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„Nach Angaben der Deutschen Krankenhausgesellschaft kann der Normalbetrieb in mehr als drei Viertel aller Krankenhäuser in Deutschland mittlerweile nicht mehr aufrechterhalten werden.“

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Peng Shuai is a brave girl!

Chinese tennis star accuses former top Communist Party leader of sexual assault, triggering blanket censorship

Breaking - China's Biggest Scandal Could Change Everything

China's tennis player Peng Shuai just made a post on Weibo aimed at taking down one of the biggest CCP officials, Zhang Gaoli, with allegations abuse and affairs. This wouldn't be the biggest deal in the world in other countries, but in China, this can change everything. It's making massive waves right now on the ground in China. The CCP is doing everything they can to scramble to cover it up.

"#MeToo #PengShuai #Gravitas
Gravitas: China censors Tennis Star for accusing top leader of sexual assault

A rare #MeToo allegation has ignited a firestorm in China. Tennis Star Peng Shuai has accused a former Vice Premier of sexual assault on Weibo. Chinese censors have hidden Peng's account. Conversations around the allegations are being blocked. Palki Sharma has more."

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Author Topic: Anschlag in Wien, 2.11.2020  (Read 255 times)


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Anschlag in Wien, 2.11.2020
« on: November 02, 2020, 06:53:01 PM »


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Bewaffneter Terror-Anschlag in Wien!

"#Wien Terror Attack -
- At least 7 people dead
- Several people injured
- Police officer among those killed
- Several attackers
- One attacker has been killed
- Hostage situation ongoing at a restaurant

Police have asked people to stay indoors.
#Vienna #Shooting"

Shots fired in the Inner City district - there are persons injured - KEEP AWAY from all public places or public Transport - don't share any Videos or Fotos!
8:56 PM · Nov 2, 2020"

If you have footage of any kind of the shooting incident in the inner city of Vienna – please upload it on this link –
DON’T share it on social media! This way you can support us!"

"Polizei München @PolizeiMuenchen

Fotos, Videos und Hinweise aus #Wien können unter: hochgeladen werden.

Beteiligt Euch nicht an Spekulationen und Gerüchten.

Folgt den offiziellen Kanälen und haltet Euch an die dortigen Hinweise.
#0211w    "

"#wien game over terrorist. Bastard is dead.


Hier sind Videos

Ein Opfer liegt vor "Meinz". Es dürfte sich um


Warning: There are some more terrorists still shooting!

Terrorismus durch "Psychologen"!?

"Ewald Lochner @ewaldlochner
Was sich gerade in Wien ereignet, ist unvorstellbar. Psychischer Support unter:
Psychiatrische Soforthilfe für Wien – 24h Hotline: +43 1 31330
Notfallpsychologischer Dienst Österreich - 24h Hotline: +43 699 188 554 00
Corona-Sorgen-Hotline 8-20 Uhr +43 1 4000 53000"

Können die nicht einfach ihre große Schnauze halten!?

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Re: Anschlag in Wien, 2.11.2020
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2020, 04:32:44 AM »

Krokodilstränen in Wien;

02.11.2020 23:41 |
Bundesländer>Wien„Dramatische Stunden“

Anschlag in Wien: Schönborn ruft zum Gebet

Kardinal Christoph Schönborn hat zum Gebet für die Opfer des Anschlags in der Wiener Innenstadt und für die Einsatzkräfte aufgerufen. Er bete „in diesen dramatischen Stunden mit vielen anderen, die über die Medien die tragischen Ereignisse im Herzen unserer Stadt mitverfolgen, für die Opfer, die Einsatzkräfte und dass es zu keinem weiteren Blutvergießen kommt“, so der Wiener Erzbischof.

Jede Religion ist Ursache für Mord und Totschlag und Leiden.

Jede Religion ist ein Verbrechen gegen die Menschenrechte.

Alle Religionen gehören verboten.


Ohne jede Ausnahme!


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Re: Anschlag in Wien, 2.11.2020
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2020, 04:56:06 AM »

02.11.2020 19:27 |Digital>Web

Über 7 Mrd. Aufrufe
„Baby Shark“ auf YouTube erfolgreichstes Video

Haben sich die Attentäter von Wien eine Überdosis dieses Videos reingezogen? Das würde vieles erklären.


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Wean: Die Kibara ham's vaschiss'n!
« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2020, 02:02:01 PM »

BBC News

Vienna attack: Austria admits failing to act on Slovak warning on gunman

1 hour ago

Austria's interior minister has admitted that a warning from Slovakia last summer about a gunman who went on the rampage in the centre of Vienna was not followed up.

Four people were fatally shot and 23 others wounded on Monday night.

Police in Slovakia revealed they had tipped off Austrian authorities about "suspects from Austria" trying to buy ammunition in July.

Reports suggest the trip to buy bullets failed as the gunman had no licence.

It has also emerged he was released early from a jail sentence last December for trying to join jihadists in Syria.

According to German media, the 20-year-old, who was shot dead by police nine minutes after the attack began, travelled to neighbouring Slovakia to buy ammunition for a Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle but returned empty-handed.

Slovak police said they had informed their Austrian colleagues immediately, adding they would not comment further.

Asked about the revelations on Wednesday, Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said the information had been investigated by the BVT domestic intelligence agency but no further action had been taken.

"Something obviously went wrong in communication," he told reporters, adding that he wanted an independent inquiry to find out why.
Who were the victims?

More details have emerged about the four people murdered in the centre of Vienna in the hours before new coronavirus restrictions were due to come into force:

    A 24-year-old German student was killed in front of the restaurant in Ruprechtsplatz where she worked as a waitress; she'd been studying at the nearby University of Applied Arts

    A 21-year-old man originally from North Macedonia was shot near Fleischmarkt; Nedzip V. was described as a painter who loved football and played for years for local club FC Bisamberg

    A 39-year-old Austrian man was killed in front of a fast food restaurant in Schwedenplatz

    A 44-year-old Austrian woman died later in hospital of her wounds. Reports said she worked nearby for Vienna-based company Tribotecc

A mourner places a candle at the site of a gun attack in Vienna, Austria, November 4, 2020image copyrightReuters
image captionMourners placed candles at the site of one of the attacks on Wednesday

Among the 23 people wounded in the attack, 13 suffered bullet wounds and seven are in a serious condition. Most are from Austria, but some are from Germany, Slovakia, Luxembourg and other countries. One of those in a serious condition was also a student at the university of applied arts, known as Die Angewandte.

Austrian authorities say the killer was armed with an automatic weapon, a pistol and a machete as well as a fake explosive belt.

They were initially unsure if there had been more than one gunman, after Monday night's attack which lasted nine minutes across six crime scenes.

But the interior minister confirmed on Wednesday that he had acted alone, as a review of videos received by police was now complete. Jihadist group Islamic State (IS) claimed on its propaganda outlet Amaq that it was behind the attack.
Map showing crime scene in Vienna
1px transparent line

The centre of Vienna began returning to normal on Wednesday and Mayor Michael Ludwig held a minute's silence in memory of the victims, as Austria marked a second day of mourning.

Fourteen people have been detained in Austria who were linked to the gunman and the interior minister said they were aged 16 to 28 and with a migrant background.

Swiss police have arrested two others and Justice Minister Karin Keller-Sutter has alleged that the pair had been "colleagues" of the gunman. "The three men also met in person," she told St Galler Tagblatt.

    Nine minutes of murder in Vienna: What we know
    'Heroes' praised for helping Vienna attack victims

The conduct of Austria's BVT intelligence agency has come under direct attack from Herbert Kickl, the former interior minister when the far-right Freedom Party was part of the coalition government that collapsed in May 2019.

But the current interior minister said the BVT agency had been profoundly damaged, if not destroyed, while Mr Kickl was in office.

Kurz calls for...

Der Kurz is a Oasch. Der Polizeipräsident von Wien is a Oasch. Die Statements im Fernsehen, gleich nach'm Anschlag, sind a Schand. Ma muß sich in Grund und Bod'n schämen für dieses Gschwerl.

Und das Jahr ist noch lange nich zuende...


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Vienna shooting: Raids in Germany on gunman's contacts
« Reply #4 on: November 06, 2020, 10:52:33 AM »

Man muß die Feindsender hören! Nur da kommt man an die richtigen Nachrichten.

Vienna shooting: Raids in Germany on gunman's contacts

    4 hours ago

Flowers and candles are placed during a commemorative ceremony held on 5 Nov 2020 for four people killed in a terror attack in Viennaimage copyrightGetty Images
image captionA commemoration was held on Thursday in Vienna for the four people who died

German police have searched the homes of four men over suspected links with a militant Islamist gunman who shot dead four people in central Vienna.

Police say the men are not considered suspects but they did have contact with the attacker and two met him in person.

A number of suspects are still being held in Austria, but officials are following up leads in Switzerland too.

The gunman went on the rampage in Vienna on Monday night, opening fire in six places in the centre.

Two women and two men were killed and 23 were wounded. Police shot the gunman dead and found that he had both Austrian and Macedonian citizenship.

Austrian authorities are trying to track down the 20-year-old killer's contacts.
'Monitored around the clock'

"We are dealing with a violent criminal who was clearly intensely active in the political Islamist network, a sympathiser who took on their ideology," Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said on Thursday.

Mr Nehammer said Austrian authorities had had "intensive" co-operation with the FBI in the US and that two of the leads pointed to Switzerland and another unnamed country.

    Nine minutes of murder in Vienna: What we know
    'Heroes' praised for helping Vienna attack victims
    In pictures: Scene of gun attack in Vienna

Friday's raids in Kassel, Osnabrück and the Pinneberg area near Hamburg indicated that investigators were also looking into links in Germany.

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has already highlighted a German connection involving people who are "monitored around the clock".
media captionEyewitness Rabbi Schlomo Hofmeister said he originally mistook the attack for the sound of fireworks

The four men whose homes were searched were aged 19 to 25 and part of the "Islamist scene", reports said. Two of the four are thought to have met the attacker in Vienna in July, German officials say.

Both men met him several times and one of them stayed at his home, German news agency DPA reported. Another of the men had stayed with the gunman's family in Vienna and tried unsuccessfully to travel to Syria, it is alleged.

The Vienna gunman travelled to Turkey in 2018 in an attempt to join Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria but was caught and sent back to Austria. IS has claimed via its propaganda outlet that it was behind the Vienna attack.

Meanwhile, Austrian officials are seeking pre-trial detention for eight of the 16 men they say have been arrested since the Vienna shooting.
Was attack prompted by planned Vienna raids?

Austria's interior minister has refused to comment on reports suggesting that security forces had been hours away from conducting a major anti-terror operation when the shooting began.
Map showing crime scene in Vienna
1px transparent line

Operation "Ramses" was due to start at 03:00 on Tuesday, with raids on the homes of people known to the gunman, the reports say. But information about the searches was reportedly passed on by an interpreter.

Mr Nehammer has already admitted shortcomings in Austria's handling of the gunman, identified as Kujtim Fejzulai.

He was jailed for 22 months in April 2019 for trying to travel to Syria, but released early, and the interior minister has claimed Fejzulai "perfectly fooled" a deradicalisation programme, Derad, into letting him out. The organisation has rejected the accusation.

He did admit "some things went wrong", after it emerged that authorities in Slovakia had told their Austrian colleagues that the suspect had tried to buy ammunition there in July.

The domestic intelligence agency, BVT, has come under particular pressure for its handling of the gunman.

However, Vienna police chief Gerhard Pürstl said there had been difficulties in confirming the suspect's identity with Slovak authorities and they could not have acted before doing so.

"Nobody should be tempted to read a detective novel from back to front," he told reporters.
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