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Autor Thema: Israeli start-up uses Trojan horse technology to kill cancer cells  (Gelesen 1173 mal)


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Der Hinweis kam per Email von der Israelischen Botschaft in Berlin.

Israeli start-up uses Trojan horse technology to kill cancer cells

BioSight has figured out a way to fool cancer cells into allowing themselves to be killed off – without harming normal cells
By David Shamah October 26, 2015, 6:28 pm 20
The BioSight solution targets AML (acute myeloid leukemia) and ALL (relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia), two of the most common type of the disease. The preferred treatment for both is cytarabine – a highly toxic drug with severe side effects including cerebellar toxicity and bone marrow suppression. However, the drug often cannot be used at all.

“While there is a perception that leukemia is a young person’s disease, it actually strikes the elderly much more often, and because of their advanced age, individuals 50 and over usually cannot tolerate chemotherapy,” said Ben Yakar. As a result, cytarabine’s toxicity significantly limits its use, resulting in a severe unmet medical need.

The solution, said Ben Yakar, is a drug developed by BioSight called Astrabine – a special form of cytarabine that contains an amino acid that is harmful to leukemia cells but not to normal cells.

Leukemia cells depend on an amino acid called aspargine, but they cannot synthesize it themselves, said Ben Yakar; as a result, they “steal” it where they can, from within the bloodstream.

“We set up a molecular structure that leukemia cells recognize as being associated with aspargine, which they need,” said Bar Yakar. “But instead we fill it with Astrabine, which kills them. Thus, using this Trojan horse trick, we are able to destroy the cancerous cells while preserving the healthy ones.”