Monsanto vs Schmeiser
The Classic David vs Goliath Struggle.....

Schmeiser Files Appeal in Landmark Seed Case

Percy Schmeiser, and his company Schmeiser's Enterprises Ltd. had filed an appeal in the case of Monsanto vs Schmeiser. The appeal is on the decision that was issued on March 29, 2001 by Justice Andrew McKay where he ruled that Schmeiser's company infringed on Monsanto's patent when it was discovered that Monsanto's Round Up Ready Canola had contaminated Schmeiser's canola fields.

The grounds of appeal address 17 separate issues where Schmeiser feels the judge erred in law and/or fact. The appeal addresses the farmer's legislated right to save and reuse his own seed, and restates the fact that Monsanto had withdrawn their allegation that Schmeiser had illegally obtained canola seed from one of Monsanto's registered users.

Since the trial wrapped up in June 2000, Schmeiser has spoken at conferences around the world telling his story of how his crop was contaminated by Monsanto's product, yet the judge ruled that he had to pay damages. He has become a hero to farmers world wide for standing up for farmer's rights.

The appeal will be heard in the Federal Court of Appeal in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan starting on May 15, 2002. It is expected to last two days. Schmeiser's lawyer, Terry Zakreski will lead off the proceedings presenting his case on May 15, with Monsanto's argument expected to follow on May 16th.

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