Eric and wife have the privilege of
meeting with the legend himself,
Rich DeVos, Founder of Amway.










An Open Letter To Rich DeVos

Mr. DeVos, this is my wife and I sharing a moment with you during better times (see picture in sidebar.) We trusted you so much. We trusted you not only with our families future but that of most all of our closest friends.

We believed in the principles that you and Jay founded Amway with. Character, integrity, hard work, honesty, reward for the performer and service to others were all critical components of the business you founded. Unfortunately, the Kingpin distributors changed the business and it is now completely devoid of any of these qualities.

To your credit; you took initial action to attempt to stop these abuses and deception when you became aware of them in the 1979-1982 time period. However, at some point shortly after 1982 the Amway Corporation seemed to actually become an active participant in the fraud with you, family members and management actively promoting and speaking at the seminars of the very Kingpin Diamonds who you knew were fleecing the flock globally.

You cannot take away the conversation my wife and I had with our children to explain we had to leave the only home they had ever known. You cannot give us our once perfect credit back. You cannot undo the past and current fear of living under the fear of
multiple death threats to even my wife and son. This, however, is not about us. The deception and fraud we experienced is simply representative of what is happening to millions of people around the world involved as distributors in the motivational organizations associated with two of the Alticor companies, Amway and Quixtar.

I have been in contact with
victims from literally around world who tell the almost exact same story (regardless of what state or country they reside in) of deception and betrayal. You cannot give back to them the years they lost with their children. You cannot return the many homes that have been lost. You cannot mend the destroyed credit of those who have been bankrupted. You can never heal the families that have been torn apart by divorce as a result of this. Will you allow history to remember you and Jay as the Billionaire Bandits? What will your legacy be?

This is not done out of anger, hate, revenge or a sense of retribution. It is with deep remorse I have been called to this terrible task, for which my family and I have and continue to pay an incredible price. You profess to be a
Christian. I believe your sincerity in that profession. As a fellow Christian, I am required to forgive you, and have done so. With this, I extend the olive branch of forgiveness to you and ask you to do one thing.

You must have agonized over this for many years.
Please do the right thing and put and end to this. You know you can. As you read this, you can be assured that an army of Amway or Quixtar’s lawyers and that of the IBOIA and its representative Kingpins are descending upon my family and I like rabid hyenas. Please call them off. You can stop this and do something incredible with your life. You can change the course of history now, Mr. DeVos.

I will permit you to co-write the last chapter of this book should you choose to do the right thing, as difficult as it may be.
What witness will you be remembered for? What will you final testimony be?
I sincerely wish you the best.

God Bless,

Eric Scheibeler

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