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Author Topic: 1/4 of your money for 'BX Protocol' goes to murderous fraud Sherry Tenpenny!  (Read 1110 times)


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Archived video for the FBI:

Found at this place:

1:38 / 1:38
What is Sherri Tenpenny's idea of "reasonable compensation" ?
Published on Jul 9, 2016

This video includes an excerpt of Sherri Tenpenny promoting the "BX Protocol" cure-all , from here ...

Sherri Tenpenny's "gold" sales rank from "Delta Institute International" , (the makers of "BX Protocol"), can be seen here ...

For full details of the "BX Protocol" scam see ...

Archived file for the FBI:

To make that table readable here it is in ASCII chars. "#" is the number of "members" defrauded by that certain person.

Code: [Select]
Affiliates sorted by # of Personal Members
Name                           ID  Email                         Phone               Rank     # Members
Delta Institute International  993        011(+507)832-6711   master   109
Private Private                985         440239438           gold      37
123                            971        412-607-1563        gold      24
Helvetia Foundation            995    +370-315-6808       master    21
Beth McDougall MD              767  415-388-5520        bronze    18
Damon Whitfield                793           614-792-5776        bronze    16
Webster Kehr                   992         785-215-3621        silver    14
Dr Stephen Grable              815           904-861-8002        bronze    10
[unreadable]                   [unreadable] [unreadable]         [unreadable]        [unreadable] [unreadable, but is 6 to 10]
[unreadable]                   [unreadable] [unreadable]         [unreadable]        [unreadable] [unreadable, but is 6 to 10]
Elizabeth Carter               823  610-251-9211        bronze     6
Dietrich Klinghardt            806                4258238818          bronze     6
[unreadable]                   [unreadable] [unreadable]         [unreadable]        [unreadable] [unreadable, but is 5 or 6]
ron zeller                     926           801 301 3581        bronze     5
Sica Robban                    942           203-799-7733        bronze     4
                                                                               lower figures:   270 + 5 + 12 = 287
                                                                               higher figures:  270 + 6 + 20 = 296
With the lower  figures = 287 * 17000 US$ = 4879000 US$
With the higher figures = 296 * 17000 US$ = 5032000 US$

Between 287 and 296 "members" cheated into becoming a member for 16,995 US Dollars each. "BX-Protocol" is a multi-million dollar fraud. We already knew that, but these are the internal figures. The numbers are not time dated, so we can assume a relatively short period of time.

Dewayne Lee Smith runs his fraud scheme for about 20 years now, so the full extent of the fraud is x times of what we see here.
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ama wrote "Dewayne Lee Smith runs his fraud scheme for about 20 years now".

Dewayne claims to have been a biologist for about 20 years, but "BX Protocol" only dates back to 2011.   

His "Delta Institute" did have a predecessor called "Omega Academy" which dates back to at least 2006 , see ...

So Dewayne has been in the quack-medicine business for at least a decade.


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GdGy wrote:
> Dewayne claims to have been a biologist for about 20 years, but "BX Protocol" only dates back to 2011.   

A scam only lasts for a certain time, then it wears off. After one scam does not work anymore frauds start a new one. This is common practice of MLMers. They stay in a system for some months to ride the wave, then jump to the next.

Smith must have started his "career" early, right after finishing his "studies", or perhaps already while on campus. The bio-electric fun-stuff like tubes, oscillators, and weirdly bent antennas, is dating back tol the early days of the last century.  Smith talks about having "worked" with these things since the 1990ies. You can bet it was this stuff, and, perhaps, vitamin pills, that he began his "businesses" with. He is a pro.
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