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Author Topic: Ebola im Kongo: der zweitgrößte Ausbruch der Geschichte: 2200 Fälle, 1500 Tote  (Read 837 times)


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Was HIV nicht geschafft hat: ganze Landstriche werden ausgelöscht.

The Ebola response in Congo is running short of money

And there are fears that a national crisis could turn into a regional catastrophe
Middle East and Africa
Jun 23rd 2019

SINCE LAST August, when the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo began, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has published regular reports that make for grim reading. With 2,204 cases and 1,479 deaths as of June 19th, this is the second-largest outbreak of Ebola in history. The failure to eliminate Ebola has been complicated by conflict, politics and the weakness of the country’s health system. Money should not be an issue in this sort of internationally led emergency response. Yet it is.

After all, if the Ebola outbreak gets out of control, it will quickly become a multi-billion dollar headache for the world, just as it did in West Africa. But the WHO’s resources are stretched thin for its response in Congo. Since February, it has received donations for less than half of the money it has needed to fight the outbreak, and has now all but used up an emergency fund. The WHO warns that operations could grind to a halt during a critical stage of the outbreak. Member states are being urged to meet the funding gap in order to prevent the response from suffering a “potentially devastating setback”.


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