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Author Topic: Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves  (Read 4063 times)


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Excerpt of some shit Montagnier and others scribbled in 2015.

Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine 34(2) 106-112 (2015)

Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves

Luc Montagnier (1,2), Emilio Del Giudice (3,4)*, Jamal Aïssa (2), Claude Lavallee (1), Steven Motschwiller (5), Antonio Capolupo (6,7), Albino Polcari (8), Paola Romano (8,9), Alberto Tedeschi (10), and Giuseppe Vitiello (6,7)

1 World Foundation for AIDS Research and Prevention (UNESCO), Paris, France
2 Nanectis Biotechnologies, Jouy-en-Josas, France
3 Sezione INFN, Milano, Italy (retired)
4 Centro Studi Eva Reich, Milano, Italy
5 Chronix Biomedical, GmbH, Göttingen, Germany
6 Dipartimento di Fisica E.R. Caianiello Università di Salerno, Fisciano (SA), Italy
7 INFN Gruppo Collegato di Salerno, Fisciano (SA), Italy
8 Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie, Università del Sannio, Benevento, Italy 9 SPIN-CNR, Università di Salerno, Fisciano (SA), Italy
10 WHITE Holographic Bioresonance, Milano, Italy
* Deceased 31 January 2014


The experimental conditions by which electromagnetic signals (EMS) of low frequency can be emitted by diluted aqueous solutions of some bacterial and viral DNAs are described. That the recorded EMS and nanostructures induced in water carry the DNA information (sequence) is shown by retrieval of that same DNA by classical PCR amplification using the TAQ polymerase, including both primers and nucleotides. Moreover, such a transduction process has also been observed in living human cells exposed to EMS irradiation. These experiments suggest that coherent long-range molecular interaction must be present in water to observe the above-mentioned features. The quantum field theory analysis of the phenomenon is presented in this article.

Excerpts (references deleted):

"This paper is an overview of what we have achieved during the past 10 years in this new field of Biology: the role of water memory and electromagnetic waves in biological processes, including pathological conditions. The reported data are not only of theoretical interest, but also lead to many medical applications."

"On 13 July 2005..., using a device previously designed by the Jacques Benveniste team to detect electromagnetic signals (EMS) in water dilutions of biologically active compounds, and with the help of one of his former collaborators...two of us (LM, JA) observed for the first time an increase in amplitude and frequency of the recorded electric signals emitted by some high dilutions of filtrates of bacteria (Mycoplasma pirum, then Escherichia coli)."

"We soon discovered that DNA was the main source of the initiation of EMS in water. In contrast to the fresh preparation of biological fluids...DNA could be extracted from frozen material without losing its EMS capacity.

"In fact, as we will see further, this property of some bacterial and viral DNA sequences of emitting EMS is like an indelible tag, and is faithfully transmitted to water structures."

"The size of DNA fragments emitting EMS ranges between 104 base pair (LTR fragment of HIV) to several kilo-bases..."

"Usually, the EMS-emitting dilutions are between 10^7 and 10^13 for bacteria, 10^6 and 10^10 for small viruses (as HIV1). The first lower dilutions are apparently 'silent', not emitting detectable signals. Capture of EMS: as the EMS are produced by resonance, we use either an artificial excitation (7 Hz which was found to be the minimally active frequency) in a closed environment shielded by mu-metal, or in open air exposed to the background ambient noise. Usually, this background noise predominates in the 50–300 Hz range, so that the positive EMS, which are in the range of 500–3000 Hz, are easily detected."

"...we have studied an interesting situation in the case of HIV-infected patients: here, besides EMS produced by HIV DNA (nanostructures filtering at 20 nm pores), we detected EMS filtering at 100 nm pores and retained at 20 nm pores produced by DNA of an intracellular bacterium present in red blood cells. Surprisingly, these 'bacterial' EMS were found to be produced in part by human DNA sequences integrated in or strongly associated with the bacterial DNA."

"Moreover, the same sequence was found in the red blood cells of some healthy individuals, HIV negative; but in these HIV negative individuals, this sequence did not to emit signals. This would indicate that the modification of this DNA resulting in EMS emission occurred only under pathogenic conditions."

"As EMS are so far only detected in patients suffering of various chronic diseases, it is tempting to speculate that there is a common biochemical modification of the DNA of infectious bacteria and/or viruses present in such diseases."

"...the ability of EMS production can be transmitted from tube 1 containing an emitter DNA dilution to tube 2 of 'naive' water, provided the system is excited overnight by electromagnetic waves of a minimal frequency of 7 Hz. Presumably tube 1 transmits waves to the water in tube 2..."

"The emission of EMS by the exposed tubes is thus a resonance phenomenon, dependent on external wave input. More importantly, these EMS carry specific information of the initial DNA, as shown by retrieving the DNA by PCR in the recipient tube."

"To further make the demonstration unassailable, the EMS carrying the DNA information were recorded as a digital file and sent via Internet to a recipient laboratory where work on this DNA or on the bacterium or virus which was the source of that DNA had never been done (Figure 3). Several labs in Italy and Germany accepted the challenge."

“These intriguing results raised several questions:
(1) How a DNA polymerase (the TAQ polymerase of a thermophilic bacterium) can ‘read’ a genetic code on water structures?”

“...the theoretical study of how water structures can store molecular information and transport it by electromagnetic waves plays a crucial role to the coherent molecular dynamics in the formation of water nanostructures.”

“We tested several immortalized human cell lines derived from leukemias, or cancers...”

“Results were striking: all cells of tumor origin synthesized Borrelia 16S DNA after they were exposed for several days to magnetic field modulated by the EMS of Borellia 16S DNA. At the same time, cell growth was inhibited, ending in cell death.”

“Remarkably the resulting amplicon was found to be EMS emitter, showing that this initial property was not lost during the complex transmission of DNA information. The normal differentiated MRC5 cells and the T lymphocytes were not affected in their growth under the same culture conditions and the Borrelia amplicon could not be detected in these cells.”

“These preliminary results indicate that the tumoral cell lines so far investigated do possess the enzymatic ability of reading the water nanostructures carrying the DNA information.”

“These experimental observations suggest that long-range molecular interaction must be present in water to observe the above-mentioned properties. Indeed, since in the transduction process the high level of sequential ordering among several hundreds of nucleotides entering the transduced DNA chain is obtained, we can clearly observe the presence of collective molecular dynamical behavior of water. In quantum field theory (QFT) it is known that the ordering of the elementary components of a system is achieved as a result of the spontaneous breakdown of symmetry and constitutes the observable manifestation of coherence. Ordering is thus not the result of short-range forces, but of long-range collective coherent correlation.”

“We thus conclude that the observed properties of the DNA–water system provide an indication of (may be accounted by) the coherent molecular dynamics. The theoretical analysis based on quantum electrodynamics (QED) shows that liquid water appears to behave as an active medium able to perform through very low frequency electromagnetic fields (e.m.f.).”

“One important aspect of such a general QFT mechanism is that the transition to the coherent dynamical regime can be triggered by a vanishingly weak external input. Due to the weakness of the input, the system does not get ‘slaved’ by it, but reacts to it according to its own internal dynamics and, provided that the mentioned conditions of temperature and density are satisfied, the system sets in a coherent state, whose phase is determined by the phase of the triggering input.”

“The stimulation caused by the electromagnetic background of very low frequency is indeed observed to be essential in order for the DNA–water system to emit the EMS. In the experiments, the background ELS is either produced from natural sources (the Schumann resonances which start at 7.83 Hz or from artificial sources.

"The fragment of DNA embedded in the water also acts as a trigger in the surrounding water, causing the spontaneous formation of CDs, which appear as a self-produced cavity with molecular coherence strength independent from the specific input strength. However, there is ‘phase locking’ between the specific DNA molecular structure and the water molecules."

"The following question now naturally arises: Does theEMS have any specific property related to the coherent dynamical structure discussed above? The question is particularly relevant because the emitted EMS, acting on water molecular dynamics, produces coherent structures such that in PCR processes the DNA transduction occurs with the same nucleotide sequence similar to the parent DNA. The answer to the question is provided by observing that the EMS appears to carry not only the specific information of its frequency spectrum, amplitude and phase modulation (the syntactic level), but it also describes the dynamics out of which it is generated. In other words, beside the syntactic level of pure information (a` la Shannon), there is a semantic content, which manifests itself in the underlying coherent dynamics of the DNA–water system responsible of the polymerization (highly ordered sequence) of hundreds of nucleotides."

"Finally, concerning the question 1 in the section ‘Water nanostructures and EMS do carry DNA information’ (how a DNA polymerase, the TAQ polymerase of a thermophilic bacterium, can ‘read’ a genetic code on water structures), the whole dynamical scenario above presented provides the answer to it. It is a complex scenario founded on QFT of coherent systems and is then not surprising that those who are unaware of it could not conceive the positive answer, with all of its complex but clear details, to that question."

"This 10-year long collaborative work has yielded some scientific facts and concepts in a new domain of Science at the frontier of Biology and quantum field Physics.

"A new property of some DNA molecules has been discovered, that of emitting low-frequency electromagnetic waves in water dilutions. These DNAs originate from pathogenic agents or agents endowed with pathogenic potential. It may not be pure coincidence that such EMS are associated with diseases, particularly chronic diseases.

"Under natural conditions, EMS and water nanostructures may play a role of stealthy elements carrying DNA information of infectious agents while being undetected by the immune system or being insensitive to conventional therapies."

"Moreover, in the laboratory, we have shown for the first time that EMS can be re-transcribed into DNA in living cells...Thus, this new biology that we can call after Jacques Benveniste, Digital Biology, has a very promising future, both at the level of quantum Physics, and in numerous medical applications."

"...the above discussion suggests that the dynamical law of coherence acts as a law of form inducing guided polymerization processes (controlling morphogenesis): the specific polymerization so obtained is the expression of the semantic content of the EMS mentioned in the previous section, referred to as the signal meaning by us."

"The experiments discussed in this paper suggest that also in the usual PCR processes the DNA duplication is obtained due to the EMS emitted by the parent DNA in the environment of reciprocal interactions with water molecules, enzymes, primers and nucleotides in the solution.

"The EMS appears thus to be the carrier of the coherence expressed in the DNA code."


This calls for a closer look at the other "scientists" involved in that "paper". A network of frauds and forgers. Doing fake science. The scientific community must do an intense self-cleaning process to get rid of this burden.
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