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Author Topic: WARNUNG VOR DEM SAMUELI-INSTITUT! Militärforschung an der Viadrina?  (Read 3443 times)


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Integrative Healthcare for the Military: A Samueli Institute/Department of Defense Partnership

Sita Ananth

Explore 8(4), 256-257 (July/August 2012)

(no abstract available)


"...the bottom line for the military is to identify safe and effective treatments that can be implemented on a widespread basis within the current military infrastructure. There is a pragmatism and openness that allows, in some cases, for using methods or treatments that will help get the 'mission accomplished' so long as they are not harmful to the patient. This includes modalities such as acupuncture, yoga, homeopathy, and mind–body techniques.

"This is where the Samueli Institute comes in. For the last decade, the Institute, a nonprofit research organization dedicated to exploring the science of healing, has been making the case, through rigorous research, for the military in integrative therapies. Founded by philanthropists Henry and Susan Samueli and led by Wayne Jonas, MD, a retired Army physician and former head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Alternative Medicine, the Institute has conducted dozens of research projects ranging from acupuncture to mind body therapies to nutrition and wellness for the DoD. It began in 2001, when the DoD’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) asked the Institute to evaluate research done by Jacques Benveniste, a French immunologist, in which he asserted the ability of water to retain a 'memory' of substances previously dissolved in it to arbitrary dilution...
The Institute’s researchers were not able to demonstrate these biological effects, says Jonas, but what was more interesting about this project was the emergence of a 'social management' process for doing research in controversial areas, bringing together investigators who come in with biases on both sides of the issue."

"Col. Kevin T. Galloway, chief of staff and member of the PMTF, said that much of the push for integrative medicine services has come from soldiers and other military medicine beneficiaries who have had experiences with alternative care methods and vouch these methods do work in situations such as pain management...'(They) come to us saying, "This works for me. How can I get it?"'"

"Here are some examples of ongoing recent research projects.

Integrative Restoration (iRest®) for Military Healthcare Providers
This pilot study, developed and tailored for healthcare providers who treat and care for traumatically injured service members, was conducted to assess interest, feasibility, and logistics of an Integrative Restoration (iRest®) Yoga Nidra intervention—a research-based transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry."

Optimizing Omega-3
...the Samueli Institute is analyzing the feasibility of modifying food sources to increase their omega-3 content. TheDoD is particularly interested in how increasing omega-3 fatty acids in the diet can improve brain function and resilience of soldiers."

Auricular Stimulation Procedure for Pain
The Institute has investigated whether a simple ear acupuncture procedure—used in conjunction with standard medical care—delivered to wounded Service Members during aeromedical evacuation, might help alleviate pain."

"Comparative Effectiveness Study to Evaluate Two Acupuncture Methods for the
Treatment of Headaches Associated with TBI [traumatic brain injury]

This ongoing study is attempting to understand the speed and extent of the impact of healing prompted by two acupuncture approaches—auricular acupuncture and traditional Chinese acupuncture compared with usual medical care for treatment of headaches and the comorbidities of war-related Trauma Stress response..."

"Alaine Duncan, LAc, the lead acupuncturist and codesigner of the TBI headache study, says soldiers truly value the opportunity to experience nondrug approaches to restoring their lives and health."

Stinkt hochgradig nach Scharlatanerie. Nachdem Harald Walach und Stefan Schmidt seit Jahren damit verwickelt sind,
siehe unter anderem
besteht die Gefahr, daß die beiden sich nach ihrer Pleite in der Viadrina dorthin absetzen?

Eine andere Frage, die sich natürlich erst recht stellt: Welche "Forschungsaufträge" sind denn bisher gelaufen? Was haben Walach und Schmidt für das Samueli-Institut getan? Welche Verbindungen bestehen zum amerikanischen Militär?

Die Hochschulkommission hat möglicherweise noch nicht mal erkannt, daß sie bisher nur die Schneeflocke auf dem Eisberg gesichtet hat...



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Re: WARNUNG VOR DEM SAMUELI-INSTITUT! Militärforschung an der Viadrina?
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Zitat aus dem Newsletter Consumer Health Digest #08-01:

Consumer Health Digest #08-01
January 1, 2008

Consumer Health Digest is a free weekly e-mail newsletter edited by
Stephen Barrett, M.D., and cosponsored by NCAHF and Quackwatch. It
summarizes scientific reports; legislative developments; enforcement
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**Former U.S. Representative Berkeley Bedell persuaded Senator Tom
Harkin to shepherd bills that earmarked about $7 million to the
Samueli Institute for Information Biology, of which $200,000 was paid
to Bedell's National Foundation of Alternative Medicine. Bedell
suggested that the institute study the PAP-IMI, a quack device, until
an FDA investigation linked injuries and death to the device.
[PAP-IMI fan sought military study, Nov 19, 2007]
The institute's president and chief executive officer is Wayne Jonas,
M.D., former head of the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine
(precursor of today's National Center for Complementary and
Alternative Medicine).


Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Board Chairman, Quackwatch, Inc.
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Re: WARNUNG VOR DEM SAMUELI-INSTITUT! Militärforschung an der Viadrina?
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Aus diesem Thread
kopiere ich ein Zitat über die berüchtigte Geistheiler-"Studie":

Home  /  Chemistry  /  Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry

Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies
Volume 13 Issue 4, Pages 286 - 287

Published Online: 26 Jan 2010

2009 Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

Distant healing study finds no benefit for chronic fatigue syndrome


Walach H Bosch H Lewith G Naumann J Schwarzer B Falk S Kohls N Haraldsson E Wiesendanger H Nordmann A Tomasson H Prescott P Bucher HC
Effectiveness of distant healing for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: a randomised controlled partially blinded trial (EUHEALS). Psychother Psychosom 2008; 77: 158–66

To evaluate the effectiveness of distant healing in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and examine the influence of blinding on outcomes.

Multicentre trial with patients randomised in a 2 x 2 factorial design. Half the patients received intervention and half were put on a 6-month waiting list; half of each of those groups was blinded and half unblinded.

Patients were assigned to one of 14 private practices for environmental medicine in Germany and Austria.

A total of 409 adult patients who fulfilled the Fukuda criteria for chronic fatigue or the Oxford criteria for severe idiopathic CFS.

From a pool of 462 healers from 21 European countries and various healing traditions, each participant was assigned three healers. Healers were free to use any distant healing approach at whatever intensity and frequency was in accordance with their normal practice.

Main outcome measures
The primary outcome measure was self-reported mental health as measured by the Mental Health Component Summary score of the validated German version of the general health questionnaire (SF-36). The secondary outcome measure was self-reported physical health as measured by the Physical Health Component Summary (PHCS) score of the SF-36.

Main results
No significant differences were found between the four groups on the primary outcome. With the secondary outcome, no significant differences were found between those initially treated and those blinded who were not treated. A significant difference was found between the blinded groups and the unblinded groups (P = 0.03). The group that did not receive intervention and knew this showed no change in PHCS score, whereas the three other groups showed some improvements, although not with statistical significance.

Authors' conclusion
'In patients with CFS, distant healing appears to have no statistically significant effect on mental and physical health but the expectation of improvement did improve outcome.'

H Walach, School of Social Sciences and Samueli Institute for Information Biology, University of Northampton, Boughton Green Road, Northampton, NN2 7AL, UK, E-mail:
10.1111/j.2042-7166.2008.tb01772.x About DOI

Copyright © 1999-2010 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Schon in seiner Zeit in England hat Walach dicke Verbindungen zum Samueli-Institut gehabt, war vielleicht sogar ein Funktionär darin?

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