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Autor Thema: [healthfraud] New Swedish TV investigative show does hidden-camera quack episode  (Gelesen 2547 mal)


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Tim Farley meldet heute abend in der Mailing-Liste von "Healthfraud":

If you speak Swedish at all, you might find this interesting. There's a new investigative journalism show on Sweden's TV3 this fall called Sanning & Konsekvens (Truth & Consequence) and the episode this past Wednesday was all about quacks.

They covered a "spirit healer", a quack machine and applied kinesiology.  Much of it focused on cancer quacks, and they had an oncologist watch their hidden-camera footage and comment.

You can watch it online here for 5 more days:

I only noticed this because a bunch of Swedes who were watching it on Wednesday tweeted links to my What's the Harm site.

Part of the episode tells the story of a victim of this Ayurvedic practitioner:

--Tim Farley
Research Fellow for JREF &

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