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Author Topic: Vaccine damage: PLEASE CUT OFF MY LEGS  (Read 5999 times)


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Vaccine damage: PLEASE CUT OFF MY LEGS
« on: September 22, 2016, 04:24:57 PM »

It is a vaccine damage: a case of being NOT vaccinated. The heart-breaking story of a young student nearly losing his life:

‘Please cut off my legs’ – life after meningitis

Jacob Gray
With Freshers' Week kicking off around the country, students are limbering up for the party of their lives. Yet there’s one uninvited and potentially deadly guest: meningitis.
Due to their lifestyle, students are particularly vulnerable; mixing in big groups and potentially mistaking symptoms for a harmless bout of ‘Freshers' Flu’. For some time now, the infection has been on the rise, with the number of deaths per year increasing from around 4 in 2012, to 22 deaths in 2014 and 2015. Just last week London student Paawan Purba died after contracting the MenW strain, just 48 hours after failing ill.
It’s a very real threat, and less than a fifth of young people have so far received the life saving vaccine (which is free on the NHS).

Jacob Gray contracted meningitis in 2013. As a fresh faced 21-year old set to go volunteering abroad, he found his body suddenly thrown into a battle for survival – one that ultimately changed his life forever. Here's his story...


Go on reading the full story, and do look at the photos!

Responsible for more than 83 dead: Taylor Winterstein, Edwin Tamasese


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Re: Vaccine damage: PLEASE CUT OFF MY LEGS
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