HS    
Veres, William R    LA    United States        
Verhoek, Pieter Cornelis    TN    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Vernier, Edward J        United States    PhD    InTech University Of Engineering & Science
Verrico, Corey J    CA    United States        
Vetor, Debbie        United States        
Vetter, Errol Randolph    CT    United States    BS    
Viator, Darold D    TX    United States        
Vicente, Ramiro        Portugal    BS    
Vickinovac, Shaun        United States        
Victor        United States    HS    
Vidal, Ofelia        United States    HS    
Vidler, Rebecca L    CA    United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Vieira, Christine    RI    United States        
Viera, Christine    RI    United States        
Vilayrack, Kay        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Vilhelmsen, Carolyn    AZ    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Villa, Anna Rita G        Mexico    MBA    
Villa, Estevan A.    NM    United States    HS    
Villa, Fabian        United States    BS    St. Regis
Villa, Joseph F    CA    United States    BBA    American West University
Villa_, Anna Rita G        Mexico    MBA    
Villanueva, Anibal        United States    HS    
Villarreal, Isaac        United States    HS    
Villarreal, Melissa Helmuth        United States        
Villegas, Carmello Jr.,    NJ    United States    BS    American West University
Vincent        United States    HS    
Vincent, Gerald E    OK    United States        
Vinci, Charles Sr.    CT    United States    BA    
Vincic, Steve        Canada    BA    Concordia College & University
Vinson, Amber        United States    HS    
Vinson, Ritchie        United States    PhD    
Virtue, Dance Adademy            BA    
Vo, Chalres H    CA    United States    PhD    St. Lourdes University
Vo, Viet Quoc        United States    BA    
Voight, John    IL    United States    HS    
Volanti, Ronald H    IL    United States    BBA    Holy Acclaim University
Von Krockow-Lauinger, Prince            0    St. Regis University
Vos, Salbatore B    LA    United States    BA    Northwest United University
Voss, Uwe        Germany    ProfAdj    
Voursoukis, Michael        Greece    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Vuuren, petrus Johannes Janse Van        South Africa    MS


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Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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Wachira, Jenard Leo        Kenya    MBA    
Wachtman, John Douglas    CA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Wade, Berwin Odell    MD    United States    BSE    
Wade, Mourad        United States        
Wade, Seynabou        United States    HS    
Wade, Tiffany        United States    HS    
Wadkins, Jessica Lyneannda        United States    HS    
Wadman, Gene Howard    TX    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Wadsworth, Alonzo Franklin        United States    HS    
Wael        United States    BA    
Wagner, Jason Frederick    FL    United States        
Wagner, Robert Jr.    CA    United States    HS    
Wagner, Scott W.            MA    
Wagner, T Snowwolf        United States    MS    
Wagner, Thomas Snow Wolf    IN    United States    BS    
Wagner, Tiffany        United States        
Wagnon, Rebecca L    IL    United States        
Wai, Kwok Yau        Singapore    MBA    
Walch, D                
Waldburger, Paul William    NY    United States    MBA    
Walden, Dennis L Jr        United States        
Waldhof, John W    NY    United States    PhD    
Waldon, Ricky N        United States    BA    
Waldron, Craig E    UT    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Waldschmidt, Aleasha        United States    HS    
Waleesilah, Mr. Grienggrai        Thailand    MA    
Walker, Angelita D        United States    HS    
Walker, Casandra Shariece    GA    United States        
Walker, Dehonna        United States    HS    
Walker, Dwayne Elliott    VA    United States    MA    
Walker, Jerry    TX    United States    BS    
Walker, Kevin Jermaine    MI    United States    HS    James Monroe High School
Walker, Latoya Shunta        United States    HS    
Walker, Letonya Q    VA    United States    HS    Liberty College Preparatory High School
Walker, Marlando Pierrre        United States        
Walker, Megan        United States    HS    
Walker, Michael Jerome    FL    United States    MS    
Walker, Monica        United States    HS    
Walker, Raymond        United States    HS    
Walker, Renee Michelle    APO    US-APO    AA    
Walker, Robert Jr    WV    United States    HS    
Walker, Roderick Scott    NC    United States    BS    
Walker, Roger Moore Jr.    FL    United States    BA    
Walker, Tanisha        United States    HS    
Walker, Valery Kathleen    CA    United States        
Walker, Wesley Wallace    TX    United States    HS    
Walker-Taylor, Tanisha Nichole    MD    United States    HS    
Wall, Donald J    OK    United States    MA    
Wall, Stephen Darnell    APO    US-APO    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Wallace, Alexander H.N. *        Liberia        
Wallace, John        United States    PhD    
Wallace, Katina M    NC    United States    BS    Mount College
Wallace, Robert B. Jr.    NC    United States    HS    Mission High School
Wallace, Shameeka        United States    HS    
Wallace, Shawn        United States    HS    
Wallace, Thomas, B    WA    United States    MBA    
Waller, Dana A        United States    HS    
Waller, Lisa Marie    WA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Walls, Michael        United States    HS    
Walls, Phillip W    NC    United States    BS    Concordia University
Walt, Hester Catharina Van Der        Zambia    BA    
Walt, Leonard Van Der        Zambia    PhD    
Walter, Otto Alexander        Spain    PhD    
Walters, Deidre Leah        United States    HS    
Walters, Jessica            HS    Mission High School
Walton, Nolajean A            HS    
Wanditi, Welikhe Charles        Uganda    DSc    
Wandler, DeAnn M    CA    United States    BA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Wanford, Lena        Great Britain    PhD    St. Pauls College
Wang, Andrew J    MD    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Ward, Allen Roy    PA    United States    BA    
Ward, Amanda J    FL    United States    BA    St. Regis University
Ward, Darryl Robert    MD    United States    BS    Robertstown University
Ward, Dorian        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Ward, Edward Henry Jr.    KS    United States    HS    
Ward, Kenneth C.        United States    BS    
Ward, Margaret Rogers    TX    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Ward, Maria    NC    United States    HS    
Ward, Michelle            HS    
Ward, Roy G    VI    United States    BS    
Ward, Shawonda        United States    HS    
Ward, Teasha Marie    NY    United States    HS    
Ward-Lakes, Yvonne J    MO    United States    MBA    
Ward_, Michael Howard Rev.    FL    United States        St. Regis University
Warden, William E.        United States    Cert    
Wardle, Christopher John        Australia    MBA    
Ware, Joshua        United States    HS    
Ware, Linda        United States    PhDH    
Ware, Terry Price    AL    United States    PhD    Eucharist Grad. Institute
Warner, Cerresa        United States    HS    
Warner, Kevin Eugene    MO    United States    HS    
Warner, Tanya        United States    HS    
Warner, William Dee    TX    United States    MSN    Robertstown University
Warnke, James R    APO    US-APO    MBA    
Warren, Cynthia        United States    HS    
Warren, Margaret I    OR    United States    BA    
Warren, Robert E    PA    United States    BS    
Warren, Robyn    NV    United States    BA    American West University
Warren, Ronald        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Waserman, Moshe Michael        United States    MA    
Wash, Randall Jay    AL    United States    BA    
Washington, Cora    TX    United States    HS    
Washington, Kimberly        United States    HS    
Washington, Quinton Evone    SC    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Washington, Shijuana        United States    HS    
Washington-Sherrill, Yerly M Wright    NC    United States    MA    
Waterman, Francine    NY    United States    HS    
Watford, Kenneth L    NY    United States    BS    
Watkins, J B Jr.        United States    DSc    
Watkins, Jason J.        United States    HS    
Watkins, Joey B Jr.    GA    United States    BS    
Watkins, Lakeita        United States    HS    
Watkinson, Janet        Great Britain    PhD    
Watson, Adrian Dean    TX    United States    BS    Concordia
Watson, Eliza Ann    AL    United States    BA    
Watson, Kevin Ray        United States    HS    
Watson, Londia M    APO    US-APO    BBA    St. Regis University
Watson, M            BBA    
Watson, Peggy A    NY    United States    HS    
Watson, Rachel        United States    HS    
Watson, Sean Thomas        United States    HS    
Watson, Tameko (Sylvester)    NJ    United States    PhD    
Watson, Vernon James    MD    United States    BS    
Watson, Yolanda        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Watts, Carolyn Elizabeth    IL    United States        
Weathers, Renae Pearalee    MD    United States    MS    
Weathersby, Dwayne        United States    HS    
Weatherspoon, Elizabeth    NC    United States    MA    
Weaver, Beatrice M    KS    United States    HS    
Weaver, Echo        United States        
Weaver, Lisa T    CA    United States    PhD    Concordia University
Weaver, William Nathaniel    GA    United States    MS    
Webb, David Gene    CA    United States    HS    
Webb, Heidi M        United States    HS    
Webb, James        United States    HS    
Webb, Nakia        United States        
Webb, Shonda        United States    HS    
Webber, Howard F    CA    United States    BS    
Weber, Dianna Sue    CA    United States    BBA    St. Lourdes University
Weddle, Daniel Robert    TN    United States    BBA    
Weekley Jr., Robert F        United States    BS    Blackstone University
Weekley, Robert F. Jr.    GA    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Weeks, Michelle        United States    HS    
Wehmeyer, Laranda Leigh        United States    HS    
Wei, NG Han        Great Britain    BA    
Weiffenbach, William F    PA    United States    BS    Holy Acclaim University
Weikert, Frederick J    ID    United States    DDiv    
Weimer, Amy        United States    HS    
Weiser, Donald    AZ    United States    BS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Welch, Helena Amanda    MO    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Welch, Jack        United States    HS    
Welch, Jessica        United States    HS    
Welden, Richard John    MD    United States    BS    Maryland University College
Welhous, Michael Terrance    NY    United States    Cert    
Welker, Kristine        United States    HS    
Wellington, Terrence L.    IN    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Wellmeyer, BJ (Jr.)    LA    United States        
Wells, Alexandra        United States    HS    
Wells, Brandon        United States    HS    
Wells, Charles A.        United States    HS    
Wells, Christopher    FL    United States    HS    
Wells, Dale Andrew    CA    United States    BA    Holmes University
Welsh, Dennis W    PA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Welsh, Michael        United States    HS    
Welsh, Sean William    CA    United States    HS    
Welty, Crystal Fenimore/        United States        
Wende, Clarence Du        Singapore    DBA    
Wentworth, Joshua        United States    HS    
Wentworth, Riannon        United States    HS    
Werhner, Andrea    FL    United States    HS    Mission High School
Wertz, Joanna        United States    HS    
Wesley, Gail        United States    HS    
West, Debbie        United States    HS    
West, Gary L        Great Britain    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
West, Gordon D J        Great Britain    PhD    Northwest United University
West, Kristen        United States    HS    
West, Michael A.            EdD    James Monroe University
Westapher, Geoffrey Mark    TX    United States    MBA    
Weston, Lois Jeanette            MBA    St. Regis University
Weston, Mary Elizabeth    FL    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Wetherill, William Randall    MD    United States    PhD    
Wetter, Susanne        United States    HS    
Wewer, William J    FL    United States    BS    
Wezell, Lori A.        United States        
Whalen, Anthony Stewart        Canada    BS    Heartland University
Whaley, Lisa Jean        United States        
Whaley, Suzanne Kehaulani    CA    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Wheeler, David R    PA    United States    BS    
Wheeler, James J    CO    United States    MBA    
Wheeler, Lisa        United States        
Wheeler, Michael A    DC    United States    BA    Audentes Technical College
Wheeler, Valerie C    NY    United States    BS    Concordia College
Wheeler, Walter Randel    TX    United States    BBA    
Wheeler, Yolanda        United States    HS    
Whelan, Anthony James        Ireland    BS    
Whelan, Cheryl Northington    CA    United States    BBA    
Whelan, Jr., Robert A            BA    
Whelan, Robert A Jr.    PA    United States    BA    
Whibley, Steven Bruce    P8    Canada    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Whisman, Darrell Jr        United States    MAH    
Whitaker, James Iii            HS    
Whitaker, Tammy        United States    HS    
Whitcomb, Barbara J.        United States    PhD    
White, Anthony        United States        
White, Arnold E    CA    United States    BBA    
White, Brian Michael    OH    United States    HS    
White, C. Garrison        Canada    PhD    
White, Charles Garrison        Canada    PhD    
White, Coleen L.    AZ    United States    HS    
White, Delano        United States    HS    
White, Deshaun        United States    HS    
White, Gennie Pearl        United States    HS    
White, Gordon Lee    MI    United States    MS    
White, Greg Allen    AK    United States    MA    Breyer State University
White, Idalina        United States    HS    
White, James Arness    GA    United States    BS    
White, Kennicia        United States    HS    
White, Latoya        United States    HS    
White, Latrice        United States    HS    
White, Laura A    VA    United States        
White, Lewis Anthony    VA    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
White, Linda Faye Boger    NC    United States    HS    
White, Michael    AR    United States    HS    
White, Patrick    NJ    United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
White, Preston Wayne    LA    United States    BS    Audentes Tech. College
White, Rickelle D    CA    United States    BBA    
White, Robert Dwayne        United States    HS    
White, Ron N    IN    United States    MA    St. Regis University
White, Ronald E. Sr. Rev. Dr.    IN    United States    PhD    Cambridge Intl. Univ.
White, Sarah        United States    HS    
White, Sharon    NY    United States    HS    Trinity Christian High School
White, Sheila    IN    United States    HS    
White, Theresa Rose    FL    United States    PhD    Univ. of Phoenix
White, Velma J    CA    United States    MBA    
White, Zandra Z    FL    United States    MA    St. Lourdes University
White-Peterson, Jacqueline Yvette    APO    US-APO    MBA    
Whitehead, Ronald L    AL    United States    BS    
Whiteside, Mary K.    AL    United States        
Whitfield, Leshekia Chavet        United States    HS    
Whitfield, Vernique        United States        
Whitley, Jason Scott        United States    HS    
Whitmill, Andrew Ian        Great Britain    BA    
Whitmire, Andrea MWitmire, Richard C    TX    United States        
Whitmire, Jerry Thomas    WA    United States    PhD    Concordia
Whitmore, Ronald L    TN    United States    BBA    Concordia
Whitnack, Caylia        United States    HS    
Whitney, Robert Thorton    CA    United States    BS    Northwest United University
Whitt, Eddie Lewayne    TX    United States    BBA    
Whittaker, Robert D        United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Whittemore, Deborah    IN    United States        
Whittington, Stephanie M        United States    HS    
Whitty, Lisa        Canada        
Whitworth, Joshua        United States        
Wiberg, Shawna Kay Caudill    UT    United States    BS    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Wibowo, Imam        Australia    BS    
Wichers, George H.        United States    HS    
Widener, Jason David    OR    United States    HS    
Wiechert, Jason Clifford    CA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Wieder, Benjamin    NY    United States    PhD    
Wieleba, Joann Beverly (nee Scheckenhofer)    FL    United States    HS    
Wiggins, Julie Ann        South Korea    BA    
Wiggins, Katerial L        United States    HS    
Wigginton, Timothy R    TX    United States    BS    Holmes University
Wijatyk, Stepheh        United States    HS    
Wilbert, Sanceria        United States    HS    
Wilbourn, Candice        United States    HS    
Wilbur, Heather Nicole    IN    United States    HS    
Wilburn, Robert A    WY    United States        
Wilcannia, River of Life        Australia    AA    
Wilcox, Andrea Monay        United States        
Wilcox, Matthew Edward    SC    United States    HS    
Wilcox, Trakea D    GA    United States    HS    
Wilder, Shamira Denique    TX    United States        
Wiley, David Bruce    PA    United States    PhD    St. Regis University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Wilhelm, Connie                
Wilhoit, Matthew Ryan    IL    United States    HS    
Wilke, Chris    IN    United States    HS    
Wilkens, Bruna        United States    HS    
Wilkerson, Pauline Ashford        United States    HS    
Wilkie, Hugh J    DE    United States    MBA    
Wilkins, Sandii-Khim        United States        
Wilkins, Tammy Sue    KS    United States    HS    
Wilks, Heather Kay    AL    United States    HS    Trinity Christian High School
Wilks, Kevin Lamar    AL    United States    HS    Monroe University High School Site
Willett, Trisha        Canada    MA    
Willey, Christopher Lee    OK    United States    HS    Monroe University High School
Williams, Alejandro        United States    HS    
Williams, Alfonza    APO    US-APO    MA    
Williams, Alicia        United States        
Williams, Andre        United States    HS    
Williams, Angelique        United States        
Williams, Anthony Glen Jr.        United States    HS    
Williams, Candice        United States    HS    
Williams, Carl Bernon        Japan    BS    American West University
Williams, Charles Henry Jr.    SC    United States    BS    St. Lourdes University
Williams, Cherie La'Shan        United States    HS    
Williams, Cytha Nicole        United States    HS    
Williams, D Blake    TX    United States    MA    
Williams, Daniel    MD    United States    HS    Mission High School
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Williams, David D    CA    United States    BA    
Williams, Deniece Catherine    APO    US-APO    MBA    
Williams, Dianne C    CA    United States    BBA    
Williams, Dietrich        United States        
Williams, Doris            HS    
Williams, Elbert Larry Jr        United States    BA    
Williams, Francine Rose    APO    US-APO    BBA    
Williams, Herbert Antoneo        United States    DSc    
Williams, James Jr        United States    MA    St. Regis University
Williams, Jeanette        Great Britain        
Williams, Joseph Edward    APO    US-APO    MBA    
Williams, Karlene Andrea        United States    HS    
Williams, Katrina    GA    United States        
Williams, Keith        Great Britain    PhD    
Williams, Kenneth D    AL    United States    HS    
Williams, Kevin Dwight    MD    United States    PhD    
Williams, Kimberly Michelle    TX    United States    HS    Mission High School
Williams, Kurtis M    PA    United States        
Williams, Laquis        United States        
Williams, Larry    TX    United States    MA    St. Regis University
Williams, Marcia Lynn        Bahamas    BA    
Williams, Maria C    NY    United States    HS    Mission High School
Williams, Marley Ann    FL    United States    MA    Holy Acclaim University
Williams, Mr Stephen C        Great Britain    BS    
Williams, Neta    OK    United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Williams, Nicole Leann    MI    United States    BBA    Bradford College
Williams, Oscar Lee    VA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Williams, Randy J            BA    
Williams, Reyuanna    IL    United States        
Williams, Rodney A    TX    United States    BA    Blackstone University
Williams, Sandra        United States    PhD    
Williams, Sheila        United States    HS    
Williams, Stephen Charles        Great Britain    BS    All Saints American University
Williams, Sygmund Novak    CA    United States    MA    
Williams, Tangela        United States    HS    
Williams, Tara        United States        
Williams, Teresa    IN    United States    EdD    St. Regis University
Williams, Tom        Canada    Cert    
Williams, Veronica    MI    United States        
Williams, Vicky    AR    United States        
Williamson, David        United States        
Williamson, Emma        United States    HS    
Willie, Kenneth D.        United States    Cert    
Willingham, Jessica    TX    United States        
Willingham, Scott Alan    CA    United States    MBA    
Willis, Charles Lovell    NC    United States    MBA    
Willis, Latoya        United States    HS    
Willis, Shana    TX    United States    HS    Mission High School
Willmore, Janime    Ny    United States        
Willmott, Peter        Australia    PhDH    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Willoughby, Mary C    LA    United States    BA    Holmes University
Wills, Dale Allen    IL    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Wills, Mathew L        United States    HS    
Wilsey, Don W.        United States    BA    
Wilson, Angela Renee        United States    HS    
Wilson, Ashley        United States        
Wilson, Barbara Jean    OH    United States    BBA    
Wilson, Billy R Rev.    AR    United States    BA    
Wilson, Caroll L    VA    United States    HS    
Wilson, Chris    AZ    United States    BA    
Wilson, Cynthia E    KY    United States    BS    
Wilson, Darrell S.        United States    HS    
Wilson, Dawn Irene    TX    United States        
Wilson, Derrick A    GA    United States        
Wilson, Dory        United States    HS    
Wilson, Grant        Canada    BA    American West University
Wilson, Holly Ann        United States    HS    
Wilson, James K        Canada    HS    
Wilson, Jeffrey Stuart    WA    United States        
Wilson, Jenal        United States    HS    
Wilson, John Grant        Canada    BA    American West University
Wilson, Keith Bryan    NM    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Wilson, Lillian    MD    United States    HS    
Wilson, Marjorie Marie    AZ    United States    MS    
Wilson, Norma    VA    United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Wilson, Norris        United States    HS    
Wilson, Paul Galen        Thailand    HS    
Wilson, Rachelle Dennise    CA    United States    BS    
Wilson, Rhonda        United States    HS    
Wilson, Russel G    APO    US-APO    MS    
Wilson, Sheldon S        Canada    BBA    
Wilson, Thomas Ray    CA    United States    MBA    
Wilson, Tiani        United States    HS    
Wiltshire, Hamilton        Guyana    BBA    
Wincentsen, Lynn Marie    AZ    United States    HS    
Windham, Patricia L.        United States    HS    
Windt, Martin        South Africa    MA    
Winfield, Jonathan Scott    PA    United States    BA    
Winkle, Nancy L    NC    United States    BS    
Winn, Ralph R    MO    United States    MA    
Winn, Scott R    MO    United States    BA    
Winnett, Tisha    TX    United States    BS    Breyer State University
Winship, Diane Kay    IN    United States    HS    Mission High School
Winsor, Josh        United States    HS    
Winstead, Cecilia Denise        United States        
Winstead, Myrtle        United States    HS    
Winston, Karon Lamar        United States    BA    
Winter, Lisa        United States    HS    
Winterdyk, Daniel        Canada    HS    
Winters, Anita J    IN    United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Wintruba, Shannon V    PA    United States    BS    
Wirsy, J                
Wise, Kimberly        United States    HS    
Wise, Roy Hayes    FL    United States    BS    
Wise, Samuel Jacob    NV    United States    HS    Trinity Christian High School
Wise, Steve *    WA    United States        
Wiseman-Harper, Marie A            MA    
Witbeck, Norman C    VA    United States    PhD    
Withers, John H    CA    United States    BA    
Witherspoon, Cleveland Jr.    APO    US-APO    BA    Concordia University
Witmer, Jenna    IN    United States    HS    Mission High School
Witt, Jason Ashley    NY    United States    BS    Blackstone University
Witter, Brett        United States    HS    
Wlodarczyk, Bozena    IL    United States    BS    
Wludarski, Peter        Canada    BA    Blackstone University
Wofford, Jackie        United States    HS    
Wohnoutka, S                
Wokaly, Heather        United States    HS    
Wolf, Brandon        United States        
Wolf, Joseph M.    TX    United States    AS    
Wolfe, Angela        United States    HS    
Wolfe, Terry Bernard    APO    US-APO    BBA    American West University
Wolfe, Timothy    VA    United States        
Wolff, Amanda        United States    HS    
Wolff, Heinz        Spain    PhDH    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Wolfgang, Hoelzle        Japan    ProfFull    
Wolobah, James Blama    TN    United States    BBA    
Wong, Brenda Rosalyn        Malaysia    HS    
Wong, Danny            ProfFull    New Academy Of The Arts
Wong, Gary    NJ    United States    MS    
Wong, Janice W        Singapore    BBA    Northwest United University
Wong, Joseph Shen Ju Sin        Australia    EdD    
Wong, Kin-Yau Kenny        Canada    PhD    
Wong, Wai        Hong Kong    BS    
Wongsokerto, Senir M        Bahrain    BA    
Wood, Mark A    MA    United States    BS    
Wood, Nancy Billings    NC    United States    MA    
Wood, Roy Jefferson            MBA    
Woodall, Shawn            HS    
Woodard, Louis        United States    HS    
Woodard, Nicole Briane        United States    HS    
Woodberry, Pamela McDonald    SC    United States    BA    
Woodham, John A    AL    United States        
Woodland, Christopher        United States    HS    
Woodruff, Ramona Elizabeth    NY    United States    MA    
Woods, Deborah    OK    United States    BA    
Woods, Kevin F    NY    United States        
Woodward, Roddy        United States    MBA    
Woody, Chris A    SC    United States        
Wooldridge, Jeffrey Lee    FL    United States    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Woolf, Krystle        United States    HS    
Woolfalk, Jaron        United States    HS    
Woosley, Stephen M        United States    HS    
Wooten, Robert Noel    GA    United States        
Workman, Juanita Guevara        United States        
Worrell, Victor Kurt    FL    United States    BA    Concordia
Worth, Jessica        United States        
Worthy, Reginald Tyrone        United States    HS    
Worthy, Tabatha L.        United States    HS    
Wozniak, Roger B III    FL    United States    MS    
Wray, Mary Sue Roberts        United States    AA    
Wright, Bridgette        United States    HS    
Wright, Candie J aka Hilton-Wright    TN    United States    PhD    
Wright, Caroline    NJ    United States    HS    Mission High School
Wright, Desmond M        United States    BBA    
Wright, Donald    CA    United States    HS    
Wright, James Bruce    CO    United States    PhD    
Wright, Jason Wayne    NM    United States    BS    
Wright, Jay W        United States    BS    
Wright, Ladeeta Marie        United States    HS    
Wright, Robert Christopher    MO    United States    BS    
Wright, Sharena        United States        
Wright, Shon W    NM    United States    BS    
Wright, Sterrlene Marsha        United States    Cert    
Wright, Tiffany        United States    HS    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Wright, Timothy Ray    NV    United States    BS    Concordia
Wright, Willie E.        United States    MA    
Wright, Yolanda M.        United States    HS    
Wring, James        United States    HS    
Wrtbwrtbwrtb, Oiwerer        United States    PhD    
Wurmfeld, David Kelly    FL    United States    BS    
Wusu, Daniel Osei        Netherlands    HS    
Wyatt        United States    HS    
Wyatt, Eric Michael    PA    United States    HS    James Monroe High School
Wyatt, John P    CO    United States    BS    
Wyatt, Steven        United States        
Wycough, Leslie        United States    HS    
Wyrick, Fred Thomas    TX    United States    BBA    
Xavier, Burgess        United States    BS    St. Regis
Xuyen, Nguyen Thi Ngoc        Vietnam    BBA    
Yadav, Param Hansh            AA    
Yael        United States    MS    
Yamout, Abdul Rahman Saadeddine        Lebanon    BBA    
Yampolski, Bruce                
Yan, Zheng Miss or Feng, Sun Wei Mr.                
Yang, Jingzhe    FL    United States    BBA    
Yang, Zhong-Yi        Taiwan        
Yap, Julian Benjamin V Jr.        Philippines    MBA    
Yarbrough, Margaret G.        United States    PhD    
Yarbrough, Tami L    IL    United States    BBA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Yaron, Smeltzer David        United States    BS    
Yasin, Edris    CA    United States        
Yassin, Walid        Lebanon    MBA    
Yates, Jason Todd    FL    United States    MS    
Yates, Keven James        United States    HS    
Yazzie, Donovan J.        United States    HS    
Yazzie, Jolene        United States        
Ydoyaga, Richard William    VA    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Yeager, Stephanie Reene    TX    United States    HS    Mission High School
Yee, Michelle    CA    United States        
Yetzer, Jennifer Lynn        United States    HS    
Yiadom, Opoku B            BBA    
Yiangou, Xenis                
Yildirim, Kemal -            PhD    
Yishrael, Zerubabel Ben Yehudah    DC    United States    MA    
York, Doris Amanda    TX    United States    BA    
York, Hans    WA    United States    MS    Holmes Graduate Institute
York, Kenneth C    KY    United States        
York, Malisa A.        United States    HS    
Yoshimura, Sayuri        United States    HS    
Yost, William R    TX    United States    BBA    Concordia University
Yosver, Elda Raquel        United States    HS    
Yosver, Raquel Elda    FL    United States    Cert    Universidade Estacio De Sa
Young, Barrett L    KY    United States    MBA    St. Regis University
Young, Benjamin Harrison    IL    United States    BA    Northwest United University
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Young, Bennie        United States    HS    
Young, Charles L Jr.    FL    United States    BS    
Young, Christin M.            BA    St. Regis University
Young, Cynthia R    VA    United States    BA    
Young, Eric James        United States    HS    
Young, Ernie Paul    VA    United States        
Young, Jack        United States    HS    
Young, James    MA    United States    HS    Mission High School
Young, Lacey        United States    HS    
Young, Mamie        United States        
Young, Merrill D    TX    United States    BBA    Concordia
Young, Morris J    TX    United States    BA    
Young, Rhiannon        United States    HS    
Young, Sheri        Hong Kong    BBA    
Young, Taurean        United States    HS    
Young, Tomie L    TX    United States    BA    
Youngblood, Thomas R.        United States    HS    
Younger, John        United States    HS    
Younger, Steven G.    CO    United States    BS    
Youngquist, Jacleen    NJ    United States    HS    Liberty High School
Yount, Shauna Leafurn    TX    United States    HS    Mission High School
Younts, Martin Keith    GA    United States    MS    St. Regis University
Youssef, Nahla        United States    HS    
Yter, Buenaventura Vila        Spain    PhDH    
Yter, Vila B        Spain    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Yu, Tony Hsiu    CA    United States    MBA    San Jose State Univ.
Yuhas, Dennis C    MT    United States    Cert    Concordia University
Yun, Matthew Taechin    WA    United States        
Yusoff, Nordin Bin        Malaysia    PhD    St. Regis University
Zabaleta, Jesus Reinaldo Rivas        Venezuala    BS    Tecana Intl. Univ.
Zabridis, Vasilios Alfred    NY    United States    BA    
Zabriski, Peggy *                
Zachariades, George M        Cyprus    MBA    Northwest United University
Zack, Patria H    CA    United States    MS    
Zack, Yanni Z    CA    United States    PhD    
Zackman, Kevin W    NJ    United States    BA    InTech Univ.
Zafar, Arif M        Pakistan    PhD    
Zafar, Mohammad Yaqoob        Pakistan    PhD    
Zahari, Sulaiman Bin        Malaysia    MBA    
Zahn, Richard John    FL    United States    MBA    
Zahn, Samuel Isaac        Liberia    PhDH    
Zahn_, Richard G        United States    MBA    
ZahnSr, Richard Gregory    FL    United States    BA    
Zahra        Eritrera    BA    
Zaid, Abdukareem Al        Kuwait    PhDH    
Zaid, Ahmed S. Al        Saudi Arabia    HS    
Zak, Teisha        United States    HS    
Zaloumis, Panagiotis L.    FL    United States    HS    
Zang, Nuo        China    BBA    Bradford College
Zarzosa, Jesus        United States    PhD    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Zavala, Crystal Iris    CA    United States    HS    
Zayas, Hector M.        United States        
Zegama, Anwar Omar Abud        Saudi Arabia    BA    
Zegarra, Jose        United States    HS    
Zeidler, Milan            BBA    St. Regis University
Zelada, Eli Barbariano Canario        Venezuala    PhD    Tecana Intl. University.
Zelasko, Bruce A    IL    United States    HS    
Zeleny, Michael Alan    TX    United States    BBA    Capital University of Arts & Technology
Zeleznik, James D.        United States    BA    St. Lourdes University
Zell, Kathryn    PA    United States    HS    
Zellman, Mark duPlaine    FL    United States    BS    
Zenthoefer, Rebecca E    MO    United States        
Zernickel, Uwe B        Germany    BBA    St. Regis University
Zerr, Virginia Ruth        United States    HS    
Zhang, Da        United States    HS    
Zheng, Shu Juan        Canada    BA    
Zhu, Jun            BA    
Ziaee, Kamran            PhD    
Ziemiak, April        United States    HS    
Zigurski, Sarah    IL    United States        
Zilinsky, Sheila        Canada        
Zimmerman, Kirk        United States    BS    
Zimmerman, Mark Allen    MI    United States    BS    Concordia
Zimmerman, Stephen C.        South Africa    BA    
Name    State    Country    Degree    University
Zini, Brett        United States    HS    
Zirlen, Teresa W (nee McBride)    CA    United States    Cert    
Zito, Anhtin Justice    CA    United States    BS    St. Regis University
Zito, Anthin J        United States    BS    
Zitz, Matthew L    NY    United States    MS    
Zorro, Mario Jose        Portugal    Cert    
Zradi, Darleen M    NY    United States    BBA    
Zucca, Laura                Tasse Universitarie E Documenti Administrative
Zuheily, Roman    FL    United States    HS    
Zuniga, Lino A    CA    United States    BA    Blackstone University
Zurek, Melissa A.        United States    HS    
Zwickel, Angela        United States    HS

Deutschland heißt auf Amerikanesisch übrigens Germany. Oder heißt das nun amnestisch? Wie auch immer, da werden so einige die Generalamnesie [1] beantragen.

[1] Lexikon der Irrationalzahlenden

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Re: Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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Ich habe viele Nachrichten gesendet Drängen Sie diese Informationen aus dem Internet zu nehmen. Es voilates der Privatsphäre des Einzelnen hier aufgelistet. Die Bundesregierung hat keine Liste diese Informationen aus einem bestimmten Grund nehmen Sie bitte diese Informationen, sofort!! Diesen Beitrag löschen Diesen Beitrag löschen .. PLEASE!!

I have sent many messages urging you to take this information off the internet. It violates the privacy of individuals listed here. The federal government did no list this information for a reason please take this information down immediatly!!!!!  DELETE THIS POST DELETE THIS POST.. PLEASE!!!!


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Re: Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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I have sent many messages urging you to take this information off the internet. It violates the privacy of individuals listed here. The federal government did no list this information for a reason please take this information down immediatly!!!!!  DELETE THIS POST DELETE THIS POST.. PLEASE!!!!

Ich habe viele Nachrichten gesendet Drängen Sie diese Informationen aus dem Internet zu nehmen. Es verletzt die Privatsphäre des Einzelnen hier aufgelistet. Die Bundesregierung hat keine Liste diese Informationen aus einem bestimmten Grund nehmen Sie bitte diese Informationen, sofort!! Diesen Beitrag löschen Diesen Beitrag löschen .. PLEASE!!


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Re: Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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Re: Major diploma mill scheme shut down
« Reply #14 on: October 07, 2012, 12:50:26 AM »

I have sent many messages urging you to take this information off the internet. It violates the privacy of individuals listed here. The federal government did no list this information for a reason please take this information down immediatly!!!!!  DELETE THIS POST DELETE THIS POST.. PLEASE!!!!

Ich habe viele Nachrichten gesendet Drängen Sie diese Informationen aus dem Internet zu nehmen. Es verletzt die Privatsphäre des Einzelnen hier aufgelistet. Die Bundesregierung hat keine Liste diese Informationen aus einem bestimmten Grund nehmen Sie bitte diese Informationen, sofort!! Diesen Beitrag löschen Diesen Beitrag löschen .. PLEASE!!


#1 Who are you?

#2 Which diplomas did you buy?

#3 How many messages did you send? To whom?

#4 Did you read the Spokesman? We did.

Huckleberries Online
Sam: Morlin, Steele Absolute Tops
Posted by DFO
March 20, 2009 11:49 p.m.  •  0 comments

RE: Morlin, Steele, Webster leaving SR/Huckleberries Online

Bill Morlin is an amazing investigative reporter, as is Karen Dorn Steele and them not being at that paper is a severe, severe loss.

Work I did last year exposing a local man lying about his educational background and then working as a contractor, among other things, earthquake-proofing places like the Hanford nuclear site is a DIRECT result of Bill Morlin first getting the list of thousands of people who purchased fake degrees from a Spokane diploma mill from a source. His work on that story exposed people nationwide and led to the investigation of Washington State Troopers who purchased fake degrees and used them to get raises.

His work on other stories had the same impact, most especially his work on the Aryan Nations in Idaho. Seriously, I geek out when I hear Bill Morlin’s name and I honestly couldn’t care less who knows it.

Working on a nuclear power-plant, propelled by a fake diploma?

a local man lying about his educational background and then
working as a contractor, among other things,
earthquake-proofing places like the Hanford nuclear site

Who on the list did that? Was that you?

With respect to our nuclear power plant safety and other aspects, we now sent our Minister of Foreign Affairs a request for further investigations.


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Re: Major diploma mill scheme shut down
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Haha Yeah no I am not him, I actually graduated from a Regular high school and recieved a diploma from a technical school in Northern California. I work as a metal fabricator in aerospace. My name ended up on here due to some identity theft and my security clearance is suspended until I get all forms of my name cleared. I have verified this with my employer but all educational, good reports and bad come up when they backround check my name. I dont want to p