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Author Topic: Französische Kliniker erheben sich gegen den 'Komplementär'-Wahn  (Read 706 times)


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Mehr ist auf die Schnelle nicht zu finden. Wo ist der originale Artikel des Figaro?

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March 23 at 2:00pm ·

French clinicians are making a stand against CAM, and what good news this is.

They have signed an open letter condemning the practice of "mainstreaming" CAM.

They are feed up with charlatans, and aren't we all.

The mistrust promotion of evidence based medicine, which we know is the mainstay of Woo, is very much a sticking point.

It can and does cost lives.

Lets hope this catches on!


"More than 100 French clinicians have signed an open letter, condemning the mainstreaming of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

Published in the newspaper Le Figaro, the letter calls for medical authorities to stop recognizing alternative treatments as viable options to mainstream medicine.

The authors also demand medical schools cease teaching the practice and call for a halt to government-funded CAM treatments.

In the letter, the 124 signatories argue such “esoteric disciplines are … fed by charlatans [with] no scientific basis”.
Instead, they argue CAM is “based on beliefs promising miraculous healing”.

"We wish to dissociate ourselves completely from practices that are neither scientific nor ethical, but rather irrational and dangerous," the letter reads.

The authors also argue that CAM promotes a “mistrust” of conventional treatment and can delay diagnosis."…/french-doctors-condemn-altern…
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