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Author Topic: Hepatotoxicity of NONI juice: report of two cases.  (Read 1652 times)


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Hepatotoxicity of NONI juice: report of two cases.
« on: December 10, 2011, 01:02:39 PM »

Damit das nicht vergessen wird: Das Milliardengeschäft mit Noni beruht auf plumpem Wissenschaftsbetrug und Fälschungen, begangen unter anderem durch Neil Solomon.

"Netzwerke und Seilschaften
Noni + gesundheitsbezogene Werbung
"Solomon-Studie" gefälscht..."

Noni ist außerdem nicht ungefährlich. Hier ein Bericht:

Stadlbauer, V; Fickert, P; Lackner, C; Schmerlaib, J; Krisper, P; Trauner, M; Stauber, RE.
Hepatotoxicity of NONI juice: report of two cases.
World J Gastroenterol. 2005; 11(30): 4758-4760. 
(- Case Report) [OPEN ACCESS] PubMed
FullText [LINK: ]

NONI juice (Morinda citrifolia) is an increasingly popular wellness drink claimed to be beneficial for many illnesses. No overt toxicity has been reported to date. We present two cases of novel hepatotoxicity of NONI juice. Causality of liver injury by NONI juice was asses-sed. Routine laboratory tests and transjugular or percutaneous liver biopsy were performed. The first patient underwent successful liver transplantation while the second patient recovered spontaneously after cessation of NONI juice. A 29-year-old man with previous toxic hepatitis associated with small doses of paracetamol developed sub-acute hepatic failure following consumption of 1.5 L NONI juice over 3 wk necessitating urgent liver transplantation. A 62-year-old woman without evidence of previous liver disease developed an episode of self-limited acute hepatitis following consumption of 2 L NONI juice for over 3 mo. The most likely hepatotoxic components of Morinda citrifolia were anthraquinones. Physicians should be aware of potential hepatotoxicity of NONI juice.

Autor/innen der Med Uni Graz:

Fickert Peter
Krisper Peter
Lackner Karoline
Stadlbauer-Köllner Vanessa
Stauber Rudolf
Trauner Michael


Und auch dies darf nicht vergessen werden:

"Netzwerke und Seilschaften
Noni + Vereinte Nationen
Vereinte Nationen als Reklamevehikel mißbraucht"

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