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Autor Thema: You MUST see the video! Imaging: Cancer caught in the act  (Gelesen 1020 mal)


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You have to see the original page. You will never forget it!

Imaging: Cancer caught in the act
Methods for monitoring tumour cells in living animals are transforming our view of cancer.

Corie Lok

07 May 2014

Movies of cancer cells in living mice show how streams of melanoma cells (green) invade skin tissue. The cells are guided by structures such as muscle fibres (orange), nerve fibres (blue), collagen (grey) and blood vessels (red).

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Mikala Egeblad was blown away when she made her first action film of tumour cells inside live mice. Until then, she had studied samples on microscope slides, where the cells sat still, frozen in time. But seeing them in a living animal brought the cells to life. “You turn on the microscope and look in the live mouse and suddenly these same cells are running around like crazy,” says Egeblad, a cancer researcher at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York. “It really changed my thinking.”


Take your time to view it. It is slices of tissue.