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Author Topic: Linda Burke is a dangerous fraud  (Read 5542 times)


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Linda Burke is a dangerous fraud
« on: January 26, 2014, 02:02:50 PM »

Women, watch out! Linda Burke is a dangerous fraud. If you want to die like these women, go ahead. Because that is the way you will die if you believe her and her accomplices:

US-American pathologist Dean G. LaPorte, MD kindly allows us to use these fotos. His web site concerning cancer is here:

Do never believe Linda Burke or other criminals.

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Meta Health Scan


A state of the art transformational health program.

Meta-Health addresses the root cause and process in the main categories of illness— cancers, cardio-vascular issues, lung ailments, digestive issues, infections, chronic diseases such as MS and other neurological disorders; Auto-immune disorders such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Polymyalgia;  organ disease, Alzheimer's, sexual dysfunctions and psychological conditions like addiction and depression, and many more

 Scientific research has now demonstrated there is an escalation process involved in the creation of illness, from its first appearance as a thought, feeling or emotion, through a spectrum of physical disturbances, chronic conditions, incurable processes and finally death. Before a problem shows up in the body as a symptom, it makes it presence known in the psyche as a theme, mood, idea, wish or fantasy..

 Because our culture trains us to make ourselves unreceptive to our psychological side, this leads directly to the first degree of escalation: we get a symptom – slight, innocent, yet totally congruent. It represents our soul’s way of expressing its energetic incoherence, despite all our efforts to the contrary. Psychological/soul incoherence has to be transmuted – that is, lived out for real – in such a way as to download into physicality. If we refuse to allow this transmutation of our own free will, then it will happen anyway, but this time via the mechanism of somatisation.(physical bodily processes, disease) This point clearly demonstrates th, rather than that we are actually creating and controlling the process unconsciously.

Specfic symptoms are expressions of pspecific sychological conflicts, which,  through their symbolism, reveal the root cause of your problems.   Illness indicates you are no longer in coherence or in harmony at the level of consciousness/soul. This loss of inner balance manifests itself in the body as a symptom. The symptom is both a signal and a vehicle of information; its appearance interrupts our life’s flow and forces us to give it our attention. It alerts us to the fact that we’ve lost our psychological balance. Anybody who is ill is lacking something, and specifically at the consciousness level: If they were not lacking something they would be whole—both healthy and complete. And so it comes about that when we have—a symptom—it is an expression of what we lack. The job then is to address the lack at the consciousness/soul level, and the symptom will disappear without further ado.

The Skills to Interpret Your Symptoms

 Diseases of the body and it's organ systems are symbolic, and specific, and these symbolic aspects are interpreted as expressions of psychological/soul level issues. Individual symptoms will be analyzed and the process of analysis used to teach a new way of seeing that will enable you to recognize the meanings of symptoms and develop your own interpretations.

The Meat-Health Scan

The Meta-Health Scan is an examination of your consciousness, how it’s making itself known in your body as symptoms large and small, what those symptoms mean and how to address them. You’ll never look at your health in the same way again.

Who Should Invest n a Meta-Health Scan?


 Whether you’re seemingly in perfect health, suffer from a few nagging health issues or were diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, this will change how you see your body and your life and move you into physical health and spiritual transformation.

 Step 1.   Finding the root cause.
 Finding the root cause...a 360 degree check-up of your mind/body/emotions and environment
 In this session I will work with you to reveal the root cause of your physical and/or emotional problem.  We work with, and beyond, the Medical diagnosis you have received from you doctor, and look for the underlying areas of lack of energetic coherence within your system and which significanty emotional events lie unresolved causing this, plus the biochemical, toxic which have led to this set of symptoms.  Using the Meta-Health Scan, the root cause of your body’s energetic, chemical and hormonal imbalances are identified. Once revealed, a specific course of action will be determined to help return you to full health and fitness.
 We determine where you are in the two phases of disease, and explain what your body is doing bio-logically to alleviate any fear you may have about your diagnosis.
 It is now scientifically demonstrated that all chronic and serious disease is triggered by unresolved emotional events from your past, energetically trapped in our consciousness/soul.   These leave an energetic imprint of specific information on our brain structure, (a program) which then downloads relevant information to specific related organ systems.   (in the same way as the information in an email is held in cyberspace until you open your inbox, into which it appears)
 We then have a physiological (bodily) response to the information, which is what Western medicine terms the disease process.   It is essential to address and eradicate any unresolved negative emotional issues which are directly related to you ill health, as the blueprint for our health is located in this subtle energy system and brain.   These hold our emotional vibration.   Any lack of coherence in any of our subtle energy systems will de-regulate our biology in predetermined ways leading to dis-ease of specific organ systems.
Detoxification, Supplementation, Diet and Lifestyle Prescriptions.
 Obtaining this information allows us to develop and prescribe specific strategies such as transformational fast change psychological/spiritual interventions and therapies, diet and lifestyle modifications, specific safe and effective detoxification protocols, supplementation, or stress management techniques.   Supplements are used short term to assist the body accomplish specific goals.
 Specific nutritional formulae are used to assist you body’s natural detoxification process, and hormone producing capacity, and can be discontinued when you normal endocrine function has been re-established.  It is typical for normal Adrenal function to be restored within 6 months and often much faster than this.   I caution against self-prescription as it is easy to make imbalances worse if you don’t have all the necessary information
 An important part of my approach is to assist my clients return to a more biologically appropriate diet, rich in organic vegetables and bio-diversely grown foods…the Stone Age diet that our ancestors ate.
The Meta-Health Scan can also pick up pre-pathological energetic incoherence states which have not yet manifested in your biology…and thus help prevent this happening.
 You will also receive and in-depth analysis of any bio-toxins or allergies present, and  a prescription of the most appropriate and effective antidotes and detoxification formulas tailored to your specific circumstances.
 This in-depth session takes aprox. 120-150 minutes
 Release and Re-imprinting session .   Clearing old pathological patterns and installing life-affirming new patterns.
   Now that we have identified the underlying Significant Emotional Event which has triggered your dis-ease, we can release it.
   Power Tools ...We have a tool box of powerful transformational tools to work with.   These include NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy, NLP NLP Hypnotherapy, EFT with Matric Reimprinting,, Shamanic Counseling, Sound and Light Therapy, Reiki Energy Healing,  Visualization, Meditation, and Energy work.   Releasing whatever is blocking you allows you to access your higher resources, and find your soul-ution learning. This transformational session takes aprox 120-150 minutes
 3.   Bespoke META-Wellness Plan
 Tailored to your specific needs and requirements In this last session we take a look at your environment, lifestyle, diet, supplementation, exercise, relationships, and recommend tailored therapies to assist your healing process. This session is designed to align all areas of your life in order to support your healing process in all possible ways. This session will take aprox 120 minutes
4.   META-Health Coaching
 Most clients will obtain huge shifts in health and wellbeing just working with the first 3 sessions, but some, with more challenging conditions have an option of continued support and health coaching.   META-Health coaching offers expertise in the ongoing healing process.   It may take the form of coaching, interventions as above, or a variety of therapies such as acupuncture, nutritional therapy, Reiki, physiotherapy etc  to maximize your healing potential.  We also monitor your progress, and adjust the META Health Plan, if necessary, to keep you on track.
 My practice is based in N Ireland (Enniskillen) but you can be anywhere in the world and still do a session with me. We can use the computer and skype. It feels almost like we would be in the same room if we use a web-camera.    Contact   or +442866328200 to book a sesssion
Further Reading:
1. Meta Sync Process
2. Meta Medicine & Meta Health

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