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Warning about the Nazi swine at http://community.breastcancer.org


It is amazing to see how fast some swine at http://community.breastcancer.org erased the following warning concerning the "Meta-Mediciners":


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Topic: A very serious warning: "meta-medicine" is murder!

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ama2 wrote:

 The forum script just destroyed my complete text. I am not amused.


I found this forum because of a link to this web-page:

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ama2 wrote:

What is this? I just wanted to edit the text and the script turns berserk. This is no fun.

Ryke Geerd Hamer is a criminal psychopath, who declares that cancer is caused by a psychical conflict. If the conflict is solved, so he claims, the cancer will vanish. That idea is idiotic. Hamer is even to idotic to claim that tooth caries is not caused by bacteria, but is a cancer.

Would you believe that people are so damned stupid to believe that? Yes, there are some.

Would you believe that dentists would believe Hamer's insane stuff? Yes there are, and they even hold lectures about it.

Over the years Hamer's "Germanic New Medicine", as he calls it, lead to the most cruel death of hundreds of patients. The Hamer scene spreads from the USA to India, and an extremely dangerous group is the "meta-mediciners".

Ryke Geerd Hamer's idiocy has two key elements:

1. He makes strong antisemitic statements.

2. He declares his "medicine" to be the only valid one.

These two elements collide with the opinions of the general public, which makes it very hard to sell. So, several groups stole Hamer's idea constructs, ripped off the antisemitism (some even deny a relation with Hamer) and the solipsistic claim of being the only medicine.

One of these groups calls itself the "meta-mediciners". The have a base in the USA, are vastly spread all over the UK, are in germany (where they originate from), are in Norway (where they already piled up corpses) and reach to India, where (so they claim) a "clinic" treats according to the "meta-medicine".

All of this they do despite they do know very well of the hundreds of dead. A list (up to 2008 is here (149 dead):


Since 2008 we know of about 50 more cases of death,  numbers rising.

In the USA the "meta-mediciners"  committed a gigantic fraud by cheating two dozen world-famous screen actors (like Geena Davis, Ben Kingsley, Tommy Lee Jones and others) into believing that the "meta-mediciners" were conducting breast-cancer research, and to give names and pictures to make PR for the "meta-mediciners"..

But there is no research!

There are two domains dedicated to warn about the Hamer-scene:



where the latter is the original and http://www.deathsect.com is a partly translated version. 

The meta-mediciners run several domains to advertise for their murderous junk. End of 2010 they made a mistake which lead to a domain be free. This domain is


This domain had been used by the "meta-mediciners" for abusing the picures and names of the screen actors to make PR for the "meta-mediciners". Now it contains warnings, including emails and faxes to the Screen Actors Guild, to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.

We tried to get through to the screen actors to tell that what a crime they are part of. We even contacted cancer organisation and the Jewish group of the late Rabbi Schneerson, who  still is severely attacked by Hamer.  But the advertising with the actors still goes on.

Do not think that - since Hamer is a German - in the USA nothing happens to you.  It is Americans and Canadians and British, who STRONGLY indoctrinate patients. And they leave corpses.

Christina Connell, a US-citizien, is one of the victims. This is the obituary page for her:


Mrs. Connell was a musician and lived in Carthage, Missouri. She died in
march 2006, a victim of Ilsedora Laker,Toronto, Canada.
http://www.deathsect.com http://www.krebsforum-lazarus.ch

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ama2 wrote:

Would you please be so kind not to remove the links I make!?
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ama2 wrote:

This is the obituary page for Michaela, one of the victims of Ryke Geerd Hamer:


She died in 2005, under the most cruel conditions. To understand how cruel Hamer is: Hamer claims that morphine will kill you right away, so his victims do not take pain-killers...

We are in contact with families of the victims. Some are in Germany, some in Switzerland, some in Canada, some in the USA, and some in Belgium and France.

Some relatives started groups in Facebook, and some also have a blog.

In Germany rbb "Kontraste" and "Report München" by the Bayerische Rundfunk made several impressive reports. Also in France an Belgium the media made reports. In Canada Radio Canada had two big reports, and TV2.no had several. The Dutch "TROS radar" also did a long one. We are in contact with these TV stations and journalists, also with some of printed news-papers, like Dagblad in Norway.

Only, in the USA the media are absolutely deaf, blind, and ignorant. The reason we do not know. But we know and see how the "meta-mediciners" and other criminals are luring cancer patients.
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We do not know what is driving the Nazis at
,stupidity, or greed, or both.

The blood of how many victims do they already have on their hands?



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