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Author Topic: ERROL DENTON IN COURT!  (Read 1542 times)


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« on: December 11, 2013, 07:27:41 PM »


This is a rare piece of proof. The emphasized part shows why.


Wednesday 11 December 2013

UK News»
Law and Order
Harley Street practitioner claimed he could cure cancer and HIV with lifestyle changes and herbs, court hears
Man in court for rare prosecution under The Cancer Act 1939 which prohibits advertisements offering to treat or to cure cancer
Errol Denton claimed he could cure cancer and HIV with lifestyle changes and herbs

By News agencies

10:13 AM GMT 11 Dec 2013

 A Harley Street practitioner claimed he could cure cancer and HIV with "lifestyle changes and herbs", a court heard.

 Errol Denton also advised women not to wear bras as a tip for fending off "acidity" in the breasts, Westminster Magistrates court was told.

 He used his personal twitter account to boast: "Cancer, diabetes, HIV, etc etc, all curable without the big pharmaceuticals", it is alleged.

 Denton's website,, advertises a form of blood test, involving 'a very powerful microscope', used to detect 'imbalances'.

One article claimed, "I have advised women for years not to wear bras.

 "When they return for a blood test, the results show a reduction of acidity in the breast area", the court heard.

 Further passages on Denton's website read: "Wake up to the fact that cancer is a disease caused by lifestyle and as such is curable by lifestyle changes and herbs.

 "Natural Cancer cures are being suppressed in order to cull population growth."

 Denton, who represented himself, at first refused to confirm his name to District Judge Andrew Sweet.

 "I'm not 'Mr' Errol Denton. I'm Errol of the Denton family, not 'Mr', the corporate fiction," he said.

 "I am a living soul, I have inalienable rights. I am here by special invitation", Denton said.

 He finally relented as the judge demanded he sit in the public gallery and security guards arrived.

 Prosecutor Alexandra Ward opened the case for Westminster City Council, ignoring frequent cries of "objection" from Denton.

 "Mr Denton, who resides in Essex, is the manager of a company called 'Live Blood Test'", she said.

 "They operate from No 1, Harley Street in London, where they rent a serviced room. Mr Denton operates from there regularly.

 "He regularly uses the internet to post advertisements of his website and through Twitter, as well as blogging sites to advertise his microscopy service in relation to this blood test.

 "In part, it is suggested it could assist with the treatment of cancer.

 "The prosecution say that the court can infer that it was Mr Denton that took part in the publication of those advertisements.

 "It is Mr Denton whose is the sole occupant of the room as No 1, Harley Street."

 However Denton said: "I am not the party who wrote the articles, because they were done by a corporate entity not based in the UK, so there is no jurisdiction"

 He claims that various websites bearing his name are run by a Dubai-based company.

 "My representation has been damaged by internet agitators. They are the ones who made the complaint. They are sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies," he claimed.

The case is a rare prosecution under The Cancer Act 1939, which prohibits advertisements offering to treat or to cure cancer.

Denton is charged with nine counts under the Act.

Miss Ward added: "This is a circumstantial case, based on the content of the articles produced and Mr Denton's links to the Live Blood Trust."

Mr Denton continued to dispute whether there was any evidence linking him to the apparently illegal adverts, prompting the judge to tell him: "Just because you say there is no connection with something, and you say in a letter to the Trading Standards Board it is nothing to do with you, it doesn't meant they stop their inquiries."

Denton, of Woodford Green, Essex, denies nine breaches of section 4(2) of The Cancer Act 1939.

© Copyright of Telegraph Media Group Limited 2013

So, Errol Denton is in court now, and, as usual, Errol Denton attacks "the others" of harassing, forging, attacking, whatever. But we have proves to show that he lies.

Will Denton's lying in court motivate the judges to put more stress in the verdict against him? We only can hope so.
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« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2018, 10:34:28 AM »

Homeopathic 'quack' doctor who claimed he could cure cancer and told Kate Middleton she should burn her bra to avoid 'acidity' in the breasts faces jail after being found guilty of fake medical claims

    Errol Denton, 52, faces jail after being found guilty of fake medical claims
    The Essex man said he could cure cancer with diet tips and blood analysis
    Blackfriars Crown Court heard his techniques aren't backed by medical proof

By Cheyenne Roundtree For Mailonline

Published: 12:47 BST, 3 April 2018 | Updated: 13:58 BST, 3 April 2018

Read more:
"Freiheit für Grönland! Weg mit dem Packeis!"

Wer war das?
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