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Background Information

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Canola is an edible oilseed that has been grown in the prairie provinces of Canada for the past 50 years.It has become one of the major cash crops of the prairie region of Canada with exports going to all areas of the world.

It fits well into a crop rotation with the major cereal grains of Wheat, Oats and Barley that have been the major crops of the region since the pioneer days.

Natural Disbursement of Plant Seeds Within The Environment

Plant seeds are naturally transmitted within the environment by means of natural phenomena.The wind blows plant seeds for miles on the broad windswept landscape of the Prairie Region of Canada.Spring runoff and the frequent downpours from spring and summer thunderstorms wash plant seeds from one area to another on a continuing basis.

Animals and Birds play an important role in the movement of Plant Species from one area to the next.

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Agricultural equipment as it is moved from field to field carries plant seeds from one area to another.Wind blowing seeds off trucks as they transport crops from the field to storage and from the farm gate to market spread plant seeds over wide areas.


Historical Perspective

In the past plant species have been introduced into the Prairie ecosystem that have become weeds  presenting a constant challenge to agriculture. Some in fact have eventually be categorized as Noxious Weeds.

When 2-4-D (A broad leaf herbicide) was first introduced into the prairies in the 1940s, many agricultural experts predicted that the battle with weeds such as Wild Mustard, Canadian & Sow Thistle, to name a few was won. These weeds have not become extinct, in fact they still present a major challenge to agriculture.


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