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Fundamental to our philosophy at Hospital Santa Monica is our belief that as we begin the process to stop disease progression, we must begin to detoxify the body and restore the immune system.  We are all different in our ability to cope with the environment in which we live.  

Just where each of us is in our sensitivity to toxins is difficult to determine.  We do know, however, that over the last 50 years, the rapid increase in the spread of cancer and other degenerative diseases is directly related to toxic overload from the environment and the resulting immune deficiencies.

Therefore, at Hospital Santa Monica, our program of detoxification is an essential step in all of our treatment programs.

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Many of the treatments used at Hospital Santa Monica are identical to those used in any medical center in the United States.  We believe, however, that the toxic so-called cancer-killing agents, such as, radiation and chemotherapy, while giving the appearance of having stopped cancer, just temporarily slow it down.  While, at the same time, the residual toxicity of these treatments compromises the viability of the person's immune system to deal with the cancer.  So, ironically, if and when the cancer reappears; the person is less able to deal with it than they were before receiving the treatments.

We also use treatment modalities which, although widely researched and available in Europe and Asia, are not readily available in the United States.  Still other treatments prescribed are used exclusively at Hospital Santa Monica, having been developed by Dr. Donsbach specifically for his patients.

As a result of the pioneering research of  Dr. Donsbach,  some of the treatment protocols developed at Hospital Santa Monica have been adopted by other hospitals and treatment centers around the world.  For instance, Dr. Donsbach is most famous for his research with oxygen therapies.  While not inventing the therapeutic use of oxygen, Dr. Donsbach has been researching its use since 1978 and is generally acknowledged as the person most responsible for its current widespread acceptance.

Dr. Donsbach has long been recognized as a world leader in charting effective wholistic treatment programs for chronic degenerative diseases; particularly, cancer, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, candidiasis and arthritis; as well as, for detoxification and rejuvenation.

Since our treatment programs do not generally include toxic therapies, such as chemotherapy or radiation; there are few, if any, side-effects noted by our patients during or after their treatment at Hospital Santa Monica.

At Hospital Santa Monica, patients don't lie in bed all day;  they're on a tight schedule of treatments, therapies and consultations for a full eight hours each day.  By carefully and objectively evaluating your case, a specific, multi-modal treatment plan is decided upon.  “Multi-modal  therapy” is the use of several different treatment modalities at the same time.

Cancer research studies have widely endorsed multi-modal therapy as the “wave of the future.”  Hospitals in the US have been slow to make this change because of the departmentalization of medical specialties; no department in a large US Medical Center wants to share patients - ie. revenue - with another.

At Hospital Santa Monica, we have the freedom to use whatever treatments are needed. The spectrum of healing and immune-enhancing agents that we prescribe draws from ancient Oriental herbal knowledge, as well as, the latest scientific discoveries.

With the guidance of Dr. Donsbach, we utilize Western Medicine, Oriental Medicine, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Herbology, Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy and Nutrition for the benefit of our patients.

We have our own laboratories for research and development.  We have our own manufacturing facility to insure that the formulas we provide our patients are fresh and of the proper potency.  No other institution goes to these lengths to insure that you have the best treatment formulas possible.

And, your treatment plan extends beyond your stay at Hospital Santa Monica.  At the end of your stay, you are provided with a home treatment protocol, formulas and free consultations to guide you on your continuing path to recovery and good health.
     Five of our many long-term cancer survivors!

We are especially proud of our organic garden offering a variety of delicious homegrown fresh vegetables and herbs for the diet of our patients.  Dr. Donsbach believes a varied diet, consisting of approximately four cupfuls of vegetables daily with whole grains and a moderate amount of whole fruits (1/2 cup a day), is the best diet for our patients.  We also serve fish, chicken, turkey and some beef.  And, of course, special diets are available for those with special needs.
Many are fearful of extensive fasting, purging or other drastic methods that have been associated with non-orthodox healing centers.  We do not engage in any of these procedures at Hospital Santa Monica, as our patients are usually so ill that such measures would seriously endanger their ability to survive.
All patients are encouraged to take their meals in the dining room for the positive psychological effect of talking with others who have similar problems and conversing with patients who have been there for some time and have made good progress with their conditions.

Some of the specific therapies utilized at Hospital Santa Monica for cancer (and many of the other conditions we treat) include the following:
Microwave Hyperthermia
The use of microwave energy frequencies allows the heating of cancer cells preferentially to normal cells.  When a cancer cell is heated above a certain threshold; it weakens, cannot reproduce and may even die.  At this point, the cancer cells are also much more vulnerable to all the other therapies used.  As such, this can be used in conjunction with the microdose chemotherapy very successfully.

Microdose Chemotherapy
There is very little argument that the concept of chemotherapy has merit.  The biggest problem has been that the normal cells are destroyed at the same or greater rate as the cancer cells.  In addition, the cancer seems to build a resistance to the chemo over a period of time, resulting in the need for more intensive and destructive forms of chemotherapy.  
Microdose chemotherapy, as used at Hospital Santa Monica, is based on the fact that a cancer cell has a voracious appetite for glucose - more than 30 times that of a normal cell - and that it cannot use an alternative fuel, as a normal cell can.  
During induced hypoglycemia (lowering the glucose level of the cells), the cancer cells are stressed for glucose.  If glucose is then administered, mixed with microdose chemotherapy, the cancer cells will preferentially take up the mixture - over the normal cells, which have switched to alternative fuels.  Thus, the cancer cell, with 20 times the number of glucose receptors as the normal cell, takes in most of the chemo in its desperate attempt to get the glucose it needs to survive and the normal cell is barely affected.  This process is also known as Insulin Potentiation Therapy.

Oxygen Therapies
There are many forms of oxygen therapy based upon the benefits of decreased carbon monoxide, increased nitric oxide and a general purification of the blood which these therapies perform.  Books have been written and hundreds of thousands of clinical uses of this therapy validate its use as an adjunct in the treatment of chronic degenerative disease.  We use hydrogen peroxide intravenous infusions, ozone insufflation, ozone saunas, hyperbaric oxygen, swimming pool and jacuzzi water oxygenated with 35% hydrogen peroxide, to name a few.
          Ozone Sauna
(Go to for more information on Dr. Donsbach's use of oxygen therapies and then hit your "Back" button on your browser to come back here.)

Hyperbaric Oxygen
We have long used and enjoyed the results of our Hyper-Oxy Hyperbaric Chambers as a way of increasing the oxygen content in the body.  We soon will begin using our newly constructed 12 foot geodesic dome hyperbaric chamber, made of galvanized steel and 4 inch foam insulation.   Six patients will be able to sit together and converse while getting increased oxygen pressure and its benefits.

One of the real needs of a growing cancerous tumor is that of a new blood supply (angiogenesis).  Various substances such as genestein (an extract of soy), bovine and/or shark cartilage and high dose vitamin A are effective anti-angiogenics (working against - the supply of blood).  When the tumor cannot furnish enough blood supply to all of its cells, the deprived cells will be unable to reproduce and will begin to die.  All patients with solid tumors receive high dosages of anti-angiogenic nutrients specifically selected for their particular needs by Dr. Donsbach and the patient's attending physician.

COX-2 Inhibition Therapy
COX-2 Inhibition Therapy is another exciting, relatively nontoxic method of making the body an unwelcome host for cancer.  Cancer cells produce large amounts of COX-2 substances and use them as biological fuel to cause rapid proliferation of cell division.  Certain other substances are able to block these natural stimulators and have been found to be potent inhibitors of cancer growth.  COX-2 inhibition results in a decrease in cell replication and a reduction in the synthesis of COX-2 and its metabolites, such as the dangerous prostaglandin E2.  It is not contradictory with any other of the many approaches that we use to treat cancer and its use is backed by significant and reliable studies, all indicating that it works to inhibit cancer growth.

ONCOTOX is a liquid concentrate of five separate and very effective cancer inhibitors; all with extensive research studies documenting their effectiveness as an adjunct in cancer therapy.  All cancer patients take ONCOTOX twice a day while at the hospital and it is an important element in their follow-up home protocol.

The cancer inhibitors in ONCOTOX are:
Resveratrol is a member of the bioflavonoid family and has the property of inhibiting the enzymes necessary to produce abnormal growth (which is what cancer is).  In a recent issue, Science Magazine devoted an entire article to the effectiveness of Resveratrol in the treatment of cancer, which was entitled, "The Cancer Chemopreventive Activity of Resveratrol."
IP-6 is the research baby of Dr. Abdul Shamsuddin, who for years followed the scientific path of proving the value of IP-6, an analogue of inositol, a B complex vitamin.  Dr. Shamsuddin states unequivocally that he has proven by traditional scientific procedures that IP-6 prevents cancer and is highly effective as a therapy against all forms of human cancer.
Lactoferrin is a natural ingredient in the body which binds free iron, a function which takes away the iron molecule needed by every cancer cell.  Although it does nothing for cancer cells already existing, Lactoferrin prevents metastasis and new growth.
Arginine is an amino acid found to consistently inhibit the growth of tumors.  In one study,  growth was diminished by 80% in 2 weeks.  Another study indicated that Arginine prevented metastasis.
Curcumin is an extract of the herb turmeric.  There have been numerous articles written on the effectiveness of this fabulous herb in the treatment of cancer.  "Curcumin was highly effective as a chemopreventive agent in colon cancer."  "Curcumin has been demonstrated to be an effective inhibitor of tumor promotion."  "Curcumin induces cancer cell apoptosis (cell suicide)."

Galavit is a new and very exciting immunomodulator - a product of Russian space technology which could herald a dramatic therapeutic breakthrough in the treatment of cancer and other conditions.  
Dr. Donsbach recently returned from Romania where Galavit was being presented to a limited group of oncologists from around the world.  Developed in Obinsk, Russia by the Russian astronaut medical research team, who had been ordered to create a substance that would protect the Russian astronauts from the high levels of radiation they were exposed to during their long periods in space.  
Their extensive research on 300 cosmonauts and 30,00 other cancer patients showed that Galavit stimulated the immune system against cancer cells, stopped the growth of primary tumors, prevented metastasis, promoted the regeneration of diseased organ and body tissue, dramatically increased the cancer patients' life expectancy, reduced the side-effects of radiation and chemotherapy and drastically improved the quality of life of even the most terminal cancer patients.

Micro Frequency Therapy
The frequency of energy can be measured by electronic instruments.  It has been verified that when the physical and emotional bodies are healthy, the frequency of the energy field is at a higher level than when the body is ill or the emotions are imbalanced.
It thus makes considerable sense that if our energy frequency is boosted when we are ill or not feeling up to par, the result should be one of increased well-being.  Of the many scientists and doctors who have experimented with a wide variety of frequency modulating devices, perhaps the most famous is Royal Rife, who was convinced that he could cure practically any disease by inducing the correct frequency into the body.  Although there is controversy about Rife's work; many modern scientists, such as Dr. Robert Becker, have offered sound proof of the healing properties of certain frequencies introduced into the body.

Volumes of practical experience and scientific research have been written on the use of biomagnetic therapy for the management of pain and the other benefits of  properly administered magnetic energy; like improved circulation and rate of healing, increased energy and feelings of well-being, to name just a few of the benefits sited.  Recently, Harvard University scientists have announced their findings on the benefits of magnetic energy fields in both healing and reducing pain.

Mercury Removal
Many individuals have been concerned about the amount of amalgam (mercury laden) fillings they have in their mouths.  Most US dentists are unwilling to remove these, since it would be an admission of guilt that they have been using a poisonous material for decades, ignoring the abundance of literature that condemns this filling material.
Dr. Donsbach has found Mexican dentists to be true artists and has used them for his family exclusively for many years.  It should not be overlooked that their costs are up to 80% lower than what you would pay in the US for similar work.   
We have a fine dental office on site for our patients at Hospital Santa Monica and we encourage those that can to consider having the poisonous mercury fillings removed from their mouths, eliminating this dental toxicity, concurrently with their other therapies.

Specific Nutritional Supplementation
In addition to the therapies outlined above and illustrated on the left, Hospital Santa Monica uses specific nutritional supplementation that varies for each patient according to the scope and specificity of their problems.

A Special Word to Cancer Patients:

Please do not construe - from the positive things we have said about the quality and effectiveness of our protocols - that we are telling you that we have a cure for cancer.  We do not.  No one does at this point in history.

What we are telling you is that we can help you help yourself put your cancer in remission - help you hold it at bay.  

But we can't do it by ourselves.  Our treatment protocols can not do it by themselves.  Dr. Donsbach nor any of his medical doctors can do it for you.  And you can't do it on your own, either.  It's not easy.  Your cancer wants to live.  It desperately wants to live - by its very nature - and you will have to create a physical, mental and spiritual climate that will not support its life.  It's the hardest battle you will ever fight.
And that's what we can help you do - better, we believe, than anywhere else in the world.  
This is what we are telling you.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

(You will find more information on Dr. Donsbach's specific approach to cancer and the other degenerative diseases he treats at Hospital Santa Monica at on the CANCER CONTROL THERAPY and DISEASE PROTOCOLS pages.)

If you would like to discuss any of these therapies in more detail, call: Hospital Santa Monica Patient Services: (800) 359-6547.

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