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Case Studies / Dexter Yager...Lives Left In Ruins?

Crown Ambassador Dexter and Birdie Yager are Amway’s most highly promoted distributors. In fact, the majority of Amway’s global volume is reported to funnel through them. They have allegedly built the largest network marketing business in the world. They have been featured in Amway’s national magazine and promoted to the distributor force personally by multiple DeVos family members.

He’s really a good guy, trust me …

“The leadership in this organization from the Yager family on throughout are committed… doing every thing that they can do to make sure you have every opportunity to succeed. An equal opportunity for everyone in this room regardless of what your background may be.”
- Doug DeVos, Head of Amway North American Operations
Amway Special Guests Speakers D. DeVos, B. Kerkstra” audiotape GDL 96-21

What Amway and certain DeVos family members do not make public is that they have been named as co-defendants in multiple fraud related lawsuits with Yager. As we climbed through the ranks, we had direct contact with Yager and his teachings. Here I am pictured with Dexter Yager, Fred Harteis and the rest of the Diamonds whose organization controls the bulk of Amway’s billions in annual volume. This was taken at a secretive, invite only “top gun” school referred to as YNMI:

From first hand experience, I can attest to the fact that what is shown to the public is far different from what occurs behind closed doors in "leaders only" meetings. Like most all the other Diamonds, the Yagers make representations about their income that appear to be fraudulent. Here’s one from Birdie...

“And all we have ever had in the business is our Amway income. We still do not have tool income. That might come as a surprise to some of you. But that’s all we have is Amway income. But do you know why we have a big Amway income? It’s because we took some of the principles from the Bible and we lived by them.”
- Amway Crown Ambassador Birdie Yager
Birdie-Monday Afternoon Audiotape Stock No. GDL 96-28 Copyright Internet Services Corporation

Now this seems strange in that lawsuits brought against the Yagers estimate their income from the secretive stools business to be as much as $40,000,000 annually. In my investigation detailed in Merchants of Deception, I was able to gain full access to Yager’s sprawling 400,000 square feet tool facility to get a full tour. This certainly does not look like a non-profit or a business that is being run at a loss…. Here is a photo of the operation:

The Yagers would be brought in to speak to as many as 5,000 distributors at Harteis seminars. He would talk well past midnight at times. He shocked the organization when he told them that he had secret service agents that were distributors that reported to him. Yager told us the secret service agents confided in him that Hillary Clinton was a lesbian and they were used to shuttle her lesbian lovers in and out of the White House. This was often repeated in diatribes in which Democrats were demonized as socialists. Amway was not a place to be if you were not a conservative Republican.

A Democrat was as welcome as a someone who is gay. Here’s Dexter on how to handle “Queers":

Click On MP3 Icon To Hear How Dexter Yager Feels About Members Of The Gay Community!

Amway has been plagued for decades by charges of cultism, which they officially dismiss at the corporate level. However, former distributors have had to seek cult exit counseling at multiple cult centers across the US. I have been in contact with individuals as far away as France and Sweden who have a deep concern for the apparent use of cult techniques upon distributors. One gentleman from France advised that his brother vanished into an Amway cult almost a decade ago and will have no contact with anyone that criticizes the organization, despite his mounting losses.

I spent a great deal of time investigating this aspect of the Amway business and actually spent time with Steve Hassan, one of the foremost experts on cultism in the US. He explained in both his books and in our work together, that most all cults utilize the same techniques to gently, ever so gradually remove an individuals ability to think for themselves. These techniques include love bombing, sleep deprivation, isolation form outside sources of information, developing closer relationships with those in “the group” than with your own family and phobia building to scare people from ever leaving.

When I first heard of this, I thought it to be ridiculous myself. That was only until I read Steve’s story as he was recruited into the Unification Church, commonly referred to as the “Moonies”. I was shocked to learn that his experience was near identical to mine in Amway. I am not saying these individuals in Amway leadership are cult leaders or utilize cult principles. You make your own decision once you read Merchants of Deception. Here is a sampling of the cult related section of the book:

“When you’re loyal to the upline, it’s being loyal to God. It’s being loyal to your husband and loyal to your children.”
-Amway Double Diamond Linda Harteis
Quote from “Ladies Meeting- Tues. Afternoon-Part 1” GDL 96-35

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