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My Purpose In Exposing The Truth About Merchants Of Deception

Despite your initial thoughts, this site is not an assault of Amway distributors. It is, to the contrary, an effort to stop the well-organized deception that is being perpetrated upon them. Please allow me to provide you with some background information on myself.

I was employed as a Federal auditor for the US Department of Energy. Following that I worked in management for a large insurance company. My wife and I were recruited by friends and quickly rose through the ranks and
found ourselves in the top 1/25th of 1% of the multi-billion dollar Amway Corporation. For nearly a decade, we developed a “business” that expanded from North America to Europe, South America, and the Philippines. We spoke to thousands from stage and worked intimately with the Kingpin distributors through whom as much as 90% of Amway's $4-5 billion dollars in annual revenue flows. My wife and I spent personal time with the company's billionaire founder Rich DeVos.

To make a long story short, at the highest level, I inadvertently discovered what documentation now appears to reveal as
two decades of systematic, global fraud running into sums far in excess of twenty billion dollars. When I initially discovered the deception, I naively thought it only involved Kingpin level distributors in the field. I immediately reported it to Amway senior management with nearly 50 pages of corroborating documentation.

Their response was more shocking than what I had discovered. Instead of taking action against the Kingpin level distributors that were clearly defrauding the masses, they began to make threats of taking punitive action against me. Fortunately, I had them do it all in writing. I had begun to make details of the deception known to other distributors, to whom I was accountable. They ultimately shut off my sole income in what appeared to be an effort to starve me into silence. This went on for almost a year. We lost our medical insurance and were forced into bankruptcy. Just when they knew we were about to lose our home, I was strongly “encouraged” to sell “my business” to a member of my upline for approximately $75,000. At the same time, my sponsor was attempting to pressure me to sign a legal agreement to never speak publicly of our experience. Neither our silence nor or character were for sale and we walked away from the offer(s).

I knew, from being an auditor, that without solid documentation I would be crushed by this powerful, wealthy, politically well connected organization. I spent literally thousands of hours in research, culling documentation from global sources as this deception has spread like cancer to over 80 countries and territories.
In its wake are countless bankruptcies, foreclosures and broken marriages all happening under the guise of “free Enterprise”. I secured a cache of well over 1,000 hours of legally recorded tapes and videos. Internal Amway documents surfaced revealing that the Billionaire founder, Rich DeVos, has been aware of these illegal activities for well over twenty years. All this documentation was put together in a compelling, meticulously documented book 296 page book I wrote titled Merchants of Deception. It was written specifically to be a road map for regulators and prosecutors worldwide.

This book was used to initiate the current, active FBI investigation. It is also is the resource utilized when I initiated the recent
NBC Dateline expose. In a few days with undercover cameras, the crack team of reporters at NBC were able to document in real time the fraud that has been perpetuated for twenty years as documented in Merchants of Deception. The book documents that Amway's billionaire founder and senior management not only were aware of two decades of systematic fraud, but that they aided, abetted and financially rewarded the most egregious offenders. This statement is supported by almost 20 safety deposit boxes of documentation, including financials and confidential internal documents, the most critical of which has been turned over to the FBI. Merchants of Deception reveals the methodology, manner and global scope of the fraud. It also details long term, intentional, systematic violations of FTC regulations. The FBI, the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS and foreign governments and/or counter cult organizations are all utilizing this book as a resource.

The question you must be asking yourself is,
“If this could possibly be true, how could it have gone on this long?” The answer is one I wish I did not have to share with you. As a life long conservative, I am disheartened at what I discovered and documented regarding the political party I have voted for my entire adult life. I am embarrassed to reveal that the principals in the above scheme have donated over the years, as much as $4,000,000 annually either directly to the Republican Party, Senators, PAC’s or 527 organizations that support them. The FTC has refused to take action despite having the very same documentation you can download for free below. The FTC has been petitioned by myself, at least one credible fraud expert and the former US Assistant Attorney for the State of Wisconsin (who prosecuted Amway) for over four years. Sadly, it appears the millions in annual donations have functioned well as regulatory protection money, but that is my opinion based upon the documentation and my personal interaction with the FTC.

Far too many people are being hurt. I was used as an unknowing dupe to take millions of dollars from good, honorable people and cannot simply walk away and let this persist. I wish I could. As you turn each page ,you will learn the terrifying details of the journey several of us have traveled, for years, in an effort to expose the truth. As you read this, the perpetrators of this scheme most certainly are amassing a legion of attorneys to descend upon me. This experience has already taken all my assets so there is little else they can do to punish me, at least financially. However, they will most likely succeed in getting an injunction to at least temporarily shut this site down. If you have an interest, download the book immediately and feel free to mirror this site. Someone had to “step in front of the bus” or it was never going to stop. This is my leap of faith.

I encourage you to read
Merchants of Deception, review the supporting documentation (including pro-Amway and pro-Quixtar information), and form your own opinion.

Best Regards,

Eric Scheibeler

The book is in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format and is 100% compatible with both Macintosh and PC computers.

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