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Author Topic: Vater und Richter als Vollidioten, ein Fall aus den USA  (Read 1665 times)


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Vater und Richter als Vollidioten, ein Fall aus den USA
« on: January 20, 2015, 12:33:21 AM »

Stephen Barrett meldet diese Fall:

[healthfraud] Chlld abused for years by chelationists
From    Stephen Barrett

This is an amazing case. When the mother realized that chelation was causing her child to become sick, she stopped “co-operating,” whereupon a judge in Oregon ordered her to do what the doctor recommended. She persuaded doctor to stop by threatening to keep the Oregon Medical Board informed of everything he did. So the father took the boy to another chelator. Mother reported the doctor to the Washington Board, which ultimately creamed the doctor. But before that happened, a judge in Washington terminated her custody rights because of failure to co-operate with what the second doctor did. The article tells most of the story.

Every often we hear of a case where a court permits parents to pursue an “alternative” cancer treatment rather than standard treatment, even though treating doctors tell the judge the outcome will be fatal. The Probert case is the only one I have seen when a court ordered a parent to administer quack treatment.

Das ist der Artikel:

Washington health officials halt alternative autism treatment

Patient previously seen in Oregon, where treatment was permitted

By Tara Bannow / The Bulletin / @tarabannow

Published Jan 19, 2015 at 12:01AM / Updated Jan 19, 2015 at 06:07AM

Related articles:
   Parents battle over autism treatment

    Suzy Combs went along with the treatment plan for her son Victor Probert in the beginning. Indeed, she was desperate to do anything to help the autistic boy live a more normal life. But as time went on, she became increasingly doubtful the multiple supplements, prescription drugs and intravenous treatments benefited him. In doing research, she realized many of her concerns were supported by medical…

A mother’s pleas to stop an alternative medicine physician from performing potentially harmful treatments on her son were apparently not convincing to health officials in Oregon.

But when the questionable treatment regimen continued in Washington state under a different physician, officials there quickly put a stop to it, even barring that physician from treating patients under 18 and from being anyone’s sole health care provider.

The patient in this case is Victor Probert, now 19, who grew up in Central Oregon. When he was diagnosed with autism at age 4, his parents were desperate to find anyone who could help their son, but few providers in Central Oregon offered such services at the time. They took him to an Oregon City alternative medicine physician in 2003, right around the time their divorce proceedings began.

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