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IBOAI = Independent Business Owners Association International

IBOA International...Independent Business Owners Association International Distributors are told that the IBOAI is an organization of distributor leaders that work, on their own time, to protect the interests of the distributor force. Their web site describes the organization’s function as this:

“Welcome to the Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOA International), the official website For Independent Business Owners affiliated with Quixtar. We are an independent organization dedicated to representing the interests of Independent Business Owners (IBOs) throughout North America. Every day, we are here to support thousands of families as they build financial freedom.”
Here is the current board of directors:

What is ironic is that
nothing could possibly be further from the truth. The IBOAI Board is run by mostly Kingpin level Diamond distributors who have made their livings defrauding the masses into their respective tool businesses. Many have been named in fraud lawsuits. Ironically, Amway Corporation has received multiple complaints regarding fraud and deceptive practices involving Double Diamond Fred Harteis. Here is a complaint from a young couple in NY that worked directly with Fred Harteis of Harrisburg, PA. The letter was sent by certified mail to both Amway President Dick DeVos and the IBOAI Board itself in 2001.

Although we did not know each other while we both worked with
Harteis, our stories are nearly identical. In his letter, distributor Shawn Derrick provides details of deception, fraud and illegal pyramiding. He describes the process of fear, manipulation and intimidation in a cult like atmosphere in which Harteis and his operatives induced Derrick to lose over $34,000 on the purchase of books, tapes, seminars etc...while attempting to build a profitable Amway business. Here is the exact letter sent certified to Amway and the IBOAI in 2001:

Click On PDF Icon To Download The Shawn Derrick Complaint Letter Sent To Amway & The IBOAI Showing $34,000 Worth Of Deception!

I independently filed an almost identical fraud complaint over a year prior, not even knowing the Derricks, by fax and certified mail, to both Dan Bailey and Dick DeVos. The response was astounding...They allowed Harteis to be Chairman of the Legal & Ethics Committee and then in 2004 allowed him to become Chairman of the entire IBOAI.

Again, my experience is in working often directly with Harteis for almost ten years as a high level leader in his group. In this time period of working with thousands of distributors, most all lost money and were simply replaced by new, unknowing consumers with full pockets. See the Case Study section where there are 12 former Harteis distributors who gave testimonials that showed a totals loss of approximately $250,000. Multiply this by thousands (on tape he claims to have tens of thousands in his organization at one time) who have gone through the Harteis Amway organization and you can estimate the amount of financial losses endured by those he has “helped.” Two of his most successful distributors, Emeralds, were forced into bankruptcy while in Amway with Harteis, and some distributors lost their homes.

From Fred Harteis’ President’s statement on the IBOAI web site he states:

“As we embark on 2004, I realize how fortunate we are. We are free people involved in free enterprise, building our own businesses as big or as small as we want.

We are united under the umbrella of the Independent Business Owners Association International. This powerful Association – with the Board representing
your interests – is dedicated to furthering our growth and creating confidence in the future. This Internet-based business is unique, and we are just beginning to realize our full potential.

During my years on the Board, I have admired and respected the many Board Members willing to invest countless hours on behalf of all Independent Business Owners. Your representatives are constantly focused on improving the best business opportunity in the world.

The Board acts as a team to serve you. If you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations, please contact a Board Member or the IBOAI office.

This business has been a dream come true for thousands of people. I encourage you to set lofty goals and to match your goals with effort and faith. Together we will make this our best year ever.”

Despite having full knowledge of the fraud and being named as co-defendants in multiple fraud lawsuits, Amway continues to this day to promote the very people and entities that are defrauding its own distributor force. Why you ask? The very same Kingpin leaders bringing in millions of people globally (the fraud is replicated with franchise precision around the world) generate the billions in volume (dollars, not sales) for Amway with their false tales of Amway wealth.

In a March 2000 Achieve magazine sent out to all North American distributors, Executive Vice President Doug DeVos, advises the newest trusting flock of distributors:

“From our founding as a partnership to our lines of sponsorship, support of each other has been our strength. Thousands of employees and extensive corporate resources have the sole purpose of supporting you. Your line of sponsorship wants you to succeed. You’re part of an organization of positive people pursuing goals.

You gather together and find that enthusiasm is contagious. Your Independent Business Owners Association International Board works hard to represent your interests. No other business like ours enjoys this level of support. Our common bond makes us strong. ”

Dick DeVos – Executive Vice President

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