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Autor Thema: Chiropractor tells a woman with malignant cancer that it can be treated with diet  (Gelesen 1552 mal)


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""At the end, I waited until a few other people filtered out and I wanted
to make sure I caught Dr. Credeur before he left. I tried to specifically
ask him what would be causing this lump in my neck and he just said, 'Well
it's some kind of thyroid disorder probably,' and 'We'll get you on a
healthy diet and healthy lifestyle,'" Yardley said.

"While Yardley pondered what to do, she said her primary care doctor was
able to get her in to see physicians at Denver Health Medical Center and
University of Colorado Hospital.

"Just days after meeting Credeur, she said she received a shocking diagnosis.

"They said, 'You have malignant cancer.' I mean just slam bam, they knew it
right off the bat," Yardley said.
Her diagnosis, she said, was Stage 2, B-cell lymphoma."

Read the whole article here:
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