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Author Topic: If you live in India and want to earn some extra money easily, then this may be  (Read 198 times)


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Das sind keine Nigerianer, sondern indische Subkontinentler.

Ist Schadenfreude angebracht* Oder ist es in Wahrheit ein hinterhältiger Marketing-Trick?

Ich denke, man sollte extrem vorsichtig sein und die Finger lassen von solchem Schwindel!

Top CEO Fired After a 46 Million Rupees Mistake

    26 Dicembre 2019


If you live in India and want to earn some extra money easily, then this may be the most exciting article you’ll ever read this winter.

Trusted online trading operator Etoro Inc. (NASDAQ: CSNRM) has made a costly mistake after launching their online trade platform in India that caused the company to lose millions of Rupees to its players.

This glitch has already lost them close to ₹100,000,000 Rupee and the loss is going to continue to increase until 8 February 2020 when their new customer agreement takes effect.
What Exactly Happened?

Azam Sabha, an experienced broker from Hyderabad who was one of the first users to discover the take the bonus explains, Etoro new promotional campaign for new customers in India was supposed to give ₹10,000 of additional free credits to all new customers that deposited at least 250 Euro to their account. Unfortunately for them, they had a wording error in the agreement so each new customer who complete their first deposit can get ₹1000,000 Bonus.

As a result, people are using the free credit. What is making matters even worse for the company is that there is no way for them to fix it due to the strict trade laws which require trades companies to notify at least 7 days in advance before changing their terms and conditions. So getting these bonuses for free is completely legal.”
Thousands of Winners

One company’s mistake can be incredibly profitable for everyone else. One broker, 26-year-old Atanu Dinesh from Chennai, registered with Etoro and claimed ₹100,000 for free after depositing his first ₹20,000 and won  ₹2,730,000.
“I used to dread waking up each morning and going to a job that I hate, all to just be able to cover my rent and bills, now I have so much freedom.”

Etoro CEO, Peter Newsted was fired immediately after the incident and the new manager Hayden Connor has a lot of fixing to do. Connor responded to our enquiry via email:
“This has been a very unfortunate and costly mistake for the company but we have to learn from it and move on. The Indian market is very important to us and we are here to stay even after this costly error for the company.”
Here is how Players from India are claiming their free money:

1. They sign up on the Etoro

2. Deposit at least 250 Euro

3. They will get 1,000 Euro (₹100,000) Bonus. for free without a risk of losing and completely legally

Click here to check if this offer is still available in India
As of 8 February 2020, the free bonus at  Etoro is still available new customer agreement will become active on 8 February 2020 and this bonus can no longer be used.

If you are located in India then click here to claim your free bonus now!

Écrasez l'infâme!
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