Monsanto vs Schmeiser
The Classic David vs Goliath Struggle.....

The Contamination Continues

An example of a chem-fallow canola field in 
the Bruno area in 2000. The local farmer sprayed
his field with two applications of Roundup in 2000.
Wheat was grown in 1999.

During the trial, Percy Schmeiser stated that one of the hardest things he had to do was to purchase new Canola seed for the 1999 crop year. This was done under the advice of his lawyer, Terry Zakreski, as Schmeiser's fields had become contaminated with the Roundup Ready Canola and had destroyed the Canola seed that he had developed over 40+ years of farming.

With the introduction of new non Roundup Ready seed into his fields, Schmeiser was confident that he would be rid of the Roundup Ready variety. But this is not the case. Since the introduction of new seed, Schmeiser has seen more contamination of his fields by Roundup Ready canola.

In the spring of 2000, Schmeiser noticed volunteer canola was growing in his fields, particularly along a highway north of the Town of Bruno. Fearing the same problem of contamination of his crops all over again, Schmeiser performed a test. 

His intention was to plant wheat on that particular field, so he sprayed the volunteer canola with Roundup and 2,4-D  

Taken July 31, 2000, this patch of a 
wheat field was sprayed with Roundup & 
2, 4-D. A large number of canola plants


He was surprised  that a large number of canola plants survived after the spraying. The canola seed he had sown the previous year was not a Roundup Ready variety, and he believed the combination of Roundup and 2, 4-D would kill all the volunteer canola. Monsanto has continually stated that you can kill Roundup Ready canola with 2, 4-D, as it is a potent chemical.

But the contamination continues as the volunteer canola in his field survived the spraying combination of Roundup and 2, 4-D. 


These pictures were taken August 19, 2000, three weeks later at the same location. It clearly shows that the 2, 4-D was successful in killing all of the weeds except for the canola plants that survived. 
Taken August 31, 2000 at the same location. The volunteer canola has now advanced considerably. Some of the plants are now at the mature pod stage. This will generate thousands of Roundup Ready seeds that will also withstand 2, 4-D; making it virtually impossible to kill. If Canola would be planted on this field in the future this volunteer canola would cross pollinate with the  conventional canola and the conventional canola would assume the characteristics of the volunteer canola.


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