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Mass murderer Antonio Jimenez (Hope4Cancer) and the Samoa Connection

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Mass murder Antonio Jimenez wants to start one more of his parasite "clinics" for exploiting cancer patients, this time on the Samoan Islands:


Hope 4 Cancer offered MedCen

By Deidre Fanene , 25 May 2016

PICTURE: http://www.samoaobserver.ws/images/cache/600x400/crop/images%7Ccms-image-000007846.jpg

Minisita Lagolago o le Matagaluega o le Soifua Maloloina, o Salausa Dr. John Ah Ching ma Le na Faavaeina ma o le Faatonu Faa-foma’I o le Faalapotopotoga o le Hope 4 Cancer i Mexico, o Dr Antonio Jimenez ma le Palemia o Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi.

After lying vacant with little interest from buyers, the former MedCen Hospital at Vailima may have at last found new tenants.

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi is looking at setting up the Hope 4 Cancer Clinic there for the time being while the government looks for a permanent place near the beach for the clinic.

This was confirmed on Monday after the group presented to the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and members of the Health Sector, what Hope 4 Cancer is all about.

“These doctors from the United States of America are here with the hope to set up a clinic here in Samoa that will treat all illnesses especially Cancer by using different kinds of treatment rather than letting the patient go through chemo and radiation,” he said.

“This group is highly recommending  healthy eating and natural healing, like us here in Samoa.

“There are a lot of cancer patients who don’t want to go through the normal treatment of cancer like chemo and radiation but they would gladly go through what these doctors are bringing on the table.

“The reason why they want to setup a clinic here in Samoa is because most of their patients are from New Zealand and Australia and so it would be easier for these patients to travel to Samoa rather than spending a lot of money going to America which is expensive.

“They (cancer patients) also don’t want to go through the hard treatment but rather take these treatments that are much easier and less painful.”

Tuilaepa went on to say that these doctors are well trained and have many years of experience and also many of their patients have recovered from cancer because of these natural treatments.

“From my point of view this will benefit Samoa in many ways; not only that there will be a lot of patients who will travel here but in the side of our tourist industry,” he said.

“The government won’t have to spend millions and millions in sending patients overseas but they will be treated here.

“We went and had a look at the MedCen Hospital at Vailima to start up their clinic while we look for a space that is close to the ocean because these people also want to live a happy life while they are here for treatment.

“The hope for this is to have people travel to Samoa and also to have these doctors help our people so that we won’t spend more money on sending patients overseas and end up having sad results.”

The presentation was from the founder and Medical Director of the Hope 4 Cancer Institute in Mexico, Dr Antonio Jimenez.

Dr. Jimenez said   the Institute treats cancer patients of all stages and those with other lifestyle diseases.

“We also treat chronic diseases for example diabetes,” he said, “and high risk patients preventatively.”

“Our mission in Samoa is to establish a Hope 4 Cancer Centre to attract medical tourism,” he said.

“We will find and enable solutions for the Chronic Health Challenges facing the Samoan population and we will treat Samoan cancer patients locally to avoid travel to other countries for ineffective treatments.”

Dr. Jimenez said they chose Samoa because of the strategic, geographical location close to Australia, Asia and Africa.

“Not only that but Samoa’s low cost of living will make travel to Samoa more attractive than to other countries, because the cost of saving is the primary reason for the medical tourism choices of 70% patients.

“Also because of the government support and the favourable regulation environment, it will allow us to provide the best possible treatments.”

He said that the benefits of medical tourism for Samoa will generate employment at the clinic where they will need local Samoans at varying levels of expertise.

“Our goal is to use the local Samoan workforce to the greatest extent possible,” he said.

“We will also generate indirect employment in the hospitality industry and the tourism industry in general.

“Patients and companions will use hotels and restaurants, they will visit tourist spots and recommend Samoa to others on their return and many patients may return for follow up visits as well.”

Dr. Jimenez also presented the Hope 4 Cancer Business Model for Samoa Medical Tourism.

“Hope 4 Cancer’s Samoa clinic will first be established at an existing treatment facility with access to basic diagnostics and imaging facilities,” he said.

“Based on the market growth, we will work towards and independent, scalable and self contained facility.

“The programme will be largely based on our Cancun outpatients clinic in Mexico.

“The patients will be accommodated in comfortable outpatient stations, with reclining chairs, a pleasant outside view and connections to audio-visual system for their ongoing education.

“The typical duration of stay will be three weeks for cancer patients, and treatment plans for others indications will be developed individually based on their need.”

He went on to say that they will also partner with local hotels to provide comfortable living quarters for patients and their companions or guests.

“We will make arrangements with local retaurants to ensure that patients have access to meal plans with Hope 4 Cancer-approved dietary choices (vegetarian, organic, gluten-free meals).

“Patients will be allotted half-day sessions, six days a week.

“The rest of the time the patients will be free to enjoy Samoa’s tourist offerings.”

The Medical Director also went on to say that educational programme and Health Prevention will also be available for Samoa.

“We will actively participate in developing am educational programme that will teach people about preventive strategies at the grassroot level, starting with the youngest,” he said.

“These programmes can involve lectures,  workshops, hands on cooking classes etc.

“When the adult population’s habits are compromised, they cannot effectively educate the yopunger generation.

“it will be important to involve volunteer health coaches to sustain the momentum of the programme.

“The Government involvement un ensuring consistent media propaganda for the programme will be essential.

“We will also like to discuss with the government ways and means of limiting  access to processed foods that are high in added sugars because the easy availability of such foods will undo the best laid plans.”

He also talked about treating Samoan cancer patients at home as the reverse medical tourism.

“With Hope 4 Cancer available in Samoa, Samoan cancer patients will be able to avail themselves of high quality, nontoxic treatments at home,” he said.

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Noteworthy details the Samoans must scrutinize if they do not want to become accomplices and victims of the Mexican and American mass murderers:

"These doctors from the United States of America"

From the USA!? How that? Jimenez is in Mexico. His "clinic" in Tijuana is in Mexico. His "clinic" in Cancun is in Mexico.

Who is it that comes from the USA? Dewayne Lee Smith? Or Buttar? Or Klinghardt? Or Todd David Mauer? Or the also notorious fraud Sherri Tenpenny? They all are active in the USA. And their pants are on fire because their fraud system is under heavy attack.

It looks like a multi-million Dollar case of money laundering, by which the gang members try to get their assets out of the country.

“The reason why they want to setup a clinic here in Samoa is because most of their patients are from New Zealand and Australia"

We know of Australian victims of the BX Protocol gang already. So the gang also wants to ramp up these activities?

“The programme will be largely based on our Cancun outpatients clinic in Mexico.

Let's have a look at what the "clinic" in Cancun is about:


Hope4Cancer Cancun

Making Cancer History with Alternative Medicine


Among others:

    IV Anti-Cancer Program
    Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy
    Introduction to German New Medicine/Recall Healing Education
    Ultra-Violet Blood Irradiation (UVBI)
    Cellular and Organ Assessment
    Cell Well Diagnostic Assessment for Vitamins, Parasites & Viruses, Nutrition, Toxins, Antioxidants, Microbiology, Minerals, Fatty Acids EFA, & Radiation
    X-Ray and Ultrasound
    Laboratory, blood and urine tests conducted weekly
    Coffee Enema
    Non-invasive biofeedback with pulsed electromagnetic fields to detect and repair cellular imbalance & inflammation
    Full Spectrum Nutrition Education
    Baseline Nutrition


    Seven Key Principles

Therapy Programs


Contact Us
+1 (888) 544-5993 U.S.
+1 (619) 669-6511 International
Our Cancún Location
Blvd Kukulkan of Zona Hotelera
next to La Isla Shopping Mall

Copyright © 2015 Hope4Cancer

OPEN YOUR EYES! DO LOOK! "German New Medicine"

"German New Medicine" is the 100 percent lethal atrocity by Ryke Geerd Hamer. He and his followers left hundreds of dead. It is mass murder!

See this web-site about these slaughterers:


Do you want to look like this?





Dean LaPorte, MD, an America pathologists, allows us to use these pictures. This is his web-site: http://www.pathguy.com/~dlaporte/br_ca.htm

Dean LaPorte: "These four photos depict advanced or neglected cancers of the breast. They are not placed here to disturb or frighten you, but to emphasize the importance of early detection and treatment. You can greatly reduce the chances of this happening."

"Germanic New Medicine" is no treatment. It is mass murder!

Antonio Jimenez commits mass murder.

Here are some cases of what happens to patients in the "Hope 4 Cancer" "clinic".

Olivia Downie, a little girl from Scotland, died in 2012, after she got injections with the "BX Antitoxin", sold by the Utah based fraud gang of Dewayne Lee Smith:





"Scotland selected Edinburgh, Fife & East Glasgow & West Highlands & Islands NE, Orkney & Shetland selected South Tayside & Central

Scottish cancer girl Olivia Downie dies after return from Mexico
29 June 2012
From the section NE Scotland, Orkney & Shetland


Olivia Downie
Image caption
Olivia Downie was diagnosed with neuroblastoma three years ago

A seven-year-old Fraserburgh girl with terminal cancer, flown back to Scotland from Mexico after more than £150,000 was raised, has died.
Olivia Downie and her family flew out earlier this month to get treatment for neuroblastoma, which she was diagnosed with three years ago.
She flew back to Aberdeen on Wednesday.
The family said in a statement: "It is with great sadness that we announce that our darling daughter Olivia slipped away peacefully."
We were blessed to have had Olivia in our lives and her cheeky smile that shone like a star will be with us forever
Family statement
Olivia's parents, Lauren and Steven Downie, and family said she died on Friday morning after a "long and courageous battle".
They said: "We are so thankful that, thanks to the generosity of so many people, we have been able to take her home to Scotland so she could have her family by her side.
"Words cannot express how grateful we are that this final journey was made possible.
Plane arrives back
Image caption
The plane touched down in Aberdeen on Wednesday afternoon
"We would like to extend our gratitude to the medical and nursing teams both at NHS Grampian and overseas who have also been part of our lives for so long.
They added: "We were blessed to have had Olivia in our lives and her cheeky smile that shone like a star will be with us forever."
They also appealed for privacy "at such a devastating time in all our lives".
When the treatment in Mexico failed, Olivia was flown back by Air Ambulance Worldwide.

The emergency flight from Mexico back to Europe cost about £100,000. Can you afford that? Can you?

Now, imagine your are in the Pacific, on a lonely Island. How much will the emergency flight back home cost? Or will they simply sink your body in a hole in the gravel right there? Or just dump your corps into the ocean? Hamer let the corpses of the deceased be transported across the French border at night, so nobody would see it.

That is "Germanic New medicine": cash in the money and let the people rot and die, and do not even given them pain-killers.

Here is the obituary for Michaela Jakubczyk-Eckert, a German woman, who died in 2005:


Do not thnk that this is only happening elsewhere. No, right in the heart of the USA copycats of Hamer do their killing "work". And leave corpses.

This is the obituary for Christina Connell, US citizen, who died in 2006:


Antonio Jimenez is a murderer. "Sally13" wrote about her experience in Jimenez' clinic:


RE: Hope4Cancer Institute

by Sally13 on Sat May 26, 2012 04:17 AM
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Our experience was negative. The program did nothing for my daughter. She died several months after receiving treatment.  Nor did I see recoveries on the part of others to support the bloated statistics that Toni Jimenez gave in a phone interview prior to our deciding to go there. The staff are attentive while you are there, but they ignore you after you leave even if you have signed up for their home programs. I think most nurses, technicians, and office people genuinely think they are helping patients, but I think Jimenez and the other doctors know the true situation--and once you are gone, they don't want to know what has happened to you because it doesn't support their advertisements. Two weeks is too short a time to cure someone of a life-threatening illness, and patients are sent home with demanding regimes that few can follow for any period of time and often with ports for IVs that can result in serious infections requiring hospitalization. Jimenez spends most of his time promoting the program. In our experience, he spends little time with patients at the clinic. When we were there, no one had been able to find reviews of the clinic. The reviews on the web are promotional items by the clinic.
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Lauren Downie, mother of the mentioned Olivia Downie asked in that very cancer forum in June 2012:


RE: Hope4Cancer Institute

by laurendownie on Fri Jun 01, 2012 09:33 PM

Hi sorry for the questions,what type of cancer did your daughter have?and whats her age?my daughter is 7 and has neuroblastoma and were about to go here as a last ditch attempt as she has alot of cancer in her bones.ive read some positive some negative.the flights are going to cost us almost as much as the treatment!!!im so sorry to hear of the passing of your daughter.someth ing no parent should ever endure x
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In August 2012 Lauren Downie wrote:


RE: Hope4Cancer Institute

by laurendownie on Mon Aug 20, 2012 09:43 AM

My dear dear darling daughter Olivia has died I am devastated to tell you.we had the most horrifying experience at the hope4cancer clinic.she died the most painful tragic death. my daugher is Olivia downie. if you google her you will find some partial information on this. i am willing to chat about this but cant find the strength right now to post it all on here. we were transferred to a private hospital where Olivia was on life support. she then returned home in a private emergency air ambulance at our expense.or rather the nations expense.

the clinic never checked on Olivia' the hope 4 cancer clinic never called emailed etc etc. she died after 2days of returning home to local hosp. she had a a very very high tumour marker the clinic gave her a bx injection vaccine....which most definately worsened her condition. gave her torturous pain... then her lungs filled with fluids. we never got to hear her voice again... or see her eyes open...

I emailed the clinic and called,asking for a breakdown of the ingredients in the bx protocol.my questions ignored.they took us over there got the money...finished olivia off when she could have spent the time at home and the left us to get on with it,
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laurendownie on Mon Aug 20, 2012 09:43 AM:
"the clinic gave her a bx injection vaccine....which most definately worsened her condition.gave her torturous pain...then her lungs filled with fluids."

laurendownie on Mon Aug 20, 2012 09:43 AM:
"I emailed the clinic and called,asking for a breakdown of the ingredients in the bx protocol.my questions ignored."

An other fate, of spring 2016:



Harry Singh

This is Harry Singh. I noticed hope 4 cancer removed the reviews from their Facebook page after my review, also ban me from the page after I posted the review. After this I am certain these guys are not genuine, why would anyone do this if they are genuine.

Below was my original review:

We went there(May 2016) for my wife's(Gurpreet Kaur aka Bree) treatment and did all the treatments they had available, but none of the treatments(PNC 27, Rigvir, SonoPhotodynamic, Localized Hyperthermia, B17, etc.) helped her. My wife passed in just 3 weeks after completing her treatment; We noticed most of the doctors in Cancun clinic are inexperienced; our doctor even didn't know much about their treatments.
After the treatment, we tried to contact them regarding the possible side effects of Rigvir, no one replied, and we decided to discontinue using it. Until now, we haven't received any follow-up call.

We were very apprehensive to go there and were not sure if their treatments worked when we asked if they have any case studies or data to support their claims they had none. I do not know they are just another quacks who are making money off desperate cancer patients and family, so please do your research.

We spent $57,300 of our hard earned money, please feel free to message me if you have any question.


And this very mass murderer Antonio Jimenez wants to open a clinic on the Samoan Islands.

Do call the police and get him arrested.

[Inserted piece of proof: picture or the corrupt murder investor Prime Minister Tuilaepa with Antonio Jimenez.


Prime Minister of Samoa Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi reportedly said ...
“This group [Hop4Cancer] is highly recommending  healthy eating and natural healing, like us here in Samoa ".

The President of Samoa is definitely not in touch with reality if he thinks his people eat a healthy diet : they are fatter than Americans, see ... http://www.infoplease.com/world/statistics/obesity.html

Even if healthy eating was implemented will not cure cancer.

Maua Faleauto, you owe me a keyboard!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D  :-*

GoodGuy mentions this news page:


Cabinet awaits proposal

By Lanuola Tusani Tupufia , 13 September 2016

Cabinet is still waiting for a proposal from Hope 4 Cancer Clinic to use the $4.2million tala Samoa Land Corporation (S.L.C) building at Tuana’imato.

Confirmed by the Minister of Public Enterprises, Lautafi Selafi Purcell, he said the government is not pressuring the company.

“We are waiting for the proposal and there is more to be done to ensure their proposal is well prepared,” Lautafi told the Samoa Observer.

“It’s not just the building (S.L.C. headquarters) they want to use but it’s the shift of their company that will be coming. We want them to be well prepared rather than rushing in just to fill in the (empty) house.

“So we are not pressuring them. They are aware that government has accepted them to come in and there is a building for them.”

Four months ago, the founder and Medical Director of Hope 4 Cancer Institute in Mexico, Dr. Antonio Jimenez made a presentation to Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers about their cause.

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi had initially announced that the abandoned Medcen hospital at Vailima was to be used by the Group.

That later changed when Tuilaepa said the empty S.L.C. headquarters would be given to them instead.

Tuilaepa embraced the group.

“These doctors from the United States of America are here with the hope to set up a clinic here in Samoa that will treat all illnesses especially Cancer by using different kinds of treatment rather than letting the patient go through chemo and radiation,” he said.

“This group is highly recommending healthy eating and natural healing, like us here in Samoa. There are a lot of cancer patients who don’t want to go through the normal treatment of cancer like chemo and radiation but they would gladly go through what these doctors are bringing on the table.” 

He explained; “The reason why they want to setup a clinic here in Samoa is because most of their patients are from New Zealand and Australia and so it would be easier for these patients to travel to Samoa rather than spending a lot of money going to America which is expensive.

“They (cancer patients) also don’t want to go through the hard treatment but rather take these treatments that are much easier and less painful.”

Last month, Minister Lautafi said a special committee has been approved by Cabinet to prepare an agreement for the $4.2million headquarter that will house the Hope 4 Cancer clinic.

He said every detail of the lease will be included in the agreement.

While the government did not hold back its support for the Mexican own clinic, the Samoa Cancer Society had their concerns.

In a recent interview with the S.C.S. Executive officer, Shelley Burich she said it was wrong for patients to be denied the option of going through chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

 “What we want to say to the government is if they want to offer alternative treatment, then it’s okay. But don’t do away the Overseas Medical Treatment (O.V.T.),” she said.

 “They won’t be doing chemo or radio. With the supplements they will be using I don’t know about that. We don’t know what is in it.  So what we are pushing to the government is it’s wrong not to give that option of radio and chemo because not everyone would want to go the alternative way.”



    Maua Faleauto • 21 days ago

    The combination of a corrupt government and a dodgy medical facility fits the current profile. Like a prostitute that seeks easy advantage by teaming up with any criminal who promises a feed.
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Facebook User • 22 days ago

Hope 4 Cancer has a negative reputation for mistreatment of patients and fees charged. It is important that a complete investigation of this organization is made. Samoa's reputation could be seriously embaressed.
Please visit this website.

"The combination of a corrupt government and a dodgy medical facility fits the current profile. Like a prostitute that seeks easy advantage by teaming up with any criminal who promises a feed."

That's it! That is it. Exactly! You nail it. Maua, you owe a keyboard.  ;D

How stupid can a Prime Minister be? Oh, wait a minute! "Prime Minster"? Elsewhere it's called city mayor.

Just take this statement of Prime Minister, the Great:

"He explained; “The reason why they want to setup a clinic here in Samoa is because most of their patients are from New Zealand and Australia and so it would be easier for these patients to travel to Samoa rather than spending a lot of money going to America which is expensive."

Looking on the map reveals: Mexico is nearer to the USA than New Zealand or Australia. Actually, Mexico has a long common border with the USA.

Now, can Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, the Great Prime Minster of Samoa, please explain with the clinic, as he himself says, has "most of their patients are from New Zealand and Australia"?

How comes that more patients are from NZ and Oz when the travel cost is so high and when the USA are just on the other side of the border? Wouldn't it be logical that most patients are from the USA?

Could it be that the patients in the USA know more about that murderer place "Hope 4 Cancer"? And that the patients from the USA avoid the murderer place "Hope 4 cancer" like hell because they know that it is a murderer place?

How stupid and/or how deep in prostitution can a Prime Minister of Samoa be?

The Bahamas, known haven for pirates, gangsters, and other superb members of the human race, offered an extraterrestrial habitat for money and murderers.

The TG-1 remembers Nikolaus Klehr, an alleged medical doctor, who ripped off his victims far beyond 100 million DM.



Dr. Klehr

Dr. Klehr ist Member of Advisory Board der AuraViA und betreibt ein eigenes Institut für Immunologie und Zellbiologie. Bei ihm ist eine erfolgreiche Eigenblutzytokine Therapie, ein Patent Dr. Klehrs, in Deutschland möglich. Diese Methode wird in den Clinitels der AURAVIA angeboten werden. Zur Zeit, also vor Fertigstellung des ersten AuraViA-Clinitels (siehe hierzu weiter unten), ist eine Behandlung direkt bei Dr. Klehr in München und Salzburg möglich.


About this office:

Dupuch & Turnquest & Co. is one of the oldest and most respected Law Firms in The Bahamas. We are a highly successful practice with major strengths in corporate, commercial, property and private client services. We enjoy an International reputation earned over more than Fifty years of practice. One of our founding Partners, Sir Orville A. Turnquest, KCMG, Q.C. has now rejoined the Firm as Consultant Counsel after previously serving as Deputy Prime Minister of The Bahamas and Governor General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. While we initially made our reputation as leading Litigation Counsel, we have expanded over the past Twenty years and enjoy a considerable commercial practice also offering our Clients complete Probate, Conveyancing and Corporate Services with a clear vision of the future. Our Firm maintains offices in both Freeport and Nassau and its two Senior Partners, Terence R. H. Gape, Esq. and Mrs. Caryl A.E. Lashley, have been in practice for over Thirty years. The Firm's Freeport office has been in existence since 1969 and now has a Staff of Three counsel and Thirteen support staff to meet your individual legal needs. The Firm is constantly adapting to the new demands of business pressures in an ever changing environment. We not only understand what our clients need today but equally as important, what they will need tomorrow.

Not only have we attended to the needs of retail and institutional clients throughout The Bahamas, we have also been pleased to represent the SOUTHERN COMPANY of Atlanta in their major purchase of the Electric Utility in Grand Bahama and The DART CORPORATION in establishment of its Polystyrene facility in Grand Bahama. We have recently represented GROUP VIVENDI in major investment in the Port Area. We are presently representing the GINN DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LLC in the establishment of a major waterfront and golf course, residential resort on Grand Bahama and ASSOCIATED GROCERS OF FLORIDA INC. in their purchase and establishment of a major transshipment operation next to the Container Port in the Sea/Air Business Centre at Freeport Harbor. We also now represent DEVRY INC. in their establishment ROSS UNIVERSITY in The Bahamas and BLUE WATER VENTURES of Key West, Florida, the largest federally licenced shallow water treasure salvage operator in the United States of America. Additionally, our Firm remains committed to the MEGA-YACHT REGISTRATION initiative being progressed by the Bahamas Maritime Authority and the Government of The Bahamas.


- Das LOME-Abkommen, welches einen zoll- und steuerbegünstigten Zugang in die
  Europäische Union (EU), sowie zu den African-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP)-Staaten ermöglicht.

- Liberale Gesetzgebung im Medizin- und Pharmabereich, welche Produktion und Einsatz
  von natürlichen Heilmitteln und speziellen Heilmethoden begünstigt.

Warentransfer und Geldtransfer mit/zwischen Staaten, mit denen von Deutschland aus schwer Handel zu treiben ist wegen deutscher/europäischer Bestimmungen, lassen sich von den Bahamas aus leicht abwickeln.

Besonderes Interesse dürfte vor allem auch der Punkt "Produktion und Einsatz von Medikamenten und Heilmethoden" haben.

Während die europäischen Staaten strikter sind und die Kranken schützen, sind Kranke in Afrika  Freiwild für Ausbeuter, Abzocker und Parasiten. Was liegt näher für diese Szene als sich in diesen Staaten Afrikas und auf den Bahamas niederzulassen? Vor allem die Bahamas mit ihrem hohen Freizeitwert dürften für begüterte Patienten eine gute Anlegestelle sein, sowohl einen Urlaub zu verbringen als auch sich von Scharlatan Dr. X. behandeln zu lassen. Selbst ein so kleines Licht wie ein Lübecker Heilpraktiker empfahl seinen Kunden, sich für die Behandlung ins Ausland zu begeben, da er sie in Deutschland nicht behandeln dürfe.

Any little banana republic which has its own legislation and can bend laws in any way the  slave owners want, can be a haven for foreign wrongdoers, from thieves to medical murderers, whoever pays is welcomed.

The latest article is dated some weeks ago. But already in July 2016 there was a nice and strong comment on the background of Samoan politics.

Listen and enjoy:


Mysterious moves of government
18 July 2016
Marj Moore

News that the costly, white elephant that was the Samoa Land Corporation’s headquarters at Tuanaimato has at last found a tenant, is good news isn’t it?

The government certainly thinks so anyway.

Particularly after various prospective buyers and would-be tenants did their own due diligence on the real value of the property and building and found it was nowhere near worth the ridiculous sum that the government was asking.

Nobody with a brain was surprised about that.

After all it was common knowledge even before various parliamentary reports provided confirmation that S.L.C. was ‘party central’ for slack purchasing practices, dubious middlemen suppliers, overspending by the then minister Faumuina Liuga, non-collection of revenue, sale of land to S.L.C .employees at 60% of the market price, unsatisfactory quote systems, unsuccessful projects and other dodgy deals going down.

As for the escalator in this doomed building, as a symbol of the whole organisation, it never actually went up.

Now however, the government in its wisdom has offered to lease the building and property to an organisation from Mexico called ‘Hope 4 Cancer’.

Already members of parliament are twittering on about ‘medical tourism’.

According to an online report, “The Hope4Cancer Institute (in Mexico), offers ocean views, wireless Internet and “a private driver for shopping and sightseeing outings (because there are no side effects to our treatments...)” The glitzy marketing and offers for last-chance miracles often carry US$25,000 price tags that insurers won’t cover. But that hasn’t stemmed visitors, from the anonymous to the famous, from coming. Actor Steve McQueen was treated for cancer in a Tijuana clinic with laetrile, a treatment made from apricot pits. McQueen died a few months after his treatment. Civil rights champion Coretta Scott King also sought alternative remedies to her ovarian cancer but died in Tijuana in 2006.”

And while Minister of Public Enterprises, Lautafi Selafi Purcell has assured everyone who will listen that, “Every detail of the lease will be in the agreement”, we would like to be similarly assured that government has done its due diligence checks on this organisation.

To this question, the minister did a sidestep by answering that “the contact person for the mission is the office of the Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi.”

So does this mean he does not know if the organisation has been investigated or is he saying he doesn’t want to answer that question?

Either way, one would think that from past experiences of foreigners from all over the world who jet in with grandiose schemes and just as quickly fly out, it would be prudent to have all the facts before going to the trouble of sorting out a lease.

However in looking at government decisions it is wise to remember that they often move in mysterious ways and deliver mixed messages.

For example government is so concerned for our health and well being, large amounts of our taxpayers’ money is spent in advertisements, campaigns and other publicity urging us to stop smoking or not to start.

But alongside all of that, in an apparent chase for yet more revenue and perhaps pressure from our donor friends, it approves the setting up of a second cigarette factory.

It then excuses that decision by saying “The choice of smoking is up to the person. Even if we don’t have a tobacco company here, people will buy cigarette from overseas.”


So why bother with all the non-smoking publicity then if it is the people’s choice?

The minister goes on to say that the company plans to use locally-grown tobacco, known as tapa’a plant, to make the product.

“Locals who harvest the plant could sell it to the company.

“That is what we want to encourage.

“We want our local materials to be utilised instead of setting up an office here and bringing in things from elsewhere.”

Missing from his comments are any assurances that the local product will not cause cancer and other related diseases.

Also strangely quiet on the entire matter is the Ministry of Health.

Tell us what you think.

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No, I will not abridge. I want to show that on that little banana republic island Samoa not all are deluded by the government. In this case the newspaper "Samoa Observer" takes a strong stand.

Citizens also open their mouth, and - like in the Bahamas - the language is pure, open-minded, and free:

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savesamoafrommadmen • 3 months ago

I'm not surprised at all if that prostitute SIFA Monsega and her tax evasion scheme is involved in all these maneuvering.


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