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Title: Warning: Carole Seaver sells death!
Post by: ama on September 24, 2010, 01:50:30 AM

Be warned: Carole Seavers sells death!

Do read carefully, so you will understand the full extent of the crime.

First, look at this advertisement by Carol Seaver:


Now, let's look at the details.

FIRST: Is the person in that picture Carol Seaver? Answer: NO! She bought the picture cheap from a picture agency. See the story in the next forum article.

SECOND: Carole Seaver sells death. She advertises for and obviously intensively practices "German New Medicine" (and/or varieties of that), which cost the lives of hundreds of patients.

See here: /

Cancer, A MindBody Perspective According to German New Medicine
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Dr. Hamer’s Cancer Findings

It has been quite apparent for some time now that we are losing the “war on Cancer”. Perhaps it is time for all of us to take another look and embrace a new view of this dreaded disease. The word Cancer itself carries such a negative connotation because of the dismal outcomes we have been able to achieve while relying on allopathic medicine to cure us. When viewing Cancer from the eyes of Dr. Hamer we don’t have to ask “what kind of Cancer do you have?”, we can say “what Program is your body running?” In other words, how is your body going into protect mode to help you heal? That in itself is much less devastating and gives us a certain degree of power over our own destiny which can make all the difference in the world.

This article will give the basis of Dr. Hamer’s findings which are biologically and histologically sound. Future articles will refine and expand upon this brief introduction. And, you will come to understand that nothing that your body does is without purpose and you will be able to trust that your body is always working on your behalf.

As previously alluded to, disease is not a negative thing but a natural reaction of a living being to some type of conflict or trauma. When the conflict is initiated, the perception of the person undergoing the conflict is of utmost importance. That perception dictates the organ or part of the body that goes into what Dr. Hamer calls an SBS, a Significant Biological Special Program. This program is designed to bring the individual to a place of peace and conflict resolution.  To better understand what is meant by ‘a Program your body is running’ it is necessary to go back to the foundations of German New Medicine which is Dr. Hamer’s discovery made over 30 years ago.

Dr. Hamer was, at that time, an Oncologist in Germany prescribing chemo and radiation as is the norm with Oncologists in the Western world. Then something devastating happened to him and his life and perceptions of everything he believed in changed dramatically. This all started when his son, Dirk, was murdered at the age of seventeen. Dirk was hospitalized for several months and then passed away. The following year Dr. Hamer was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. Having always been aware of the theories that cancer begins with a trauma, he now had a reason to delve into this aspect which he had never before taken quite so seriously. He knew deep within his soul that his cancer had to have something to do with Dirk’s murder and as he found out through his intensive research, it had everything to do with it.

The following Laws are the basis of what Dr. Hamer discovered and proved scientifically while working with over 40,000 cancer patients. He documents his findings after he has proven them on 500 patients. These Laws show us that cancer is not to be feared as it is a natural reaction to a significant conflict which many of us, of course, have over the course of our lives. It has been proven that we all have cancer cells in our bodies at different times. These, according to Dr. Hamer, are natural occurrences that come about because of conflicts we are resolving every day.

Here is what Dr. Hamer found:  The Five Biological Laws of German New Medicine

1. THE IRON RULE OF CANCER – (actually these rules are now being applied to all disease not just cancer) Every cancer or cancer-like disease is caused by a conflict shock that is a highly stressful event that catches the individual completely off-guard. This is not always a catastrophic event but to the individual it is a highly charged conflict. Dr. Hamer calls this a DHS, Dirk Hamer Syndrome. When a DHS occurs, it impacts the brain, organ, and psyche simultaneously.

2. Every disease has two phases, if and only if, there is a resolution of the conflict: A Conflict Active Phase and a Healing Phase which is where symptoms are noticed. If there is no resolution, no healing occurs and the being continues on a downward path and has a chronic illness and eventually deteriorates.

3. The ontogenetic system of cancer and cancer equivalents (disease without tumors but with functional changes). This law ties the first two laws to the embryology and evolution of man. Dr. Hamer demonstrates with CT Scans the correlation between the organ and the brain from an evolutionary viewpoint and this is then connected to the psyche which determines the perception or attitude which in turn determines the location or physical manifestation of the conflict or symptom.

4. The ontogenetic system of microbes – addresses the role of microbes in our survival and existence on earth and explains how bacteria, fungi, etc. are not the enemy but actually the “clean-up crew” appearing during the healing phase. This is an entirely different view of our immune system but it shows how certain microbes are assigned to certain germ layers from which our organs originate.

5. The Quintessence – Every so-called “disease” is part of an SBS comprehensible in the context of our evolution. Every cancer or cancer-like disease has a biological purpose. Nothing in nature is meaningless or “malignant” as we have been taught. Mother Nature is orderly and never makes a mistake. We have made the mistake by believing otherwise.

Example for better understanding of the Laws of GNM: (from the Scientific Chart of GNM)  Small Intestine Cancer – Originates in the Brainstem; Inner germ layer; Endoderm -

Conflict content: Conflict of not being able to digest a morsel, indigestible anger, mostly in connection with being afraid of starvation in the broadest sense. E.g. the owner of a hair salon had to close her salon, first temporarily, then for good, after she had lost her best staff to a competitor.

Biological Meaning: to be better able to absorb or assimilate a morsel that has already been ingested.

During the Conflict Active Phase a thin layer of intestinal cylindrical epithelium expands over a large area. This is a flat-growing Adeno Carcinoma of the resorptive type to help absorption.  During the Healing Phase after Conflict Resolution: if TB mycobacteria are present they necrotize the tumor and there is, consequently, bloody elimination of plaques and mucus. This discharge is diagnosed as Crohn’s Disease and is, in reality, a healing phase. The conflict active phase in which the patient is asymptomatic and feels healthy is actually the period when the tumor grows.

This example shows that the impact is simultaneous on the brain, organ and psyche and that the germ layer of the brain according to our evolution determines whether the microbes assigned to heal are bacteria, fungi, TB mycobacteria, etc. and that the area affected and governed by this part of the brain begins with a tumor (cell proliferation) that is necrotized by the TB mycobacteria.

This has been a very brief intro to GNM and a small example of how an SBS begins or how this biologically purposeful program runs.

If you’d like to learn more about German New Medicine and the expansion of it, Meta-Medicine, you can attend a Meta-Medicine Seminar or host one in your area.  Please call for further information.

Carole Seaver, MA, NCC
Toms River, NJ

Ryke Geerd Hamer did not make any findings. He is a criminal psychopath. Several websites deal with his crimes and the crimes of his followers and copycats:

Several groups of families of victims formed up at Facebook.

Contre les charlatans qui prétendent guérir

Dossier Hamer

tous ensemble contre la medecine nouvelle germanique

Also, there are several blogs, which are a must to read:


Title: Re: Warning: Carole Seaver sells death!
Post by: ama on September 24, 2010, 01:52:17 AM

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