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Author Topic: Cell-Phones for the Needy / A Worry-Free Way To Stay Connected  (Read 1898 times)


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A Worry-Free Way To Stay Connected    

Assurance Wireless Benefits

If you qualify and are approved for Assurance Wireless, you’ll get:
   _     A FREE Assurance Wireless phone
   _     200 FREE minutes each month for local and domestic long-distance calling
   _     FREE voicemail, call waiting, and caller ID
   _     911 access

There are no bills, long-term contracts, activation fees, recurring fees, or surcharges for Assurance Wireless customers.
Access to Other Offerings
If you decide to add money to your account with a credit/debit card, PayPal or a Virgin Mobile Top-Up card, you can also take advantage of the following Virgin Mobile offerings:
   _     Additional minutes at 10¢ each
   _     International calling at great rates to over 200 countries
   _     15¢ text messages
   _     Messaging Packs as low as $5 for 200 messages
   _     411 service at $1.75 per call + standard airtime charges
   _     And so much more

Pricing for domestic calls and messaging only. All domestic text prices are to send and receive.

Virgin Mobile offers dual tone multi-frequency and single line service with access to operator services and directory assistance.
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Re: Cell-Phones for the Needy / A Worry-Free Way To Stay Connected
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