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Monsanto Intensifies Investigations 
November 2001

Since the decision that was handed down in April, Monsanto has made no secret about the fact that they are going to go after farmers who they feel may have violated their patent on the gene inserted into the canola plant. They have repeatedly stated that  licensed canola users are demanding that they crack down on unlicensed users, yet have not provided any evidence in court or in public of any such demands.

The payment of the technology fee is more a concern to Monsanto ($$$$$) than concerns of licensed users. Monsanto seems intent on hiding the fact that they do not charge farmers the technology fee in some other countries.

Do  you know this person? His name is Eugene Shwydiuk. A former member of the RCMP, he currently works for Robinson Investigations in Saskatoon, Sask. He has introduced himself as a "former RCMP" when he calls on farmers in an effort to intimate them.

This summer, Shwydiuk visited a Saskatchewan farmer and told him "they heard rumors that he was growing Roundup Ready canola without a license." Was it a coincidence that this farmer also testified in Percy Schmeiser's defense? You decide.

Based on these "rumors" Shwydiuk asked the farmer for permission to take samples from the farmer's canola fields. The farmer said no and did not give permission to take samples. 

Undaunted, Shwydiuk went to the farmer's fields anyway and proceeded to take samples.

The farmer grabbed his camera and went out to his fields. When he got there, Shwydiuk was already at work. Monsanto stated during the Schmeiser trial that they only took samples from the road allowance (ditch) and not from the farmer's field. 

They had to say this court, otherwise it would be a case of theft. As you can see from this picture taken when the farmer arrived, Shwydiuk was already taking samples 10-15 feet into the field. 

When the farmer drove up to Shwydiuk, he immediately came back to the edge of the field. He wasn't expecting the camera to record his work and it seemed that he was not impressed when the farmer was taking pictures of him.

He continued to take samples, even though the farmer objected and did not provide permission. This pictures shows that although he is on the edge of the field, he still is trespassing. Isn't this stealing the farmer's canola plants? 

This evidence shows that Monsanto has no regard for a farmer and their property rights. Monsanto stated in court that they did not trespass, and only took samples from the road allowance. But unless you catch their investigators in the act like this farmer did, how can you be sure.

Even more interesting, Shwydiuk could be breaking another law while he was taking the samples from this farmer. Shwydiuk was driving a "private vehicle" as his licensing shows. As a former RCMP officer, he should know that performing commercial activities as such is a violation of the highway traffic act. 

All this information (including photos) was taken to the local RCMP detachment for investigation. 

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