"They have diamonds, limousines and mansions. Eric Scheibeler has a book. With cash contributions to politicians they seek to influence regulatory agencies, state laws and national trade policies. In telling his story, Eric Scheibeler asks for legality, honesty and full disclosure. They pay ex-presidents of the United States, famous televangelists and motivation speakers to prop up their image. Eric Scheibeler stands on his own and speaks for himself. And they have a raucous army of followers, clingers and defenders who sing and shout their praise. Eric Scheibeler gives voice to millions more who are silenced by deception, manipulation, fear and shame. With such odds arrayed, Amway and its related motivational organizations are no match for the thunderous truth of Eric Scheibeler's exposé."

Author of False Profits: Seeking financial and Spiritual deliverance in Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes


























What do the following have in common?
• Politicians Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, George Bush, George W. Bush, Ollie North, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Jack Kemp, Sue Myrick
• Evangelists Robert Schuller, Billy Zeoli, Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell
• Entertainers Dr. Phil, Pat Boone, Johnny Cash, Crystal Gayle, Andy Andrews, Glen Campbell, Roy Clark
• Former political hostages, ex-POWs, and military leaders
• Olympic gymnasts
• A $283 million tax break personally crafted by the then-Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich who has reportedly accepted $50,000 a speech in fees
• A multi-billion dollar enterprise spanning 80 countries and presently involving an estimated membership in the millions
• Tens of billions of dollars accrued through fraud and deception
• Bizarre sex teachings
• Deceptive mind control practices
• Private islands in the Caribbean and Canada
• Lies and deceptions
• Decades of financial deception on a global scale, in the billions of dollars
• Kidnap and murder in Texas
• Cultism
• Millions in contributions to the Republican Party
• Largest fine for criminal fraud ever levied by the Canadian government
• May have directly affected about 1 in every 6 Americans...

Did you guess? It’s the Amway – Quixtar Corporations, their owners, distributors and associated motivational organizations.


Read All All About It Here, In The Compelling New Book Merchants Of Deception By Eric Scheibeler, Former Amway Founder's Emerald

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