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Police raid wants Johnson Mujuru



Johnson Mujuru <goldengirls@epbfi.com>

Email. jhmujuru13@gmail.com

private Email. jhmujuru13@gmail.com=20

I cannot imagine the surprise this will bring to you, but please be rest as=
sured is with good faith and intention from a family in dare need of your a=
ssistance to help me transfer the sum of (US$50 million) FIFTY MILLION US D=
OLLARS, into your account or company=E2=80=99s account for investment.=20

Your contact information was gotten through the South African Chamber of Co=
mmerce and Industry while searching for a reputable Company/person who can =
help me transfer this fund out for investment. My name is JOHNSON MUJURU, C=
OUSIN TO MR. MUGABE=E2=80=99S WIFE, GRACE MUGABE and personal assistant in =
charge of the government purchases to the FORMER ZIMBABWEAN PRESIDENT,MR.RO=
BERT MUGABE who is currently been removed from the presidency by the Zimbab=
wean army on=20
Wednesday, the 15th of November 2017.=20

Before he was removed, I was secretly sent to SOUTH AFRICA by MRS. GRACE MU=
GABE to purchase some property worth USD$ 50 Million in cash for her in Sou=
th Africa in August 2017 and this fund was deposited in a Security Company =
in South Africa waiting for the right property to be purchased. This money =
was deposited in a metal sealed box as a consignment labelled 'FAMILY TREAS=
URE=E2=80=99 with the security=20

Based on this change of power in Zimbabwe, I am currently living in South A=
frica after the arrest of Mr Mugabe and his removal from power. My reason f=
or contacting you is based on the above stated fact: I am saddled here with=
 the responsibility of seeking a genuine foreign account URGENTLY where the=
 money could be transferred upon redeemed from the security company here in=
 Johannesburg, South Africa as I wasadvised by his wife, Mrs Grace Mugabe, =
as the new government there now threatens to freeze all bank accounts both =
in and outside the Country belonging to his wife and members of his cabinet=
.I want to transfer the fund to a beautiful country where people will not k=
now us and for good investment.=20

Please, if you are interested in helping me to secure this money morally an=
d financially, I will give to you 20% of the total sum, 70% will be for my =
investment in your country while 5% will be used for all expenses that migh=
t be Incurred during the process of the transaction. Do not hesitate to con=
tact me in e-mail for further directives and clarification of this transact=
ion. I would like you to send me your direct telephone and your e-mail addr=
ess for easy communication.=20
Thanks as you will co-operate fully with me.=20

Yours Sincerely,=20
Mr Johnson Mujuru.=20

Johnson M=20
2:12 PM (11 hours ago)=20

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