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A Product of Russian Space Technology
Which Could Herald a Dramatic Therapeutic
Breakthrough for Many Conditions-
Including Cancer!

We normally think of things in black and white, right and wrong.  In medicine we think of things which stimulate, things which inhibit, substances that constrict, substances that expand.  But what if you had a substance that would go both ways, stimulate if that is what was needed, inhibit if the opposite were true.  Good synonyms for the word immunomodulator are “normalizer” or “adaptagen”.

I recently returned from Romania where a new product was being presented to a limited group of oncologists from around the world.  The product was named Galavit and was developed in Obninsk, Russia by their astronaut medical team, who were under orders to create a substance that would protect the Russian astronauts from the doses of high radiation they could be subject to during their long periods in space and from the possible emergence of tumors from such exposure to radiation.

According to their records, Major General Dr. Victor Ljutov, Director of Medicine for the Air Force and Space Travel, used the Galavit modulator on 300 cosmonauts and a further 30,000 cancer patients successfully.  In some cases Galavit was used alone, in others it was used in conjunction with orthodox cancer therapy.

The result of this experimentation was as follows:
 1.  Galavit stimulated the immune system against cancer cells.     
 2.  Galavit stopped the growth of primary tumors.    
 3.  Galavit prevented metastasis.      
 4.  Galavit promoted the regeneration of diseased organ and body tissue.    
 5.  Galavit increased dramatically the cancer patients life expectancy.    
 6.  Galavit drastically improved the quality of life of even the most terminal cancer patient.    
 7.  Galavit reduced the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

I don’t know of any substance which has anywhere near the broad spectrum application or the dramatic results of this product.  Anyone can make claims such as I offered here, but I am convinced after attending this conference, that they are true.

Why?   Because I talked to traditional German oncologists who have used Galavit for two years on some of their worst cases - ones which their surgery, radiation and chemotherapy had failed and they knew of nothing else.

For once, I had a chance to practice my German, which was considerably rusty, but understandable.  E. Rauchfuss, an oncological surgeon for 25 years, was almost embarrassed into using Galavit.  A patient whom he had already informed there was nothing more that could be done, went to Russia, purchased Galavit, brought it back to Germany and asked him to administer it.  He refused because it was not licensed or approved in Germany.  She asked him if he were so inhumane that he would not help a dying person.

Reluctantly, he gave her the full 30 doses of the Galavit and saw a dramatic improvement in her condition leading to what eventually was considered a full remission.  That piqued his curiosity and he has treated over 400 patients under the German “compassionate care” provision of the medical law since that time.  His words to me were that “over 80 percent of these patients were successfully treated with Galavit.”  For someone like myself, that was like a drink of water to someone who had been without for days.

I listened to the lectures by those who had used it alone, used it with laser/photon therapy, those who had combined it with conservative chemotherapy and radiation and was filled with need to obtain Galavit for my patients.

Professor Rauchfuss shared a book full of case studies he had on his use of Galavit.  These are presented to give you some idea of the powerful message I was hearing from these icons of the medical profession.

Theresa Meyer  
Age: 4 yrs.
Diagnosis: Inoperable glioma of the pons with steady tumor growth.
Treatment: Chemotherapy (cisplatin, etoposide, vincristine, cyclophosphamide, carboplatin, vepeside, trofosfamide) to which there was no clinical response.  Ten months after beginning therapy, further progression was detected and physicians decided to stop chemotherapy.
Galavit was begun in December of 1999.  The mother had to carry the child as she had not walked for 10 months.  She looked very ill and could not speak.  After only two injections, the parents reported a palpable lifting of their daughter's spirits, which continued to improve markedly.  At the end of 15 injections, the patient was walking without holding her mother's hand.  She is now playing with other children and leading a normal child's life.

Alfred Kunert  
Age: 47 yrs.
Diagnosis: Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Treatment: No operation was performed because of infiltration of the cancer into the bladder.  Regional perfusion with cisplatin, adriamycin and mitomycin C.  PSA values rose from 11.5 to 18.8 ng/ml.  Patient discontinued a treatment that obviously was not helping.
Galavit was instituted and PSA levels began to recede within 10 days.  Patient is considered in remission.

Michael Dorn  
Age: 56 yrs.
Diagnosis: Metastatic (brain and lungs) renal cell carcinoma.
Treatment: Left kidney removed.  Later multiple bilateral pulmonary metastases were found along with left brain metastasis.  A bilateral resection of the lungs plus radiation to the brain was instituted.  Six months later more pulmonary and brain metastases plus right kidney metastasis were found.  Stopped all conventional therapy.  
Galavit therapy instituted.  Patient completed 15 injections of Galavit.  The acute dyspnea (difficult breathing) and weakness the patient was experiencing was almost totally gone.  Patient feels well and is living his normal life.  Another round of Galavit should create a full remission.

Wilhelm Kurth  
Age: 52 yrs.
Diagnosis:  Non-small cell lung cancer
Treatment: 3 doses of cisplatin/etoposide, resection of right upper pulmonary lobe.  Postoperative radiotherapy.  Five months later a left parietal brain metastasis was discovered.  Immediately excised.  Kidney and liver metastases found two months later.  Gemcilabine initiated.  More brain metastasis found.  Navelbine used, but stopped in midcourse by patient.
Galavit therapy instituted.  Patient very poor condition, weakness, extremely low endurance, loss of appetite, dizziness, almost bedridden.  After a course of Galavit, the patient considers himself cured because he feels so good, has gained 10 pounds, blood picture greatly improved.

Professor Horst Bley  
Age:  77 yrs.
Diagnosis:  Adenocarcinoma of the transverse colon, complicated with Parkinson’s disease.
Treatment: Right hemicolectomy and resection of sigmoid colon.  Twelve months later, multiple metastases were found in liver.  Chemotherapy with 5FU, leukovorin and oxaliplatin begun but eventually stopped because of gross exacerbation of Parkinson’s disease.
Galavit therapy instituted.  Patient very weak, almost total loss of strength, with loss of appetite.  Half way through the first course of therapy, there was a marked increase in appetite with concommitant increase in strength and stamina.  There was a seven pound weight gain, lymphocytes and leukocytes returned to normal levels and CEA (blood cancer marker) returned to mid-normal levels.

Johanna Reiter  
Age:  64 yrs.
Diagnosis: Sigmoid carcinoma with multiple liver metastases.
Treatment: Resection of sigmoid colon.  Chemotherapy, discontinued because of patient intolerance.
Galavit treatment instituted.  Patient was very weak and listless.  At end of first course of treatment patient feels well.  She has been able to return to her job and work full time.

Elisabeth Backaus   
Age:  73 yrs.
Diagnosis:  Breast Cancer
Treatment: Left radical mastectomy.  Years later,  metastases in left pulmonary area were discovered plus bone metastases in pelvis, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, left femur.  Attending physician expressed the view that chemotherapy and/or radiation was futile.
Galavit treatment instituted.  Patient had little strength, was in extreme pain at many sites and had lost her appetite.   Mid-treatment her appetite was restored, pain was minimal and had gained seven pounds.  By end of therapy, x-ray of lung showed considerable regression of left pulmonary metastasis.  Patient was walking,  felt she was benefitted greatly.     

Edeltraud Meinl  
Age:  52 yrs.
Diagnosis: Breast cancer with liver metastases.
Treatment: Radical mastectomy, chemotherapy consisting of epirubicin and taxol plus radiation.  Liver metastases progressed in spite of treatment.  Repeat  increased course of taxol.  Disease progressed, so chemotherapy stopped.
Galavit therapy instituted.  Patient was extremely weak, with nausea, loss of appetite and vomiting.  Treatment with Galavit progressed uneventfully except that tumor marker CA 15-3 demonstrated a steady rise.  In spite of this the patient was improving in energy and had regained her appetite and no longer was nauseous.  CA 15-3 readings dropped to normal six weeks after treatment was concluded.

Wilfried Lemnitz  
Age: 50 yrs.
Diagnosis:  Renal cell carcinoma with lung, bone and liver metastases.
Treatment: Surgical removal of one kidney.  The observation of massive bone, liver and lung metastases caused the doctors to conclude there were no therapeutic options available.
Galavit treatment was instituted.  Patient had loss of appetite, weakness, severe multiple pain sites, large palpable metastasis in left groin.  At conclusion of first round of treatment, patient had excellent appetite, 7 pound weight gain, and less pain.  The groin metastasis was 50 percent reduced in size.  Six weeks later, patient had gained more weight and was feeling well.

Although we know a relatively large quantity of information about cancer, there is still much to be learned.  There are a few facts that are undisputed and these can put in a more clear view so as to give us an understanding why Galavit might work as well as it does.

     1.  All cancer cells originate from normal cells and have the intelligence of a normal cell.

     2.  Some “thing” causes a normal cell to alter its DNA in such a way that the “new” cell no longer wishes to be a part of the society of our body.  It now wishes to be a new entity.  The “thing” that caused the change in a  normal cell can be a virus or any of a number of chemicals that we might drink, eat or breathe.  The genetic  weakness theory does not have much basis because most of us are descended from families with very little
cancer just two generations ago.

     3.  The major difference between a cancer cell and a normal cell is that the cancer cell has an insatiable need to divide and grow.  Normal cells only replace themselves after maturity.  Cell division and new growth requires extra energy and extra new blood supply.  If we can interfere with either of these we can reduce cell division and halt growth.  If a cancer is no longer dividing, it will eventually die.

     4.  We have a natural enemy of cancer in our body system known as the immune system.  Under normal circumstances, the surveillance part of the immune system is constantly looking for abnormal cells.  But certain things put the immune system temporarily asleep.  You may not be aware, but a good sized portion of french fries contain enough of a substance to immobilize your immune system for up to 72 hours!  (This is true of all deep fried foods).  If the cancer can grow enough without being seen by the immune system it will surround itself with a “radar blocking” substance that will make it invisible to the immune system.  Now it can grow without fear of being discovered.

Grasp that message and you will have progressed a long way toward understanding how we must attack cancer and win the battle.  Building a strong immune system without destroying the “immune shield” is valueless as a treatment!

But let's delve a little deeper into the mechanism of the immune system.  Just as with most parts of the body which is (should be) in a constant state of balance, we have chemicals which stimulate and chemicals which inhibit function.  The immune system has cells like the monocytes, macrophages, lymphocytes and natural killer cells that all by themselves can detect and eliminate cancer cells.  They can also produce other substances such as cytokines, interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor which literally cause the cancer cell to commit suicide (called apoptosis).

Remembering that the cancer cell has all the intelligence of a normal cell, it can produce its own chemicals which can and will attack and destroy the protective immune cells.

Galavit apparently works in two different ways.

     1. Galavit stimulates an aggressive strong immune surveillance and destruction army.

     2. Galavit inhibits the production of the protective chemicals by the cancer that weaken our internal defenses.

Thus Galavit becomes the true immune modulator, normalizing the balance that is necessary for a cancer-free environment internally.  Additionally by being totally side effect free and by modulating the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, it is the perfect companion for these aggressive treatments, should they be indicated.

I am using the Galavit therapy with several other wholistic therapies such as hyperthermia, photoluminescence, oxygen therapy, ozone, mega-nutriceuticals, Insulin Potentiation Therapy, microdose chemotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen, frequency therapy and COX-2 inhibition therapy.  This smorgasbord of treatments has been tremendously effective, inducing remission more often than not.

My final word is one of encouragement and hope.  The diagnosis of cancer is not a death sentence in today's world.  Although allopathic medicine has failed to halt cancer, nontraditional, wholistic approaches have!  

There is hope!


If you or a loved one were diagnosed with cancer - would you put your life on the line with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation?  These therapies have been unsuccessful for the 50 years in which records have been kept.  Are you aware that the survival rate for cancer, in general, is no better today than it was in 1950 when survival records were initiated?  This is in spite of the billions of dollars of research to find a cure for this killer disease.


I am Kurt W. Donsbach, DC, ND, Ph.D. and have practiced wholistic medicine for 44 years.  In the last 17 years my hospitals have treated over 15,000 terminal cancer patients.  And - over 50 percent of the patients who come to Hospital Santa Monica are alive five years later!  We believe we are the best, because we offer the most varied wholistic approach possible - an approach which has proven itself with thousands of enthusiastic ex-cancer patients for the past 16 years.  I’ll give you the telephone numbers of our former cancer patients and they will share their experiences with you.  If you or a loved one has cancer, why not consider the “miracles” that are possible with wholistic therapy.  

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