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Author Topic: Placebo: How a sugar pill became a poison pill. Part 1 of a continuing saga...  (Read 1245 times)


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Ein langer, lesenswerter Artikel von Steve Salerno.

Sunday, March 27, 2011
Placebo: How a sugar pill became a poison pill. Part 1 of a continuing saga...

In the nearly six years I've been running SHAMblog, I've taken a fair amount of flak for my withering criticism of alternative medicine (and, for the record, I stand by that criticism). In the interest of honesty and fairness, however, this blog in the coming months will tell the story of placebo medicine: how during the past century, multiple precincts of traditional medical practice, from your local GP to the largest university hospitals, began trading in sugar pills: bogus drugs, bogus therapy, even bogus heart surgery. The dimensions of the problem are staggering and, as you will see, alarming. I will keep up with it as I'm able. I hope you get something out of it.



And it gets worse. In 1920, the maternal death rate—representing women, like poor Mary Coswell, who died of pregnancy-related complications or during childbirth—was just under eight women for every 1000 births. By 2000 that grim statistic had been sliced to near-nonexistence: just one woman for every 100,000 births.

But again, let's assume 1920's death rate still applied in 2000, and that each of the 4 million births that year represented one mother (i.e. leaving out the nominal statistical impact of twins and other multiples). That simple exercise in “what if?” adds some 30,000 maternal deaths to our hypothetical mix. Inasmuch as the age of the typical American woman giving birth is 25, those 30,000 premature deaths lop another full year off overall longevity figures.

In 1912, President Taft signed a bill that ordered the creation of the Children's Bureau, which embraced as its charter mandate a full-out assault on the nation's alarming rate of infant mortality.

much more in Steve Salerno's Blog:

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