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Autor Thema: "Aspirin a 'no brainer' against cancer after screening"  (Gelesen 1110 mal)


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16 July 2012 Last updated at 12:12 GMT

Aspirin a 'no brainer' against cancer after screening
By Susan Watts Newsnight science editor, BBC News

Last year, research indicated daily low-dose aspirin cut the risk of dying by 66% for oesophageal cancer and 25% for lung cancer. When researchers looked at all solid cancers together, the risk also fell, by 25%.

This year, the team looked at aspirin's effect on the spread of cancer, and found it reduced the risk of secondary spread to the lungs, liver and the brain by "about half".

Low-dose aspirin is already recommended to cut the risk of heart attack and stroke, but there are no national guidelines on who should consider taking it to prevent cancer, or how much to take.

You can see more on The Aspirin Debate - with Newsnight's science editor, Susan Watts, on BBC Two at 22:30 BST on Monday.

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