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Case Studies / Dexter Yager...Part Two

We witnessed distributors in the system over time begin to develop an unusual relationship with the upline leadership. Two distributor leaders often publicly professed a willingness to die for their upline. The loyalty expected within the organization, particularly at the leadership level, was total, unquestioning faith –no exceptions. Leaders were also admonished to “rat out” any who may be disloyal or even make disloyal statements. Near the end, the cult-like culture of the motivational organization became terrifying.

Did Amway know about this? Again, the sad answer is “YES”. In 1985 a book was printed called Amway The Cult of Free Enterprise that both revealed and exposed the exact cult techniques that are still being utilized upon the distributor force well into 2004. Forbes magazine in 1985 reported that Amway senior management was aware of cult practices within its ranks 19 years ago. Last year DeVos and Van Andel brought in William Nicholson, former president Gerald Ford’s appointments secretary, to reorganize Amway. Nicholson says the firm is cleansing the sales force, and there is a new approach, downplaying evangelism and cultism and emphasizing real sales training instead.

Forbes, March 25, 1985 “Cleaning Up?"...Despite the alleged “cleansing” the abuses were never corrected and, in fact, were spread globally as Amway’s Kingpin distributors seem to have replicated the recruitment and indoctrination process in 83 foreign countries and territories. It sounds outrageous but listen to Dexter himself on audio and you can draw your own conclusion:

Here Dexter appears to be talking to or about God and talks about it being:

“...No big deal for me to just tear bodies apart and throw pieces all over...And then let me chop their head off…I’ll just snap their neck off and throw them on the pile of life…You're mine, trust me...trust me.”

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Yager talks about people who have come against him and they “died a cancer death." He talks about neighbors who came against him and within two years “all four of them were dead."

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I was in this meeting and at nearly 1:00AM Dexter looked out over all of us (his Emeralds and Diamonds) and announced:

“I understand what it is like to be Christ and to look out around amongst the disciples...Don’t be a Judas”.

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If someone leaves or is disloyal, Yager advises that:

"...I’m not going to beat him up, I’m going to tear his stupid heart out!!!...You are not going to destroy yourself. I don’t let you commit suicide easy...But if you are going to be damned, its your choice, I’ll love you in your sickness. But when you walk out that door, its over.”

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It’s strange that when most people choose to change professions they are not “damned” nor do people speak of tearing their hearts out. If you leave Amway or Dexter will you really be damned for eternity? It seems a little harsh, don't you think?

The first confirmed report of a
distributor suicide has tragically surfaced. The family left behind feels there may be a strong connection between his involvement in one of the cultic Amway motivational organizations. I feel certain this may be the case and that there will be others made public shortly. You have to download and read the entire book Merchants of Deception to fully comprehend the devastating magnitude of the psychological manipulation that is systematically perpetrated upon distributors. If you have lost a loved one, please read the book as it may give you an understanding of what they went through. Please also feel free to contact me.

Let’s recap.
Amway is aware that its distributor force is being subjected to cult tactics since 1985. Amway is named with Yager as co-defendant in multiple fraud lawsuits. Rich DeVos acknowledges receiving “bags full” of mail regarding threats, intimidation, deception and fraudulent practices (pyramiding). To the public they remain silent and aggressively promote and financially reward those who appear to be the most egregious offenders.

Amway Corporation sent President Dick DeVos to the Yagers to present them with a $2,000,000 bonus check, the largest ever, at a convention filled with 10,000 distributors. Did DeVos warn these distributors as to what was happening to them, most all of whom were losing money? No, he presented Dexter and Birdie with the check and proclaimed that, “You are a tremendous role model for Amway and I am proud to call you my friend.” He also presented the Yagers with notes of praise from the founders, a five carat diamond pendant for Birdie, a five carat man’s ring for Dexter, 50 roses for Birdie and a trip to Amway’s own private island, Peter Island.

The distributors present cheered as they “knew” they were part of something good and honorable...

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