Monsanto vs Schmeiser
The Classic David vs Goliath Struggle.....

Monsanto seeks revenge against farmer who testified on Schmeiser's behalf

March 2002

Carlyle Moritz, a Bruno, SK area farmer who testified on behalf of Percy Schmeiser is now facing the wrath of Monsanto.  Monsanto's investigators Robertson Investigations paid Moritz a visit in 2001 and at that time it was clear to Moritz that he was being investigated solely because he was supportive of Schmeiser in his dispute against Monsanto.

Moritz did not provide permission to Robertson Investigations to take samples from his land, however, Robertson Investigations proceeded anyway (See the related story). Following the visit, Moritz did not know what to expect.

Then in January 2002, Moritz received the following letter from Aaron Mitchell of Monsanto. Mitchell is the Intellectual Property Protection Manager for Monsanto and has been the point person for Monsanto's activities in protecting the use of  Round-Up Ready canola.



Monsanto again is running loose with facts and figures when it comes to dealing with farmers. It appears their intent is to use their might to intimidate the farmer into settling out of court. This particular case is even more absurd, as Monsanto (or their Investigation firm Robertson Investigations) can't even tell the difference between wheat and canola, or between a seed crop and canola!

Here is the response that was sent to Monsanto by Moritz's lawyer.

Monsanto's actions in these circumstances makes one wonder what their true intentions may be.

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