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Quotable Quotes & Reviews From The Book Merchants Of Deception

“Accountability is always about assuming responsibility, not deferring it. Unfortunately, we live in a time when our national leaders seldom admit sin...even when caught red handed...and when people at every level of public life avoid accountability. Rather than “fess up,” we cover up. Instead of telling the whole truth, we engage in “spin control,” a euphemism for putting a bad situation in good light.”
- Rich DeVos

“The similarity between Amway and the Moonies is so profound that one wonders if the two are in cahoots. Maybe at the top of the ladder they scratch each other’s backs.”
- Stephen Butterfield
“I hope that you’ll know that if there is anything that I can do personally to be of assistance to you, and to support you and help you achieve your dreams and your goals with this business. I stand ready to do anything I can. Because we are about a wonderful mission that you and I can feel very, very good about together.”
- Dick DeVos, President of Amway
(...who refused to respond to certified mail regarding distributors being defrauded.)

“Rich DeVos is uniquely qualified to explain why Compassionate Capitalism can lead to financial success for the individual, the community and the nation. By his own lifetime achievements, Rich has proven why compassion for all of one’s fellow citizens is a mandatory key to success.”
- Gerald R. Ford, Former President of the United States

“Rich DeVos is one of our country’s most successful businessmen.”
- George Bush Former President of the United States

“It is certainly the opportunity of the century.”
- Amway Crown Jody Victor

AMAZING REVIEWS For The Compelling New Book
Merchants Of Deception

"They have diamonds, limousines and mansions. Eric Scheibeler has a book. With cash contributions to politicians they seek to influence regulatory agencies, state laws and national trade policies. In telling his story, Eric Scheibeler asks for legality, honesty and full disclosure. They pay ex-presidents of the United States, famous televangelists and motivation speakers to prop up their image. Eric Scheibeler stands on his own and speaks for himself. And they have a raucous army of followers, clingers and defenders who sing and shout their praise. Eric Scheibeler gives voice to millions more who are silenced by deception, manipulation, fear and shame. With such odds arrayed, Amway and its related motivational organizations are no match for the thunderous truth of Eric Scheibeler's exposé."
Author of False Profits: Seeking Financial and Spiritual Deliverance in
Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes

“Eric Scheibeler's new book, Merchants of Deception is a must read! It reveals the inner workings of one of the largest privately held companies in the world, whose distributor force has used deceit and mind control techniques to ensnare millions of people around the world. Cult mind control techniques are not only used in religious groups - they have entered the world of business - and everyone must become aware of it, or risk the consequences. Eric Scheibeler has shown in this book, how intelligent, educated mainstream citizens can be seduced and controlled. After his years of committed leadership with Amway, he experienced most of the characteristic psychological problems people have after walking away from a cult. As a licensed mental health counselor, I can say that I am convinced that there is a cult mind control problem with the Amway Motivational Organization's system. I have been counseling people with cult mind control problems for over twenty years, and Eric Scheibeler’s problems fit the classic profile. I am so pleased to see that he has worked hard on his recovery and that he is so dedicated to share his experience and knowledge. He is courageous and I heartily applaud the release of this important, new book.”
President of the Freedom of Mind Resource Center @ www.freedomofmind.com
Author of Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves

“Misconceptions abound about people who join groups-- but Amway? Why, this group is main stream, these are people just like us--wanting a better life, sacrificing family-time to make just a little more money. From Jonestown to Heaven’s Gate we have found comfort in believing, ‘Those folks are a bunch of nuts-- Thank God I’m not like them!’ Eric Scheibeler’s chilling portrayal of life inside a professed money making machine will convince anyone who ever said, ‘That could never happen to me’, to think again-- It can happen to the best of us.”
Author of Seductive Poison, A Jonestown Survivors Story of Life and Death
in the Peoples Temple

As one who has spent years researching and writing books and developing analytical tools for assessing the harm from network marketing programs, I am frustrated with the difficulties in getting regulators and consumers to look at the impossible math of all types of product-based pyramid schemes. The math and legal issues are enough to condemn highly leveraged breakaway compensation programs such as Amway’s. But Mr. Scheibeler reveals a dimension with Amway that sets it apart in a class of its own – the extreme cultism that has grown up within its ranks. Based on Scheibeler's story, and my own background in psychology, I have to say that the psychological and social damage suffered by many Amway participants is far greater than any of us had imagined.
Amway would have you believe that failure to make money in their program is due to lack of skill or effort on the part of participants. Scheibeler paints an interesting picture of Amway dreamers subscribing to a continuing stream of sales tools and training to help them be successful at doing the business. What is comical here, is that almost no one in the program stops to ask whether their financial losses might be due to a fraudulent system, rather than to their own inadequacies. Scheibeler was one of the few who finally came to realize that failure to profit as promised had far more to do with Amway than with the distributor. He is like the child in the fable who shouted, “The emperor has no clothes.”
Scheibeler and I both see cognitive dissonance as an appropriate explanation for the disparity between the belief systems or better judgment of participants – and their deceptive behavior. In order to succeed at Amway, one must first be deceived, then maintain a high level of deception (with the assistance of cultish control mechanisms), and finally go about deceiving others. Scheibeler's story is a chilling portrayal of just how true that is. The book is a great read, one I could not put down until it was finished.
Scheibeler has it right now, and is doing penance by telling his story with
candor and courage.

-Jon M. Taylor, Ph.D.
President, Consumer Awareness Institute and Director, Pyramid Scheme Alert,
Researcher and author of “Product Based Pyramid Schemes”

Far too often Evangelical Christians have remained silent or ignorant when it comes to abuses within its own ranks. Little is said about abusive pastors, or cultic churches. Even less is said about helping victims of cults or spiritual abuse. Such things rarely come up on anyone's missions committees, or any committees as a worthy cause. It would be unheard to even dream that the great Christian businessman such as Rich DeVos may be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Yet that is exactly what Scheibeler contends. His experience in Amway is compelling evidence that Amway is abusive.
Eric Scheibeler's Merchants of Deception masterfully and prophetically exposes this system of serious abuses in Amway and Quixtar. Scehibeler spells out a modern day tragedy- the promise of financial success, the subtle conditioning to achieve such success, the inability to gain the wealth promised, the ensuing blame and guilt management lays on distributors for not making it, and then the incredible high cost to achieve the false promise (i.e., 100 hr. work weeks, exhaustion, financial ruin, depression, etc.) Concurrently, Scheibeler gradually realized that Amway and all its related enterprises was a program of lies, deceit, false promises, moral blackmail, and possible criminality at the top levels.
For Eric Scheibeler, possession of this truth was dangerous, it was possible life threatening. In sum, Eric Scheibeler in Merchants of Deception was a victim of a type of social influence that I have commonly seen over the last 17 years in my full time practice with victims of destructive cults.
In spite of several serious reports of death threats Eric Scheibeler refused to be silenced.
Typically, the church unknowingly reveres the abuser and discredits the victims. Yet the mission of the church is the opposite. It's mission is to silence the ''Wolf" and mend the "Sheep." not silence the 'Sheep" and feed the "Wolf". In Scheibeler's case Christian publishers nearly succeeded in silencing the sheep by refusing to publish his book!!!
Scheibeler's Merchants of Deception should serve as a wake up call to those is the church who are unwittingly feeding the wolves!! His book is a must read. It is a call to action.

Paul R. Martin, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Director - Wellspring Retreat
A Rehabilitation and Retreat Center for those recovering from spiritual abuse
and cultic affiliation

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