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Author Topic: Frankfurt/Oder, Kassel, Berlin : wegen dieses Irrsinns werden Menschen sterben  (Read 4397 times)


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Frankfurt/Oder, Kassel, Berlin, Freiburg : wegen dieses Irrsinns werden Menschen sterben

In den Universitäten und Hochschulen wird nicht Wissenschaft gelehrt, sondern Vollverblödung auf Kosten der Allgemeinheit.

Anstelle Wissenschaft zu lehren, wird das Gegenteil getan: Hochstapelei, Pfusch, Backebackekuchen im Sandkasten, verbrämt, prämiert, lizenziert, zertifiziert mit Bachelor-Titel, Master, Doktor, Professor, und Gummipunkten für Schamanen, Nachtschattengewächse und andere bildungsferne Abzocker.

Was dort geschieht unter Mantel und Schutz der Freiheit der Wissenschaft, ist eine so unglaubliche Blamage, es spottet jeder Beschreibung. Es ist nicht nur ein Problem "irgendwo" an irgendeiner Uni, sondern es ist ein totales Desaster, eine unfaßbare Katastrophe für zigtausende Menschen, die als Kranke Opfer dieser Irren werden, die von den Tätern in Talaren vollverblödet werden.

Es ist Irrsinn, und wegen dieses Irrsinns werden Menschen sterben.


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A post for the Quackometer
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2010, 07:59:23 AM »

The script at the Quackometer is insanely censoring. So I deposit the text here.

The reassigning of probands not only is done, but is done in a high percentage. Look at the percentages!

This is why I call that "study" a very primitive forgery.

If you look at the persons, you will find FOUR persons involved - aside of the writer herself. FOUR persons accepted that way of forgery. AND LATER the whole scam even got a prize!

This type of "studies" and this type of "prizes" demonstrates that homeopathy is a mafia crime, wherein members of the gang enable, support, strongly support and monetarize each other. And they infiltrate academic education.

In Germany the "university" "Europa-Universität Viadrina" in Frankfurt/Oder is giving Master degrees in "energy and informational medicine".

Look here:

There 31 documents are stored which contain incredible facts about a large-scale fraud in science:

The Viadrina with great effort was made a "Stiftungs-Universität" (donated university). This means that external forces control the university. The money comes from outside, especially from companies and groups, which use the university to acquire academic titles for their members and launch "scientific" PR as a lever to deep infiltrate public matters and opinion, and MAINLY to infiltrate the health system.

But beware! The term "Stiftungs-Universität" does not mean that the financial risk is with the outside forces. NO!!! If the university gets into financial trouble, the state will keep it financially safe.

That is heaven! The outside forces can mess up at any scale they want, they do not have to care about the consequences. Just like with the Hypo-Real-Estate bank THE PUBLIC is forced into paying the whole fraud.

And in this case the result is HORRIBLE: the academic system is blown to pieces, fraud and medieval bullshit is bombed into the health system. This will lead to dead. And I do mean DEAD: patients, who get killed by the "health" system.

Now, who is responsible for that fraud, for this large-scale murder? It is the politicians, who for more than a decade willfully pushed this crime machine forward. That the university became a "Stiftungs-Universität", is a willful act several groups of persons worked on for decades.

If you look closely at other places, you will find more "Stiftung"/donation stuff, like in Kassel. Now, who profits from that? Answer: Just look at who make those donations, say, in Kassel. It is the anthroposophs, an insane sect with much political power and a lot of money, and with greed for more power and more money.

Academia and the health system are in the hands of insane, and the powers to control that are eith damned stupid politicians or the doers themselves.

And because of this patients die in tens of thousands each year in Germany. No, that is not exaggerated. It is plain fact. The influence of insanity and stupidity in the medical system in Germany is by far larger than you might ever guess.

You see: that the development COULD BECOME so horrible ALREADY was set decades ago. The education, the politics AND the laissez-faire of the established health system members willfully lead to what we have now.

Hogwarts is harmless. Go to Germany to get the full-sized catastrophy of institutionalized mass murder.
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Der Skandal in Gelsenkirchen
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