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Author Topic: Das TAFS Forum zu Paratuberkulose und Morbus crohn beim Menschen  (Read 1572 times)


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Ich darf das kopieren.  8)

Das TAFS Forum zu Paratuberkulose und Morbus crohn beim Menschen

Bern (TAFS) – The TAFS* forum is an independent, Swiss-based non-profit organisation, with international membership, dedicated to studying, reporting and making recommendations on controversial and emerging issues relating to the safety of food derived from animals.
Paratuberculosis in animals has been one of its recent focus topics. The TAFS* forum has published its “Assessment of Paratuberculosis in the Food Chain” presentation as a Youtube-Video.
The assessment is the product of extensive consensus building among our members.
It concludes that

    Several reasons warrant enhanced efforts to control paratuberculosis, including animal health, welfare, economics and trade.
    The best option to control paratuberculosis in animals is control on farm.
    Reducing exposure of humans to MAP should not be seen as the ultimate reason to control paratuberculosis in animals, but as an additional benefit without harm.
    Current scientific evidence on the human health aspect of paratuberculosis is unclear and implications are discussed controversially. Future science may or may not remove that uncertainty in either direction.

The assessment will be the basis for future refined recommendations for all stakeholders along the food chain how to address the problem.

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