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Author Topic: Increase your bottom line 20% without seeing any extra new patients  (Read 84 times)


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Making the existing patients pay 20 per cent more? Sounds like a good idea. Did he work for the IRS before switching to some really nasty money squeezers?

Stems cell treatments are also being promoted by David Singer, a prominent chiropractic practice-builder.
I haven’t looked closely, but here’s one of his solicitations for a seminar that will be held today.


"    Hey Doc,

    I'm teaching a special LIVE web class [...]  on "Stem Cells/PRP Services in Your Clinic" this week and you're invited.

    In it, I discuss everything you need to know about getting started or growing Stem Cell/PRP services in your practice, including:

    How to increase your bottom line 20% without seeing any extra new patients 
    Tips, phrases and metaphors to help increase your closing with stem cell patients 
    How to use "takeaway selling" to increase your bottom line and take control of the case.
    How a client collected $104,000 cash in less than a week with only a few hours of part-time staff
    This is for doctors who want to help more of their patients with natural health care.

    These types of cash-based services typically range between, 5K, 10K and up to 20K.

    I'm happy to walk you through exactly what's working here :-) [...]
    This is 100% LIVE and I'm happy to take questions and help you as much as I can.

    I'll see you on the webinar!

    Dr. David Singer

    No charge. LIVE and interactive webinar. Get it here and enjoy [...]
 :-)  !


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